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June 13, 2017


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Obviously I’m just “one guy” so it’s all pretty much anecdotal, and the usual “your mileage may vary” disclaimers should apply, but….

Let’s talk about sex.

As a young teenager I’d get hard ons for no reason at all, let’s face it there is nothing the least bit erotic about being sat in history class or waiting for a bus or buying some fish and chips, nevertheless I’d suddenly become aware that my cock was rising and throbbing.

Contrast that with much later in life, eg now, where it doesn’t do anything at all unless I have a good mental erotic thing going on.

And while I discuss this subject, please bear in mind that I am not in any way dismissing the influence of factors such as lizard brain urges to reproduce and chemicals in the environment or diet as contributing or detracting factors.

When I was 14 a photo of a naked woman would (it seems in hindsight) get me hard, and the only way to deal with that was to rub one out, so it’s hard to say exactly what has changed in the intervening years, now I’ll find faults with the women in the picture, and imagine the real flesh fucked up skanky bitch she in all probability is, and there is no urge, and no twitch from down below.

I don’t know how much of an issue desensitization is either, I could be bored with shit because I’ve seen to much of it, or I could be bored with shit because it doesn’t trigger the same receptors in my brain, one way or another I have consumed too much porn, and too many skanks in real life, and whatever the root cause, the next one in the series holds about as much interest to me as hearing there is another episode of the walking dead out… I lost interest by series one episode three because it was all just more of the same.

I do think that a side effect of this is people will desire stronger / different porn to get the same kicks, and I do think that 99.999% of everyone consuming and convicted of consuming extreme porn is only doing so because they worked their way through nudes / close up nudes / having sex nudes / threesome sex nudes / gang bang sex nudes / kinky sex nudes and so on, and I think the likelihood of them going out and re-enacting any of that anywhere on that spectrum is on a par with video game players going out and killing people.

But the point of the piece so far is that everything I know and have experienced personally and seen in others tells me that “sex drive” is something that gets triggered by the body itself, and then the brain adapts to it and takes over, same as all the other bodily functions, until you get to my age and if the brain isn’t playing, nor is the body.

I don’t *know* that this is all that is going on, maybe there are other things I should be looking at, coffee consumption, tobacco, gases and things inhaled at work, etc etc, but the issue there is that only applies if I’m all me so horny and dying to fuck, and can’t get a hard on… this is the only case I can think of for viagra etc.. the mind is already there but the flesh is weak and limp.

But what if you simply do not have the raging horn and burning desire for a fuck? In that case there is nothing wrong with your cock lying there like sleeping beauty, ignoring everything in the world.

I spent a *lot* of years dying for physical companionship and “love” and stuff, it had nothing to do with my sex drive, but at the time I didn’t know that, and that caused me no end of problems, and of course when you are young the urge to mate and have offspring is “strong”.

I also discovered along the way that an active mind with projects and plans on the go could relegate sex to a mere bodily function like taking a shit, just rub one out solo now and again and get on with whatever you were doing, again, I suspect, this is what is happening with a lot of these guys who have little interest in wimminz and spend all their time doing their favourite things, they are no less manly or masculine or sexual, they just have a fairly fully occupied mind.

Again this will tie in with old jokes about power cuts and a spike in the birth rate 9 months later.

Back when I was 12 and 13 everyone lied about sex, I don’t think that changes, reading the forums on swinger sites I still see everyone lying about sex, yeah man, I’m 61 and I can go all night and cum 4 times in an hour, and just like being 12 and 13, everyone else partially believes everyone else’s lies, and feels they have to match up to that.

Sure, reproduction is essentially finished with women by the time they are 40, but hey, I reckon reproduction has essentially finished with men by the time they are 50 too, to the best of my knowledge I had had no kids by the time I was 35, and apart from the odd moment of sadness, I was pretty much oblivious to it 99.99% of the time, I certainly was not wandering around looking for women to impregnate, but again, maybe I was always a little too cerebral for that… cue the Idiocracy intro.

I’m not sure exactly how to quantify my sex drive now in my late fifties, I’m *having* sex less but I’m not *missing* it by any metric I can throw at it, eg number of different women fucked last year vs the year before etc etc etc, “changes” yes, I will accept they have happened over time, do I regret that or wish to change it, no, not really.

