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June 9, 2017

My eyes are bleeding

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There is this girl on a swinger’s site, she has a sort of cute but sort of not quite right either pixie face, and she has a genuinely big pair of tits, and a text description of the rest of her that says she is sort of big and full of curvy wobbly bits.

Speaking as someone who used to date / fuck a girl whose tits were genuinely larger than her head, and similarly round and full, not sagging bags, I can appreciate as much as any man both how much a good tit shot can influence a guy, and how much da wimminz both lie about tit size and “firmness”, and do their best to mis-represent it in every way possible when photographing it.

The girl with the big tits never even showed her cleavage, and always wore big scarves and other things to conceal them.

So this girl decides to be honest, and (as part of her battling demons and weight issues etc) post a naked full-length-selfie-in-the-long-bedroom-mirror thing.

Perhaps “medication and treatment for depression or other mental illness” is the only thing that is ever going to come second in volume and back slapping you go sistah, you is bwave and bootiful, body size threads on such site forums, either way the body not shaming stuff always takes the fore.

I will *not* share the actual image, suffice it to say it looks like a fat pig model made in wax and left in the sun, you can discern two legs and the feet at the end of them, but the seam between the legs is all mis shapen and random and twisted with knots and creases, not at all the up and down line you’d expect, there isn’t any pelvic / hip area, there is just another hanging mass of distended and distorted flesh, again it is neither symmetric or “human” in appearance, above that are large and saggy tits supported by ballooned arms, it’s clearly anatomically impossible for this person to wipe their own ass, much less see their feet…. or the “F..U..C..K..!” on the display of the weight scales, or the scales themselves.

I just don’t know where to begin on the “support” she is getting, basically messages of common delusion, I do know that there are enough of her ilk behind the site itself that if I say what I want to, I’ll get instantly banned for life, and no point preaching to the non convertible anyway.

But they do range from the “you are so brave and beautiful“… why?… she just admitted she’s been lying in her profile since she got here, and the photo is of some fucking hideous bloated melting thing that isn’t even fucking human… and “everyone presents themselves in the best light“… WTF, it’s one thing to take a close up of a pretty flower, it’s quite another thing to use that flower photo taken in the car park a Fukushima 10 minutes before the evacuation to represent fukushima district as a whole.

The girls herself claims it’s was a medical condition that “wasn’t helped by bad dietary choices” but now the medical condition is properly diagnosed the pounds are simply falling off I tell you… well I never heard of any medical condition that could build fat out of thin air, it certainly (as my late dad used to say) never existed at Belsen, so my take is sans “medical condition” bitch your BMI would only be 300 and not 305, the bulk of it is down to eating more than you can consume as fuel.

The girl herself claims that her recent “cure” is all down to one wonderful helpful man, well, sorry bitch, but I’m going to seriously question the mental health of a man who sees a girl who BY HER OWN NEW HONEST DEFINITIONS is 5 foot 1 and still has 14 stone TO LOSE, (that’s 196 lbs or 89 kg)  before she gets back to merely being fat, with enough sagging excess flesh to re-skin the goodyear blimp.

Put this in perspective, at 5 eight I’m 7 inches or just under 18 cm taller, and I’m a stone (1 stone = 14 lbs = 6.36 Kg) overweight at 11 stone 8, so she is 7 inches shorter and has my entire body weight to lose, **plus** 32 pounds / 14.5 kilos…

You know what I’m saying bruv, whoever this guy is, he ain’t fuckin right in the head, and yet he is both her saviour and plan A, B, C and D in her weight loss / new life regime…. this shit ain’t gonna work out.

As stated above regarding the allure of the carefully posed tit shot, the girl herself admits that the multiple daily “fancy a fuck” messages have dried up, not a single one since she posted the full length naked selfie, however in a gesture of solidarity from all the other overweight bitches and beta males desperate for any kind of female approval, said full length naked selfie has had over 800 likes in 24 hours, what the fucking fuck???

