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June 20, 2017

No, I’m not Fred Bloggs

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It seems nowadays barely a month goes by without some guy contacting me, it always goes like this;

“… dude I need your help, I’m currently going through a divorce / domestic violence / child custody case with my current / soon to be ex, and she and her lawyers have come up with this blog and they are saying it is me and it is proof of my misogynistic crap and unsuitability to be a father / to remain at liberty / to be left with anything at all in the divorce… please help, write these people and tell them you’re not me..”

I can, *kinda*, sympathise, I mean I have never sat down here and said this is me, this is my given name, this is my social security number, this is my photo, here is my driver’s licence, here is my address, so I suppose I could be anyone.

In my own case I’ve been blogging one way or another since around 2000, and publishing online since 1995, which was before my own toxic FRA skit by some time, and yes, several “websites / forums / internet groups/posts” allegedly made by me were quoted at the time as proof of my unsuitability to get anything except the death penalty, hilariously none of them were places I had actually done myself, or known about myself, and one of them was of great interest to myself and introduced me to the term “gaslighting” and to the whole concept of cluster B bitchez and every man who ever went near them having the exact same experience.. dude, you’ve been spying on me the last ten years, you *must* have been to have all these details so spot on.

So your cluster B psycho skank ho finds this site via google and decides it *must* be written about her, and therefore I must be you, and therefore any “little” inaccuracies be down to me H^H^ I mean *you* deliberately lying to conceal your true identity, *I* don’t actually exist, you just created a fictitious me to mask your own identity and deed and thoughts and so on.

And you fucking wonder, having gone through years of all that toxic psycho shit myself, first hand like, why I’m not eager to dive back in and play whack a mole with a bunch of shyster lawyers and courts and your psycho ex trying to prove you’re not me?? Seriously?

I’ll tell you the *best* outcome, they’ll privately decide I’m not you, ignore it, and just carry on saying it is you, the worst outcome is they will take some of the INEVITABLE parallel experiences as proof that you are me, and then they add a whole load of mental instability and dishonesty and trying to defraud the courts (or worse still breaching court confidentiality rules) and then you’re fucked, you get a choice of 90 days for contempt of court, or 14 days for contempt of court if you shut down and delete a fucking website that isn’t yours that you did not even know existed until your psycho skank ho ex found it on google and told her lawyers it was you…. … think on it…

You can’t fix crazy, or reason with it, or tell it facts, or anything else.

The hilarious thing is that despite not specifically identifying myself, there are enough factual things here that not only my psycho skank ho ex, but also my sons can read this blog in its entirety and come out with facts, not “yeah that sounds like dad” but FACTS that would allow them to nail my identity down, I live in a fairly small community and while I’m not as well known as public figures like the local mayor or the local police chief, I am nevertheless very well known, and the upshot of that is the psycho skank ho ex and the boys know who I am… hell.. we spent 10 years living together and then 3 years regularly seeing each other in court and if you put all that history as push pins in a google map a 5 minute motorcycle ride will cover the whole area… THEY ALL ****KNOW**** WHO I AM… there isn’t the slightest doubt and there never has been.

But FACTS won’t help you, FACTS were the one thing significantly absent in my own FRA and secret family court cases, the plural of allegation is not fact, and the FACTS are that in this day and age a well known man like me with local connections and history going back 500 years isn’t going to be able to conceal shit from modern investigative policing, and the FACTS are that if even 1% of what I was alleged to have done was true I’d still be behind bars and I’d remain there for a few more years yet.

Of course in my case this means that the psycho skank go ex just goes around telling everyone who will listen (which is about the same number of people who will listen if you get on a bus and say you have an atomic bomb in your pocket and the alien overlords made you do it because of all the anal probing) that it is *because* I am “connected” that I have escaped “justice”.. if I’d been just some regular guy she’d have prevailed in court and been handed all my shit and she’d be getting alimony and so on every month, where the FACTS are she gets jack shit, the FACTS are she is dead to me and out of my life and if I see her or hear her voice or come across an old picture of her 100 years from now it will be too soon.

