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June 26, 2017

Sensor ship, and Captain Willy.

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I’ve mentioned previously the “suspicious” 12 year old porno that started appearing in perfectly ordinary newsgroups, well, a while ago it stopped, or so I thought, so I went back thing of just downloading the jpegs from a group as this caught all the proof.jpg screen.jpg and all the others so you could see what the obfuscated post was.

well, the 12 year old porno is back, so another disk wipe done, bastards.

What particularly annoys me is I’m noticing censorship creeping in everywhere, not just usenet, but google searches and everything else, and, it’s getting pretty heavy handed.

This isn’t abitrary censorship, eg Scunthorpe being flagged and blocked, this isn’t specific censorship, eg “how to make a neutron bomb in your garage” (or “how to murder Trump and get away with it”) but it is instead quite clearly “directed” censorship, as in, you can use the filtering process to herd people in certain directions, including the direction of entrapment.

Like I said, it’s getting so obvious that it is now pretty much impossible to ignore, a bit like misandry in media, and it’s pretty much fucking up the whole online experience for many because of that, not necessarily because we want to learn how to make a neutron bomb, but because we were accustomed to running our own meatspace filters on the net, and if we wanted this we’d have signed up for MS Nanny of some other shit and done it all ourselves, and done it better.

I suppose it is all very well if you are like my friend “willy”, that’s not his real name, but it will do, see, thing is, willy decided many moons ago that he did not like being a man, so he started the transition to being a female, then many months later he discovered that he didn’t want to be a female as such, he’d found happiness as a “chick with a dick”.

Now willy will tell you, that for nearly two years before he started the transition he hadn’t had sex, and willy will also tell you that in the fifteen or so years since then, he hasn’t had sex, he hasn’t had any kind of relationship, or lived with anyone, or anything.. he masturbates in the privacy of his own home.

In willy’s own words to me last summer, repeated a couple of weeks ago, it’s just as well he downloaded the entire internet of shemale porn to wank to years ago when it was easy to find, and archived the whole lot to a Drobo box (willy won’t say how much, but he will say we are talking terabytes, many, terabytes of this stuff) because about 5 to 10 years ago he started noticing something funny, there was no new material, it was all just old shit reposted, some times mirrored left to right or resized, but all the same old shit, and groups that used to have *literally* millions of posts, now have maybe 10 a month, and they are all either 12 year old girl links to beam to domains that are obviously honeypots, or just some ascii garbage.

Like me, willy doesn’t believe for one instant that he was the last person to “trans”, nor does he believe that he is the only person on the planet that has a phone that will happily shoot 4k video, so where the fuck is all the new content?

As willy says, sure, it may not be to your taste, but it ain’t fucking illegal, so why can’t he find any?

What is particularly amusing about this is willy, under his real given name, is mentioned in more than one RFC, he is a coder, and he has a 4 digit slashdot ID (mine was 5 digits back in the day before I walked away from it all) and some of his code is still running today in most high end router kit, so this guy could fucking find it if he wanted to, if it was easily findable, without obviously allowing yourself to be “directed” in certain directions, which instantly trips his paranoia antennae as it does mine.

My intrerest was piqued enough that I fired up my own copy of newsleecher while we were talking, which uses a paid sub to usenetserver which isn’t exactly 100% uncensored, but they never made much effort in the past, tripped the “erotica” tab and searched for “shemale”… after all, it’s not illegal (yet) and what did I find, about 10 results in total for the last 7 days across some 100,000 newsgroups on a server with 99+% retention going back 3,300 days…. fucking unreal.

bang it out to 80 days and there are hundreds and hundreds of matches, but all 11 or 12 kilobytes.

bang it out to 700 to 800 days and it exceeds the results limit easily, and there are lots of large media files there, many of which are DVD sized and a couple are blu ray sized.

Fuck it, willy’s got a point here.

Especially as on the swinging scene I am seeing ever more CD/TV/TS type profiles, not less, so…

So *something* is definitely going on, and I do not for one instant believe that the vanishing of all kinds of porn is just an accidental and unintended side effect of censoring jihadi neutron bomb makers or anything else.

I met willie years ago, I was still mainly a hardware guy then and he was working on the internet backbone routing even then, so he has *years* more routinely working at that level than I do, and yet, even to me, it stinks.

It stinks of multiple players, each messing with basic packet routing, and I can’t think of any good reasons why.

Think wikileaks CIA nasty tools / vault leaks, but not small scale shit that gets targeted against an individual computer or small subnet, this is the same sort of shit at backbone level.

I want to steer you away from potentially being miseld by some fucked boy chick with a dick and his wierdo gay / shemale porn tastes, I want to steer you towards a guy with very very very significant technical skills, telling me that all sorts of “hey, it may not be to your taste, but it ain’t illegal” content is no longer available.

And the only reason *he* can think of why is because a lot of that shit contained metadata… I asked him if that is the case can he look through his many terabytes and see, and he looked at me pityingly and explained that at that level encryption is binary, you either have the key and can see the hidden content, or you do not have the key and do not even know if there is hidden content, a bit like truecrypt, but in a world where nobody except those using even knew there was such a thing, much less that it was possible.

Willy thinks assange is a dead man walking because some cats that nobody knew were in the bag in the first place got out, and now nobody trusts anyone or anything, so everything is getting routed to fuck and back and folks like thee and me just see the heavy hand of censorship everywhere.

Willy says it’s like the plastic cladding on the london tower block that last week nobody knew existed, and this week it’s turning up on almost every building over 10 stories high anywhere in the world, and people behind the scenes are running around like headless chickens, trying to cover their own asses, and point the blame in other directions.

Willy says what’s really going down may be declassified in 30 years, maybe…

I joke that it’s just anonymous outing the alien contact story.

Willy says it’s probably going to be a lot wierder than that.

I don’t fucking know, but I do know something is wierd about how the net is working lately.

I’m thinking of all the rich fags I’ve met, because lets face it when what you are is illegal (it was and still is in many countries) only the smart ones survive, and all of the rich fags I have met have been as sharp as a dagger.

I suspect willie’s survival instincts are a lot more finely tuned than mine.

Thank fuck I already downloaded the entire internet of MP3’s to my own NAS box years ago.

I’ll trade you my Golden Earring for your Debbie Does Detroit, VPN P2P dude, catch you on the other side of the routing tables.

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  1. don’t need to look for a secret reason, every year freedom is diminished in the direction of 0, and government/corporations don’t want you to be able to freely communicate anything on the internet. Recently “copyright infringement” strategies against uploaders to usenet have been developed making lots of stuff harder to find. US ISPs already shut down their usenet servers on the grounds that child porn was possible, inevitably the whole thing will vanish as the “wild west” internet as they call it is totally controlled and even the most minor naughtiness or unintentional wrongthink is censored like in China

    Comment by Wilson — June 26, 2017 @ 10:28 pm

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