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May 12, 2017

wipe day

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If you’ve played the online game Rust you’ll know about wipe day…

If you read this blog you’ll remember a short time ago I accidentally downloaded something dodgy while doing a usenet session for regular film media, well, lessons soon learned and forgotten and all that, I did it again last night so spent the next two hours wiping everything.

I *used* to say, and bear in mind this is from someone who has been a regular usenet user since before the advent of the www in the early nineties, that you could pretty much avoid this shit without even trying, for example if (made up newsgroup name) alt.binaries.very.young.teen.girls.fucking isn’t a group you subscribed to, you wouldn’t see any of the content, and even if you did subscribe to it, you’d find that most of the girls were 16+ and so quite legal in the countries where the stuff was created, even if in some other benighted countries it was illegal to fuck below the age of 18 etc.

Apart from that the only way you’d get caught accidentally is by typing something in a search engine or indexer, in just the same way that someone searching for “cunt” will get a return on “Scunthorpe” I had one related to me where the user searched for “young” and “changes” (these being the respective artist name and single name for a record out about 8 years ago) and got results that really weren’t what they were expecting.

But to be fair a lot of these instances were like goatse, or 2 girls 1 cup, you’d go oh yeeeewwwwkkhh and hit the back button and turn around to whoever sent you the link or search term (yeah just google walrus dildo) and call them a bastard.

I’ve been caught twice now in alt.binaries.teevee and once in alt.binaries.moovee, so I’m sat there last night watching the wipe and the penny drops, the innocent are now forced to take the same measures as the guilty concealing their tracks, the whole situation has flipped on its head, from back in the day when the guilty used to emulate the innocent as camouflage, now the innocent are emulating the guilty as defence.

It is not accidental.

I’ve been using usenet since before “the internet” so it is fair to say that I’m probably a pretty connected individual with pretty diverse sources of information and I’m pretty used to dealing with all those sources, and together with the fact that in the early days before the Assholes On Line CD’s dropped through everyone’s door you had to be reasonably technically competent and probably self taught to do any of this stuff, reasonably intelligent and intellectual too.

Yet I have to be honest, I cannot look at US or UK or EU politics or finance or anything else and form an honest opinion about anything, it’s so muddies and hey look over there smoke an mirrors the only thing I can know for a fact is that this is quite deliberate, every effort possible is clearly made to turn everything into white noise, totally bereft of hard data or factual information.

And equally clear is the fact that *everyone* is playing the same game.

And in a snippet I overheard a couple of days ago, it is also quite clear that this campaign of global disinformation is *remarkably* successful, because this overheard conversation was about Julian Assange and Josef Fritzl, and this person stated that they’d rather have Fritzl as a neighbour, because at least they could lock up their daughters, but Assange could hack all their computers and do all sorts of creepy and pervy and illegal things with them and the secrets they contained.

The alleged rapes that Assange committed back in some country who knows where and who cares, well, they weren’t that important, the significance was that anyone creepy and sneaky enough to divulge people’s secrets was probably deviant enough that it’s no surprise he doesn’t respect wimminz either, after all, what could be worse than outing someone’s secrets???

Hang on while I open up my permanent log in to fuckbook and write on my wall how outraged I am by all this invasion of privacy.

Of course, when that’s done and I have finished ranting about perverts and kiddie porn, I’ll post the 1,067th, 1,068th and 1,069th pictures of my 6 year old daughter to fuckbook, she is too young to legally have her own fuckbook account, but with face tagging and all the other info she basically already has one.

Time was, back in the day, I knew enough about “the internet” to know at least a little about everything on the internet, there may have been some obscure thing, but it was obscure, so what the fuck… nowadays things that are huge beyond anything imaginable in the early days of the net are buried and I have literally no idea of their existence.

We’ll call him Simon, an on and off occasional voice in the darkness that I message back and forth, we met in the flesh a couple of times over the years, mainly it’s just our path’s crossed virtually so often in our day jobs, so Simon says he is relived he has left his latest gig.

I ask what was so bad about this one, he replies, Omegle.

I reply WTF is that an acronym for, oh my ever googling something something?

No, apparently is it semi randomised video chat, … oh. ok, didn’t know that, so what’s the big deal?

Apparently half the users are 10 to 16 years old, and apparently half of what they do on there is the video equivalent of sexting, but hang on, how do you know this, I thought RTMFP was a secure protocol and everything is encrypted 128 bit?