Now I *always* made my own position clear, yes the camera always lies and nobody ever looks the same in real life as they do in a picture, we’ll call this “processing”, so you never expect anyone to look *exactly* like they do in their photos, or descriptions of themselves, but you *DO* expect them to look like you can reasonable expect to take a picture of them yourselves and get something out after “processing” that closely resembles the original picture… this is after all the very basis of photo ID, nobody looks like their passport or driving licence photo, nevertheless anyone can tell if it is a photo of you, or not, and can then make a joke about photo booth cameras.

Yes part of the issue is we only see ourselves reflected in a mirror, and the photo is not a reflection, so (because we are not perfectly symmetrical) they always look slightly “wrong”… try it some time, take an “facial ID” type head and shoulders shot, it won’t look right somehow, mirror / flip it vertically, suddenly it will look a lot “better”…

Yes part of the issue is actual lens curvature in smartphone cameras, and software that further distorts things, so it’s simply a matter of having your tits closer to the camera than you waist and voila your tits appear bigger and your waist appears smaller.

Technically you’re still not lying, that only starts when those are the *only* kinds of photos of yourself that you post, and 99.9% of those who liked the melting blob of wax’s full length naked selfie will have some or many photos on their profile, but they will all basically be the same one or two composed shots taken from the same one or two positions with the same camera / lens.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to do some aryan master race perfect BMI perfect looks perfect fitness thing here, I really don’t care, per se, I myself am overweight and underfit for my age, so I’m not trying to preach or sell you any of my wonder secret dietary pills.

What I am is a human being who like all human beings can’t get away from or erase my early programming and experiences, go on to google image search and search for “1960’s school photos” and take a good long look, and yes we had “fat bastards” in school then, because you probably weren’t from that era I have been helpful by downloading at random one of those google search images and highlighting in red who the fat bastard was in that class.

I know this blog is full of irreverent and alternative humour, but I’m not joking, not even a tiny bit, I’m being utterly deadly serious as cancer of your own asshole serious.

Anyone *else* from that class, or any other, could be taken and put on a catwalk today and we’d be lectured as some length about how un naturally and un healthily and un acceptably skinny and underweight they are.

Somewhere I have a photo of my late dad, in his early 20’s when he was stationed in Singapore with REME (I’d link to the website but the header graphic, quelle surprise, has a picture of a bitch in it, and a couple of guys in the background pissing on a mobile arty) in the Army, all 5 foot six and 9 stone (57 Kg) of him, casually doing squats with a hundred and forty pounds on a bar, it wasn’t a posed weightlifter photo or anything else, just in a box with all the REME era pics, and it wasn’t anything special.

Take away the weight bar and colour in the photo so it looks like it was taken last week and show it to anyone today and they are so well programmed they will use words like “emaciated” and “skin and bone” and of course “weak and unhealthy”

Add a stone of so of weight to it and you have me, from 16 until 50 something I was 5 eight and 10 stone, at 17 I was picking 50 kilo sacks of flour off the floor, putting them on my shoulder, and walking a hundred yards with them to the sifting machine, and I did that for a 12 hour shift, and yet most of my adult life the brutal 100% unedited and honest reality of dating for me was most wimminz thought I was too skinny, the 14 stone “rugby player” type (who I could have picked up and carried and stacked like wood all day) was *far* more attractive, because even then the push had started in earnest, and the traditional “working man’s” body had gone out of style.

BTW I’ve known a few proper blacksmiths in my time, and steel foundry workers, and glass kiln workers, and so on, not a one of them was a huge burly man mountain, every single one was dried leather, and every single one could literally rip your flesh from your bones with their bare hands.

I’m not saying that when I was a kid there was literally nobody like the chick that started all this off, there may have been somewhere in a freakshow in a circus somewhere, but I never saw of one or knew of one.

Back then Hattie Jacques was a well known example of a hugely fat and “matronly” built woman, after all apart from her general size as you can see from this photo she had legs that were so fat she basically didn’t have any ankles.

