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May 27, 2017

Facial Wreck Cognition

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You know there have been a lot of “kooky” pseudo religions and cults that talk about thetans and lizard people and alien spirits residing in our bodies / brains, wouldn’t it be funny if science eventually discovers that there is a parasite or an equally effective biochemical toxin at work.

I mean, look at Nancy Pelosi, you can look at Josef Fritzl and even if you didn’t know the history you’d be able to tell he was fucked in the head, so why don’t we ever allow the same yardstick to people.

The current squeeze is in many ways a student of mine, and my teaching methods do not involve brainwashing or indoctrination, they involve discussion, look at that, what do you see, what do you think that means. Look at their actions, look at what they say, reconcile the two, what do you think that means.

She’s gone from not seeing it, to seeing it fucking everywhere, the lights are on but nobody is at home, and if they are, they only give a fuck about themselves, and it is all plainly written on the face for all to see who wish to look.

In my youth I’ve been to parties where I’ve dropped a blotter or two of acid and a couple of quarters of speed wrapped in a rizla and I may or may not be sipping some booze or toking on some grass, and I’ve still been the straightest one there just about.

And yet there was less actual human personality and intellect present in places like the secret family courts and solicitors and child guardians and CAFCASS and police and all the rest of them than there was at those parties, where everyone present had gone to extreme ongoing measures of self medication to eradicate anything even approaching the “straight” experience.

I dunno, maybe it is BECAUSE I went to those parties that I can see and recognise a human brain that is all fucked up and not working right at a 100 yards, as for the current squeeze, she is getting there, and her comment about it, well, she hates it, she lived in blissful ignorance before and it was lovely, would she go back, no fucking way.

She’s just in mourning for innocence lost.

I travelled a lot, it all started at six weeks old, when I went literally half way around the world, not that I had any say or part in financing it, but the fact is I did travel, and because I was so young, the profound culture shock in going from late 50’s very early 60’s England to foreign parts wasn’t a culture shock, I did not know any different.

But being thrust into countries where at least 5 major languages were spoken and being born English with the closest thing to the universal language as my native tongue, you either became an expert polyglot by the age of five or you became an expert at reading body language and faces, having no linguistic talent or interest I took the latter path.

The other thing that set me apart from my contemporaries back home was the shit I saw, fifties and sixties England was an idyll of innocence and peace, and by that I do not mean that bad shit did not happen, Myra Hindley for example was plying her trade in that era, but by and large most kids were not exposed to any of the seedy side of life.

I, on the other hand, saw it all, at seven years of age returning to rural Devon for a few months I marvelled at all the greenery (I don’t mean Malaysia was not green because it was, it was a different green, england had fields, and comparatively few flowering plants) and the weather and so on, and all the buildings and shops were enclosed… and where the hell were all the opium dens and bars full of good time girls and why wasn’t anybody armed?

At ten I was in central africa and it was different but also more of the same, you know, there are things you just cannot explain to people, the concept of putting an AK47 into the hands of a 12 year old soldier, you’ve either seen it first hand for what it is or you haven’t, if you haven’t, you’ll see the 12 year old soldier and think 12 year old boy who should be at school, if you have you’ll think completely fucked little 12 year old cunt who will kill you as soon as look at you.

In the UK the age split between junior and senior school is around 11 years old, so in the UK if you’re unlucky you go to the “big school” at 11 and see this nasty kid in the next year up who is 12 who has a reputation for carrying a knife and hitting people and stealing their dinner money… I met kids a year older than me who had, up close and real personal blood spattered like, killed a dozen or more unarmed and helpless victims, and participated in a few shootouts, and seen more dead and injured than they could remember.

Coming back to the UK was a real fucking culture shock, 40 years later the culture shock is still there, how the fuck can you behave like that you asswipe? While I sit there fairly still and complacent, I’m waiting for the thing that doesn’t happen, the knife or gun to come out and someone to die.

We *are* importing people like that from Libya etc, I do understand them, at least, I understand what they are capable of, nobody here does, least of all the politicians and state security forces.

I have never been to the USA, but I watch a lot of shit, I used to laugh at the whole gun culture thing, and the hullaballoo surrounding it on both sides, where I grew up a gun was cheaper than a car, and it was used, not new, and it had been used to kill, no doubt about that at all, and it was probably *mainly* purchased because ammunition in that calibre was cheap enough and readily available enough.

If you couldn’t afford a gun, no problem, a parang will do. Most killings even with a firearm are done up close and personal.

I look at all the youtube vids people losing their shit in public etc, trust me, you have no gun or knife culture, not the way it is made out to be, because they are just tools, and tools are used.

