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June 27, 2017

The sexual re-evolution

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I’ve been around long enough to know my own sexuality, what happens to it when I drink, what happens when I abstain, what happens when I am in company, what happens when I am alone.

I wouldn’t say my sexuality has *changed* so much over the years as it has *evolved* over the years.

I’ve never had the slightest interest in coprophilia (shit play) and that’s never changed, hey, if it floats your boat, that’s fine, but it does nothing for me and never has.

So while my sexuality has evolved, it hasn’t suddenly sprouted new things, nor have old things suddenly died off… I was never a great licker of cunt, for example, I can’t give an exact number, but I suspect that the fingers of one hand are sufficient to count the total number of wimminz I have done it to, and the fingers of the other hand are sufficient to count the number of times I have done it to each, so again it is another example of something that hasn’t changed much.

I’ve never had homo sex either, but again, if it floats your boat, more power to you, and while I don’t *get* the sexual attraction towards another man’s hairy asshole, I can conceive that for some it is indeed a genuine attraction.

Some things I have never been able to conceive of however, one such thing is watching another guy fuck “your” woman.. yeah, I get the whole competitive sperm thing and the cuck hardon thing, but I don’t get how you can have any feelings for the skank in question.

To me, the definition of “my” woman has always been she only gets my cock, sure, she may have had other before me, but once mine goes in, if another one goes in, mine doesn’t ever go in again, assuming I now about it.

Fuckbuddies and cum-buckets I don’t give a shit, they aren’t “mine” and I would not want them to be.

Specifically what I am on about here is blokes who “share” women who they call “theirs” and who also claim to love and respect and care for said wimminz…. nope… can’t fucking see it… don’t mean don’t get it like homo sex, mean don’t buy it… not one bit.

And this doesn’t change, depending on recent sexual history or lack of same, I’ve *never* bought it.

The only thing that did change was when I was younger I’d have sympathy for the wimminz in question, mainly because when I was younger I’d buy those stories about being raped, and it seemed unfair for the wimminz in question to lose twice, once by being raped and twice by being dumped by some other guy for it.

It was only in later years that I learned that the rape only became one when the regular guy found out about the other one, in a bid by the wimminz in question to have her cake and eat it.

In my younger years I never questioned why it was never chicks that looked like one of the ex’s on the right that got raped, only the hideous fat ugly bitches, because in my younger years I never questioned why a guy would wear a balaclava and grab a gun and rob some kid’s lemonade stand for 25c, when for the same crime and time you could have hit a bank and maybe gotten some real money.

There are not gangs of feral youths out there stealing fucking lada’s and trabants, but every time I see a wimminz who claims she has been raped, I’m left with the feeling they should be grateful for the cock, because nobody sober or with any self respect would ever go near them.

I’d still bang Lyud if she still looked like that, she won’t, of course, so I wouldn’t bang her, again, more proof that my tastes haven’t really changed… even if my realistic ability to pull 20 somethings that look like that has faded dramatically with my own increasing years (I’m not rich..lol)

But it isn’t just the “sharing is caring” cucks that trouble me, there appears to be a whole load of new things around now that trouble me, “straight” guys who have sucked a cock, but they are straight because they never took it up the ass, wimminz who will charge 5 guys £25 each for “expenses” to cover the £20 travelodge room to gang bang her, but they aren’t whores, oh no, not at all, how dare you say that, guys who look like welders in drag calling themselves “girls” and meeting “straight” men in lay-by’s and woods to take it up the ass, and this shit isn’t the fringe any more, it’s the mainstream.

Just today in the local paper there are stories about sick evil vile nasty men raping your underage girls, cut their balls off and electrocute them all, bastards, and the very next page very small ticked away in the corner stories about wimmins who have had “sex” with underage boys AND plied them with alcohol and drugs being given suspended sentences, and the woman all look FUCKING ROUGH, you know, not the mom I’d like to fuck fantasy, more the “I can see why she chased young boys, nobody older would touch it with a bargepole” and fucking EVERYTHING is covered in shitty tattoos lately, most of them look like they were done by some crackhead with a 9.99 tat kit from china via ebay.

I kinda reminded of the recurring gag in the new chips movie about yeah bro, everyone is eating everyone else’s asshole out now bro.. it’s the only way to fuck..

I guess the bottom line here is that I sort of feel entitled, given my sexual history, to have the odd bout of ennui, aww not this shit again, gimme something different and new and exciting…. but today, man it used to take me weeks or months or years of doing something before it got old, nowadays.. nowadays doing it half assed just the once is enough to move on up to the next thing.

And there just *ain’t* that many possible varieties and flavours, you crack on through them like that and you’ll have used up the whole field of experience in a few short years at best, which is why I think a lot of this wierd shit that I can’t really relate to is coming from, which is why when I look at personals profiles nowadays most of the wimminz look like crazy fucking sex offenders, and if they are female and under 25 they *will* have at least 5 different dating / swinging / hookup profiles floating around out there, which brings me on to the final thing.

They are *all* abusing alcohol and drugs, had a bit of a revelation about this last week, young woman I know, late thirties, goes into A&E to have some pain checked out, women’s plumbing thing, nothing very bad, but the nurse was surprised at the condition of her liver and kidneys on the scan, so much so she commented on it and said “you don’t drink much do you?” to which she replied no, hardly ever, one glass of wine every few weeks maybe…

…. that’s one thing I *do* remember well, booze and drugs didn’t make for great sexual experiences, or selection…

Rome is definitely falling again.

This time next year it will be all “So you fucked a ten year old, that’s boring, at least tell me it was a foursome with a donkey and a midget…”

A year later and wimminz will be getting paid help and counselling for the tragedy of having to fuck a primary school boy, after all, nothing else quite so clearly illustrates how desperately in need of help and money and support and love she is, some man to look after her and share her with the primary school kids because he loves and respects her so much, and you know, sharing is caring…

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