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April 17, 2017


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Trump appears to have now gone full retard, The Pentagon has been let off the leash and granted semi autonomy, about the only thing missing now is to send Angelina Jolie on a peace keeping mission to the Norks…

Meanwhile back here at home I am feeling more than somewhat conflicted and lethargic, I’ve had these periods before so I’m not worried about it, it’s just one of those can’t be fucked to give a fuck phases that cuts a little too deep and stops you doing the things you should be doing as well as the things you shouldn’t be doing..lol

A commenter in a previous post asks if I am seeing a rise in “scum” people, and a simple yes or no answer will do, he got an emphatic YES, and that in itself is symptomatic of things nowadays, there is no need or desire to go into reams of discussion regarding the minutiae of what does or does not constitute scumminess, environmental factors, and so on…

Meanwhile back in Nork land go pro action figure Mike Pence turns up for his photoshoot like a lost child on his first day in kindergarten, with his name sewn on to the front of his jacket in case he forgets who he is or gets lost on the way home to mommy MIC.

To his left are a politically correct black and white minstrel show, between them they look like they could just about muster enough brain power to tie their own boot laces, and to his right the re-animated and long presumed missing and dead Burt Kwouk / Kato, choosing his moment to loose an unexpected attack on Clouseau…

“Not now Kim Jong, you filthy yellow swine, can’t you see I’m on the telephone to the UN weapons Inspector?”

This was always my objection to the local amateur dramatic society, a bunch of fags and assholes putting on fourth rate productions of shit that is frankly old hat and well past its sell by date, but it’s now become the pinnacle of achievement for the MSM.

The MSM themselves are now not a million miles away from being one of Kim Jung’s PR flacks, not only does nobody have any idea what lies they are supposed to be telling this hour, they aren’t even sure what lies they are *not* supposed to be telling this hour, and trying to stick your tongue up your masters ass when he wants to sit down and get a blow job isn’t going to get you in his good books.

*THAT* is the big change I’ve seen since Trump got elected, and now it’s on like donkey kong, the MSM is running around like headless chickens, won’t someone please just tell them what lies to print, and stick with it, not change it every 15 minutes…

Shades of Sum Ting Wong and Wi Tu Lo, take another look at that fucking Mike Penis photo, if ever there was a guy prepared to sign off on a US$4 billion black ops / aid mission to Kekistan this is him… nothing at all to do with the yuuge light sweet crude reserves discovered off the coast of kekistan or the untapped uranium lying under the foothills of the Aligee mountain range…

You great unwashed, you lawyers, you judges, you local council employees, you politicians, you bankers, you media types, you all think you participate in and preside over some arcane secret club that nobody who is not both an insider and a believer can ever penetrate or understand, you utterly fail to grasp that to many of us we see the child whose face is covered in chocolate who denies eating it, the child holding the black marker who denies the scribbling on their brother, the child holding the scissors who denies giving the dog a haircut, and we just nod and say OK and turn our eyes to other things, because life is too short to pull out a blade and slit you from ear to ear for being a worthless lying cunt.

People who cannot swim attempting to demonstrate their mastery of all things by progressively destroying the ship we all float on.

You think you are a threat to me, or more powerful than me? You are, as long as the ship stays afloat, so all I have to do is nothing to contest your claims of being officers and crew, nod politely at the craptain should his gaze befall us, for we are not worthy to speak in his presence, much less be invited to dine at the craptain’s table, nor are we gravid and mercenary enough to take MBA management positions in the kitchens or keeping the shitters unblocked, content to carry out the “trash”, one sack of sealed empty HDPE perrier bottles is an island, and because it is *trash* none of you will want it until it is far far far too late.

In fifty years I have gone from a toddler in short pants and fuck all else into an adult that can no longer even begin to explain to the vast majority just how much basic “make and mend” knowledge that I have that they are not even aware of, much less the implications of same.

In SHTF post apocalyptic mad max worlds, which being brutally honest aren’t that different to any warzone from WW2 onwards, the last of the supercharged vee eight interceptors will make you a nice coffin and ensure your early death, the humble honda c90 will be the object of survival and desire, as well as the few tools and most importantly the skills required to maintain it.

The next level down is the humble pushbike, and it’s still a jetliner or spaceship compared to the Mk1 leg and foot, and even that here in this western utopia they either get maintained by one of the five local pushbike shops and fitters, or they go to landfill, because basically nobody can even maintain or fix a fucking pushbike.

