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June 5, 2017

Ask anyone…..

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….and they will tell you, da wimminz in arab countries all be down-trodden chattels, mere property wivvout any rights or power at all.

Unlike anyone, or everyone, some of us has lived in these cultures, and gotten to know the peoples.

Think on it logically a moment, we *know* wimminz be vicious evil bitches, they kill with poison or a blade while the victim is asleep or drunk, but cowering perpetual victims they are not.

We know of many matriarchal societies, even if men to end up in many of the “head above the parapet” roles in said societies.

We also know of many class divided societies, where “royalty” are treated to an entirely different set of rules.

The “macho” arab world may look like that from the outside looking on, from the inside looking out it’s a lot more like a set of rules that sends all the boys to one school, and all the girls to another school, and while the boys are studying maths and physics and chemistry, the girls are studying everything needed to live off a boy and control him.

It’s a bit like female genital mutilation, and indeed abortion for much of human history, it is entirely the wimminz behind it and in control of it, there aren’t any men involved.

Which makes the whole dialectic about it being male power somewhat problematical.

For much of human history midwives controlled birth, and that control included controlling who survived birth, it was no mistake that certain wimminz never managed to give birth to any healthy male offspring by the man they were with at the time, of yes we are told, that is just genetics and evolution at play, well, yes, those things *are* at play, but so are the hands and will of the midwife, and in china for a long time it went the opposite way, it was all those girl babies that just happened to die right after being born, from “natural causes” of course.

The female contraceptive was an instant sell out hit, while male contraception is still all “meh” along with flying cars, because the wimminz have *always* been all about controlling the issue of their wombs.


Page 24 on lists birth ratios, overall, for firstborn, second born, etc.

In Quatar, for example, for firstborn there are 142.5 males for every 100 females, for secondborn there are 71.8 males for every 100 females, and for thirdborn there are 90.9 males for every 100 females born.

that’s right, in thus allegedly utterly male dominated society, there is a huge probability that a firstborn female will be terminated at birth, and that second and third and so on males will be terminated at birth…. first child your wife has is a boy to carry the family line, then it’s girls and turtles all the way down….

It’s a bit like MI6 and Scotland Yard “accidentally” being on scene when there is a disturbance at a top London hotel, only to bust into the room to find a Quatari princess pulling a train on 7 white guys hired in for the occasion, a regular occurrence by the way.. what was that, da wimminz got no rights and power in arab cultures???

Or a bit like the news today that the Sunni arab world just took a shit on Sunni Qatar, allegedly for being pals with shia iran, in reality for paying mucho loot and a bunch of other things in exchange for the return of still more Qatari “royals” caught behaving badly while vacationing in iran, you know, like the london princess, never shit on your own doorstep.

Tell a white english boy to go out and blow himself up so he can have 72 virgins in the afterlife and he’ll tell you to fuck off, for starters because he ain’t interested in 72 11 year old girls, and for seconds because by 14 the girls ain’t virgins, but sluts who put out, so why wait for the afterlife to dip your wick when Mandy 3 doors down will take it up the ass for 3 cigarettes and a tin of red bull?

Arab boy is a different matter, *all* the cunt is locked away and the collective key is held by the wimminz, and it ain’t getting unlocked for some bum… and of course the genuinely fighting talk arab insults all revolve around your sister or your mother.

Again it’s why birth defects are so high amongst many Asians here in the UK, the wimminz are making sure the boys marry their cousins, that way they know that the wimminz controlling their lives are immediate clan…. can’t let that power out of the clan coven.

In the swinging scene here in the UK I have had several men of asian origin try to arrange regular liaisons between myself and their wife, I play along sometimes and it’s always the same story, it soon becomes *very* clear that the wife has given the husband the shopping list, now go and arrange it, and no dear husband, you won’t be a part of it.

And yes, the fantasies are all the same, like the Qatari princess they all want fairly slim reasonably well hung white men to fuck them in every hole and use them like whores…

… you *really* wondered where the motivation came from for all the asian guys in UK cities that have been grooming young white sluts since the 80’s and pulling trains on them? Turnabout is fair play.

But yes, this is all total bullshit and none of it matters and the men run everything in the middle east and they are all bastards and now all the Sunni arab countries have decided to forego the Sunni foreskin that is Qatar… and the whole geopolitical world is in shock, shock I tell you, and who knows where it could lead…

France is now led by a cuck with his ex teacher for a fucking wife, the UK now has another bitch, not that Cameroon or Bliar were not also controlled by their bitches, not that the Donald isn’t controlled by his bitch, Germany is mutti Merkel, there isn’t a fucking *man* amongst them, and if there was he’d have been iced.

Rumour has it that *some* of the Qatari wimminz guild crossed the line and put a price on the Donald’s head, an “oh shit!” moment that had the rest of the a-rab cuck world taking three steps backwards so as not to be seen to be associated with the ass ass ination of Israel’s new foreign ambassa H^H^H^ the POTUS, and further rumour has it that some of the females in the “hunting” party that went to Iran for their jollies got iced by a US attack on “ISIS”, hence the alleged bounty.

I dunno, but anything that makes international geopolitics sound like some shite tee vee ow my balls sit-com where some guy is also his own uncle and cousin and he only finds out when screwing his wife / auntie that his mum / step-sister has been caught blowing the neighbours dog gets my vote.

It’s gonna be a lot closer to the truth than some shite about unemployment levels or trade relations or infrastructure development, that shit is for the birds.



  1. BTW just in case the above post isn’t clear enough, there is little point arresting suspected male jihadis, it’s the fucking wimminz jihadis that encourage it and organise it, and they they play the vagina card and everyone starts looking at bearded twats and ignores the burkha babes…

    Comment by wimminz — June 6, 2017 @ 12:53 am

  2. If you´re the top of 3 other Orc bottom-sista-wives, little Orc hubby Abdullah isn´t a big problem.
    Even if he´s a bit slap-happy from time to time.

    It´s why I always laugh my head of when I hear about some retarded blonde orc-burner chic, getting married and then move “back home” with him. Orc mama is already waiting for you with baited breath and belt swinging.

    In the mean time the Brit-popo:
    Hold me pint, I got this..

    Comment by hans — June 6, 2017 @ 3:49 pm

  3. This reminds me of the San Bernadino shooting. I thought it was odd that the man went on that shooting spree with his bitch wife. As a man, if I ever went nuts and wanted to do a spree shooting I wouldn’t even think of bringing the wimminz with me to partake in the festivities. I think she was the mastermind of that, and he was just along for the ride.

    Comment by Michael — June 6, 2017 @ 10:34 pm

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