It’s sunny outside and three young girls around 18 dressed like sluts walked by, yeah I reckon I’d have no trouble getting a hard on in a foursome with them and dumping a load into each one of them, but, the brain kicks in, yeah, they’d start talking and ruin it all, and the brain kicks in again and I remember all those empty my balls and literally be out the door three minutes later episodes, I didn’t feel dirty, but it wasn’t a conquest, that fades fast after the first dozen or so.

I can check my google contacts which only lists skanks who had a phone number that I knew, and only goes from when I got my first SGS1 phone which was back in 2010, and there are 206 wimminz names in there, 162 of them I fucked at least once, 48 of them I fucked regularly for a while (yeah, sad cerebral old perv who had separate contact groups for each..lol) so in six whole years 162/6 = 27 per year on average, 48 / 6 = 8 “regulars” per year, so in hindsight I can’t even make the claim that I wasn’t getting any.

Ok there is a regular squeeze now who has been around for quite some remarkable amount of time, and she still hasn’t put a single foot wrong, and once or twice a week, or even less, hell, it’s enough, meantime the old cerebral stuff is still chugging along.

Hell, who knows, maybe there is an inverse relationship to how horny and throbbing you remember yourself being during any given period of your life, and how much sex you were actually getting during that period.

Certainly I have had *enough* hookups in my life to know that one universal truth is that if it becomes a regular, it tails off real quick into a completely different and less regular kind of sex.

Assuming there was some magic pill that I could take that is sat right beside me now, that had zero side effects and all it did was take me back to the biochemical state that I was in at 14, we then face two questions.

1/ would it work? because my mind and experience isn’t the same.

2/ would I take it? because my mind and experience isn’t the same.

I have never taken viagra or anything else, but the supposition seems to be that anything that can give you a raging hard on will make you feel sexy and erotic and horny, and given everything that I have written here, that seems a bit like putting the cart before the horse.

I suspect what will happen is you’ll get a raging hard on and then spend the next three hours banging away at some old skank desperately trying to get over the crest to have an orgasm, meanwhile the brain and experience and evidence of your eyes is all pulling you back.

You shoulda used that viagra fucking some hot young 20 year old, and if you were presented with a hot young 20 year old, would you need viagra?

Certainly I have fucked enough wimminz who have been fucked by enough men sporting 3 hour viagra hard ons, and they all said the same thing, the first time it was a great and fun experience, but it soon got real old real fast having some guy pounding away at you all night trying to cum…

So, to sum up.

No, I don’t know what sex drive really is, it is clearly a mixture of a lot of different things, and my own opinion is the role of the conscious mind is vastly under estimated.

My own opinion is also that everything gets old, fuck it man, it’s a sunny day in june and I am indoors chilling and typing when I have cash in my wallet and a harley outside the door and fuck all to do all day, you know what I mean, that only happens when you have already ridden hundreds of thousands of miles, sure, I’ll go for a ride later, maybe… not fussed either way… been there, done that, tick it off, and laugh at the younger you who said hey it’s a lifestyle man… so basically the more sex you have the less exotic and interesting it gets…

Suddenly we are only a cunt hair away from all the advice we’d give da wimminz, that a life time cock count of three means you can no longer bond properly…

I don’t think it’s any different for guys.

Seeing a new woman is like seeing the new 2017 model Ford, if you’re 17 and don’t know shit or have much experience of either, it will rock your world.

If you’ve driven and broken and fixed and bought and sold everything the company ever did apart from the new models, well, you might be interested if the company remanufactured the 1939 E04A, I don’t need to drive the new 2017 shit to know the interest will die within 100 miles, at which point all the value has been decimated.

It that something to mourn? or something that is broken? or something that needs fixing?

I don’t think so.

I think I prefer it to being like lots of the guys on the swingers forums who apparently never got any of that shit out of their systems, time is the one precious thing and well all get only so much and there is only so much you can fit into one day, so there are always going to be a whole load of things you missed the boat on, feeling that I don’t regret any of the boats I did catch is to me more important than worrying about a fading libido or a receding hairline or an inability to party 24/7.

I think in some ways if I am transitioning into a creature that has zero interest in sex, that might in and of itself be interesting, because already I can tell you that a fading libido means I see things differently, more clearly (Larry Niven’s Pak).

Certainly ten or fifteen years ago I would never have said that the problem is not that I do not or should not want to fuck some pubescent 12 year old girl, the problem for the pubescent 12 year old girl is that I have moved beyond the point where her incipient sexuality can be used by her to get anything out of me.

