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June 30, 2017

So, how do you cope?

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In many ways the early function of this blog was a 21st century survival guide for men who found them selves in an adversarial position with a wimminz, and it then sort of progressed into how to avoid getting into an adversarial position with a wimminz.

At no point did it say that it was flatly impossible for any man ever to find a real woman and be happy, it just made the point, repeatedly, that there is no truth in advertising when it comes to wimminz, that there is no level playing field when it comes to wimminz, and that your actual chances of meeting such a creature statistically they approach zero, so you should run your life accordingly, not as though the statistical probability was significantly higher.

Then, having said everything I had to say on that matter (there is much more to be said, but not by me, I have exhausted my own personal experience bucket on that one) I started talking about things that I saw around me.

Of course some areas of my life are taboo, it’s not that I can’t have valuable insights in my daily life as a small business owner, or private citizen, it is that I can’t discuss them without making my entire life into a public published opera, and I have no wish to do that.

WE also need to question the purpose of the blog, since it isn’t promotional and I’m not selling anything, what is the motivation?

I could say that it is a need to reach out to the community and use the powers of the internet to make friends that otherwise I would not have met, but, that isn’t true, and more than you buy a BK Double Whopper so you can get a paper towel.

We’ll work our way down through memes and what we are left with is mainly “I do it because I must”, there are plenty of other places where I can talk and type stuff, but they are all limited and have various rules and restrictions, here there are none, so it is an outlet.

My home is very modest by modern standards (and it is rented and not my own), it has been referred to as “a dump” and I can’t honestly deny that, I wouldn’t buy it if I won the lottery, it would be easier to tear down and build anew than to restore, the rot has set in that far and that long on something that was never primo housing stock 80 years ago when it was built.

But, setting all that aside, it’s very easy to be comfortable here, despite the fact that in many ways it is the exact opposite of what most would design for a comfortable home, it’s more like a workshop / shed that has had some partitions put up so that nominally one area is the lounge, one is the bedroom, etc, with a sofa and a bed sharing the space with racks full of equipment and tools and bits and pieces.

I know I am sometimes accused of hyperbole, but this is a shot of the left side of the lounge as I sit, you can just see the edge of the monitor on the right (48″ sammy series 7) you can’t see the boxes of stuff and tools to the left, filing cabinet, all the stuff under the monitor, all the stuff on the right or anything else, this is just one room, arguably the tidiest and least cluttered..lol

It’s all slightly tired and slightly older but it is all mine and it all works and it’s all there available for use, even if much of it is “I don’t have an actual use for it now… but I might one day” like the two 12 VDC car cigar lighter to 150 W 220 VAC inverters each of which is the size of a packet of fags (you can see one top middle of the third shelf up, the red thing in the ziplock baggie) and of course piles of HDD’s, GFX cards, a big Huion A4 plus tablet/digitiser, and so on.

Turn it all on it’s head and look at it another way, as some people say, you’re living better than a King in the 1,500’s AD, well, fuck that, I’m living better than a King in 1950, and most importantly, I’m using the monitor and PC and internet connection as it was originally intended, as a communications medium that I am in control of, not some sort of push channel that I pay for that the MSM of the world get to push their content down for me to consume blindly.

So, back to the beginning, how do you cope in a world where everything you are told is a lie and the MSM exists solely to dumb you down and steer you towards idiocracy?

How do you cope in a world where when you go outside that front door, most of the people you will see are embracing their own headlong progress towards idiocracy?

Where do you get your “real” data from?

Well, everything you see in the picture is just a tool, it so happens that the tools for IT and internet connectivity you can barely see in the pic are used *properly*, and not to consume “Ow my balls”, but that’s neither here nor there.

The thing you can’t see in the picture is the person taking the picture, and nowadays with webcams and all it isn’t even certain that there is a person behind the camera that took the photo you are looking at, so you can’t even always infer that there was one.

The thing you can’t see in the picture is that the person taking the picture is master of all those tools, not servant to any of them… you can see a Virgin supercraphub in the picture, what you can’t see is that it has been in modem only mode since the day I got it, I’ll write my own firewall rules, routing and DNS and so on for the Draytek you can see in the picture (and for the one you can’t see in the picture, you think I’m going to run virtual LAN’s when I can run properly discrete ones on physically separate devices?) down the bottom is a NAS I built myself from components because I neither trust Drobo / Qnap / et al and because I have zero use for a NAS that stores files in a format that I can’t just hot swap into a bay into any of my PC’s and read (there’s also a HDD docking station hidden away behind the landline phone) so I built it myself and thanks to Stablebit I can choose the level of file duplication I want (generally two copies of everything and no two copies of anything on the same drive) and it’s all native NTFS and it’s all firewalled away from both the WAN side of things and much of the LAN side here too.