I know of one of the last genuine honda c90’s bought new in this country, nobody knows how to maintain it or fix it, nor can they be bothered to take it to a dealer for service, so it’s dying, destined for the scrapyard in the sky, because while it runs nobody will sell it for anything less than 3x what it is worth, nor will they spend 0.05 times what it is worth and maintain the cunt, so it sits in a shed, dying slowly, because the 13 year old son wants it when he gets older, ignoring the facts that when he gets older he wouldn’t be seen dead on it, not cool enough, and in another 3 years or zero maintenance it will be that much closer to landfill status anyway.

I sit here and tell people it is in many ways vastly superior to my 1,700 cc hardly ableson, and at best they smile and thing the incredibly cool and delusional harley twat is just being polite, not that he would ever be seen dead on one in real life, completely missing the fact that the c90 is the one that stands the best chance of me not being seen dead, 90 miles from a gallon of any old gas and a steady 45/50 mph up hill and down dale from something light enough to push for 5 miles and quiet enough not to wake the neighbours at 3 am, but to them it is a piece of shit.

My 2002 harley twin cam is a big girl’s blouse, yeah, sure it is all kinds of fun and cool, but that shit only flies when everything is rosy in the garden, the humble honda c90 is a finely crafted utility / survival tool in an entirely different league.

Even fucking honda can’t sell c90’s any more, which is why they stopped selling them here years ago, “scooters” are no longer utilitarian reliable easy to fix cheap to run vehicles, in fact a lot of the 2017 models have as standard features that I could only dream of on my 2002 HD such as ABS and heated grips.

I suppose in a world where nobody is even capable or servicing their own pushbikes any longer, it’s no big deal to make scooters that are dealer only CANBUS controlled mobile computing devices, ain’t no fucker going to be running it in 20 years because not a one of them will be running in 20 years.

I know of one local-ish independent motorcycle mechanic, who like truck drivers and everyone else, is not “retiring”, he is just quitting the industry, fuck it, I’m outta here, the straw that broke the camel’s back for him was the diagnostic tablet computers plus adapter cables plus software updates for this years makes and models finally would have cost him more than this year’s rent on his workshop / premises. Game over man.

We literally have no way to go now but “moar” and forwards, and that is utterly dependent on effectively free fiat money and outsourced cheap disposable manufacturing in places one short missile hop away from NK.

We are flirting with the very thing I have warned about here time and time and time again, that the various levels of technology are like stall speed in an aircraft, get 0.0000001 mph below it and it transforms from an aircraft to a brick, there is no soft or gradual transition.

It’s all very well having the bread / milk / meat basket of the country around here with all the fields lying fallow in the belief that the “capacity” is there to reinstate that production, it’s another thing entirely to try and do it, especially when you are looking at 4/6/12 month lead times, and ain’t nobody gonna pull the trigger without guaranteed sales and guaranteed prices down the line, that’s assuming it only takes a signed contract to make it so, and not skilled workers and working equipment and infrastructure and so on…

… assuming you can go on fleabay and buy a herd of cattle for milk or meat, now is a bit late to be planning next winter’s feed and housing and so on for them, you can’t get a plane into the air one piece at at time, either the whole shebang goes v1, v2 rotate or nothing.. for values of nothing that include a smoking ruin at the end of the runway that just ate all your capital expenditure…

Never mind, here come the nice people from the guvvmint / MIC, and they are here to help….


  1. “you can’t get a plane into the air one piece at at time”

    Fantastic expression, I’m going to have to use in conversation at some point

    Right about scooters, the works 400cc scooter had a new F.I. pump and clutch/gearbox components about 4000 miles ago, expired with a shrieking noise and lots of swarf all over the place last week. As the bike is the key transport to making my work in London somewhat unique and therefore viable, the knock on effects go beyond a bill and I bet the parts will be on an order only basis. Utilitarian to the bike shop’s accountants maybe, me not so much…

    Sadly a C90 won’t carry tools and cruise at 80mph

    Comment by justwanttocommentblog — April 17, 2017 @ 4:30 pm

    • acidic comment about neither will a 400cc scooter with a dead FI pump and a motor full of swarf… a c90 will carry tools and cruise at 50 mph though.

      You’ll be wanting the modern equivalent of a cx500 then sir, step this way….

