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July 1, 2017

Beliefs, and how to confuse people

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It’s like being in court and someone asks you if you belive in truth and justice and the american way ™

You reply you belive in gravity and entropy and chaotic systems.

Nobody understands a damn thing you just said so they pick up on CHAOS and sentence you for being a terr’rist.

The movement of the leaves and branches in the trees opposite me in the wind is a chaotic system, I see beauty in it, I also see beauty in the effect gravity has on it, and I also see beauty in the effect the passage of time has on it (though of course this isn’t entropy as such) and yet…. none of those things do a damn thing for me, I can’t eat them, they don’t earn me money, they don’t get me chicks.

Truth, Justice and the American Way, can’t eat that either, etc, but at least the tree and wind and gravity are all real, and not imaginary.

Money works as a means of exchange because everyone exchanging it believes it makes for a valid means of exchange, when they stop believing that, it stops being a valid medium.

Gravity doesn’t care whether you believe in it or not.

I often quote Sagan here about us living in a world entirely dependent upon science and technology, and yet the people know nothing about science and technology, what could possibly go wrong?

The counterpoint is what I mention above, we live in a world where much of the way we do things is based upon shared beliefs of intangible things that have no intrinsic or actual existence.

99% of what we now call modern civilisation is based upon belief, truth, justice, money, promises, the american way, so what happens when all those beliefs are destroyed?

It really doesn’t matter which brick in the wall we select, you can’t affect one brick without affecting them all, anything that is true for politicians is true for justice is true for commerce is true for economy is true for policing and crime and so on.

Many have stated and assumed that MGTOW was horrible because how dare men just walk away from their duty to wimminz and children and so on.. it’s simply not true, it is delusional, the hind brain knows.

MGTOW is horrible because once an individual man gets fucked over, he didn’t just get fucked over by one wimminz, he got fucked over by everything and everyone except maybe some other guys.

It wasn’t that one vine in the jungle broke and he fell to earth, it was what happened next, everyone else swinging from vines paused to shit on him, animals came up and started nibbling on his extremities, one or two climbed down to help themselves to his goods, the beat goes on.

I am reminded of an old story, and I’ll leave the denominations out because they don’t matter, or a family who hit on hard times, so one priest from one church visited, and offered to sit down and pray with them, some time later another priest from another church visited, and gave them a box full of food.

MGTOW is just a symptom, the canary in the coalmine, of a society on its way out.

Like the ex psycho skank ho, once my belief in any particular system has been shaken, the ONLY FUCKING POSSIBLE way to restore my faith is to see everyone in that system lose their shirt, every single other options tells me that like the shop always shortchanging me, it wasn’t an error, it was policy, and the lack of faith accelerates.

One of the greatest problems for human society as a whole is a collective desire to believe and a collective desire to reward others to do shit for us, so we will keep electing politicians and paying taxes for judges and police and so on.

The BIG PROBLEM, is technology and the internet, we are shifting away from believing in the Donald or believing in the Labour party or believing in the police, and the belief that even if they are bad, we can change them for different people to believe in.

We are believing in things that are not people, *because* they are not people.

10 or more years ago I’d go to my local insurance broker to arrange my vehicle insurance, the company is still there, sort of, they have the same name and are now in a back room upstairs, the rest of the building has been taken over as a pet grooming salon, and the company now just does mortgage brokering, give it a year or two and they will be gone.

Why deal with a person when I can deal with a robot at gocompare or better still several robots and several comparison sites.

Robots are taking over.

Tesla cars miss the point, all self driving cars miss the point, you can’t sell that shit to the guy sitting inside it.

If every *other* car on the road was a robot, *overall* driving standards and safety and so on would go up… that’s what will sell and will make the difference… the USP is not getting ME in a johnnycab, it is getting every other asshole on the road in a johnnycab and effectively off the fucking road.

Go walk down our streets and see all the banks closing, and all the ones that are remaining open the staff are being replaced by machines that do everything, if you’re over 40 you probably hate it, if you’re under 30 you probably love it.

Go hang out in a new fast food joint where there are robots ready to take your order, go *talk* to the customer, they fucking love it, the only problem is the meat slave making the fucking burger who can still spit in it, *that* is what the customers want.. big ass fries from carls junior robot shop.

Technology tarts are telling you how samsung bixby and alexa are all fucking horrible, anyone under 20 can’t get enough of that shit.

Human’s DON’T TRUST HUMANS, but now they have an alternative, they can trust robots…  hello tesla autopilot drivers, you wouldn’t hand ME the fucking keys to your car, but you’ll let your robot drive, and when it crashes, because it isn’t a person, you don’t blame it, you want to IMPROVE it.