Detroit has a population of 680,000 and had some 320 murders last year, and I can watch youtube vids of people in detroit and let me tell you, there would have been between 30,000 and 300,000 murders in one year if anyone had acted like that where I grew up around the world.

It was a big problem and a big culture shock for me, on the one hand you have this person who is acting in a manner sufficient to justify an instant lethal response / fight, on the other hand, here they are attracting as much attention as fucking possible, which is the exact opposite of what you want in an instant lethal response / fight.

I grew up with parangs and kukris (still have an original short ghurka ww2 one given as a gift by a friend of my father, because a 7 year old boy can’t become a man without his own knife) and that is a large part of why despite growing up in the culture I never took the slightest interest in martial arts (it’s really not prevalent at all in the far east in reality) because a kukri or a parang will end your day with one blow, bone and flesh parted with ease.

I’m on my second Buck 100FG in my life, I still have both, and it’s a pocket knife, good for cutting small stuff up, it’s not a weapon, it’s a joke for a weapon, it’s good steel and almost sharp enough to shave with and the locking mechanism is as solid as a rock, but a one sided 4.5″ blade just doesn’t have any weight, I’m not saying I couldn’t kill with it, but going up against someone with a parang or kukri I’ll die, end of.

And this is another one of those things I see on 99.99% of the faces around me, they haven’t got a fucking clue.

22 people killed in manchester by one suicide bomber?

At 650,000 born per year that’s 1,781 per day or 72 an hour or 1.236 per minute, so it takes 18 minutes to replace the 22 lost.

Put in another way there are 65 million people in the uk, divided by 22 that’s a shade under 3 million, so at that rate it will take a shade under 3 million suicide bombers to depopulate the UK if we sit around and do nothing and the survivors keep congregating.

Put it another way, of those 22 who died, how many of them weren’t already brain dead for life? Given they were attending a pop concert by some talentless skank that I have never heard of before, probably zero.

ISIS and the rapefugees, when seen from this perspective, aren’t a problem, they are simply culling the herd, a job we should have been doing for the past sixty years ourselves…. if anything they are doing a piss poor job at culling the herd.

They’d be far more effective becoming bus drivers and then committing suicide by driving off cliffs with passengers on board.

With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, I think that the people who served and lived through WW1 and WW2 in Europe fucked up, they saw all that shit first hand, and as soon as the war was over instead of trying to get back to how things were before, they tried to make everything safe, and so they raised a generation of war babies (my parents were born in the 20’s) who were mollycoddled from birth, and then they tried to make things even “safer” for their kids, and now we have microagressions and white privilege and all the other shit from the 3rd or 4th generation raised in cotton wool and rubberised round corners on everything and the rest will be history.

Because they really are an exceptional group of people, quite the exception to the rule and the norm for the human race as a whole.

Readers with a keen eye and sharp mind will also have realised that basically I did not grow up in either a white or a christian country, and while there were many religions out in these places, Islam was one of the biggest and most common.

The Muslim’s I grew up in the midst of are not the same people as the Muslims living in europe today, in the exact same way that the blacks or the chinese I grew up in the midst of in asia and africa are not the same people as the chinese and blacks living in europe today.

I currently live in a university town with a significant population of foreign students from china, I’ll bet both my testicles and a blunt rusty knife that you can select one of these chinese from china students and ask them if they feel any kinship with the chinese living here, and the answer will be no, these are not chinese, these are foreigners with chinese grandparents.

I don’t see that vacant look in the faces of the rapefugees, I don’t see any great intellect either mind you, they are all hunted ferals prone to lizard brain action and reaction, but any one of them is worth 20 of us in a street fight…

Sadly for us we also have a local marine commando training barracks here, and the faces of the young recruits of today are just as devoid of intellect or character or will, which is probably why a significant proportion of them develop PTSD shortly after being deployed… being exposed to the radically different cultures and attitudes will do that to you, if you are not prepared to question your own standards in response to the challenge.


80 bucks, never needs reloading, silent, heavy enough to do the job in one blow, of course like all tools you need to learn how to use it, and how to maintain it, but it won’t break or let you down if you do.

I’ve twice in my life seen crazy / hungry / angry big cats attack a guy carrying a good parang, both guys got hurt and limped away and healed, both big cats died, one very quick, one got 75 yards away before bleeding out, the one that died quick took one parang blow, the one that got 75 yards away and bled out took two blows.

Even today against a mob a dozen roman soldiers with shield and gladius would start a stampede away after literally butchering the first 30 or so to get too close…. sure, one modern soldier 300 yards away with a long gun could take them all out before they get to him in an open field, but violence almost never happens like that in the real world, set piece battles with nobody present but combatants are ancient history.

