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June 20, 2017

Yellowstoned, and passing windows of opportunity.

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Maybe you have been following the news about the quake swarms hitting Yellowstone caldera, maybe you haven’t.

I’m sitting here, I talked a bit last week about falling libido, which means sex is a bit of an intellectual exercise and not an organic one that starts with a throbbing cock, and I’m thinking about a conversation I just had with someone I know.

Sadly for them, they are just waking up to the world and are at the early “everything you have been told is a lie” stage, but they are nowhere near any sort of prepper or bug out stage (reminds me, must dress up the kukri..) and are still hopefully fixated on an idea that it will all just pass a bit like a near miss on a road at night, something that gets your heartbeat up for a minute and then it passes.

Sadly for their kids, none of the shit the psycho skank ho ex said about me being a general rapist and sexual predator and drug and violence fiend was true, I say sadly, because for those kids, particularly the female ones, their window of opportunity with me has passed before it even came around.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about this, I have to accept that the traditional lure of everything female of possible present or possible future sexual relations is past before it arrived for them, I have to accept that if Yellowstone kicks off we’ll have a nuclear winter or two here in europe, the US will try and collect on the billions it’s been paying the south americans and Australians to take displaced yanks, and in ten years time the former US may be a land of gold waiting to be made when rebuilding time comes along, though a Yellowstone is unlikely to give birth to vast rich deposits of new iron and magnesium etc.

The mexican’s may wish Trump had built a human impassable border wall, more significantly perhaps if Yellowstone does let go, san andreas and all the others will go like dominoes too, not that the loss of Kalifornia will be a bad thing, especially if it takes Amazon and Apple and Google with it.

What it (Yellowstone) will do, without any doubt at all, is wipe out the US electricity grid like it wasn’t there at all, and if you wipe out the power grid you wipe out the potable water grid too, and as I said here long ago about New Orleans, if my dad were alive he’d never have believed that said disaster could have gone on so long, considering the big easy was only an interstate away from everything… dad being one of those who came from a generation that if they were told the american’s were building a 6 lane highway on a bridge from New York to Portugal, he’d have said wow.. don’t know how, but if the yanks decide to do it… so what would happen to a US that couldn’t even sort out the tiny corner that was new orleans, if Yellowstone lets go?

“Game over man” is the only phrase I can come up with, whatever is left, and whatever takes its place, it won’t be the US of A, and there won’t be no post apocalyptic Kevin Costner’s reviving the USPS either.

Which kinda brings me back to this person and their kids, “safely” away from that particular threat across the pond by being here in the UK, and it kinda reminds me of every comment I personally have heard about the white welsh guy who went skittle playing outside Finsbury mosque with a bunch of muzzies and a van, I’ve only heard two variations, “good” and “don’t blame him” which is probably the real reason the story isn’t getting too much traction in the MSM, they know that playing it will give the “wrong” kind of reaction.

A bit like my reaction to the possible future plight of his and his (female) children is the “wrong” kind of reaction, the only thing you can put on the table now is (very) underage sex, so for that to work you don’t want some older guy with a failing libido, you want some led by the gonads perv who *will* find that an irresistible offer, and the problem with *that* is that such people are not going to be able to help those kids survive, they certainly won’t get into that moral duty thing that comes from bonding with a woman and having your own kids, they’ll be busy surviving themselves and possibly looting etc.

Hence my comment about these young human beings having missed a window of opportunity before that window even came around, at least as far as someone like me is concerned, and if someone like me is what they need to survive, then they’ll die, along with 50 million or more americans the first month after Yellowstone, and the grim reaper is an equal opportunities kinda guy, he don’t care about some cute smart genuinely nice kids with 70 years of life ahead of them, his scythe will mow them all down like grass.

Of course the demise of the great satan of the west (the USA) to a Yellowstone will only see the people and the lands wiped out, 99% of the Senate and Congress and DC will survive the event, so will their money, so those that don’t leave the sinking ship will be the ones left with their hands on the tiller for the rebuild.. and if that don’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy..lol

But of course it would create a power vacuum, and nature abhors one of those… being brutally honest beyond a year or two of climate change wiping out the US won’t make a whole lot of difference to Europe on the face of it, we get most of our shit from china anyway, so while there may be some “unexpected” side effects such as Yellowstone killing the USA and taking MasterCard with it which means I can’t buy my new Korean phone on credit, most of the wriggle room is going to centre on how the global players that remain react to the absence of the leading actor from the stage when the curtain goes up every day.

I’d expect the mexicans to push north and take over texas, and I’d expect the Canadians (who’d be facing even harsher winters and poorer summers and crop failures for a year or two) to push south down the east coast, after all it’s all just overland for these two.

I’d expect Israel and the middle east to disappear into a war zone, probably littered with mushroom clouds, and for there to be nothing but a new Persia left afterwards, with chinese partners building everything.

I’d expect the EU politicians to form a disorderly queue in their eagerness to suck Putin’s cock and sell their assholes to Beijing for a spit roasting, only to find that both think of them much as I think of the previously mentioned guy’s kids, a window of opportunity that passed before it ever arrived.

In matter of fact I’d expect both the Russians and the Chinese to make entirely genuine offers of assistance (grain and rice etc) to a soon to be starving US population, without any real conditions and a “pay us back someday when you can” attitude, offers that never get very far off the ground, because of the DC swamp.

For most I’m guessing it will be like the guy’s little kids, they’re too young to have any sexual thoughts or feeling of their own, so they have zero hope of ever understanding how the allure of something they may one day have is like the seed that fell on stony ground and never germinated, much less made it into a loaf as flour, everything is a great mystery, drowned out by the immediate concerns that there is nothing to eat, and no power, and no water in the taps, and it’s cold and dark.

Two weeks later the Icelandics will turn up like mad max with the last of the american V8’s and sink geothermal power stations into the still glowing caldera and run grids north to Canada to sell the power.


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