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July 7, 2017

TEOTWAWKI and Charlie Brown

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The End Of The World As We Know It.

The interesting thing is the number of people I have talked to over the years, all of whom would willingly welcome this, in exchange for some small and stupid boon.. I’ve heard.

  • Not having to get a driving licence
  • Being able to drink or take drugs and drive
  • Being able to fuck anyone
  • Being able to carry a gun 24/7
  • Being able to settle a score with one or more individuals
  • Being able to escape debt
  • etc

So they were all pretty much “being free from obeying rules” of one sort or another, and they were all “consequences, such as they are, will be visited on me by individuals, not organisations, and I shall prevail against individuals”

TEOTWAWKI isn’t something that people think through, yet a surprising number seem to welcome it.

Things never changing from what they are now is of course the opposite of TEOTWAWKI, and an even greater number of people welcome it, because whatever things are like now they are less scary than they might be in a more uncertain future, and that’s that jack.

Neither camp has thought things through.

What actually happens if say Yellowstone lets go?

Well any americana here in europe eventually gets more valuable, because nobody will be making any more of that shit ever again, and americans are huge consumers of oil, so that will go away from the world stage, so in theory at least there would be an oil glut.

Hollywood would go and silicon valley would go, in theory microsoft could squirt the code base to another country, say australia, and start up again, but it would be a new start, new microsoft and old microsoft wouldn’t be the same companies or have the same attitudes.

Tesla would be toast, crapple would be toast, GM would be toast, Boeing would be toast, but we also must remember that so would a lot of stuff that doesn’t initially occur to us, lots of pharma and drug companies would be toast, lots of chemical and process manufacturing companies would be toast…. the analogy here is your all american car assembled from parts made all over the world and using a proprietary Bosch ECU to run everything, then Bosch gets taken out by an asteroid, you can still make 99.999% of the car perfectly, it just has a hole where the electronic brain should go, and without that brain it’s useless, and no other brain will work.

But, it doesn’t take a Yellowstone to change the game, a financial meltdown or war will do, you just upset the status quo, and it doesn’t matter how.

Just as I think it is futile to welcome TEOTWAWKI in hope that you will finally be able to get a blow job from your 12 year old girlfriend while driving down the road without a licence and swigging from a bottle of whiskey, you’ll likely have a lot of other new priorities intervening, I think it as also futile to hope that nothing changes, so that nothing changes.

It’s only just over a generation since the last small scale land war here in europe, and while in one place people were trading a night with their daughter for a packet of aspirin and a bar of soap, 150 miles away people were able to wander into their usual shop at will and buy a latte…. and getting from one place to another is what is most probably going to kill you, not that hunkering down in the wrong place and just trying to survive has any great odds going for it.

Yellowstone though is an interesting one, we’re on about the 4th day straight that the webcams for old faithful are offline after a lightning strike some 600 yards away, and all sorts of USGS data is missing or just tardy, and the sad truth is that at this point it is impossible to distinguish between a deliberate guvvmint cover up, and just plain old guvvmint incompetence and the decay of the empire, it could easy be either, and it won’t matter either way if Yellowstone does let go, TEOTWAKI even if “all” we get here in europe is temps 2 degrees lower for a year and no more CNN, because that won’t be all we get, as discussed above we’ll also get a world where one of the biggest oil consumers goes away in the space of 7 days, a large part of the internet itself can go away, including a lot of cloud servers holding the only copy of your data, a large part of china’s foreign markets goes away too… you can get situations where because something was common nobody bothered, until it went away, and suddenly I have the only remaining copy of the Rockford Files series 3 stashed away digitally, ok, maybe nobody would give a shit about that, maybe we can substitute a full install ISO of Linux and open office, or maybe a specific Cisco IOS to unbrick a box (got a 12 gig folder with 638 iso bin files or patches) or maybe just a document with the recipe to make lye soap or plans for a wooden shed made from 2×4…

These are the *unpredictable* things that can and inevitably will happen, so they are only unpredictable in the “when” form, not in the “if” form.

There is a new product out from Thyssenkrupp, it’s a next get elevator where the car can move in all directions, I can look at the promo videos and in less than ten seconds I can see that it is a total steaming pile of crap.