The FACTS are that I refused to play the game as expected and stay embroiled in everything and keep everyone earning 250 bucks an hour constantly fighting for access to my sons and constantly being frustrated by courts who would do nothing when she refused to hand them over on time when it was my weekend, and then use what we allegedly did do on our weekend together for more ammunition to keep the perpetual victim ball rolling.

The FACTS are that you can cherry pick any of these facts and come up with circumstantial proof that I am in fact you, or you over there, or you over that away, because it’s all the same playbook and all the same story.

The facts are that you asking me for this kind of help, to “prove” to your ex and her lawyers and the courts, that I am not you, is not just pointless from your perspective, it also shows you don’t get it yet, you CAN’T prove shit to people whose paycheck and mental issues depend on them avoiding the truth and facts at every turn.

You are just wrestling with a pig, you get dirty, and the pig enjoys it.


In future I’m going to respond to all of these messages with a link to this blog post.

It was no accident back in the day when the psycho skank ho ex went to her lawyers with a list of websites and forums and blogs and posts all printed out showing what a nasty evil man I was that she didn’t list anything that I have actually published online since 1995 onwards, it wasn’t that she didn’t know about any of that shit, she fucking lived with me ten years, she knew ALL that shit, it wasn’t about facts, it was about coming up with any lie that to her seemed a plausible way to blacken my name.

*probably* this is what is or will happen in your case, your psycho skank ho ex will be taking time out from her full sleeve tats sessions (to prove her new found independence and liberty) to google shit that can be used to blacken your name, she will be looking for anything that can be made to fit in a mentally deranged and unstable mind like her own, while trying not to look too mentally deranged herself, and the fact is that there is so much stuff out there, and so much commonality between human beings, and the very nature of the internet means distance and location is actually not even relevant, that it doesn’t take very much effort that find some shit that will fit her purposes.

You can’t show your clean hands to someone who is only interested in making you out to have filthy black hands, you already did the worst thing by engaging in any kind of dialogue with them, you just showed them that their efforts were rewarded.

Yesterday I wrote about the Yellowstone caldera, you know, the ex is like the Yellowstone caldera, you can’t reason with it, you can’t form a relationship with it, you can’t get promises that mean anything out of it, and when you finally manage to get far enough away that you don’t give a fuck when it blows, YOU DON’T FUCKING GO BACK THERE TO VACATION OR SEE THE KIDS.

In some imaginary future 2018 court case vs my own psycho skank ho ex, the very last fucking thing she or her lawyers would want is for the courts to sit down and spend 3 days reading every single word on this blog, this is *why* they so often tell the po-po that your phones and laptops and computers are full of kiddie porn and pictures of you beating and raping her and the kids, the idea is to separate you from contemporaneous exculpatory data sources… when you are making up lies about what a bastard Fred was to you the last thing you want is Fred remembering that on that date Fred was in Seattle for the week on a training course..

I never claimed to be a white knight, I never claimed to be a wonderful and picture perfect human being and husband to my wife and father to my kids one and all, I never claimed to be an upstanding perfect pillar of the community.

In fact the opposite was always true, I was always a bit of a likeable rogue that never did anyone any harm and that always tried to do the right thing, but I was and remain fallible and human and I do make mistakes, and I always immediately fessed up to everything I did, and got on with life.

None of that has even the remotest connection to what goes on in these secret family court cases, none of that matters, what happens there is like Trump fucks his hot daughter, Trump sucks Putin’s cock, Trump is planning on world war three, but it’s all said in a star chamber and none of the accusers can ever even be quoted, much less punished for anything they say, no matter how outlandish and obscene, meanwhile Trump will be punished for every imagined infraction… you learn, to survive, walk away, do what the fuck you want, none of you ever talk to me again, so long and thanks for all the fish smelling cunt.

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