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April 22, 2017

Things you can’t unsee

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Given the post title many people’s first thoughts will turn to stuff like seeing your parents fuck or seeing that obese chick naked, and to be sure such things can have a lasting effect on people, but these are not the things I speak of.

This is more about things like father christmas (santa claus is trademark coca cola company) not being real, you can’t ever go back to the worldview you had before, or see things the way you saw them before… once the veil is lifted, you can’t go back.

On a personal note I once opened a cardboard box containing various “rubbery” sex toys, it hadn’t been opened for a few years as they had been sat in storage, and it was the chemical smell that first caught the sense, and then you see them there, and they are all distorted and damaged by proximity and contact with other toys of different chemical composition… I haven’t been able to see one since and not be reminded of that.

On another personal note there is that first moment a wimminz makes an FRA against you and accuses you of everything else that is deviant on the planet to boot, you simply can’t ever go back to seeing any wimminz the same either, or any po-po, or any judges or lawyers.

Here is one for you “Jest got ate of the pool ur you free tomro” and “fery funey“, perhaps with some prompting you can work out that those two are “Just got out of the pool are you free tomorrow” and “very funny“… and leaving aside utterly the whole question of portable computing devices that have spell checking built in and mobile dictionary and thesaurus apps for free download, these are actual sentences taken from an actual ongoing conversation between two peers, and they *are* representative of the whole, not just off glitches like my many many many typos on this blog with my 1 finger poke and hope autistic / dyslexic typing and no real proofing, just type and hit publish.

If I’d *just* shown you pictures of the individuals having this sms conversation, you’d see they were female, and pubescent, and you’d think to yourself I’d hit that in a couple of years if I was 16 again, but when you attach the conversations to the individuals it transforms your perception of the individuals, my grandfather was two years older than them at 14 when he ran away to sea and joined the navy to fight in world war one…

Now I know there are people out there whose idea of the perfect sexual partner is a living doll or a female that never speaks or a female that is unconscious throughout, and leaving aside entirely the question of legality, I’m not one of those people, I, and I strongly suspect most males, find “sexy” to be something that is at best 50% physical, and the rest is the whole personality thing… so for people like me I can look at these two individuals and say yes, if all you ever saw were still photographs, I can see how in a few years a photo of these girls will make you go PHWOOOAR I’d hit that, the problem is I have seen the intellect, as have you in a small way with those text excerpts, and while the body may change sufficiently in a couple of years, there is zero hope of the mind advancing to the same level.

They’re basically unfuckable, and I do not have any daughters (thank god) but I guess it is a similar thing at work that a dad can see that his daughter has turned into a sexy young woman but to him she is eternally unfuckable and sexless.

We can’t unsee Trump going from “you should be in jail” to “the clintons are good people” and I really don’t give a fuck about being in office or playing sun tzu or anything else, if you can’t be polite be silent, do not under any circumstances turn into a bullshit merchant and start saying things that are patently false, not to fucking please anyone.

We FRA victims know this shit, we faced the very real prospect of 10 to 20 years behind bars, and at that point it doesn’t make a fucking bit of difference if you did it or not, you’re still behind bars, but we didn’t eat shit and say our ex’s were basically nice people and we wish them all the best.

So Adam Johnson (the footballer) is in prison of 6 years for a rape he denies against a groupie, a rape that a *lot* of people have serious issues wondering how it even got to trial, much less how he got convicted, and in the Daily Fail they are running a story, someone with an illegal phone in a prison recorded the guy chatting to fellow inmates (the Daily Fail is still branding him a disgusting rapist at every opportunity and if they could call for the death penalty they would) in which the guy says, IN FUCKING PRISON MIND YOU, I wish I had raped the bitch, I got fucking six years for it.

“I’ve done the time, I might as well have done the crime…”

This is not a guilty man


You can’t unsee it.

Nor can you uneee the facts of everyone else who has seen it and still goes on and on and on about what a disgusting vile perverted rapist he is.

And all this without the “special knowledge” that you get if you are, like me, and ex con.

This video was filmed in what in the prison system is called the general population, rapists and child molesters and grasses do not go into the general population, they are held in segregation under Rule 43, for their own protection from the general population, and this video could not have been made.

Clearly, shock horror, Johnson isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, he was just an urban kid with some talent with a football who got elevated to celebrity status and paid a lot of money and put a big target on his back.