It’s a total steaming pile of crap because it basically uses dumb cars and a smart track system, so the track system is the point of failure, a smart system would have used dumb track and a smart cars, look at passenger buses, what would you rather have fail, one section of smart roadway or one bus in the fleet… one you can trivially work around, the other you can’t.

Yet, Thyssenkrupp and lots of other companies are going down these paths, and they are going down these paths because dumb tracks and smart cars doesn’t get you vendor lock in and lifetime support contracts, and that’s all they really give a fuck about.

There is another company, P-laser, they make laser cleaning equipment, eg de rusting and so on, prices for this kit range from 50k to 250k euros, it is fucking insane, I could get it reverse engineered and made in china for 20k tops for the 250k unit, and so of course the company website is all about taking a 10 to 2 year approach to ROI for this kit… yeah, like it has a cast iron 20 year warranty from a company you know for a fact will still be around in 20 years to honour it…

But a lot of this stuff is doom porn / intellectual masturbation, I’m getting asked a *lot* lately what I personally really think and what I personally am really doing about it.

The honest answer is I’m investing in capital equipment, as in purchasing outright for cash, in a cash based business, my reasons are manifold.

  • The kit itself is never likely to be cheaper, come any sort of global reset the price is going to rocket way beyond the point where I could get it.
  • The job the kit does isn’t going to go away just because the USA disappears under a metre of volcanic ash, for example.
  • The job the kit does isn’t going to go away if the US doesn’t disappear under a metre of volcanic ash either
  • The demand for the various jobs the kit can do isn’t going to go away just because etc does or does not etc
  • Karl Marx, the workers control the means of production, the flipside of this is if you don’t control your own means of production you’re a drone / slave, not a worker.
  • The kit itself is knowledge based, it’s essentially worthless without a whole bunch of data and a *whole* bunch of worker experience, and the particular worker experience for this shit is uncommon… for example how many people do you know who can service and programme Fanuc robots? Just ask Zimbabwe and Zambia (and now SA) what happens when you nationalize farms and so on and give it to wogs, production basically ceases.
  • The kit itself is kit, one 20 foot container packed to the rafters will contain 70% of it, so unlike a farm etc I can move it given a few days notice.
  • Bottom line, I’m doing something I *enjoy* that stimulates me mentally, all good stuff.
  • “cash” may have a value today and be worth less tomorrow, digital cash in a bank may also be available today and unavailable tomorrow.
  • starving to death is hard to do, barring finding yourself in a hostile environment like at sea or a desert, there is always *something* to eat and drink, I live 100 feet away from a river that is 50 foot wide and 6 foot deep in summer.
  • a 3000 watt pure sine wave inverter will run most of the kit, of course batteries would need to be procured etc.

So really I have no more fucking idea than you or anyone else, i’m just not in a place where all my bets are either one nothing changing the status quo, or on TEOTWAWKI, I see some sort of change as inevitable, and basically hope that I’m more adaptable than the next guy.. camera guy, sound guy, sneakers, hungry lions.

So really I’m an outlier in a world where you can categorise 99.999999% of everything as one of the following;

  1. Welcome TOETWAWKI for some supposed boon in exchange.
  2. Welcome the status quo because change is scary.
  3. Keep fucking with the status quo to try to prevent uncontrolled change because uncontrolled change is scary and “controlled” change is a necessary evil and maybe we can get back to the status quo that way.

Change *is* the natural order of things, and it’s not one channel of state TV and fuck all else and change is gradual and controlled, there are a thousand channels out there and some just show a test card for a thousand years and then overnight flip over to holographic 16k surround sound immersive feelie porn, while others still feel like they are stuck in 1980 but everyone is on their sixth round of plastic surgery, and it is only the overall effect of the whole thousand channels that counts.