      Comment by wimminz — April 17, 2017 @ 4:37 pm

      • “neither will a 400cc scooter with a dead FI pump and a motor full of swarf” 😀 as I have found out much to my disgust. 50mph/60mph on a 125 is just too slow to feel comfortably safe on the PCP German lease car autobahn that is the A3 into London – I was using a 125 and at 100 miles a day the extra speed makes the trip much less fatiguing

        Bikes are no good or I’d consider using my 750 big trailie, but the super-scoots have such a big ‘boot’ I can cram what would need panniers on a bike in there

        Comment by justwanttocommentblog — April 17, 2017 @ 7:54 pm

        • Burgman 650 executive or the honda 700,…

          Comment by wimminz — April 17, 2017 @ 8:36 pm

          • It was a Burgman that shat itself on the A3 😀 Bit dubious of Suzook now. Always bought Honda bikes myself – didn’t know they did a 700 scoot, cheers!

            Comment by justwanttocommentblog — April 17, 2017 @ 8:44 pm

  2. The case of NK is interesting because most reporting on is indistinguishable from war time propaganda, every report portrays Kim Jong as the hun, who is just about to come down and grab our wimminz by the pussy, any minute now, booga booga!

    You never hear that they are ready for peace just as much as for war:

    “AP, Mar. 8, 2017 BEIJING — China’s foreign minister said Wednesday that North Korea could suspend its nuclear and missile activities in exchange for a halt in joint U.S.-South Korea military drills, in an unusually public proposal that analysts said showed Beijing’s growing alarm over the tensions.”

    Notice how those US “drills” are always conveniently omitted in the media.

    It’s like deja vu all over again, except not funny:

    Why dejavu, because this?

    “The annual Team Spirit exercise, held every spring, involved transporting thousands of U.S. troops to Korea, to conduct training exercises designed to repel a simulated North Korean attack upon the South. The North hated this exercise—it was an annual reminder to them of their humiliation in 1950, when President Harry S. Truman had shocked them by sending U.S. troops to repel their original invasion. In response to Team Spirit, North Korea always put itself on an extremely high military alert level, and sent out waves of propaganda against the “American warmongers and their South Korean lackeys.”

    After a good deal of pushing and pulling, General Robert RisCassi and I got the Pentagon and the Korean Ministry of Defense to agree to cancel the 1992 Team Spirit exercise. They jointly announced this late in 1991. Shortly thereafter, the two Koreas signed a pair of significant agreements. The “Basic Agreement,” signed on December 13, 1991, pledged both countries to work toward “reconciliation, nonaggression, exchanges and cooperation.”

    On December 18, President Roh announced that there were no nuclear weapons in South Korea. On December 31, North and South Korea signed the “Joint Declaration” calling for a denuclearized peninsula and pledging to allow inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

    The signing of these agreements ushered in a period of good feelings between North and South Korea. A series of eight prime ministerial meetings was held, and the prospects for a major reconciliation were higher than ever before.

    Unfortunately, this happy period did not last long. At the annual security consultation meeting held at the Pentagon in the autumn of 1992, the Team Spirit exercise was reinstated for March 1993. Both military establishments had cited the invaluable training that this exercise provided, and Defense Secretary Dick Cheney reinstated the exercise without consulting either the State Department or me.”

    Former ambassador to SK Donald P. Gregg, which brings it back to stereotypes, they are true about Cheney, there is no peace effort he didn’t personally undermine!

    Here is a recent youtube clip of said ambassador, and another.

    Have you ever heard this perspective in the MSM?

    Ever heard that they are just waiting for an US administration that will talk to them?

    I don’t think so.

    Comment by guest — April 17, 2017 @ 7:45 pm

    • Let’s not forget the clintons sold them the nuclear reactors required to get the plutonium to make bombs….

      Comment by wimminz — April 17, 2017 @ 8:36 pm

  3. More random thoughts while stuck in traffic

    Do you think that ‘The powers that be’, and I mean the real deal here, allow a boom time once every x years/generations to keep people sold on the idea of ‘The way things are’ being ‘The way things should be’. The overall cost to them when compared to the rest of the ‘boot stamping on a human face/inflating away his purchasing power’ time would be minimal. Speculate to accumulate. If we go right back to the Feudal times, I don’t mean the peasants ever had a boom themselves, rather that the boom would have been something to aim for, or that they would have been too lowly even to register.

    The obvious parallel is a war every x years/gens to keep the population in check,

    These people work in multiple lifespans I’m led to believe, with no one generation actually seeing the end result, whatever it is.

    Comment by justwanttocommentblog — April 18, 2017 @ 6:39 pm

    • I know you werent asking me specifically, and I dont claim to be an expert, but Ive thought about this question also.

      Ive toyed around with the thought of a few possibilities:

      1) