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June 12, 2017

Short changed.

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One of the things I always say, if you go into a shop every day for a year, and the change is always wrong, and it’s always an error in favour of the shop, then it’s not a fucking mistake, it’s policy.

I have talked here a *lot* about *both* the sexualisation and the intellectual retardation of children, I believe in many states in the US the age of consent is 18, here in the UK it is 16, somewhere between the two will cover much of the world.

It’s notable that *both* have been going on for decades now, young intelligent sluts not wanted, young dumb sluts, double plus good.

So there is this story in the daily fail about some girl who dies in a flat in Glasgow after taking drugs, and two others who get taken to hospital.

Here is the dead chick

“I’d hit that” I hear you all say.

Congratulations paedo scum, because the dead chick, one Zoe Bremner, will now never see her 15th birthday, but there was was barely 14 all glammed up and sitting in a club, and you can clearly see the neon “JAILBAIT – ONLY 14 Y.O.!” signs that she wore all over herself to ensure that she didn’t get any attention from anyone.

I’ve mentioned before somewhere (I’m sure) the story about the girls who were 14 drinking rum and coke in the bar and the guy saying to me he’d fuck them, and I warned him off saying they were in the same school class as my stepson, he had trouble believing it and it’s a story that never translates well in cold text, but dead Zoe here looked at *lot* like one of those girls, both in looks and in dress, except for the eyes, she had blue eyes.

And BTW, girls don’t sit like that in posed photos in clubs by accident, her right hand is clearly covering up the immodesty of the “dress” there may or may not be a pair of teensy tiny sheer slut panties under there.

Of course by the time it all ends up with your paedo ass in court young Zoe is going to be dressed head to toe in frumpy woolen school uniform shit and she’ll be acting all wide eyed and scared and victim-y… you dare say anything about it and you’ll just double your sentence… about the time you get to the cells she’ll be taking it up the ass from the nice judge who sentenced you.

Dead Zoe basically looks and acts like a girl in her twenties, well up for a good fucking.

This is something I have come to realise.

just as the raghead terr’rists have their burkha babes and all that shit, basically “uniform”, most of the cues that we have as human at estimating the age and maturity of strangers comes down to dress.

There was a whole fucking dress code of “teen girls” back in the day, and from it you knew they were teen girls, and not sluts ready willing and eager for the fucking… and if you were a teen boy at the time, maybe you’d try your hand at making one of the teen girls a girlfriend.

Sluts dressed like sluts, and never the twain shall meet and all that jazz.

There are 14 and 15 year old girls that walk past my door every day, I *know* they are 14 and 15 simply because they are wearing a “school uniform” but I gotta be honest, it’s a “school uniform” that is a lot closer to what dead Zoe is wearing in the left hand pic than the “school uniform” you think of when I say those words, which is why when they get home and take the “school uniform” off, their “casual” clothes no longer look like teen girl clothes, they look like sluts, and the girls of course act like sluts too.

“teens” have been abolished, girls (and boys) basically go from pre-pubescent directly to sluts at 11 or 12, and brainless stupid uneducated sluts at that.

Now it’s been longer than I care to think about (it fucking *can’t* be nigh on 30 years, it seems like yesterday) since I used to feel teen female bodies intimately so to speak, but I do remember the smooth and firm young flesh well, like it was yesterday in fact, but these modern sluts…

… beyond the fact that the flesh itself is young, I’m struggling to find the allure, because a lot of the allure was the (real or imagined) purity and freshness, that “new car” thing if you like.

So now if you crave purity and freshness you’re pretty much confined to the pre-teen pre-pubescent ones, and and that’s a bit like fucking some real hot chick with a killer body with downs syndrome, I’m sure there are those out there that would, but they are a minority, for most of us it kills the attraction.

For the rest of us it leaves us very confused mixed message fucked up, whereas you might have said “Hi Susie” and given your 12 year old niece a hug back in the day when they came over to visit, nowadays Susie is a mini slut, and you say Hi and wave and don’t go any nearer, and little Susie grins the slut grin, because she knows damn well that she is dressed like a slut, and she is in her mind at least a sexual creature with sexual desires and fantasies.