The current bitch is 5 one, and well overweight, but hey, not my problem, however she’s been doing a man’s job (the only woman for 9 years, everyone else is ex army male) carrying “heavy stuff” around, individual weights from 20 kilos to 40 or so kilos, compounded by her own excess weight, say another 15/20 kilos, so she is way and beyond what 99% of todays wimminz can do, and probably beyond what 50% of today’s males can do, but, there is a problem.

She’s showing the physical signs of what basically amounts to wear and tear, if she was 15/20 kilos lighter and “emaciated” in today’s lexicon she’d be carrying it better, but the end result would still be the same and sooner rather than later.

I already have worked harder moving more weight than her for more years than her (I’m quite a bit older) and despite the past few to ten sedentary years I’m still in much better physical shape than her, and I’m still a lot stronger than her, you know, it’s fucking basic biology at work.

The differences between me and say my grandfathers is they never stopped working *hard*, and they started at 14, so by the time they were my age they were indeed all “wore out” whereas I’m not, so there is an ideal balance that could be achieved, I’m *not* saying going down the mines at 14 and being physically worn out by 50 is a good thing, but from one extreme to another?

The fat chick that started this off is 29 years old, it basically doesn’t matter what she does now, the damage has been done, two strikes, she wasn’t as fit as we were by 14 when she started in on this adult life, and she has a woman’s body and not a man’s so it gets damaged by abuse faster, game over man, whatever the rest of her life holds, she’ll never know the (relative) levels of health and fitness that I enjoy now in my late fifties.

Yes, I can thank my lucky stars there weren’t too many bad genes in there, yes I can thank my lucky stars that I grew up eating real food and not processed crap and sweets, and yes I can thank my lucky stars that I lived in healthy environments with clean air and open skies for the most part, and yes I can thank my lucky stars that I started out fit and worked hard for many years, and yes I can thank my lucky stars that I never over did it too much or injured myself too badly, and yes I can thank my lucky stars that I was born a man and not a girl, and yes I can thank my lucky stars that basically I’ve never given a fuck about my health and have indulged in far too many very unhealthy things (I still smoke, must give up again) so it all sort of came easy, compared to someone who did not have as many lucky stars to thank….

So all in all (check your privilege white boi…) my perspective is indeed probably skewed more than somewhat… but…

That a creature like that can create itself, and then, when it finally decides to be “honest” and out the current physical form naked in a full length mirror, there are over 800 likes and pages and pages of messages of support… and one lone male voice (not me) asking what the fuck, so ou admit your whole profile has been deceptive, deliberately so, and nobody is calling you on this?

That a creature like this can create itself, and not kill itself with fire in entirely justified self loathing and disgust.

That a creature like this can create itself, and still be accepted, especially by team vagina, as being “beautiful” and “strong” and everything else it is clearly the fucking antithesis of…

Yes, make me god for 72 hours and I would indeed round up all the muzzies and drop them on antarctica from 10,000 feet with no parachutes… yes I fucking would.

But, it would *not* be my first order on day one hour one minute one of my temporary godhood, hambeasts like this and everyone who liked her pic or thinks she is beautiful or strong would be so much further up the list, very very very close indeed to the top of the list.

Top of the list would be single mums who got sole custody, only cos I hate the idea of all that pristine snow and ice being disfigured by every lawyer on the planet, cos they’d be second, and they’d get to each have a politician as a parachute.

then the feminists

then it would be these hambeasts and their apologists, then we can see about muzzies and religious fundies in general and anyone else who goes to a country and tries to change it to be more like the place they say they wanted to leave.

day two maybe we can look at all the teachers and university staff, managers everywhere, and so on.


  1. Exactly my thinking and the biggest bone of contention between me and my pal, who´s a bit on the softhearted side.

    I´m all for the banks to crash hard and the Sarajevo games to begin yesterday.
    It´ll automatically take care of the hambeasts their cuckbois and the lawyers.
    The orcs will follow naturally because this time there won´t be US-kikeland to back them up.
    Their spic-goblins and niggers will keep them busy especially inside their own armed forces.

    Comment by hans — June 10, 2017 @ 1:06 am

  2. Can’t wait.

    Comment by james — June 12, 2017 @ 7:25 am

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