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May 13, 2017

Psycho killer, Qu’est-ce que c’est

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Yesterday’s wipe day post touches on a subject, and bob k comments with a link to a video, and the comment that psychopaths are VERY good at manipulating neuro-typicals..

Well as you all know many moons ago the cute and cuddly and fluffy momma bear of my sons dropped the FRA on me, and watching bob’s linked video was like watching a male version of her, I was just waiting for the “with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, none of this is my fault, this is how I myself was raised, I don’t know any different

And sure enough it came out, more than once, but there is one thing I must make very very very clear, you have to own your own weaknesses and the consequences of same.

My skank ho ex wasn’t very good at manipulating me, in the sense that that implies, a driver very good at making a car go very fast for a given road, a skill being applied… however she did have an inordinate level of controlling influence, so I’ll re-write bob’s statement, and say that neuro-typicals make excellent hosts for parasitic psychopathic types.

So we remove the elite super skilled gaslighting psycho hacking thing, because lets be honest here, it’s total bullshit, I went along with all her shit for one reason and one reason only, a quiet fucking life, and with 20/20 hindsight you sit there and say wow I can’t believe I put up with that shit, what a dumbass, and THEN you start to make excuses to make yourself feel better about it.. whaddayamean it was my fault, how was I to know a scorpion was gonna sting me, I fed it and gave it a home and everything…

neuro-typicals, most of us, are basically beasts of burden, we will put up with all sorts of discomforts and pains and hungers and shortages, just so long as you let us gripe about it a bit.

I have a friend who “just gets on with life” and holds down a physical day job and a family life and everything else, despite suffering a physical injury that will never heal back, by grinning and bearing it and taking very strong prescription painkillers.. they are “soldiering on” and “getting on with life” and “not letting the injury rule them” and all that other shit, and are respected for it… beast of burden.

beast of burden is the neuro-typical when they are in the rut, just like I was with the psycho skank ho ex, beasts of burden don’t look for a way out, they accept their fate and make the best of it.

free man is a neuro-typical who sees all that shit in the rear view mirror…. still a beast maybe but no longer carrying anyone else’s burden.

psychopaths are NOT crazy intelligent or crazy manipulative or crazy anything, they aren’t even crazy (they won’t stick their hand in a blender) what they are is stupid lazy worthless parasitical motherfuckers who look at all human relations in exactly the same way that an investment banker looks at a deal, if they don’t get 200% out compared to the effort screaming or crying or whining or sulking or what the fuck ever they put in, then they are outta there.

Sure, I’d love to say none of it was my fault the psycho skank ho was sooooooo clever and scheming and yadda yadda yadda, great if you never wanna heal.

If you wanna heal, own it, texas style, it happened to you so it was your fault… let it hurt, let it heal, let it go.

Do that and you’ll be like me, you won’t see that one time when you should have walked from the ex, you’ll see several times every fucking day down to the limit of resolution of your memory, what the fuck was I doing staying there for fucks sake…. beast of burden.

beasts of burden just want a quiet life, like water they’ll follow the easiest path, I already have parasites in the form of taxes and managers and laws and all the rest of this shit, what’s one more with tits and a cunt…

psychos are all evil and don’t know right from wrong and TOTAL BULLSHIT, they know exactly what they are doing, right or wrong doesn’t enter into a profit situation, oh and hypergamy, that’s the parasite moving to a new host with a better profit ratio.

On a forum yesterday where someone started a thread about what would you do if there was a zombie apocalypse, I waited for the inevitable and within two hours there was some skank cunt saying I’d go back to the ex, he would be perfect at that sort of thing, and I can’t see him turning out the mother of his children.

Pure unadulterated psycho.

Make no mistake, this blog never helped a single beast of burden shrug off their psycho skank ho parasite, all it ever did and all it ever hoped to do was be a primer for all that thinking you did after the parasite moved on to a new host, because let’s be honest guys, 99.999% of the time it’s the psycho skank ho that does the dumping…

Now pin your fucking ears back.

The TRUE DEFINITION of negotiation is what happens when someone gets in touch with my business, how much to do X?

There is no pre-requisite or assumption whatsoever that they will or must or should proceed and enter into a deal with me, the negotiation is a discussion to see if there is some ground where we both get what we want out of me doing X.

99.99999% of what the fuck is wrong with the world today is that there is no more negotiation, shit is just assumed.

From the little stuff like no claims yet the car insurance renewal is £100 more than last year, but oh so considerate of them, I do not have to DO anything, they’ve done it all for me.

Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, I jumped ship to a company that was £25 cheaper than last year.

I *should* be able to do that shit with my taxes, with my zoning rules, with my health care, and so on.

The very definition of the free man / awakened man / informed man / no longer beast of burden man is he already does as much of that shit as possible…. £1 a day for MSM ass rag, no thanks I’ll go out and inform myself on the internet, £3 a day for sky TV, no thanks, I’ll go out and download exactly what I want, when I want.

Home life, sex, what vehicle I run, how I dress, how the coffee makings are laid out on the counter top, all more examples of the same.

If you are not constantly negotiating stuff, you’re a beast of burden.

Psychopaths are everywhere, and they are everyone who was not told NO, NOW FUCK OFF AND DO NOT ASK AGAIN UNTIL YOU HAVE PULLED YOUR OWN WEIGHT and tidied your room and helped with the chores and done all your homework as a child.

Not a single one of them is a crazy intelligent manipulative master genius, they are all bone idle stupid parasites, but pester power and an absolute unwillingness to do anything that doesn’t show a personal profit win the day.

In a CIVILISED society “I have five kids and no husband” would be met with “well you’d better start giving out blowjobs in exchange for 99c burgers for your kids, or they can starve, either way, not my fucking problem”

Social security was security for society from those who would otherwise steal to eat, no more, it was never supposed to be a breeding or housing program.

The red pill at it’s simplest is just waking up one day and choosing to no longer be a host for a lazy stupid psycho parasite, and it is NO COINCIDENCE that when guys stop being beasts of burden it isn’t just skank ho wimminz that get kicked to the kerb, everything that isn’t negotiated like being a productive pillar of society goes in the shitter too.

And we are STILL not as bad as psychos, who can only be lazy stupid parasites.

r/K has nothing on this, it’s far too one dimensional.

The one thing you really should walk away from that video bob posted with is this, the lazy stupid psycho was prepared to spend 14 years grooming and training the kid to be his perfect sexual mate… yet in 14 years his interests won’t be the same, and in 14 years she is not going to turn out the way you want, because the only tools you have are pruning shears and the parasitic load of your own stupid and lazy personality.

Stupid lazy parasites are more than capable of making decades long plans for their own future comforts.

I haven’t seen hide nor hair of my sons or my psycho skank ho ex for over 8 years now, despite them living 5 miles away, so I know literally nothing of what goes on in that household, yet, I’ll make a bet with you.

The psycho skank ho ex sees the kids in the interim until the youngest gets to 16 as housing and living vouchers, and has some longer term fantasy plans that the boys are gonna be there when momma bear is getting older to care for her.

Good fucking luck with that bitch.

DSM V and others is quackery dressed up as science, so we get categories of mental disorders that need treatment from those who made up the definitions, so what happened before the DSM?

100 years ago the person was the same, sure, they didn’t have this funky label and they didn’t have protection for their status, but the person was the same, and they were not crazy intelligent or crazy manipulative or anything else.

They were just stupid bone idle parasites who were only interested in personal relations that showed a handsome profit, no other considerations of any kind, moral or otherwise, applied.

If my psycho skank ho ex is so fucking clever and manipulative and so on, how come she has never travelled abroad extensively, how come she has never owned and driven most of the vehicles on and off the road and on water, how come she is incapable of doing much more than wiring a plug when it comes to home making, how come every time she has had some money it was frittered away 1o and 20 at a time on junk food and soda until it was all gone, how come ?

How many times have you heard a man say “If I’d been born with a cunt I’d have been a cash millionaire by the time I was 20.” and boy you know that shit is true.

Stupid is as stupid does, and there are precious few things in this world more stupid than sitting in front of a camera confessing your failed sexual grooming attempts and being proud of it.

I don’t want to slit his throat because he is an evil crazy intelligent psycho manipulator and paedo, I want to slit his throat because it’s cleanup on aisle 7, the world would be a better place.

Now, Putin, does he strike you as a stupid lazy bastard whose only interest is human interactions where he shows a personal profit?

How about McCain, or Comey, or Hitlary?

How about the manager at work whose sole input to some asshat scheme is “make it so” ?

The psycho skank ho ex I could go away for two days and come back and see the same dishes in the sink, the same panties by the toilet, the same things lying on the floor, the current squeeze all that shit has been done and the windows have been washed and the woodwork has been sanded and painted and the freezer is again full of home cooked meals and prepared from fresh ingredients ready to go.

Trust me on this, yes, psychopaths are everywhere, but none of them are smart, they are all stupid and lazy and every single on of them depends absolutely on hugely profitable interactions with beasts of burden to survive.