He tells me yeah, in theory, but you’re doing this from a specific domain, in a web browser, and you can get this shit for smartphones, know any smartphones that can realtime encrypt and decrypt live video streams with 128 bit in software???

Bike chain or luggage with a combination of 1111 is still “secured”

So he says “omegle” is just a brand name, there are dozens of these chatroulette clones, some streams are encrypted, some aren’t, some the text chat only side is encrypted, the video ain’t, and in any event it’s all being done via a browser and a domain name and the streams are running peer to peer, often (because it was a big ISP) from one client of theirs over the network to another client of theirs.

Should you even be looking at this shit? I ask him.

Well he says, you’re two hours into your shift and you take the third identical call from some single parent who is complaining of internet not working properly, and you quiz them about other users and the only other person is my son or daughter who is upstairs who is 12 who is either playing minecraft or farmville or studying their homework, and the traffic out of their node is all P2P video streams, which may or may not be encrypted, and the parental unit is trying to watch eastenders on iplayer without it buffering like realplayer back in the day… and you can’t unsee shit once youve seen it…so he throttles UDP hole punching on their router for an hour and signs off.

This isn’t the gold though, the gold is they hotdesk and the cube farm has low res cctv and stats software that measures productivity but doesn’t know Jim from John apart from their login, so apparently everyone there hot swaps throughout the shift, go for a 3 minute piss / smoke break and come back to another desk and relive the person there, who switches to your desk, but the pc’s only have whoever logged on at the beginning of the shift.

Yeah he says, when I started there I thought it was so manglement couldn’t single anyone out when unfounded complaints were made (of which there are many apparently, your call centre guy promised me a free upgrade to 150 mbit) then I realised what we were dealing with half of the time and there is only so much of this shit you can take without becoming a paranoid motherfucker.

That’s what I get for working in the high street business internet for years and never having been anywhere near domestic ISP ops since around ’97.

But then again, I do make a nice case study, I have a brain and a *lot* of experience with the internet, and despite being a red blooded male rapist with a penis, I have always simply dismissed 99.99% of the whole “the intertubez are a paedo paradise” thing as total bullshit, sure, I could *probably* go out and find it if I wanted to, but like many other things I could probably find, I have never tried to, so I do not actually *KNOW* that I could find these things, I just accept the possibility and assume it is so.

My view is jaded more than somewhat by having worked for some of the literally very first pay per porn websites back in ’95 and ’96, and knowing that even then there was a vast gulf between what was advertised as being available once you had ponied up, and what actually was, and by the way, those four utterly different websites with totally different looks and feels and porn specialities and target audiences… all run from the same content library.

By definition, I actually would not know.

By definition, it is illegal for me to research this, as it is an absolute offence.

So all I or anyone has to go on in what the self / industry / state appointed experts in the field say.

And being brutally honest none of it bears any resemblance whatsoever to every single data point that I have, such as Simon’s story above, and every single bit of it bears an uncanny resemblance to what I worked on in the nineties, legal pay per wank porn, and technically there is no difference between serving up a picture of a 13 year old cunt from a picture of a 30 year old cunt.

Give me an SSD with 10,000 images of any kind on it and I can have a domain based pay per wank site up and running in 1 hour, guaranteed, complete with ready made fake reviews and ratings and so on.

I don’t actually think there is more than 0.0000000000000001% truth in the internet paedo hype, I don’t actually think that any less than 99.99999999% of paedo pictures and videos made are made by kids themselves of their own free will and volition to share with other kids, and by the way I think these same numbers hold true for “rape” videos and everything else all the way down to “nude wives”.

Yes, there are genuine paedos out there, I do not deny that in *any* way, nor do I deny that there are genuine rapists out there, nor do I deny that there are genuine terrorists out there, but proportionally speaking they are a tiny tiny minority of white western peoples, every town and region does *not* have its very own Fritzl or Assange (good in one case, shame in the other) so suddenly we are back where we started, with everything being smoke and mirrors and a lie to obscure the truth.

If you will lie in such a way about *any* of these subjects, be it paedophilia or Putin hacking or 9/11 or democracy or finance, you will lie about *all* of them, liars are agnostic about the subject of their lies.