Desires and fantasies that they no longer have a few years of safety in which they can come to terms with everything before putting any of it into practice, because they no longer dress and act as teen girls (or boys) used to, they no longer inhabit that “neither fish nor fowl” safe zone that used to be the teen years, because that safe zone has been eradicated.

A mate’s primary school daughter, so 9 or 10 years old, who they have related to me on many occasions the traumatising (for the parent) revelations about this kid’s sexuality, and this is a kid that has already seen everything on the internet, came home a while ago with a note from school advising the parental unit that the kid had a “sex education” class, the parent turns to me and says she doesn’t get it, the kid already has seen and knows more than she did at 18.

So last Thursday was the sex ed class, the kids head has not been filled with birds and bees, nor even cringingly awkward stuff about inserting tampax or rolling condoms on to bananas, oh no, this class was all about consent and empowerment and boys are all rapists and basically the kid has come home with the idea, because she said it out loud to her brother, that if a boy she likes kisses her and she then falls out with him the next day and no longer likes him, well he raped her.

Mommy is fucking horrified, I say to mommy “Now you understand why when I have come to visit I have refused to ever be left alone with that child even for one moment…”

Pennies drop.

The age of consent laws don’t apply to the non whites in english society, they are literally marrying kids off at 12 years old here in england today, of course it’s not *blatantly* advertised in your face, but it goes on and everyone knows it.

The older kids who are still in their teens will fuck anything, “paedo” is a funny insult because it freaks the oldies out, if it means anything it means an oldie fucking a young kid, everyone else fucks young kids, even the late teens, that ain’t paedo cos everyone is doing it cos everyone is a skanky slut from 12 onwards.

Meanwhile everyone is told to watch out for *us*, my generations, apart from the odd unfortunate old fuck dragged into court for some sex crime he allegedly committed against a 5 year old back in 1975 (I shit you not, this stuff is still going on in the courts) EVEN WERE WE TEMPTED OR INCLINED, the idea of fucking with one of these kids is about as attractive an idea as making 1,000 litres of nitroglycerine in your kitchen, it’s easier to just slice your wrists.

So this young slut, dead Zoe, 14 will-never-see-15, dies of a drug overdose, and all we are treated to is eulogies about what an amazing and lovely little girl she was and what a tragic waste it is.

Sorry, can’t see it, some worthless teen skank is dead before she can pump out womb turds and live off the state and then 20 years later accuse anyone at random of raping her back in 1647 AD, I’m not seeing a down side to this.

Teen skanks are by definition the camouflaged bomb designed to entrap and kill the unwary, they are the fucking enemy of any kind of society that I want, and they don’t even have the saving grace of being a good fuck because they are fucking uneducated airheads and losers.

And when I walk out the door into said society and I see *nothing but* pre-pubescent spoiled shits that instantly turn into airhead teen skank sluts at 12, it’s a bit like that supermarket that always gets the change wrong and always in favour of the shop, it’s not accidental, it’s deliberate policy. Fuck You.


I write a lot of stuff that talks about girls because I’m a heterosexual male, and the only progeny of mine that I am aware of are all boys, but I do know some older fags, and they tell me the same thing, there is a positive explosion of “twinks” which is apparently the homosexual male equivalent of the teen skank slut, slim / skinny young boys borderline age of consent temporally that don’t have huge throbbing penises and dangly bull’s balls like wot us men have… fnaar fnaar, but basically they same the exact same thing, boys are going from pre-pubescent assholes to young sluts at 12…


  1. and that’s a bit like fucking some real hot chick with a killer body with downs syndrome


    Comment by bob k. mando — June 12, 2017 @ 11:52 am

    • fuuuuuuuuck…. I’m late to the party *again*…….

      Comment by wimminz — June 12, 2017 @ 11:58 am

      • anything to brighten your day, Afor.

        Comment by bob k. mando — June 12, 2017 @ 12:00 pm

  2. ah, i have a further question about sociology. Cataline makes a post about pre-ww2 education formats here:

    do you happen to know if there was a similar shift to extreme age segregation of the grades in the UK?

    if that was a widespread change in pedagogy in the English language world post ww2, that might be a large part of the problem.