Human’s can’t be improved…

McD’s and shit have it wrong.

They *should* have made all the back end fully automated, and have nice pleasant staff up front to take your order and pass it to the robots, in effect that is the basis for my own business.

Every single “less than good” customer that I have ever had have one thing in common.

They want me to over ride the robot, either the time to do the job or the limitations of the design or something else, they want me to eat the gap between what the robot does and what they want, even if it is just money and time.

Think on that, think long and hard and deep on that.

Think long and hard and deep on every system that can’t be roboticised, lets take the justice system, why can’t it be roboticised, well, 99.9% of the reason is robots work on rules, not belief.

Making a robot rule that a woman is entitled to half of a man’s wealth that he earned 20 years AFTER they got divorced can only be done by writing a rule that the wimminz always wins, and marriage will literally end over night, and that won’t matter one iota to a robot.

An excel spreadsheet isn’t the least bit troubled if you only ever use 0.01% of the available functionality… a true statement for 99% of excel users.

Meanwhile the wealth management robot will be busily recommending to everyone to never ever ever go before the family court robot, don’t get married.

It doesn’t matter if the family court robot works on a flat fee per case or a commission basis, revenue will disappear, and the family court robot is competing against the wealth management robot, and they DO operate on a level playing field.

Quickbooks makes accountancy almost irrelevant as a career, I can tell you that so far this year my total Motor Running Expenses account runs to £3,386.03, which is £194.28 insurance (thanks price comparison robot, that’s 2 cars and 1 motorcycle all fully comp insured) £989.19 in repairs and maintenance (I’m *very* proactive with maintenance, maintenance is *always* cheaper than repairs) £323.93 in road taxes and £1,878.65 in fuel.

So the ROBOT that price compared my full comprehensive insurance policies got the price down to less than what I pay the fucking government for road tax, and for every buck I spend on fuel I spend 50 cents on repairs and maintenance (parts and labour and everything else) and out of that £989 so far this year there is £260 for four new tyres for one car, £90 for a new battery for the other, and so on and so on, all three vehicles are around 15 years old and all drive like new with 100% reliability.

Notably absent from the motoring budget is any mention of hire purchase or leasing or financing of any kind.

So the issue then for society is everyone is collectively losing faith in everything that has human beings involved in it and skimming off the top and never delivering on promises.

Society today is in many ways lies backed up by law and enforced by violence backed up by law, and behind it all are people who say it is all ok because these are our belief systems, truth, justice, the american way, and no, you may not question any of those things, how dare you, now buckle up while we award ourselves a 9% pay rise, you disgusting prole.

At least when a robot fucks you over it ain’t personal, it ain’t exuding contempt, it isn’t sticking two fingers up and you and enjoying it.

This is crucial, and this is why collectively we as a society are losing faith in anything with human masters or operatives in it…

It’s crucial because NONE of these fuckers have the slightest clue about how to build and program and control said robots, and you can’t suborn or control them without it being *immediately* obvious… as a species we are becoming *very* adept at spotting the human hand reaching in and skewing robotic outcomes, and there is zero loyalty given to a robot, so the whole house of cards collapses overnight.

Invoking Sagan again, NONE of these cunts understand the technology, which is the ONLY reason they aren’t truly freaking out, just the faintest whispers are making them panic as they are today, in complete disarray, because their monkey brains still think it is just another system that can be suborned by the masses faith in a leader.

Look at Amazon, look at Wal Mart telling truckers you haul for amazon or you haul for us, not both… amazon works because the warehouses are run by robots, and people will enslave themselves to robots more willingly than they will do people, robot bosses don’t drive hellcats that you can’t afford and fuck your missis while you are on shift.

American trucking is in a parlous state because of all the humans in the chain, dispatchers lying to you, drivers working too many hours, too many people on the take.

You can hold your hand out to a robot until your arm falls off, there will be no kumshaw.

Everything you do to game a robot to increase your cut makes that robot less efficient, and the only thing that beats a robot is a more efficient robot, where efficiency is measured on a cost per unit of production basis.

If you have meat robots in your burger shop, you can make them more efficient by replacing management with a robot, you were 0.01 seconds late clocking in so you’re docked 15 minutes pay, and your productivity doesn’t meet the bonus levels so you’re on the min wage, and the algorithm is 473.254 hours away from deciding to replace your ass with another meat robot.

It’s like gravity, it doesn’t care if you like it or believe it, it’s there, it’s up to you if you choose to see it and learn and adapt and survive.

In the future, justice had not only become blind, it had become rather retarded as well.

Not enough robots.

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