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May 25, 2017

The Moslem Menace, an “intelligence” problem.

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Let me be clear, I’m not referring to the intelligence of anyone who believes in the real world existence and intervention of $deity here, though that is also a factor, because those behind the incitement and organisation no more believe in the 72 virgins than you or I do, so that shit is all a smokescreeen by the MSM.

No, what I am referring to is yet again we hear that the Manchester suicide bomber was known to the authorities, who have had both specific and explicit warnings about him as an individual going back over five years.

As usual I hear rumblings that the state is therefore complicit in and tacitly approving of these things, because they allow the state to further its own power.

Nothing, in fact, could be further from the truth.

I know someone who works in the UK three letter agency field, and we discussed this case specifically,we’ll call this individual Fred.

Fred readily admits that Salman Abedi was on their shit list, along with at least two aliases that he used, for in excess of five years.

Fred readily admits that at least half of his relatives and associates are on the same shit list with the same level of warnings and alerts.

Fred says there is the core of the problem, the shit list is fucking huge, in Fred’s own words it’s like having a database of all the Roman Catholics in the country, it doesn’t tell you who is going to put £25 in an envelope next week and send it to a priest so that a mass can be said for someone else.

Fred won’t tell me specific details, in his own way Fred believes in his job and what his employers are attempting to do, and Fred is loyal to his country, so for example Fred won’t tell me how many individual names of people either known to be or assumed to be resident in the UK right now is on this shit list, but will admit the number is closer to 1,000,000 than it is to 1,000, he won’t specifically be more specific, but the 1,000 number elicits a laugh and an “In my fucking dreams” and the 1,000,000 number elicits a pause and a “I can’t comment one way or another on the number you quote, but it’s a reasonable assumption as a basis for a theoretical discussion…

Fred thinks the UK security forces as a whole, if you are going to make sure you don’t fuck up royally again as happened with DeMenezes and a couple of others, could simultaneously monitor as many as 200 Salman Abedi’s at any one time with sufficient detail and accuracy to prevent the Manchester bombing, eg intervene at some point between the bomb going off, and Abedi actually embarking on the process and being in possession of either a ready made bomb or bomb making materials sufficient to get an arrest and a conviction.

So 1,000,000 / 200 = 5,000 so at best in an ideal world with no distractions we’d have a 1 in 5,000 chance of catching an Abedi before the act, in the real world it’s like the IRA, the 50 or so that are closely monitored and known by everyone including the subjects themselves and their associates to be closely monitored, they are at best a diversion, and the nett result is the chance of an Abedi being caught before the act drops from 1 in 5,000 to effectively zero or pot luck.

And of course, everyone knows it, especially the “bad guys”

Technically Fred reckons it’s easy to root out 99.9% of this stuff and the people behind it, just make everyone who isn’t both white and at least 5th generation white all the way down the rabbit hole second class citizens, and at the first and slightest “indicator” they get a choice, leave the country permanently or be moved to a prison island like the isle of wight until such time as  they are “cleared”, a process that won’t end the intrusive monitoring and control.

We all know *why* that will never happen.

Fred is a clever guy, and a student of history and human nature.

Fred says the feeling in the corridors of power is that they have no hope of actually solving this problem, but they must also somehow be seen to try to, because the real concern is that they don’t solve the problem, and the people decide to.

Fred says the shit list is just one shit list, there is another one at least 3 times a large comprising white people who are pissed off with it and might potentially burn mosques and otherwise ignite the tinder box of a race war.

Fred says whatever side rises to the fore in times of strife, such lists are usually turned at the stroke of a pen into arrest and internment lists, if there is anything history teaches us, this is it, lists created for one purpose get used for an entirely separate purpose.

Fred is only 50% white, the other parts are 25% eastern european / asian, and 25% western indian / arab, helluva fucking mixture, so on a personal private note Fred’s problem is no matter what sides form, he’ll be the outsider.

Fred says the backdoors into the social media that PM May and others seek are not to prevent further Manchesters, the state has kind of accepted that they won’t ever be able to do that, so all they can do is keep sparks out of the tinderbox and stop people using social media to start flashmobs burning mosques and islamic schools and so on.

Fred says the terrifying real and possible scenario for state security forces is a white mob descending on an islamic area to fuck shit up, because the security forces are the only ones who suspect just how many (illegal) firearms and weapons are kept in those areas, and if the white mob armed with knives and tire irons intent on burning some taxis / kebab / halal / etc shit in a street gets mown down by several “individuals” fielding AK’s emptying a clip or two on full auto, the next day we’ll have civil war.