    Comment by bob k. mando — June 12, 2017 @ 11:59 am

    • Funny that.

      back in my day we had “Primary school” which was 5 to 11 and at 11 you sat exams to determine what sort of secondary school you went to, and “Secondary school” was 11+ to 16, but you could stay on an extra two years if you wanted A or advanced level quals, which you’d need to go to Uni, and uni was “Tertiary education”

      My primary school was a 2 room school with 2 teachers, so 4 to 7 and 8 to 11, as an education it worked. Maybe 40 or so pupils in all.

      Notably it was a small rural community so secondary schools had a bigger catchment area and then you had “years” and each year was split into classes of 30 or so, in state schools the classes where defined by the teacher who’se class you were in, in private school the classes were defined by academic results in the last set of exams.. I went from 3D to 3A one term based solely on the end of term exams from the previous term, when I found out that the carrort held out to entice me to make the effort was bullshit I went back to not caring.

      private or “good” schools were probably/certainly segregated on sex, all boys or all girls, mixed schools the kids usually lagged at least two years behind a segregated school.

      Even in the 70’s it was known that going to uni made you a socialist liberal prick, because they were all hotbeds of new think and such shit… so nobody with any brains went to uni, they’d go straight into some sort of time served training.

      Don’t forget schooling was *regulated* by then, and the experiments were ongoing, I was the last to sit an “11+” exam to determine what secondary schools would accept me, as by then such things were determined to be “unfair” to everyone who didn’t know how to multiply 1/4 by 7/64ths…

      Formal teaching qualifications were also coming in, before anyone who chose to could become a teacher, you just had to convince the school to hire you, and the parents to pay the school for your efforts…. free market capitalism at work.

      Up until 16 any teacher could take any class, so you might think Mr England was the rugby coach, and then one day he’d take your latin class, and another he’d take the physical geography class, because the expectation was that *ANY* adult teacher knew enough about EVERY subject to teach any pupil, their speciality subject was the one where you could come back from uni with your degree in that subject and he could still teach you shit.

      Once you killed that, you no longer had pupils capable of becoming adults who were broadly educated enough to teach the next generation, so now you have geography teachers who not only have never heard of V over I times R, they don’t know who Cecil Rhodes was (Rhodesia was named after him so it is geographical knowledge) and they’ve sort of heard of Constantinople, it may be where jesus was born…

      Comment by wimminz — June 12, 2017 @ 12:23 pm

      • so you’re concurring that the extreme age segregation thing is a recent development.

        do you have any idea when that was implemented in the UK?

        and do you have any idea how that tracks collapsing educational achievement ( assuming that’s a problem in GB )?

        Comment by bob k. mando — June 13, 2017 @ 12:10 am

        • I have nothing beyond personal anecdotes.

          calling it “collapsing” isn’t right, it’s more like those pictures of detroit with most of the lots bulldozed and in between the odd ruin, there are *huge* voids in education that simply do not exist.

          I doubt I could even find anyone under 30 working in finance who both knows that % interest compounded is an exponential function, and what an exponential function is… I can show you 11 year olds that can’t do the 2 times table, I shit you not.

          Comment by wimminz — June 13, 2017 @ 1:05 am

  3. Sure. When I heard about the Manchester attack at the Ariana Grande concert, and found out that Grande is basically a woman who makes music for tween girls celebrating handjobs and threesomes, my first reaction was, “most of them were already doomed.”

    This is the logical outcome of a long process.

    It’s not like your youth involved a lot of chastity and innocence, did it?

    Supposedly, the 19th and 20th century public schools involved lots of homosexuality, and the amount of prominent British public school grads who turned out to be homos and pedos (Slim was a surprising one) certainly is a point in favor of the theory.

    You can have two stable states-either sexual repression, chastity, separation of the genders and severe punishment for homosexuals, or total Caligula libertinism. Anything else is a transition state.

    You also have to wonder how much of this is biological. Look up what Toxoplasma does to the host, and then compare to the behavior of the people you see around you. Now consider that Toxoplasma’s effects were not widely known until recently. Makes you wonder what else is out there.

    Comment by BaruchK — June 12, 2017 @ 11:31 pm

    • I’ll buy a parasitic type cause, I’ve mentioned both it and TG before, I don’t think it’s all of the picture, but it could well be a significant part

      Comment by wimminz — June 13, 2017 @ 1:06 am

  4. Sad.

    Comment by james — June 16, 2017 @ 7:48 am

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