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June 29, 2017

Perspective is a problem

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It is impossible for me (or anyone else) to step outside of myself and look in as a dispassionate and uninvolved observer, and that makes some things very difficult indeed.

New experience X and observation Y and thought Z, they are all seen through a mind that is the sum total of everything I personally have seen and experienced to date, so is this genuinely a new thing, or just a new jaundiced attitude that says more about me than about the thing I see?

When I sit there and mommy is on the phone with a rellie and daddy is wrestling with the washing machine and the 11 year old daughter is openly flirting with me and being sexual, is she really? Or is it just my own experiences that make it seem so? Does she actually know what she is doing and the consequences of same?

The limit of my objectivity is soon reached, but I do know that whether she knows what she is doing or not, many others would also assume that she is flirting, and unlike me, some of them will see that as an invitation to treat, and if that happens when mummy and daddy aren’t around, then better for her if she does know what she is doing, because if she doesn’t the experience is likely to be traumatic and painful.

Today I talked to someone who has been watching some of the 9/11 “truther” videos, they talk to me about free fall speeds and steel structures and so on… I shrug.. they ask why I shrug.. I say I saw it “live” on TV at the time, the first tower was only 1 second into it’s fall when I knew it was a demolition, because no non-demolished collapsing building makes that sort or those volumes of “pyroclastic flow” type dust, it just isn’t possible, so I don’t need to watch videos about the first law of motion and the third law of conservation of energy, I learned that shit back in school, that and many other things I leaned back then made it instantly obvious it was a demolition.

They look at me in awe, I have apparently a godlike understanding of basic chemistry, basic physics, basic electronics, and so on and so forth, and even more awesome, I was learning this shit at 12 and 13 in school… yes, a whole year or two older than the girl opening her mouth and sticking her tongue out and giving me the thumbs up, the girl who doesn’t know where french fries come from or how they are made.

I say no, schools today are churning out kids who don’t know what 2 + 2 is, and that can only be deliberate, because “ow my balls” and some big ass fries for your ‘tarded wife is exactly how they want it.

I don’t think the constant MSM stories about under age sex and drugs and rock and roll and all the other shit are there for ratings or to shock us or to steer elections or anything else, I think it is all there to desensitize us and to normalise it and promote it.

Ensuring that things like under age sex are still wildly illegal while simultaneously ensuring that as many people as possible are doing it is a great way to control the masses.

I do not see *any* evidence at all that *any* kinds of crime, even the most serious, is actively being fought against, on the contrary all the evidence I can see is that every kind of crime is being encouraged, then you can do away with actual fair trials and jurisprudence and all, and just round fuckers up and kangaroo court them and do what the fuck you want to them after all there is so much crime going around everyone is guilty of at least 13 serious felonies…

Now we are pushing for legal abortion at any time up to and including the delivery room, like negative interest rates, the only way up from there is “abortion” after the kid is actually born.

When an 11 year old kid gives you the come on I’ll admit there is a part of me that thinks, you know what kid, lets get it on, see how you like it in practice, followed by the part of me that says yeah old man, this be before or after you dash out for some viagra and a penis pump, followed by the part of me that laughs and says yeah, and won’t you look like a sorry cunt when you do it and find out you weren’t the first, or, in her estimation, the best.. what ya gonna do then old man?

All I do in actual fact is content myself with the fact that that ubiquitous and invisible device, the mobile phone in my pocket, is recording my location live and the audio live, so nobody can even claim I had the opportunity as both parent’s voices are clearly audible as is the sound of one of the neighbours shouting at another of the neighbours about something about dogshit on a trampoline…

yes I live in a constantly branching world of future possibilities in my head, meanwhile outside my head in real life there are no options, the path unerringly taken by all is the one of least resistance through all softest turds that life has to throw at you, and you wend your inevitable way the short distance down the toilet bowl.

I’m momentarily distracted from thoughts that yes I did indeed fuck this particular wimminz, and yes her husband knew about it, so yes in theory this mini skank could have issued in part from mine own loins, by mini skank herself pouting and telling me she has a great sexy body, mummy smiles approvingly at the mini skank and nods while arguing with the aforementioned rellie on the phone about such weighty matters as whether Tesco or Aldi is the best place to buy aubergines…

… I’ve tuned out again and I’m in my virtual world wondering if said aubergines are being bought as foodstuffs or sex toys… … maybe they do a real small range for the kids…

… I look down at the dog lying next to me on the 2 seater sofa with his head on my lap, thus preventing any notions mini skank may have about giving me a lap dance, I don’t know where the found a dog that walks backwards and wags his head, but they did, so anyway I look down at his as I rub his head and I swear he looks at me and is thinking, you and me buddy, we are the smartest two creatures in this room, but you only fucked momma, I’ve had them all.. as he grins and wags his head.

A few moments later the (slightly) older sister comes down modelling her new school uniform for the new school and new scholastic year staring september, the blouse is as sheer as tights and I can see her nipples, and down below she is wearing something that apparently is a cross between a skirt and shorts called a skort, because, they are more modest that skirts which could fly up and expose the g-string or commando poontang, the pic above is a skort, the one she was wearing as all blue with the school logo on the “hem”, but the basic effect was the same.

And I’m straight back to my own school days and the joke about the guy who wanted his trousers so tight they would show his sex, and the tailor replied, listen mate, if they were any tighter they’d show your bloody religion.

I resurface to realise I have been asked how she looks, what can I say, a veritable minefield, clearly I am expected to say she looks beautiful, but mini skank who has been giving me the eye is suddenly paying very close attention, I ask her why she is wearing her (slightly) older brother’s school uniform, everyone laughs, including the slightly older brother, who declares that he is not gay, he can’t afford the correct trainers (more laughter) and besides, it’s not his colour.

The only thing missing is the dog farting and blaming it on me.

It’s time for my visit to end so I go out and get in the car, drive 100 yards down the road, pull over, leisurely roll a smoke and light her up, and contemplate all the acid and shit I did as a younger man, and stupid stories in the MSM about “scientists” postulating that we are living in a computer simulation, and maybe none of this shit is real, maybe it’s all just fucking acid flashbacks.

I can tell it isn’t though, I can tell this is reality and this is the UK, because there are no bright colours or amazing sounds and smells and sensations, everyone is dressed in a variety of samey bland muddy dirty coloured clothing that is all shapeless and Primarkesque, everyone else is checking everyone else out to see how cool they are compared to themselves, it’s fucking raining in June again, and some kid is running down the road being chased by two others with KFC bargain buckets and they are throwing nuggets at the kid in the lead.

There is no fucking way all this shit is in my head, and no fucking way the life I have lived and experiences I have had could twist it up all so bad, so there is only one possible remaining answer, all this shit is real, which means all these cunts are fucking insane, which means I really need to watch my ass.. can’t afford to have anyone notice.



  1. The most offensive part of this post is the bit about the guy doing the washing machine while his wimminz blathered on the phone. Pathetic. What you put up with, you get more of.

    Comment by undefined — June 30, 2017 @ 2:15 am

    • I’ve got cynicism fatigue – totally missed that! Trans this, LBGT that has eroded my bullshit radar antenna

      Comment by justwanttocommentblog — June 30, 2017 @ 9:30 am

      • uh, that’s the same tard who knew Afor had been fucking his woman. of COURSE he was doing the laundry. he probably does pretty much all the household chores.

        Comment by bob k. mando — July 3, 2017 @ 11:52 pm

  2. Hah.

    Comment by james — July 4, 2017 @ 4:25 am

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