The problem is not that I do not or should not want to buy a new Ford, the problem for Ford is I have moved beyond the point where they are capable of making anything that interests me in the least.

The problem then becomes not that I want or might want to use and abuse young girls, that was never the case, I’ve fucked 162 wimminz in the last 7 years and every single one of them has known about my psycho skanky FRA ex ho and what she accused me of, and not one single one of them has bought it that I might be capable of such a thing.

The problem is that I no longer have the slightest interest in the welfare of young girls, or young boys, or anyone else, so you got mugged and gang raped by a bunch of rapefugees, not my problem.

I’m no longer interested in the thing that you claim was defiled and destroyed, not that you would have offered it to me in exchange for my protection and guidance, which would have been the only smart thing you could have done.

Here is perhaps the best explanation / example I can give.

I used to own and run an independent PC/IT business, I was very very good at it, I never lost a single file of any customers data (even when they came to be with trashed systems) never built a commercial website that failed to show a profit within 12 months, never fucked up, never bricked anything.. made a good living at it for a long time, had a website and limited company and everything, kinda walked away from it when I became the Cisco Kid, but today the whole company and website and everything else is long gone.

I still get one or two phone calls per month from people who had my number or got it passed on from someone who did, can I help them with their IT problem please?

This is a potential customer ringing me up to give me work and money.

I say sorry, no, I stopped doing that some years ago.

Some will stay on the line and talk, no, I didn’t go bust or have bad customers or anything else, I just got bored of it, because with the benefit of 20 20 hindsight, I never wanted to fix people’s IT problems, I wanted to teach them and help them at the same time, share the knowledge and experience, feel good at the end of every day, make friends… there was some of that, but too much of the day to day work was for people who just wanted shit fixed quick and right, and sure they were happy and grateful and paid, but it got old.

Now, now I don’t care, I don’t care if you have problems, I don’t care what your problems are, I don’t care how much you need me, I don’t care how eager you are to pay me hard cash to solve your problems, you basically can’t interest me.

*that* should scare the crap out of you, not all the stuff you do worry about like will I wank over your porn collection or tell the po-po about it.

It doesn’t even matter if we are talking about a pre pubescent 8 year old girl, it’s not about me fucking her now (good enough for the prophet…) or how wrong it is to see an 8 year old as a sexual creature or anything else, barring accidents she will eventually become 9, then 10, and so on, then 16, then 20, then 30, if she is 8 today I’ll probably live to see her get to 30, and 95% of the financial world is all about future returns so it’s not any kind of stretch so say OK look after this 8 year old girl for the next 12 years until she is 20, and then if she wants to you can marry her and for the first time have carnal thoughts and knowledge of her, and maybe make babies with her… so even at 8 she has this “future” thing going on… hell, before my sons were legally abducted by the courts and the psycho skank ex I thought my sons had a “future” that I personally was invested in.

That doesn’t mean (despite what the psycho skanky ex and the courts choose to think) that I want to fuck them either now or in the future, it just means I feel that I have a stake in that future, so I’ll make some efforts towards it.

The point I’m trying to get across as fucking clearly as possible is that sex and babies and everything else is just a fucking smokescreen designed to confuse you, when we look at youth we look at the future, when youth looks at us they see something that can help them with their future, obviously there is always some sort of quid pro quo, and that may in some circumstances include the premise or promise of sex at some future point, but the guts of it all is having a stake in that individual’s future.

I now actually truly UNDERSTAND a conversation that I was present for as a young man, that fucking horrified me then, a girl (in her twenties) was telling her mother (in her forties) and her step-father (late fifties) about how it all came about that the year before she had spent a week having sex with her biological father (in his forties) who had walked out on her mum when she was nine months old.

Step dad was pissed as fuck at being dragged along and into all this, I will never forget what he said “So you’ve been rutting with your old man, why should I give a shit!

Now I get it, he didn’t have a stake in her future.

he just walked out and went back to his life and left his slut wife and her slut daughter and her dad to sort it all out amongst themselves, not his problem.

With the benefit of 20 20 hindsight (it’s hard to be rational when you are in the middle of it) I think that’s why the seekrit family courts had such a hard on for me, I made no bones about the fact that I was fucking mommy and (adult) daughter at the same time, and mommy and adult daughters testimony both stated that they both knew I was fucking both of them, and they were outraged because that all made it real hard to pin the tail on the donkey, it doesn’t fit the narrative of the patriarchal male responsible for everything, and the sweet and innocent wimminz who are entirely dependent on the male and who are therefore personally responsible for sweet fuck all.

