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May 6, 2017

Common sentiments

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Imagine, if you will, the biggest towering asshole and cunt you have ever known, he is standing six feet away, and overhears you say something like “I fucking hate Michael Jackson”… and this towering asshole walks over and says hey, I hate MJ too… then the person you said it to looks at you, looks at the towering asshole, looks back at you and says to you, jeez, you agree with that asshole!!?!?!

It’s an issue, especially if you are younger.

Years ago I knew and detested a guy who was the epitome of a parasite on the state, and he was a nasty shit with it, if ever there was a guy who deserved regular doses of police brutality it was him and his brood, yet, they knew how to play the system and the victim card, so they could do things that would get anyone else banged up and they would walk away from it every fucking time.

He was one of the first I heard echo the sentiment that the only good pig was a dead pig, and for years whenever I felt that the only good pig was a dead pig I thought of this guy, and it was an uncomfortable feeling…

In other lives expressing a sentiment of solidarity with someone else is called grooming, in still others it is called solidarity, or kinship, or shared religious or political beliefs.

In the world of 2017 there are selected topics, and you choose your companions based upon your choice of those topics, if MJ was one of the topics then I’d be expected to side with the towering asshole, because it doesn’t really matter which side I chose, it would be inhabited by towering assholes.

Bruce Perens did a bit of a web experiment years back, I was one of the initial invited participants, and the sole basis was that it was a technocracy, but not one populated by Musk and Zuck and so on, but one populated by engineers and scientists and so on, it died a death after a while, I think BP had other stuff going on in his life at the time, and I think it was harder work than he initially expected, I don’t know because when he pulled the plug was the last time we communicated.

Poor bastard probably thought he was spending all his time herding cats, “thread drift” wasn’t so much a factor, it was more like the major theme, but it was always hugely entertaining and intellectually stimulating to me, for which I shall be forever grateful to Bruce.

Hell, I don’t even know what handle I was using back then, unlike so many in the virtual world I never either used my real name and stuck to it, nor did I stick to a single handle, nor did I constantly morph through a dozen ready use one (that last one is a warning sign BTW boys and girls) but I was more like a snake growing out of it’s skin until the new one is ready some time later, and of course being old school my handle always had to be some variation on the alliterative / amusing / asshole / anarchist / techno meme.

Back in the old world that I grew up in, you could disagree with someone about whether or not MJ was great, and you couldn’t tell from that data point whether you considered that person one of your homies or not, nowadays the inverse is pretty much true.

I can walk into an antifa rally and ask them a question none of them have considered before, once one comes up with an answer it spreads like wildfire, groupthink / consensus at work.

Until an outsider asks the question, it never even enters anyone’s consciousness, there is no “thought”

Here is an example, Madeline McCann.

You’re pretty much either going to think “poor parents” or “murdering bastards”, there isn’t much in between.. nobody sees or comments on the fact that *something* traumatic happened ten years ago, the kid is still AWOL after all, and yet here are Kate and Jerry ten years later, loved up and joined at the hip and in full lock step on everything.

Does that not strike anyone as unusual or unexpected, nowhere have there been recriminations or rifts or anything else, almost like it is an extension of the prisoner’s dilemma where they both know they either both hang or stay free, and the only way to confirm the latter option is never let the other one out of your sight.

By their actions on that night (and neither can claim to be low IQ trailer trash) neither parent can claim to have given a flying fuck about the kid, yet ten years later they still claim she is the only thing they care about, and thanks to their friends in the media and other high places, it’s the only thing we are supposed to care about.

No matter whether you think “poor parents” or “murdering bastards”, you *are* guaranteed to think “poor little baby girl”

Not me mate, they didn’t give a fuck about their kid and I certainly don’t, never have, never will, got my own fish to fry on that score and aren’t allowed to by the state, why should I give a flying fuck about anyone else’s kid.

So there you have another example of a common sentiment, am I your homie or your enemy for saying that, or are you one of the endangered species that you cannot determine one from the other?


  1. Never heard of Madeleine McCann before. Not surprising as I avoid the news. But a quickie trip through Wiki tells me all I need to know. All the principals in the case enjoyed huge amounts of publicity plus there was a lot of money coming in and going out. Did any of them plan it that way? Who knows and who cares. That kid payed for a mighty big party.

    And… if all the kings horses and all the kings men can’t solve the case what are the rest of us supposed to do? Besides not leaving little kids home alone with the door unlocked, obviously.

    Comment by some random guy — May 6, 2017 @ 3:12 am

  2. amusingly, this is pretty much my response to the Natalee Holloway hullabaloo.

    no parent who gave a fuck about their daughter would *pay* to send her to a third world shithole so she could get drunk, do illicit drugs and fuck strange people she’ll never see again.

    which, if everything had gone according to plan, is what Natalee would have been doing.

    which, in point of fact, is exactly what Natalee WAS DOING when the bad boy she picked for a night of the old in-n-out got a bit carried away.

    ain’t no skin off my dick.

    Comment by bob k. mando — May 6, 2017 @ 6:30 pm

  3. You’re a breath of fresh air. Sure, parents should raise their kids as they please…but when I read that they’d left her alone (a three year old), so that they could talk/drink with another couple, I was floored. As a Dad, such a thing would have never (never!) been possible with me.

    Comment by Klaus — May 6, 2017 @ 6:50 pm

  4. Wow, THAT never occurred to me!
    They really ARE still glued to each other.
    My take on it, especially after the Podesta shit, was that they´re simply shitty parents that got unlucky.
    But yeah, them being part of the “pizza supply chain”. Fuck, why not.

    Far shittier shit has happened, just look at that Macaroon de Rothschild fagget le Presi-cuck.
    A psycho out of the textbook, glued to his witchy handler granny.

    Comment by hans — May 8, 2017 @ 12:55 pm

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