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May 19, 2017

Go fuck yourself..

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There are endless debates on endless websites about the best methods for dealing with spam phone calls, should you do this, or that, or the other…

… ring me and you get “GO FUCK YOURSELF!” and I hang up and block the number.

With the joys of mobile phone technology this often means others get to witness this, some customers, some potential customers, they all have variations of the same reaction, wow, err, yes, I suppose I can see, yess, hmm, OK.

I don’t know why anyone would treat some worthless cunt who phones you up saying they are from MS tech support or you have been in an accident or you have been mis-sold some insurance, any differently?

*THEY* know they are lying, *I* know they are lying… why be anything other than rude and abrupt with the worthless cunts?

The ones I’d like to ring up at 2:00 am, 2:10 am, 2:20 am and so on are the worthless cunts that sell VOIP forwarding so that various indian scammers can appear to be calling from land line numbers in Manchester and various places…. Hello BT commercial…

I’m not sure what it is with the world lately, but we are turning into people who are rude to others who are no more in the wrong than us on average on the roads, and polite to worthless scum, it appears to be the new social norm, haven’t got a fucking clue what or why, it’s a sickness I tell you, a mental sickness.

Not that there is any shortage of mental sickness around, and some of the worst of it is course those who are sick and have power, and then tell the rest of us that we are sick, because only someone who is mentally sick will look at;

1/ potential employee A, a young guy who can do the job and has a wife and mortgage to keep him hungry for work and income.

2/ potential employee B, a young wimminz who can apparently do the job, provided no nasty men say anything sexist, who *may* want a year off work on full pay to pump out womb turds, and who will then want to breast feed at work…

3/ potential employee C, an LGBTQ+ tattooed and pierced freak of indeterminate sex and beliefs.

… and see any differences at all.

Only the truly enlightened will see that B should be employed to go home and pump out womb turds while C fills in for her at the place of employment.

Meanwhile back in the real world in my own small very company the next *employee* is going to be young with big tits and have her wages paid by some government pork work experience scheme, or some young guy keen to learn a trade and willing to work hard for fuck all while he learns, and let me tell you folks, I have more chance of buying a winning lottery ticket than finding one of them.

In the real world I quit my last job because shit runs downhill and there was ever more shit for the same pay, there was a comment on ZH about the original stargate book and site alpha and site beta and everyone on one evacuation site died because the sewers got blocked, I dunno if that was actually in the storyline or not but it made me smile.

So I’m looking at a nearly 400 quid 3 kW water heater for swimming pools that someone has bought a while ago, it’s all “made in the UK” so it must be quality, right?

Well, no, they obviously bought in mains cables with pre moulded fused plugs by the box from china, just wire in the tag end and job’s done.. so this one cooked the plug and burnt holes in the socket faceplate, at which point the RCD socket faceplate that I installed tripped and saved everyone from either a fire or electrocution.

The plug itself is powder in the core, so I cut it open (it’s moulded so no way to open it normally) and what do we see here, well the number 1 warning sign is the pins on the plug are steel, not brass, any half decent quality component drawing more than a couple of hundred watts will have brass pins on the plug… junk from amazon will have steel pins… and break it open and what do I see, steel cored wires that have been copper plated, and one of the cores the conductor is corroded all the way back down inside the core.

The tag end that the factory sees is just three “copper” tails, possibly pre-tinned, which we now know are copper plated steel wire, not copper wire, so QA was literally non existent.

I emailed them a week ago with a link to a whole bunch of photos of this mess…. crickets, so I told the bimbo owner that finally she has one good use for fuckbook, put the whole thing and all the pictures on fuckbook, say nothing in words that is legally dubious, let the pictures speak for themselves… fuck you and your cheap ass goods and cheap ass company and cheap ass can’t be bothered to chase up complaints like these policies.

Next thing we know there will be some fucking sob story about how brexit or trump or putin has destroyed a local company that has been trading for 900 years and put 30 people out of work.

There is a local publishing company that this happened to this week, all we hear is how this 120 year old company is now fucked, not a single mention anywhere of the facts, which locals know, that the company was creaking along on ancient machinery that simply could not compete, meanwhile the bosses still drove around in leased E class mercs and drew hefty salaries, while employing staff on the minimum wages possible and letting shit roll downhill… now the bosses themselves have been made redundant by the receivers, they are wringing their hands about the wonderful staff who have lost their jobs and what a blow that is to the local economy.

It’s all total bollocks, and like I said at the beginning, people are unaccountably still polite to all these worthless cunts… go figure…

Every business has the “Means of Production”, or MOP, in my case this is equipment and skills, in different businesses the balance of the mix of these two may vary, one may be mostly equipment based, one may be mostly skills based, one may be a fairly even mix of both.

From there you have to ask the question, are these MOP current and relevant?

And then you must ask the question, are these MOP themselves useful additions of value to the marketplace?

And then you must ask the question, if not, why not?

The printing works went out of business because the kit was obsolete and on it’s last legs, so by definition the skills of the workforce weren’t current either.

The printing works in theory is adding value, but the obsolete kit and skills acts like a tax on that, so the net addition can even end up being a negative amount.

Which brings us to why not? Well obviously money was *not* spent on new kit and staff training, eg there wasn’t sufficient investment in the MOP, and it is all very well to say “Oh, nobody has the millions it takes to do that” but some fucker did, the competition that just ate your lunch, and in the meantime you DID fucking spend money elsewhere, be it premises or directors cars or bloated staff in the office.

I don’t have enough to buy a Maserati so I may as well drink starfucks “coffee” at 4 bucks a cardboard cup… and you’ll *still* be broke at the end of the month and have nothing to show for it.

Fact is businesses are going to the wall left right and centre, and since nobody gave a fuck when individuals started going to the wall because of housing inflation and divorce and everything else, don’t expect anyone to give a fuck when it’s employers and business premises, the writing on the wall was plain to see for everyone with eyes.

Next up is going to be local government, where are they going to get all the parasite income from if the local businesses all go titsup?

I’m off out the door to ship some gaskets I cut to a business 130 road miles away, London is closer to them than I am, and yet I get the work, that should not be fucking possible in a healthy economy, they should have a choice of suppliers within 50 miles.

*I* had to go 100 miles in the OPPOSITE direction of this customer to get the actual gasket material, from someone who *only* does gasket material (so they know their shit) *and* carries stock…

True / Correct or not, the Stargate sewers story is getting ever closer to reality…


  1. apparently, some phone scammers are now just trying to get you to say yes on the phone once, so they can record it, and then go rack up a massive bill on your dime, using your voice as confirmation.

    so the “go fuck yourself” needs to come before “yes this is he.” (or in my case, anyone who calls asking for me just gets “what is this about?”)

    Comment by patriarchal landmine — May 20, 2017 @ 8:36 am

    • they usually have the pregnant pause of a noise detecting algorithm before routing you to someone, I just say “ULLO”, its “OOZCALLIN” and similarly “GOFUCKYOURSELF” is all rolled into one.

      As you say, no semblance of “yes” in sound or in tone

      99.9% of the time I can tell from the number before I even answer, nobody in manchester (now I quit the day job) is going to be calling me, humans who want to speak to me for a legitimate purpose immediately say hello and then launch into what they want to buy…

      Comment by wimminz — May 20, 2017 @ 10:42 am

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