Fred says the sectarian / Northern Ireland lessons were learned, provisional plans are in place to just move in barriers and checkpoints and segregate everyone and man it with the army, except this time it won’t be white catholic and white protestant segregated, Fred is a history student, lots of precedent, Northern Ireland, Berlin, Israel / Palestine.

Fred says you’ll know when they are really preparing for this, for the past 30 years there have been talks about a 3rd runway at Heathrow airport, Fred says in reality all those plans have long since been dropped in favour of a brand new major international airport just to the west of Leighton Buzzard or perhaps expanding gatwick and stanstead, because lets face it, Heathrow is smack in the middle of a *huge* muslim enclave.

Google maps the “E1 1JX” postcode and drill down to street view, hilariously a region of london called WHITECHAPEL, and it’s a muzzie enclave, go on some of the back streets and it’s like being in Beirut.

Fred says the feeling behind the doors of power is that the fundamental issue here is that the more “hardcore” each ethnic group gets, the more it encourages all the others to get more hardcore too, and the more hardcore they all are, the more their core beliefs are mutually exclusive of everyone else’s, and the only way to actually fix the problem was a horse that bolted out the stable doors in the 1960’s, so now the game is to delay the problem and survive the problem, for values of survival that equal all those in positions of power continuing to enjoy the trappings of the job.

Fred says a colleague of his with dual US/UK citizenship recently returned from a visit to the yew ess of a, a professional visit, apparently there was a lot of talk and opinions about the United States Marine Corps, apparently there are *big* problems potentially brewing there too, so much so that there are effectively two USMC’s, one within another, and the hardcore one truest to the traditions was in effect a not so secret society, invite only, and one of the questions raised at a “what if” think tank was what would USMC active duty troops do, if given an order to “pacify” or “quell” a group of citizens that comprised a fair proportion of veteran / retired USMC personnel. An interesting question, constitutionally.

Apparently the reply was “Sir. The Marine Corps would hope that the General does not give us that sort of problem to resolve.

The UK spook was ex commando, and he told Fred that in his own personal opinion he did not think the General in question, or the other staffers present, understood that it would be the person issuing such an order who would be the “problem”, a problem the USMC was likely to resolve with a bayonet.

Fred says this person says of course there is no constitutional bar to deploying active duty UK troops on UK soil, just look at NI, the problem is the troops are loyal to the flag, not the politicians or staffers, so the same shit applied.

Fred says this person says this is why UK politicos are so ambivalent about troops on the streets here, one the one hand military enforced segregation a la northern ireland will prevent a civil race war ignited by a bunch of white rioters getting mown down by muzzies with AK’s, on the other hand, this isn’t another place, this is London, right where said politicos bask in the swamp, and the bloody soldiers are likely to be loyal to the flag, not the politicos… our new muslim lord mayor of london is apparently on record off the record as stating that if the troops go on the streets of london it will be over his dead body, while he is still in office.

You know, the sort of thing your average hardcore USMC type will see as a problem that can be resolved with a bayonet.

In closing, Fred says the western states know *exactly* why Putin is building up strength along his borders, an opinion that if true could *never* be stated openly, Putin expects civil race war in europe, and he is just making sure his borders remain secure.

before we part I ask Fred what he would like, if I could grant him power or wishes etc, he pauses for a bit, and says you know, I’m not sure, part of me wishes I could be an ordinary ignorant citizen and daily mail reader, blissfully unaware of everything, part of me wishes no half measures, lets just get it over with and turn the isle of wight into a concentration camp, and part of me wishes there really isn’t a god, because if there is there are no clean hands or innocent souls here, and that means nobody will escape the punishment.

This may or may not be a true story or a work of fiction.

Either way you are of course free to go and talk to your local national “we get all the shit jobs, that’s who we are, by definition” branch of the military individuals, whether active duty or retired, and see what they have to say, and see if it in any way matches anything in this story.

If however you do find yourself in the future facing the “we get all the shit jobs” guys, do remember one thing, they are not your enemy, that is a role that you choose for them, not a role that they choose for you.

It’s the “amateurs” and extremists and politicians who decide these things for you on your behalf.

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  1. One day the Europeans will beg us Saffas to teach them how to implement apartheid. Unless they slaughter the invaders.

    Comment by monkeyboy — May 26, 2017 @ 11:09 am

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