Racism was never racism, real racism was like real rape, you got a little bit of it, maybe, here and there, but 99.9% of what is labelled as that thing ain’t that thing, 99.9% of racism was never racism, it never had anything to do with the individuals or the colour of their skin or their ethnic background, it was a cultural thing, it was *exactly* identical in every way to prejudice against the white trash from the trailer park, and the prejudice didn’t form out of a vacuum, something real triggered it and all everyone else ever did was say “You know what, my life is pretty busy, I’ve got 99 things to worry about, and unfairly labelling some dude from the trailer park ain’t one of them…”

There is a fucking somali rapefugee I’m thinking of here, he lives about 5 miles away from my own home, he’s been here about 4 years now, he’s had more jobs that you can shake a stick at, all temp stuff, loading vans in a bakery etc, he don’t care, he earns enough to pay for a room in a shared house and to indulge in his two passions, playing elder scrolls and hand making and sewing leather stuff, every friday he treats himself to fish and chips from the local chippie and then goes across to the local pub to treat himself to two pints of beer, last year or so he’s been in there saturday night too, drinking three pints of beer, which he gets in exchange for taking care of all the flower pots and planting and sweeping up outside, nobody can pronounce his given name so everyone just calls him charlie…. (as in charlie brown because he is black innit) some time around three years ago he stopped being a rapefugee and started being charlie, he’s still black and foreign, and there are still many doors that will remain forever closed to him (as to us all) but charlie doesn’t care, he has achieved his ambitions, he has less time than the white man for immigrants that do not want to work or assimilate, like he says, he looks like them so he will get a bad name, and he is more than happy to tell you about all the fantastic things about his new country, water that comes out of a tap that you can drink, electric light that works 24/7 if you want it to, and so on.

I heard a conversation between one of the patrons and the landlady, the patron was saying the landlady was a bit tight, charlie was working 3 hours every saturday and working well too, in exchange for three bloody pints of beer (yes, a local patron sticking up for charlie the rapefugee in case he was being exploited) and the landlady said she offered him 5 quid a hour cash in hand, charlie asked for 3 pints and could she please put 6 quid remaining aside as a credit, in case he wanted to buy something on amazon as he had no credit or debit cards or anything, just a post office account, and now and again charlie would ask her to buy something on her amazon account… apparently he is saving up for a sim free nokia 3310 phone because having a phone will improve his work prospects.

Charlie ain’t the fucking problem with the world.

Charlie being in the minority is.

Punishing people for observing that Charlie is a minority is.

Punishing people for oberving that many of “our own” are no better than the rapefugees that want to supplant them is.

Punishing people for exercising the liberty to refuse to serve or work for the rapefugees is.

Punishing people for exercising the liberty to refuse to serve or work for rapefugee apologists and promoters within our own society is.

I don’t actually know charlie at all, I first noticed him because he did something I do, when he finished he picked up his empty glass, took it to the bar, said thank you and walked out, I saw that.

Some time later I spoke to him for the first time and commented on that, he said why wouldn’t he, he was grateful to the staff and landlady for serving him and making him feel welcome, he was happy to spend his money there, why would he not thank people, which got us talking about the small town in south west somalia where he came from, how crossed the border into kenya and how he worked his passage for the next year down and around africa and up and eventually to bristol, where he hadn’t planned on landing, but found himself unable to get another boat as he had no papers and no skills to speak of, so he got a job living in a tent and patrolling the imported car car parks at night until someone else checked on him and found he had no papers and so on, so he ended up being a refugee for another six months until he got papers… said the worst time of his entire life was those six months being stuck with the other refugees, none of them wanted to work and they all wanted to steal and have stuff for free.

“They only wanted the changes they wanted, no other changes” he said, “this isn’t possible in life” he said.

Charlie knew I worked in IT, he never asked for a single thing, either for free or discounted, he didn’t even ask me for advice, save for once, he did ask if he had broken the law when he bought a PC component at PC world and gave them a wrong address, he wasn’t sure if he needed a licence to own a PC…. that was when I found out it was a standalone PC and he lived in a studio flat and had no internet, I asked about email and such and he said it was a lot of money plus nobody would give him a connection because he had no debit or credit card plus why did he need it, he said he can walk to everyone he knows in the world and speak to them face to face.

How the hell did he get agency work without internet or a phone, oh that’s easy, if he doesn’t already have work he walks to the agency at 8:30 when they open every day and hangs around for 30 minutes reading a library book to see if any work comes in…. now and again the agency *staff* will bung him a quid to nip up to the sandwich shop for them if they forgot to bring lunch or were running late.. everyone there knows Charlie and knows the job has to be within walking distance, and also that he won’t turn anything down, 3 days work a week is enough for him to live.