My gonads got me into that shit damn near 20 years ago now, you really want me to mourn the fact that something be it a combination of gonads and experience or environmental stuff or whatever, means that today I’d do a Vic and ask why I should give a shit and walk away.

Because that *is* how I got into that shit, gonads and craptain save a ho…

Libido, a  complex and often malicious subroutine hard wired into our cerebral processors, that thankfully with time gets overwhelmed with all the other cruft that builds up in our storage spaces.


  1. here’s the problem though;

    let’s assume your son(s) comes to find you.

    do you REALLY think your sons are going to be much different than Doofus Fred? they’re being reared by a psycho skank ho, in the shit whole that your public schooling has turned into. as you say, they may well not know their multiplication tables.

    because that’s how and what and why the system and their Narcissistic mother taught them to be.


    how are you going to deal with them then? are you simply going to throw your hands up in the air, say, “not my problem” and walk away from them again?

    Doofus Fred is a real problem. i’m not saying you should apprentice Doofus Fred in particular.

    what i am suggesting is that you might want to try improving Doofus Fred, simply so you can have some experience and worked out some of the problems before your own sons show up and you have to try to do this on the fly, to people that you nominally should have an interest in.

    obviously, this is going to require finding ways to break and retrain Doofus Fred out of his sociological pathologies. and it’s going to require Doofus Fred ( or whomever ) to be *seriously* invested in improving himself.

    Comment by bob k. mando — June 13, 2017 @ 6:36 pm

    • I’ve thought on this very problem long and hard, and obviously it is one thing to speculate, another entirely to live it.

      1/ Nurture vs nature, genetics control more than just looks, but the nature will be tested by the nurture given by the ever loving psycho skank ho ex, what the end result will be on that fateful day, should it come, I do not know, so wait and see.

      2/ There is a time for all things, and there is no point for example in treating a 16 year old like the 2 year old they were when you last saw them, it’s too late for all that and that cup has already been filled.

      3/ Be true to yourself, I will also be say 16 to 20 years older, at a time when I would have expected to have completed my *duty*, and depending on many things, possibly embarked upon the freebie extras because the duty paid off, but there will have been nothing of duty or shared experience, we may have the nature in common, but little else.

      I suspect any such meeting would be fruitless, for both sides, too much water under the bridge, too much potential comon ground ploughed under by the psycho skank ho ex.

      If one of them sliced the psycho skank ho’s throat open I’d meet him at the prison gates on his release day and offer what I could, if it was wanted, because I certainly could not hold it within myself to blame him or judge him for it.

      They’ll be in my will, whether they like it or not, should there be anything worth leaving by then.

      I was given a choice 9 years ago, walk away and be who I always was, or destroy myself trying to right a wrong that I would never be allowed to prevail against, I chose survival.

      It may be craven and cowardly, it may be smart and snake eyes, who knows, it is what it is, all I can do is be honest and open about it, I did not deal the cards or hold the deck, all I had control over was whether I stayed at the table or not, I chose not… hopefully if nothing else that alone will be an example for the little shits.. .;*)

      Comment by wimminz — June 13, 2017 @ 7:25 pm

      • Anyone who has made the hard choice of doing the right thing over doing what’s easy and expected knows which is the braver path to thread, to have to question whether you made the right choice, even though you know you had to stand up against injustice. You didn’t choose survival; you chose truth.

        Comment by stargnoc — June 17, 2017 @ 8:15 pm

        • And that is real strength. You are an example that certainly helped me get through what I’ve been through, knowing that there are others who hold to honorable principles with an eye on the long term ramifications of the choices we make, for the future’s sake.

          Comment by stargnoc — June 17, 2017 @ 8:16 pm

  2. Glad to see you’re still around ol’ chap.

    Have a couple tracts expressing the situation with the wimminz.

    I honestly couldn’t think of any blogs from my old men’s movement days where the men were authentic men and not pussy-whipped bitches masquerading as something else, other than yours.



    If you’ve got any recommendation where men who aren’t afraid to name the bitch hang out, let me know. I’ll check the sidebar.


    Comment by stargnoc — June 17, 2017 @ 6:19 am

    • I would really like to find some women who care about truth but that’s perhaps insane. Then again I can’t seem to find any men who care about truth either.

      Comment by stargnoc — June 17, 2017 @ 6:25 am

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