I see this everywhere in western culture, one one extreme you have the UK where only a criminal can own a gun (effectively) and on the other hand you have the USA where ownership and open carry is legal in many places (provided you never been divorced) and all the arguments on both sides, but the facts are that 99.99% of all crimes are done up close and personal, you don’t mug or rape or carjack or burgle at 300 yards, you do it at 1 yard, and whichever side of the equation you are on, a parang is as useful a tool for the criminal as it is for the intended victim.

One of the fundamental ways to do a blind sort of white men vs everyone else is to put them in the proximity of a pissed off bear, give them a gun and they’ll probably face the bear, give them a parang and they’ll probably run away… don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have a 45-70 in my hands than a parang in that situation, but if I could back away I would, and I’d *much* rather have a parang than fuck all.

I can make it a fight, not a slaughter.

In England today we basically don’t have any wild animals, about the worst that happens is people get attacked by seagulls, we’ve pacified the land for so long that we have become inured to threats, in real terms even roaming wild wolf packs would probably be more dangerous than all the terrorist acts on the mainland since 1945, in terms of number killed, and the simple response to bands of sharia thugs patrolling English streets trying to enforce Muslim “standards” on everyone would be to whip out a machete and chop the cunts up, but, like the English themselves, 99.99% of these cunts only have the balls to prance about on their hind legs because England is such a safe and secure country.

Japanese history shows us beyond any doubt that if the populace is unarmed, very very few men armed with a long sword can effectively control everything, so it isn’t “the hand gun” or “the assault rifle” or “the edged weapon” that makes the difference, what makes the difference is a general population that don’t have any weapons, and a few that do, and who see them as tools that they are familiar with.

Switzerland has had three, count them, three terrorist incidents ever, two were planes on their way to israel, and one was the romanian embassy attack done by romanian exiles who were against the then communist romanian regime.

In guns per 100 residents, USA has 112, Serbia (remember the war there recently?) has 58, Yemen (war there now) has 54, and Switzerland is #4 in the world with 45…

In the UK it is 6.6, which puts us fractionally ahead of such idyllic peaceful places as Kenya, 6.4, Colombia, 5.9, Botswana 4.9, Kazakhstan 1.3, and bringing up the rear the positively ultrasafe Rwanda (remember the mass killings?) with 0.6 guns per 100 residents…

So basically there is no causal correlation between gun ownership and gun crime, nor is there any real correlation between “no guns” and “no weapons” because edged weapons did quite well killing 800,000 people in just four months in Rwanda…

So there *must* be something else going on, and it is disingenuous at best to say that there aren’t many wogs in switzerland, there are quite a few non white faces there if you actually go there.

*MY* take is western societies have become so risk averse and clad in cotton wool, that even outrageous behaviour that would get you severely fucked up everywhere else in the world has become the norm here, because it’s safe, and hey, look at me…

The availability or legality or presence of weapons is then about as relevant as the presence of minors in society, most people are not paedophiles, so the kids really aren’t at risk, it vanishes into nothing statistically compared to the risk of crossing the road…. there are kids everywhere and yet there are no incidents at all of roving bands of paedos gang raping them en masse in playgrounds and so on.

What we have is we have bred a society where the weakest barrio kid from the slums of Sao Paolo is more street wise and survival ready than pretty much 99.9999% of the population in the west, and the very few we do have who aren’t a total loss are likely recent immigrants from rawer parts of the world.

It’s written on all of our faces everywhere.

So, a long diatribe to get to this bit, because it all lays the background to it.

Conversation with the mother of a 13 year old boy who looked out his bedroom window and saw just 30 feet away in full detail some crazed dude with a knife in the street slice himself up and get tazered by the po-po, to die, either from blood loss or the repeated tazering that everyone gets nowadays who isn’t totally placid, because the po-po too are fucking wimps…

Mommy is concerned the her little boy is traumatized by the whole thing.

Little boy is all WTF mum, seen ten times worse on youtube and playing call of duty online.

Little boy, 5th or 6th generation since those who tried to make everything safe and cotton wool after the war, he ain’t so far at all from being ready to be handed an AK or a machete and told to ice ten or a dozen to become a man and be part of the man’s army.

Because of my upbringing and history I’m more comfortable with that than I am with the current crop of wimps and snowflakes and SJW’s and so on.

Really, even if you like in the yess ess of a and own 73 guns already, but *especially* if you don’t, go out today and buy a proper heavy duty short chopping tool like the Condor parang above, even if all you ever do is go camping once in your life it’s worth it, if it’s a zombie apocalypse, it’s gonna be too late, even with amazon prime, you’ll be left with what you actually have… which WON’T be what you actually want or need.