I don’t know charlie from shit, but I do know he isn’t a man afraid to adapt to survive, nor is he afraid of working to survive, nor is he ambitious beyond his means.

In case you haven’t guessed, I’ve got some respect for the charlie’s of this world…


  1. US is a net oil exporter. If the US disappears tomorrow, there will be less oil. OTOH, as you allude to, all the parts of the global economy dependent on the US will also disappear, and they consume lots of energy and petrochemicals, so probably in the net oil will get a lot cheaper.

    The problem with Charlie isn’t him, it’s all his cousins, who made the refugee camps and much of Somalia such great places to live. In the big picture, it’s all your British citizens who brought Charlie over after spending lots of time making Somalia safe for democracy. That Milner Group mentality: sure, RIGHT NOW these guys seem pretty feral, but if you just pretend they’re middle class Brits, pretty soon they’ll step up to the plate. That Sermon on the Mount thing. Of course, there’s not comfortable point to go, “hey, we were way off, abort, abort, abort,” so the thing to do is to keep doubling down.

    In a proper world, Charlie would get all the support he needed to run his part of Somalia at a profit, sparing him the need to go live in Exeter.

    Comment by Baruch Kogan (@BaruchKogan) — July 8, 2017 @ 8:10 pm

    • No, “British citizens” as a whole didnt bring them over, I bet most of them dont want them and dont want to live near them.

      They were pushed there by a very small portion of the population, namely, George Soros et al.

      Also, the Milner group does not work on behalf of the national interests of England. It was coopted from the start by Zionism, which the Milner circle was largely unaware of.

      Comment by Undefined — July 9, 2017 @ 5:43 am

      • Thanks for that link, a wall of unreadable conspiracy shitposts is exactly what I wanted. Only thing missing was the lizard people.

        What “most” anybody want is, and has always been, irrelevant. Everywhere.

        The Notting Hill race riots happened in 1958. At the time, Soros was 28 and had been a bank clerk/administrative employee for a no-name bank for three years.

        Enoch Powell gave the Rivers of Blood speech in 1968. At the time, Soros was 38. He’d been working for a more prominent investment bank, writing philosophy papers and certainly not determining anyone’s immigration policy.

        I get it that Soros is a scary old Jew and has lots of money, but there must have been some events in the 20th century which he was not personally responsible for.

        The people in the Milner Group were the brightest in Britain, and I find it hard to believe that they were just waltzing around unaware that ZOG was using them as puppets. Sorry. They were lukewarm on Zionism-the policy they pushed was that the Jews would have a national home in Israel, but not their own state, and that Palestine would be the Arab world’s door on the Med. They did not push this policy very hard, with the result that the Balfour Declaration was immediately walked back and the number of Jews allowed to go to Israel curtailed severely before WW2 (while Arab immigration was unlimited).

        During this time, the Brits just up and decided to give their boy Hussein his own kingdom in Transjordan, despite the fact that he was a nobody loser from Saudi who’d lost a war and had to run away, and despite the fact that Transjordan was part of their mandate to administer, not to give away to their clients. So it’s not as though they were afraid to make bold political moves.

        You’d think that if they were such Zionist tools, the Milner Group would have used their considerable influence over British policy to, you know, establish a Jewish state-that’s the whole idea of Zionism, right? Or at least to allow unrestricted Jewish immigration into the Jewish national home.

        Comment by Baruch Kogan (@BaruchKogan) — July 10, 2017 @ 2:15 pm

        • No worries, I understand how confirmation bias can prevent someone from accepting analyses that differ from the outcome they wish to hear.

          But you may be disappointed when others choose not to bury their heads in the sandbox.

          Even one of the most respected intellectuals amongst the Japanese once remarked that the Protocols of the elders of zion is the most mysterious document of the 20th century, because all of its contents had come to pass.

          Comment by Undefined — July 11, 2017 @ 3:51 am

          • Is Kogan a jewish name?

            Comment by james — July 12, 2017 @ 6:21 am

  2. Milner group was coopted from the start. http://mailstar.net/british-conspiracy.html

    British citizens as a whole likely never wanted to bring them there

    Comment by Undefined — July 9, 2017 @ 5:44 am

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