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June 27, 2017

Anything but the truth

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So while the never ending russiagate stories aren’t going away, three minor crisis actors handed in their resignations to CNN so move along please, nothing to see here, aaaaaaaaand, in the next breath the US is warning Assad not to do the gas attack on his own people that he is planning….

I’m actually reminded somewhat of my own psycho skank ho ex, there were just so many lies, about absolutely everything, and I believe it was all a ruse to cover the truth.

Insofar as the fact that to this day I neither know nor care what the truth is, the ruse worked, insofar as the truth was probably pathetic and mundane and inexcusable, the ruse didn’t work.

The mainstream media may not be the actual white house etc etc, but, singling out the mainstream media itself, I can’t think of any remedy other than total dissolution, and crucially, I can’t think of any artificed prices that would be too high to pay when presented with such an option… you can’t end the media, 10,000 innocent babies will die… well, that’s too bad for the 10,000, even assuming I suddenly start buying your bullshit.

In fact if I am going to start drawing parallels here, and I think I can (the recent post with the video “don’t worry, be happy” illustrating that all media channels are one and the same) there is a direct relationship between how often a psycho lies and how much scrutiny they are under.

The old saying goes that you can tell how free you are by the things and people that you cannot name, and I can sit here and tell you story after story after story, and 99.99% of the response I will get is “even if that were true, which I doubt, it doesn’t change the fact that it is an isolated example, 99.99% of <insert here> aren’t like that”

Yeah, the conspiracy theorist angle, seeing a puddle on the ground and extrapolating it to an alien invasion next tuesday.

I have a theory about the rabbit in the headlights, it’s just some interesting phenomenon that is out of the ordinary for the rabbit, and being out of the ordinary it doesn’t have any canned responses, and so it watches the unusual thing to see what happens… and if you think humans react any differently you should start watching disaster videos on youtube.

I went to *one* football match when I was young, small team, small town, small crowd, I’ve been to a lot of concerts, always the same thing with me, once everyone else starts looking in one direction, I find it impossible to do so and start looking around.

I’ve since met some others the same, something hard wired in us to react to everyone around us looking at one thing, we glance at it and start looking at the people and start looking elsewhere.

I spend maybe a minute every day skimming through the daily fail website, not because I have any interest in the news, because there isn’t any, it’s all anti-news and propaganda, and that’s why I skim through it, what’s the briefing today?

It’s like wandering through the aisles in a modern supermarket, 999 sorts of chocolate biscuits and 999 sorts of hair shampoo and 999 sorts of sauce… WHERE IS THE FUCKING FOOD??  There basically isn’t any… not that’s fit for human consumption.

But the point is that is has now descended beyond farce and parody, look at that nasty evil bully Assad, watch him, he is going to gas his own people, the nasty evil bully, and while you’re concentrating on the dead parrot on the floor of the cage someone slaps the cage and says “LOOK, it MOVED”..  Assad just gassed that gorgeous beautiful innocent baby girl.

Of course while you are looking at Assad or Syria you aren’t looking at anything else, and like all rabbits when you’re looking at headlights your brain is not going through any critical thinking, it’s just sat there absorbing stuff looking for a pattern that will trigger a canned response.

Why should “Assad” be any more real or independent or anything else than “Trump”?

If you look down between your feet at your lawn and actually look, and see that maybe 10% of that “grass” is actual grass, the rest is moss and small broadleaved plants, then it’s a safe bet the same thing is true for your neighbours.

The media in Syria doesn’t have any of the issues we have here with western media, the two are different things… really?

.. and the weather today in aleppo is sunny, humidity is high at 72% and there is a 12% chance of sarin creeping in from the west..

I met *one* mega wealthy man years ago, and he knew exactly what the fuck was going on in the world, the sort of guy that if he has been poor and won a lottery jackpot he wouldn’t have gone out and bought a mansion and a Bugatti, he’d have gone out and bought a warehouse and started filling it with tech toys from alibaba and fanuc and so on.

He deliberately avoided all of the other mega rich because he said they all lived in a fantasy world, it may be my memory playing tricks or he may have actually called it a disneyland.

Every country is now a disneyland, as is every economic market within every country, as is every social and political construct within every country.

Some voices in the MSM have aggregated enough power to drown out others, like a 50 kilowatt AM station drowning out a local one, but the local ones are pumping out pap too.

The planes of 9/11 literally cannot fly as fast as whatever it was that did hit the various things on those days at those altitutes without breaking up, the planes of 9/11 were made of alloy, light alloy, friend of mine used to do the health and safety shit for airport maintenance DO NOT WALK OR STAND ON THE WING etc, yet these same wings cut  through MULTIPLE 2″ box section steel beams like a hot knife through butter, collapsing buildings can’t fall at free fall speeds, there are any number of things that NEED to be explained before a story is credible, and pointing this out doesn’t make you a “denier”

Kersosene doesn’t burn hot enough to melt steel.

I have heard from someone that the US navy ship that managed to collide with a container ship off Japan was actually trying to put itself under the bows of the container ship so it could be run down and sank, but the container ship screwed that up.

I don’t know, it could just be more bullshit like all the bullshit I’ve read in the media about the incident, and that the point, it brings me back to the psycho skank ho ex.. the actual truth no longer matters.

We’re at the stage now where the pedalling of disinfo is deliberate and mainstream to such an extent that nobody can afford to have anyone turn their heads away from the headlights and look around themselves and at their fellow citizens.

Which means we are at the point where whatever the price we are told we have to pay as a society for all of these disney characters to fall on their own swords is worth it, and I feel they all already know this, hence the latest uptick in the levels of duplicity and insanity and bullshit.

I know, but cannot prove, there are enough memes that I have discussed on here that have turned up a week later on the daily fail website as “news” that it is a regular thing, “news” sources are outsourced like a chef sending out for a tray of eggs, he doesn’t really give a fuck, as long as the diners are happy with their prada paper clip.


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