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May 1, 2017

For my sins

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For my sins, I have been in a few places where all had the feeling that things were not right, and they weren’t, but what happened next was 99 different strategies to deal and cope with and address this (any less was too many eggs in too few baskets) and all it did in the end was make the collapse and failure all the more complete.

It’s the feeling I get reading the MSM “news”, yesterday kim jong was a fat twat, today the donald would be honoured to meet him, yesterday the chinese were honoured to meet the donald, today they are placing military ducks in a row.

From the spectaculars like Chernobyl on down to local issues it’s always the same, and it’s always “human error” or “gross human error” if it’s a big fuckup, and it’s all code for the same thing, 99 headless chickens running around, none of whom have accurate and factual information about the issues at hand, not that that matters, because they also have limited personal talent and limited personal scope of operations.

Whether it is the little big horn or the deck of the titanic or the Chernobyl reactor room, the more time passes the more the stories will talk about personal bravery and integrity and honour…what wonderful amazing brave self sacrificing honourable bastards they all were.

The voices closest to it in time and space that say that everyone even remotely involved was a towering fucking asshole whose incompetence was only exceeded by their own hubris are silenced soonest.

I myself speaking entirely from personal experience commented on two “projects” or “incidents”, one grabbed international attention, the other only national attention.

I knew people who were suppliers for one incident, and I loosely / subbed worked for the company itself in the second, so in both cases I was reasonably close to the coal face.

In the first case I said the people were shit and up their own ass with their computer models, and I did not buy any of it, I got a *shit* load of stick for this one because I clearly stated weeks and months before the incident what I thought the problem was, and it came to pass that that was exactly what happened, so it was real hard to paint me as an after the fact expert, but it came close to being told that if anyone had died it would have been on my conscience for not altering the team that I was not a part of and the project that had nothing to do with me that there was an issue.

In the second case I said the people were shit and the company was shit and everyone’s attitude was shit, and one day I walked off after telling everyone to their face, “you assholes are going to kill someone” and six months later they did, another person had a crushed pelvis, another one had busted legs and the last had busted ribs and a wrist.

Both of these incidents involved the sea, something that I learned from an early age was the most powerful force known to man, and even if you have seen it real bad, you’ve only seen 5% of what it can do, if it wanted to…. it’s like looking at a hot 16 year old chick and not seeing the poisoned psycho bunny boiling false rape accuser lurking just around the corner, temporally speaking.

Of course respecting something means being reluctant to fuck with it too much, the potential to be smashed into pulp by tons of very cold water before being swept off deck to drown alone is a big dampener on the whole “hold my beer and watch this” shit, and those who don’t respect shit are always prepared to rape it in the name of profit, monetary or otherwise.

Speaking as a life long biker, those you tube vids of crews of guys slaloming and wheelying down the highway, well, when it ends up in a smash I’m all “serves the cunt right, even if his bones ain’t broken at least the asshole is off the road for the duration” of sympathy for my fellow bikers there is none, because they aren’t my fellow bikers, they are the same as those that try to fire a rifle one handed and get smacked in the face, or any one of a million other hours of you toob senseless waste of protoplasm and oxygen.

I know, I’ll let a lobster grab hold of my cock and then I’ll taser the lobster, I’ll get at least 75,000 views and 5,000 new subscribers.

Me I’d leave the cunt there screaming in agony and bleeding out with half of his cock missing, why should I waste my time taking the cunt to ER so other people can waste their time putting humpty back together again.

that’s the other side of the “for my sins” bit, an MGTOWer expressed the sentiment best, I didn’t start the fire, don’t expect me to suddenly play the fireman when all your shit starts to burn down.

Fuck you, and the horse you rode in on, yes I know my own life is in danger and possibly lost, and yes I know you have the only key to the lifeboat, but the danger you pose is greater than the relief the lifeboat poses, so fuck you, I’ll take my chances on the air mattress on the other end of the boat from you, you’re the fucking problem, proximity to you is my fucking problem…

… which is why I can say I can comment on those two incidents, I was at some distance from one that I considered sufficient so sat back and ate popcorn, and at a distance I considered insufficient from the other, so I walked away, fuck you, and then sat back and ate popcorn.

If I was any closer some teflon coated cunt would have tried to make me the fall guy, while they moved on to pastures new…

I sit here and type this and have no expectations one way or another what next week will or will not bring…

>>war in korea

>>no war in korea

I have no idea, no expectations, and no fireman’s outfit at the ready.

I have no clue what the fuck is going on, and a firm conviction that anyone who claims they do is part of the fucking problem, and to be avoided.

I *will* lay money that the thing(s) that do go wrong will be a complete surprise to everyone, and won’t be any of the things we are constantly being warned about.

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