I didn’t even get my cock out for fucks sake” is not the sort of language someone denying a truthful fact would use, not even an intelligent and educated liar, much less a thick footballer, in fact it is the sort of phrase that his highly paid lawyers will have told him for god’s sake don’t use language like that in court, when in fact it is exactly the sort of language he should have used in court.

In shades of The Winslow Boy even in that informal setting Johnson didn’t lie and put all the blame on the girl or make an excuse, he said she was always there after practice, but not with her tits out, always begging for signatures etc, eventually after six months of this she asked for a signed shirt, and he admits he kissed her….

Most telling of all for an ex con is the fact that he is in general population and as you can clearly see and hear from the comments of others in the clip, everyone there does not just accept his version of events, they also accept the whole concept of such gross and vile miscarriages of justice, nobody is shocked or outraged that such an obviously innocent man is doing six years for a crime he did not commit, moreover, a crime he clearly had ample opportunity to commit, and repeatedly passed up on.

Alan Johnson is not a sexual predator of any kind, if anything he is the nice naive wimp cuck kind of guy who gets fucked over in the divorce courts by the skanky wife after a few years of marriage.

Arguably, and I say this as an FRA accused and as a (for separate things, eg motoring crimes) ex con, his current fate is preferable to that other fate that might have happened in his future.

“I wish I had” isn’t even the statement of a man who has done the time so thinks he may as well go out and be hung for a sheep as a lamb, even this appalling travesty of justice has not made Adam Johnson a bad man.

I say this as someone who hates football, doesn’t even know what team he played for, thinks modern footballers are spoiled brats, and so on.

I see this as someone who also notes that the football illuminati from Saint David Beckham on down have sweet fuck all to say about this man’s plight… fucking worthless cunts one and all.

You can’t unsee shit.



  1. I remember during the course of my FRA, on one of my many visits to court in the G4S meat wagons. The lady charged with being tethered to me and escorting me from the van into the courthouse asked me what the charge was. Her instance response after one word from me was “bet it’s a load of bollocks, init? I don’t believe any of ’em”. Never unsee that one either

    Comment by evilpenis — April 22, 2017 @ 1:35 pm

    • No, you cannot, and yet her (g4s chick) clearly stated opinion is earned by experience, yet discounted out of hand.

      In my initial police interview by two female po-po one several times had to cover her mouth and cover a laugh, to the great annoyance of the other, to comments such of mine as “yes, I always enure that the weak and vulnerable girls I intend to rape have three years martial arts training at my expense from individuals ranked in the top five in the world for that discipline” and “yes I am so overbearing and controlling that her name was on all my bank accounts as joint accounts, and yet the only single account in the house was in her name, into which her salary was paid” and “well, they aren’t sex implements, they are sex toys, and if you bothered to check the online sex shop website they were purchased from you’ll find the website account is in her name and the payments were made by her from her bank account”…

      … and so on….

      BTW good to hear you are still kicking, you may want to consider relocating though if you’re still in the same place you were, it’s all getting a bit complex over there no?

      Comment by wimminz — April 22, 2017 @ 2:06 pm

      • Actually I’m now in Russia, not sure if I told you that. Apart from the cold winters, it’s fucking miles better than anywhere in Europe.

        Comment by evilpenis — April 22, 2017 @ 2:10 pm

        • Jesus, Putin got to you TOO…. is there nothing this man cannot do..lol

          Apart from the cold winters, I’m moderately jealous… bastard.. lol… just remember those russian girls age real bad..

          Comment by wimminz — April 22, 2017 @ 2:15 pm

          • Haha I’ve considered knocking on the door of the FSB and applying for a job as one of those comment trolls I keep hearing about. Might as well get paid for doing what I do for free anyway lol.

            Current squeeze is 8 years my junior, and there’s a big queue of younger ones should I get bored so I’m not worried about that 😉😉

            Seriously mate if you ever fancy jumping ship and coming to the fatherland let me know and I’ll get you set up no problem

            Comment by evilpenis — April 22, 2017 @ 2:24 pm

  2. I can’t unsee Clown World, as I have called current life described.

    Ignorant bliss must be, well, bliss.

    Comment by justwanttocommentblog — April 22, 2017 @ 8:32 pm

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