Which brings me back to the beginning, I do not see alt.binaries.teevee being spammed with what purports to be promo material for a paedo website as evidence that the whole paedo thing is getting out of hand (even assuming it were possible to think that while also discounting the ever increasing levels of sexualisation of minors in the msm) rather I see it as evidence that the whole tell as many lies about as much as possible to obfuscate and confuse and scare and ultimately control as much as possible with the carte blanche you get handed in exchange, is getting out of control.

Even the biggest inside liars no longer know what is truth and what is not, they just don’t care, all roads lead to Rome for them.

Because the greatest asset these constant lies and propaganda have is that they suppress dialogue.

Dialogue is this.

OK, even accepting that there might be 99 paedos hiding in plain sight in my city of 120,000 people, even accepting that they do more damage and ruin more lives than the separate 99 regular drunk drivers, even accepting all of this, what are these 99 supposed paedo’s going to do.

Find some young boy or girl, fuck them and get their rocks off, and then what?

If it *EVER* gets out, even 40 / 50 / 60  years later, they are FUCKED, so the only option is to silence the kid permanently, now it’s a murder, and the dead can’t talk, so there would be 99 dead kids with missing bodies so the forensics can’t find any dna… but there aren’t.

OK, they could be “consumers” of paedo porn, but that doesn’t kill kids, we are told it is an inevitable slippery slope, but the internet and digital media has been around long enough to disprove that too… consumption of porn does not lead to rape.

Ok, so we were told that kids were harmed and exploited in the making of that porn, well, I’ve never seen such porn where *anyone* was clearly violently raped, seen plenty of bad acting in porn, never seen the real thing.

Trust us, why would anyone lie about such a thing?

Well I do have first hand experience of false rape accusations, and like I said, I do have first hand experience of pay per wank porn, and I have to tell you, there is a lot more money to be made in false rape accusations, I can’t name 3 porn stars in this city of 120,000 pulling in a quarter of a million a year, I can name more than three people working in the whole poor victim raped wimminz industry that are pulling in more than a quarter mill a year.

Speaking as an intelligent and articulate man, this is the great stumbling block with many of these so called crimes, the *problem* with any crime is detection, if you rape a child you spend the next 50 years worrying that just one word is said to out you, odds so long they make lottery jackpot wins seem like an everyday occurrence.

You’re going to have to kill the child immediately to prevent that, and I’m sorry, but any argument that anyone capable of raping a child will be reluctant to murder a child is total bullshit, and lets not forget 1 in 3 wimminz in the Uk today have murdered at least one child, they called it “abortion” so that all ok and nice and legal like.

When you go to extremes, you may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, especially as killing the sheep is killing the witness.

Now tell me this, why would the perp’s mindset be *ANY* different just because we substitute something else for paedophilia, say something like politics or economics or finance?

You still might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamp, and since killing the sheep is killing the witness it’s part of the plan.

This is my *BIG* problem with these entrapped fall guy stories, paedo hunter catches guy with condoms and bottle of vodka, ok, if so, the guy is going equipped to fuck, not equipped to fuck and then dispose of the body.

Translate this into your Assange and other rogue trader and rogue general and rogue politician stories, they are all going equipped to fuck, not equipped to fuck and then bury the body.

So these are all people who are notable for being STUPID, right?

But, we are told that all these people are in fact incredibly intelligent and incredibly devious and incredible manipulative and incredibly good at concealing themselves.


John Mc Cain, is he a STOOPID bought and paid for stooge, or is he another Einstein?

Substitution is always a good acid test, if what John does to Julie is wrong, if you swap John and Julie’s roles, is it still just as wrong and in the same ways? If not, then there is some other agenda at play, and the John and Julie story was a smokescreen.

Take away the “paedo” content of the story or take away the “hitlary’s email server” content of the story or take away the “Putin hacking” content of the story and plug something else in, does the story still make sense?

To be fair, there *are* stories out there like this, but most of them are “conspiracy theorist” stuff like 9/11 and pizzagate and haiti and iran and syria and so on.

So the world becomes like wipe day in Rust, it doesn’t matter what you achieve or how you achieve it, every week the servers and wiped and everyone starts again from scratch.

Periodically the coders release an update, and of course balancing gameplay is just another word for social engineering and behavioural modification.

Like almost every single other video game out there, there are no children to kill, there aren’t even any women to kill and get down to it and all the male characters are cloned. Fred doesn’t look like Fred, or Chinese, or anything.