  1. nancy pelosi is the white version of maxine waters. both from the people’s republik of kalifornia…

    Comment by let it burn — May 27, 2017 @ 6:43 pm

  2. In the last year Ive been exposed to more physical danger than the entire rest of my life. On the other hand, the legal danger of breathing air as an average straight man is much lower. Despite the physical dangers, its feels much more free. Theres not as many govt nannies to hold your hand when shit goes south, but also not as many govt goons to take away your freedom for marrying thr wrong woman.

    Ive been in a bad rickshaw accident and walked away bloody but alive. It forced me to become more vigilant selecting drivers and critiqueing their behavior. Taking public buses along mountain roads in India, or on rainy highways in Cambodia were probably the most dangerous things Ive ever done.

    Ive witnessed more and more bar fights, and while I havent been part of them, Ive seen the aftermath. Far from what I grew up believing, “fighting fair” goes out the window when someone decides to punch you up unwarranted. Whenever I see a fight brewing, I leave and grasp my keys. Prepared to put key to eyeball, kick to balls, elbow to face.

    Its all a learning experience, and I dont kid myself that Ive been lucky. One of the best effects is people here know that if they fuck up, it can mean death, and they act accordingly.

    SEAsians are very decent and tolerant people, but they dont really fight as we know it. Newbie expats mistake it for a false sense of security and keep pushing the local’s buttons, but they need to be careful of the locals.

    Theyre either smiling and take it silently, or theyre coming back with their friends and a bunch of machetes when you push them too far. Not much in between. Or if you cross the wrong people, gun wielding motorcycle assassins.

    Overall its been a great time. I feel wiser, safer, and a more well rounded person. Life is richer when you escape the artificial bubble our societies created.

    Comment by Undefined — May 28, 2017 @ 3:57 am

  3. When i say we should sink any refugee boat out of Africa people think I’m funny, and when i say that a large chunk of those guys are murderers, they think I’m joking.

    Then i recommend The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia for a taste of what’s coming, no pun intended!

    It’s god damned insanity.

    Any tips for turning things around tho? Rahowa now, or not yet? 🙂

    Comment by guest — May 28, 2017 @ 4:05 pm

  4. Sometimes I wonder if the amount of firearms we have per person in the USA is a false sense of security. Our own government has committed far worse crimes against us than were ever committed by George III, yet there has been no uprising. A part of it I think is because we have become so atomized, usually when we hear about some new outrage or abuse it is happening to someone else far away. Deep down you really don’t care about them. Not enough to go to war over it. When something happens to you though, you’re pretty much on your own. Fighting back in that case is pretty much suicide, which is why so many just grit their teeth and take it.

    As for people in the west letting outrageous behavior slide too often, I think a large part of the blame lies with our legal system. They have made it pretty much illegal to punch a punk in the face for being a cunt. This just reinforces their behavior, making things worse until they do something that justifies either jailing them or using deadly force. So there’s no gradual continuum of force, there is only ignore, ignore, ignore, KILL! The human sewage that our dear leaders keep pumping into our societies have no jobs, no responsibilities, no reason to worry about being thrown in jail. It’s just three hots and a cot to them. We, on the other hand, often have regular jobs, bills that need to be paid, responsibilities, and so on. So while we could do the right thing and shut a mouthy cunt down with a well deserved jab to the face, we don’t, because the law is on the side of the cunts, not us.

    Comment by Michael — May 28, 2017 @ 5:38 pm

    • I think you´re very much on to something there.
      Remember reading about some military puke explaining the very real difference between civilian and military arms, is that the military can simply shoot through all your wood housing while the prepers with their precious AR-15 have to creep up to the windows to try taking potshots.
      Advantage military, meaning LOTS of dead “patriots”, when shit actually goes down.

      Comment by hans — May 29, 2017 @ 7:19 am

      • Depends on whether said patriots wait for the FED-coats to arrive on their doorstep or if they set about quietly hitting soft targets of opportunity. Remember, a lot of members of the patriot groups are veterans, some of whom learned a lot from being on the receiving end of insurgent attacks. Also depends on whether rank-and-file soldiers and law enforcement follow orders to fight their own people. Given the results of the Milgram obedience experiment I’m not getting my hopes up too high.

        Personally, I think the smart money is on just waiting to let the whole rotten edifice of our government collapse on its own. When they can no longer pay their goons to enforce their will, their power will evaporate into nothing, and those who survive will fill in the vacuum.

        Comment by Michael — May 31, 2017 @ 3:43 am

  5. Your damn zombie comment finally got my ass in gear and I´m now a proud owner of a proper knoife.

    Your bigass machetes simply are too unwieldy for my dainty little gamergirl hands, hope this one will help me be more effective.

    Comment by hans — May 29, 2017 @ 9:56 am

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