And yeah, the limiting factor on both read and write speeds is the gigabit LAN, so hey, it can’t get any better, and no files lost or corrupted and no downtime since it was built in (checks scan website – April 2015) –  bill of parts 300 quid, plus however many 200 quid a pop 6tb WD reds you like, the case will hold 8

Hopefully you’ll have picked up on the fact that nothing that has been described above could be called a plan or an operations manual or a step by step guide, because it’s nothing like that, it’s more of an overall approach or attitude.

If you need a NAS, roll your own.

If you need a NAS and do not know how to roll your own, start a research project so that you can educate yourself to the point where you can roll your own.

Buying a drobo or qnap because you have convinced yourself that you will never be able to roll your own or it will never be as good etc etc.. that’s like getting your information from ZH and the daily fail and BBC because you have convinced yourself etc etc.

Don’t get me wrong, *DO* check, in great detail, the drobo / qnap etc websites when speccing your own NAS, known bad data is just as valuable as known good data, which is why I skim the daily fail website daily.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no more idea than you when or if yellowstone is going to blow or the middle east is going to erupt, and you’ve been brainwashed if you believe that that lack means that everything I say is both a waste of time and bullshit.

Knowing WHEN or IF for either of these scenarios of any other scenario IS. NOT. THE POINT….

The point is like the NAS box, cultivate within yourself an overall attitude and approach to problems, because that is the ONLY POSSIBLE way to adapt and survive.

Every other possible approach makes you a dumb consumer.

There is nothing wrong, per se, in being a “grass eater”.

There is everything possible wrong with being a grass eater who doesn’t know how to plant and grow grass to eat, or what other things can be eaten as a substitute, and the differences between meadow grown grass and astroturf.

The tools shown peripherally in the photo above are enough for any man (or any person) to embark upon that never ending journey of discovery and enlightenment.

Even daily skimming the daily fail website, you have a pot with 10,000 identical looking peas in it, some of them are placebos, some of them are good for you, some will poison you, but, they all look the same.

Saying things like scanning the daily fail may identify some proportion of the poisonous peas, but it doesn’t help, because you want to know which ones are good and tasty, is the first part of your own deprogramming to address.

*ANYTHING* that identifies some of the bad peas increases you odds, and everything else is an iterative game, any filter that spots bad peas, even if it is only 0.001% effective (provided it doesn’t identify false positive too much) can become remarkably effective when employed with a half a dozen similarly “useless” filters, when you set the whole thing churning iteratively so every pea gets to go through the filter process at least 10 million times.

When a shop gives you the wrong change every day and the error is always in the shops favour it is not an error, it is policy.

When terrorists or wall cladding or so on are all known to teh authoritahs it’s not an error, it’s policy.

When MSM stories are all ow my balls it’s not an error, it’s policy.

When every supermarket in the country tells you that it is all about quality and value for money and a little ten year old girl won’t ever eat any of the meat of any kind (red white or fish) that is put on her plate, yet, I can go to my butcher who is also a farmer and grows his own meat, and buy a burger patty (which doesn’t shrink when you put it in the pan) not topside or sirloin or anything special, just a fucking burger patty, cheap food made with ground meat, and serve that up to the same kid, and next thing you know the plate has literally been licked clean and they are sitting there on the sofa contented and distended and smiling, you know everything the supermarkets say and do and sell is a lie.

Do you do a drobo / qnap and throw your hands up and say you do not know any such butchers, or do you use the internet to find one, or find someone 100 miles away like me who lives 2 miles away from one, and enter into a little private commerce, buy it, freeze it for me, pack it insulated and ship it to me, or fuck it, I’ll come down for the day and try your farm shop too.

This town is full of people who will drive 20 miles each way to work and 30 miles each way for an outing, who won’t drive 2 miles one way to the butcher and 3 miles the other way to the farm shop, because it’s “easier” to drive 4 miles to the superstore and get everything in one place.

It’s YOUR CHOICE to be one of them, or not.

It’s NOT cheaper or healthier or easier to be one of them, that is just another of the big lies.

The picture above is an egg from the butcher, it was taken in normal ambient light with a Note 4, the Bic razor is there because it is something anyone can get to calibrate colour.

That yolk is YELLOW/ORANGE as it should be, and bursting with flavour, and the white is also clear and runny as it should be.

This is an egg that you could have incubated and grown into a *healthy* chicken.

The picture at the end is some back bacon from the same butcher, look at the texture of both the meat and the fat, two rashers of this and an egg was my midday meal today, fried in beef dripping, absolutely fucking gorgeous.

The kicker, the eggs and bacon are both cheaper than the allegedly “equivalent” tesco offering, and a *lot* cheaper than the allegedly organic farm fresh premium quality tesco option.

Tesco aren’t even remotely capable of selling foods of anything even remotely approaching this quality.

And you don’t need to be a top biochemist to work it out, any skinny ten year old girl will tell you.

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  1. Youre not using the internet as it was intended, youre using it as it was originally sold 😉

    Comment by Undefined — July 3, 2017 @ 1:45 am

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