Ain’t NO mention of where momma bear was when the guy in the film is molesting her daughters, ain’t no mention of where the biological father is…



  1. neuro-typicals, most of us


    you may be many things, but i doubt that ‘typical’, in ANY sense, is applicable to you. which statement is not in any way intended as an insult. i’ve self diagnosed in the Cluster A and diagnosed my father as a Borderline-Petulant – disclaimer, i’m “just a keyboard warrior” so ymmv.

    nor am i intending to use ‘psychopath’ in a strict clinical sense. true psychopaths / sociopaths are very rare. what i have noticed is that Cluster B personalities tend to be incredibly abusive and narcissistic … AND that they tend to use many of the same social manipulation tactics as the full blown psychopath subset.


    as an example, i know from listening to family stories that my mother’s family ( five children ) had a Golden Child ( the youngest, a daughter ) and a Scapegoat ( the next youngest, a son ).

    this does not necessarily mean that my maternal grandmother was a Narcissist. but it’s a pretty good bet that she was somewhere in the Cluster B list. although i’ve also seen a ( diagnosed and prescribed medication ) Bipolar woman using these tactics, and Bipolar isn’t even listed in the DSM.

    and say that neuro-typicals make excellent hosts for parasitic psychopathic types.

    and this is what i was talking about by mentioning that psychopaths are very good at identifying other damaged personalities, but damaged in such a way that they do a very poor job of defending themselves.

    the Scapegoat, for instance, is conditioned to never expect to ‘win’ at anything. regardless of effort expended, skill demonstrated or result achieved. and *because he has never experienced anything else*, it doesn’t really strike him as out of the ordinary.

    even though it is.


    So we remove the elite super skilled gaslighting psycho hacking thing, because lets be honest here, it’s total bullshit, I went along with all her shit for one reason and one reason only, a quiet fucking life


    i’ve noticed people with SIGNIFICANTLY substandard IQs ( my stepmother, for one. she once related a story to me in which she almost ran into the side of a tractor trailer which was at a dead stop across the road … because the car next to her kept creeping forward and every time he crept forward she did as well. she thought it meant that there needed to be a stoplight at the intersection … *headdesk* ) using these tactics.

    it has nothing to do with relative intelligence or size or strength.

    it has everything to do with establishing that if you displease person (x) in any way, there will be … consequences. it may not be immediate, you may not have any idea what form it will take, it may be extremely deniable. but there will be consequences.

    i think the modern West is what a society looks like when the social conditioning ( public schools, mass media, etc ) has been taken over by the psychopaths. we aren’t quite at the end stage yet.

    there seems to have been a pretty good reason that merry olde England used to outlaw fags. although, not all psychopaths are homosexual.

    And sure enough it came out, more than once

    well, too be sure, it’s a psychopath talking.

    how much is the ‘Truth’ and how much is him regurgitating what he expects that the psychiatrist wants to hear?

    i’m not saying it’s all false, i did use it as a reference after all. and he was IN psychiatric observation *because* they had caught him molesting children.

    DSM V and others is quackery dressed up as science, so we get categories of mental disorders that need treatment from those who made up the definitions

    originally, the DSM came out of Descriptive Psychology and seems to have been very good at what it was designed to do … describe maladaptive behavior subtypes.

    Therapeutic Psychology ( originating with Freud, who was himself a psychopathic manipulator ) is a different animal altogether, often producing outcomes WORSE than just letting people sleep on the sidewalk. the ‘problem’ with current editions of the DSM is that the Therapeutics have started re-writing the definitions …

    yet in 14 years his interests won’t be the same

    but they will.

    he isn’t looking for anything but the narcissistic supply he gets from having someone else completely under his thumb. and in 14 years, he’s still going to get his rocks off on having someone else completely under his thumb. and she’s going to have been perfectly trained ( crippled or hobbled ) to acquiesce to everything.

    my father is 75 … and still doing the same retarded shit he’s done my whole life. and he’s AT LEAST as intelligent as i am ( somewhere near 140 ).

    Ain’t NO mention of where momma bear was when the guy in the film is molesting her daughters, ain’t no mention of where the biological father is…

    a – women commonly put up with this shit being done to their children. i think it was just couple of years ago that you ( the UK ) had a pop star get caught fucking a two year old … that the mother had willingly supplied to him because he was her boyfriend

    b – well, the father got curbed, innit? this is the US, the woman could have moved 2,500 miles away from him and still be in the lower 48.

    i’ve got to get going so i’ll close with this:
    someday you do need to apologize to your sons for choosing psycho skank ho ex to be their mother. they had no choice in the matter. you were an adult with free will and free choice. growing up with her isn’t going to be fun.

    perhaps educational, but not fun.

    and you’ve said on multiple occasions that almost everything she did to you, you had seen her do to other partners before you hooked up with her …

    Comment by bob k. mando — May 13, 2017 @ 6:52 pm

  2. I used to be a bit of a psychopath (or sociopath according to the official medical definition). leaving my mom’s home and living on my own was like existing a sensory deprivation tank.

    every emotion living with her was barely repressed rage and nothing else. now that I got away from her, every emotion is multiplied. the rage still exists, but I can drown it in pleasure.

    and there are millions upon millions of boys who went thru or are going thru what I survived. most end up dead or in prison. the rest are going to pull this venal corrupt temple down around the heads of the normalscum.

    Comment by patriarchal landmine — May 13, 2017 @ 9:05 pm

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