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May 8, 2017

The chocolate teapot

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So you go on to a company website, look at a product, find a 2 or 3 page pdf brochure which tweaks your interest but doesn’t have any actual details or specifications as such, just the very brief highlights, but then again it is only meant to be enough to tweak your interest, and it does, so you email the vendor asking for more details.

So what do they do?

They respond by sending you a copy of the pdf that is on their website.

The only way they could have done less is to simply ignore your email enquiry altogether.

Nobody in the office that you sent the e-mail to gets paid any different whether you buy the product or not, that is simple deduction, so it calls into question the whole purpose of everyone in that office, what do they do?

It certainly isn’t “sales” or “customer support” or anything else even remotely related to it.

Which brings us to the French election of Macron, 39 and his wife, who was also 39 when she met him back when he was 15 and she was his teacher.

Now that ain’t paedophilia and it ain’t illegal and to my mind it ain’t even immoral, what is *is* to my mind is fucking pathetic, he is 39 and she is 63, I don’t know what words you are going to use to describe someone like Macaroni but “man” ain’t one of them… the sort of guy who’d be dying to be invited to a wife swapping party, because no matter what he ends up with it’s going to be younger and more fuckable, which is of course why he would never get invited, he is however another fucking goldman / rothschild / zionist clone and the offspring of another “man” who is most well known for scientific papers about cats sneezing, I shit you not.

However undignified and unelectable Le Penis was, Macaroni always was a shoo in for the job, there was never any doubt, because nobody more electable was allowed to run, no De Gaulle’s here thank you very much, arguably a bastard himself but also arguably the last French patriot to hold office.

Like the witless sales drone in offices who respond to your enquiry with a pdf already freely available on the website and fuck all else, Macaroni is another fucking chocolate teapot in euro politics, he is no good to man nor beast nor anything else believing in fraternite, egalite, and of course liberte… stick your fucking Marseillaise up your fucking ass.

Not that any of these things are unexpected, while the whole “Mrs Robinson” thing of a young lad feeling his oats porking some older chick like a mate’s mum one weekend back when he was still young and clueless about everything except permanently exploding testicles is acceptable when it is a one off experience when you are young and preferably on holiday away from where you live, it gets very dubious very quickly as soon as you go back for more.

Of course the feminazis will be chiming in about now about how oh yeah, it’s ok for patriarchal white privilege guys to fuck younger chicks, so check your fucking hypocrisy at the door white boi…

I can marry some chick 25 years younger than me and get her pregnant, hell, I’m mid/late fifties, so I probably have another ten years in which I can say that and it will be true, but Macaroni’s seed is all ending up in some old cunt past its sell by date, and in another 7 years when he is 46 and could still be hale and hearty and not too old to both father and raise children as an active father, she will be 70 and a pensioner and eligible for a free fucking bus pass…

It doesn’t matter one iota whether or not he has any intention or desire to be a dad and continue the family line, as an individual, having zero desire or being born sterile or being born a fag doesn’t make any odds as an individual.

As a leader it should make a *huge* fucking difference, because human nature is human nature, and no man anywhere on the planet is going to look at this guy fucking and married to some old crone 24 years his senior and see anything but some pathetic limp wristed also ran.

Not that the ability to have a hot wife or two who most men would happily fuck porno style means much in statesmanship terms, just look at the Donald, it just means it is one less obvious character defect like being an openly fag politician… we have one locally and I know through channels that he has been content with his lot as MP for the past couple of decades since someone told him privately that the reality was the country would elect a fag as PM some time after the country had elected a black wimminz as a PM, and if you doubt this just look at the fisaco that was Jeremy Thorpe MP

So the local guy took a look at all this and saw it was true, and buried his ambitions for higher office, contenting himself with fucking up the local economy and council for the past 20 odd years with his fag ideals and policies.

Rock Hudson wasn’t such a fool after all, bury your sexuality and have a trophy wife and the world will forgive much, but the fact is men marrying much older women is still rare and still seen as aberrant, and I have little doubt that that was a part of the motivation of many to perform the 9 gigabyte hack that was then totally suppressed in the media, stands to reason the cunt is slimy and defective, even without the bankster connections.

France being France, his electability would have been dramatically boosted if it had been discovered that on the side he was fucking some hawt 20 year old twins from Chartres, the fact that nothing like that came out just goes to prove the sad fuck probably is faithful to granny.

Plus, of course, he is a male, and no muzzie french resident with voting rights is going to vote for any female, so standing the most limp wristed pathetic non threatening guy they could find pretty much guarantees the muzzie vote.. better still if granny can ensure that her little boy doesn’t say anything threatening about the muzzies and rapefugees eh.

It wasn’t an election, it was a farce.

Le Penis could have won by a landslide if everyone who did not bother to vote had gone out and voted for her, and as it was there were more spoiled ballots that Le Penis vote, and the word I hear is that the vast majority were spoiled in the “none of the above” sense rather than the “hanging chad” sense.

Which just goes to prove that the French electorate as a whole had no illusions about the so called election process, and the choice of candidates they were given.

“What do you want, both testicles pulled off, or your right arm sawn off?” is several billion miles away from “What do you want?”

And again, dear reader, it is the high density population centres, those things we call cities, that are largely responsible for this travesty, not that it matters, as the Donald proves, the graffiti that I saw on the back wall of tesco in 1979 was utterly correct, “whoever you vote for, government wins.”

I have no artistic skill, zero, zip, nada, none, if I did, I’d draw a cartoon, with the titanic renamed as FRANCE and the captain renamed as Macaroni and the iceberg named as Banksters / Zionists / Muzzies etc…  full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes…


  1. Watching now live on Ruptly TV the “activists” having their first rally against Le Macarena, I´ve seen cooking shows with more energy.
    These lefties couldn´t protest their way out of a wet paper bag.

    The term cannon fodder and live bait for the next Ork Lorry driver comes to mind.
    Also Borg, for when these little young shits were still actually marching earlier.

    Comment by hans — May 8, 2017 @ 4:04 pm

  2. Macron almost certainly has a mistress (or two) and probably he’s fathered a couple of kids too.. and his wife probably knows all about it, but they don’t explicitly talk about it, because: that’s how the French do it.. Give it a few years, you’ll hear all about it in the UK’s sad panty-sniffing papers, while the French will continue not giving a fuck..

    Comment by FranceAintEngland — May 11, 2017 @ 1:21 am

  3. As for the alleged “hack” showing up his affairs, he’s supposed to be a smart guy: it’s trivial to have a dedicated anon email, use a proxy (and never log in on your business / political machines), and/or get a burner PayAsYouGo camera-less dumbphone for your on-the-side personal life.. That most politicians can’t manage this simplest of privacy /security measures (while even the average scummy drug dealer can), just goes to show how bloody clueless they are..

    Comment by FranceAintEngland — May 11, 2017 @ 1:33 am

  4. Hah.

    Comment by james — May 13, 2017 @ 9:02 am

  5. liberté


    Comment by let it burn — May 14, 2017 @ 2:05 am

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