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April 20, 2017

Spread Betting

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Lots of ZH posters are a lot dumber than LeCarre, why would Assad sarin his own people a few days after Trump went soft on him.. ok maybe the sarin was a false flag because trump went soft on him, none went one step further and asked if trump going soft on him was a deliberate set up to perpetrate the false flag to.. and down the rabbit hole we go in plot lines beloved in Le Carre novels.

LeCarre himself wasn’t a complete idiot and based a lot of his stuff on real world ish scenarios, but, LeCarre was a novelist, not a scientific documentarian, his main interest was telling a compelling story.

Meanwhile back in the real world the rich and powerful and successful, and by success I mean those who have kept the plates in the air for decades as a minimum and generations as a norm, it ain’t like that, nobody who is on the ball bets everything on 13 black.

7 different factions at play in what used to be Ukraine?

No problem, that’s at least 14 different bets you can play, and a winning bet is one that lets you stay in the game and a losing bet is one that puts you out of play.

Spread betting in these scenarios is not betting against yourself, so a theoretical NSA in afdiggastan vs CIA in afdiggastan makes perfect sense if you consider that no matter who the victor is in afdiggastan, at least one USA three letter agency is still a player in afdiggastan.

Of course you also have to consider that all “losing” scenarios involve locals or incumbents having a seat and a voice at that table, and this goes all the way from geopolitics in distant lands to your own local council / planning committee / police oversight committee / etc.

By definition the vested interests of locals is always going to oppose the vested interests of everyone else, and you can’t allow that to get in the way of planning permission for a new out of town megastore that rapes the shit out of whatever is left of the local business community… it just isn’t good business.

Perhaps it is just my autistic engineer brain, but I have always struggled to differentiate morally between these sorts of shenanigans and grooming pre-pubescent kids for sexual exploitation or becoming drug addicts.

I suspect my difficulties with this moral compass are not unique either, which is why there will never be a shortage of people willing to engage in such things, and of course them using the “excuse” that everyone else is corrupt anyway will be met with horror, outrage and scorn.

How dare I suggest that paedophiles justify their actions because Tesco got to build a new out of town superstore. What kind of lunatic fucking moron are you?

But I never said that, I said wrong doing sees other wrong doing as excuse for its own behaviour, and wrong doing pretty much does not make value judgements about other wrong doing… gee, I better not break into cars and steal stereos because the only real crime in town is drink / drugs / violence, or I’d better not sell drugs outside the school because the only real crime in town is home burglary and graffiti…

The knifepoint mugger really doesn’t see the crooked banker as a different kind of animal, the same goes in reverse too, the crooked banker just sees the knifepoint mugger as a very inferior version of themselves.

Spread betting has long since descended the social scales too, the unemployed skank ho single mom with 3 kids by 3 different fathers is covering a lot of the bases, add in one “disabled” kid and one “challenged” kid and add in lesbian status and you just spread bet even more, doesn’t matter what goes down on what changes take place or what court she finds herself in, she’ll have cards in play, y’all can’t send me to prison because of my kids, of course the kids never get a say, even though everything is done in their name to protect them…  sound familiar?

Spread betting is how you change society, you start by giving wimminz the vote and then you bring in immigrants and rapefugees and since simple male and female isn’t enough you bring in the whole LGBTQ+ ever expanding spectrum, you bring in islam and all the other religions, you bring in gay rights and child rights and animal rights and safe spaces and everything else, the lone patriarchal male voice gets ever smaller and it really doesn’t matter where it all ends up because you have people on every single fucking committee out there.

Politics is of course itself a very early form of spread betting, take away the direct power of the king and put in ever more layers of ever more people, and before long it doesn’t matter who you vote for, even in legitimate elections, because government always wins, you as an individual aren’t on any of the committees.

Even 20 years ago here in the UK you could walk into the courts as a litigant in person and take on those who you felt had wronged you, and if your case was valid you stood a fair chance.

It’s all gone now… sure, in *theory* it is still there, but I can personally introduce you to people who have tried to put that theory into practice, only to find it no longer exists, illegal judgements being made in their absence, then what are you going to do, appeal one judge’s decision to other judges? Oh, and by the way, the “purely administrative” fees for everything have magically risen to the point where no individual can easily afford them any more.

In THEORY I as a citizen am free to run for a seat in parliament, in practice I need to raise a fairly significant sum of money up front to be paid as a deposit before I can even run, and unless I get a significant proportion of the votes, I lose my deposit.

Of course it was all done to stop Tarquin Fin Tin Tin Tin Wimb Bimb Limb Ftang Ftang Ole Bisuit Barrel Smith (Independent, Torquay) from standing for election and bringing the whole thing into disrepute.

“Anyone can run for parliament” you just have to change the definition of anyone, or anything, or everything, to permit spread betting, then you just have to sit back and wait, the outcome is inevitable.

Before you know it there will be 999 committees, and you’ll have people on every single one of them, and none of them will have private individual people on them, or listen to them, or be accountable to them.

You then have an echo chamber of committees, if the european railways cmmttee wants to know about railways in donbass, just talk to the donbass railway cmmttee, why would they talk to donbass residents who use the railways? Stupid idea.

You have US “intelligence” committees saying “our only sources of information inside north korea are satellites, regional experts and defectors” so your only sources that are worth 2 cents are satellites, and a lot of that soon becomes supposition because a simple photograph needs no interpretation, it shows what it shows, it contains precisely zero data about the significance of or interpretation of anything that it shows.

Was Kim Jong a blood crazed twat who decided on a whim to execute several senior military leaders, or was the western educated Kim Jong just executing those who plotted treason by dealing with foreign powers, and is it the cutting off of these serpents heads and the information (true or otherwise) that they funneled back the reason for the recent resurgence in the anti nork rhetoric.

I do know one thing for a fact, and it may seem to be entirely unrelated to all of the above, but it isn’t.

I grew up in the discrete transistor and thermionic valve age, we had things like lathes for making one off’s and things like copy lathes for making many off, so I saw and lived through the introduction of the computer and digital ages.

The fact that I will give you is this, not myself, or anyone I knew, could have predicted that the outcome would be that we have ever more disinformation and ever less fact as time went on, in fact, this was the exact opposite outcome of everything we thought back then.

And so the seeds of bloody revolution and conflict are sown, and the committees of the world are aware of it, and seek to suppress and control and steer it.

It does not matter who you are or where in the world you are, true individuality and intellect are the enemy of the state, better to be a failed tenth rate jihadi, at least you will have *some* camaraderie and peers.

Burn baby burn.



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  1. Now living out my life in a “third world country” which still enforces, or makes an effort to, the nuclear family and the paternal role.

    Im no superstar, but Im in a pretty comfortable arrangement with a long time girlfriend. Shes happy to do the cooking, cleaning, entertaining of guests, and she feels more secure to let me handle the important decisions.

    Its not perfect by any means. A stable income is rare unless it comes via the internet. The locals are hard to read, and the parents are up in arms for freeing their slave, but its better than the alternative.

    Being a man isnt illegal here yet. Luckily the infrastructure and networks make centralized authority a non starter in the vast majority of places.

    How you get along with your neighbor is done overwhelmingly through personal interaction, and first impressions are immensely important. Good relations can last not only lifetimes, but generations. Ditto for the bad.

    Despite their faults, I like these people. You could do a lot worse for the Anglo diaspora. Either way, Id rather be a prince of a dirt pile than a slave of an ivory tower.

    Plenty of room for more.. just saying

    Comment by Undefined — April 21, 2017 @ 4:08 pm

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