Far from the brave new world we envisioned where technology would push ahead to the point where virtual reality (long before it became VR and a stupid headset) it was close to reality, we are going the other way, where reality is as arbitrary and manipulated as a video game.

Is that avatar you are fucking old enough to consent?

Who cares if some meat bleeds out, providing the algorithm doesn’t suffer change?

Who cares about the concept of informed consent when you can more simply and more cheaply rewrite the definition of humanity so that most of it are just cattle?

What of phobias and philias and foibles when they are transformed from expressions of the personality within into methods of programming the personality within?



  1. so the only option is to silence the kid permanently, now it’s a murder,

    this flat out isn’t true.

    children are often ‘groomed’ to the point where they are terrified to speak to others about what is happening to them.

    that’s what those two fags who were dragging their “adopted” 5(?) year old son all over the world so they could pimp him out were doing. they had him conditioned to accept homosex as regular and loving behavior AND also had him conditioned to not talk to strangers about it.

    you could say that this is what the ancient Athenians were doing … except that the fags had so groomed the ENTIRE SOCIETY that there was no longer any impediment to its open and public practice.

    and that’s one implication of Greek pederasty that i never hear anyone talk about:

    widespread Greek pederasty CONCLUSIVELY DISPROVES the assertion that ‘sexual preference’ for homosex is wholly driven by inborn genetic programming.

    Comment by bob k. mando — May 12, 2017 @ 6:29 pm

    • You make an excellent point…. but allow me to point out that the difference between what I was discussing (re paedos anyway) and what you are discussing is that I was talking about ocassional criminal acts, whereas your version is the full blown full time criminal lifestyle.

      I have always maintained that there is a different mindset between a drug user and a drug dealer, and I suspect the same is true here, one is indulging in a secret private illegal pleasure, one is supplying it wholesale.

      However your example does show that with the way the world is now, it is indeed possible to do it wholesale and retail as a business, not for the kicks, and as far as the greek think I’ll invoke modern islam, it’s not sex or losing your virginity to fuck a young boy….

      … as you say, if it was genetic, since the gene map hasn’t altered in any significant way, there would not be the recent avalanche of the whole LGBTQ++&*$£*%% crap


      I’ll also take issue with the grooming thing, it’s a damn sight easier for groups of people in positions of power than for individuals, another name for grooming is social conditioning… so basically I dislike the same word being aplied to something that one the one hand the deviant loner does, and on the other an organised group does, eg you can’t compare the unabomber to the IRA…

      Comment by wimminz — May 12, 2017 @ 7:32 pm

      • social conditioning is social conditioning.

        i don’t see how social conditioning by a lone psychopath is ‘better’ or ‘different’ than social conditioning by a group of psychopaths.

        excepting, of course, that the group will be able to apply peer group pressure which is a tool not available to a single person.

        however, psychopaths are VERY good at manipulating neuro-typicals … and they may be even better at identifying targets who are damaged in such a way that it is easy for them to impose their will on the victim.

        ALL young children are easy targets for psychopaths, simply because they don’t know any better.

        Comment by bob k. mando — May 13, 2017 @ 5:06 am

  2. Hell of a time for an IT article, with the NHS systems imploding shortly after publishing!

    Comment by justwanttocommentblog — May 12, 2017 @ 10:28 pm

  3. I havent used torrents in years for many reasons, the most important being you dont know 100% what youre downloading until it is already at least partially downloaded. My friends who are used to instant access to albums and movies think Im paranoid. I think theyre reckless.

    Its often been said “The social marxists are trying to normalize paedophilia and make it acceptable to society as a whole.”

    I disagree. Of course they are flooding the world with images of it and likely engaging in it themselves on a massive scale (pizzagate, rotterham, elm guest house, san presidio, franklin, dutruox, etc). But they will want to keep it the most stigmatized act in wider society to maximize the blackmail potential against any of their pet politicians decide to go rogue. It also helps sew fear and distrust among wider society so everyone sees the man down the street as a potential rapist, and only the (((white knight big daddy government))) can save us from them.

    So theyre trying to normalize it for the young ones only, flood society with its imagery and mining the legal landscape, while maximizing its (also hebo/ephebo and other things historically accepted in human societies) stigma among the wider public.

    Comment by Undefined — May 13, 2017 @ 4:27 am

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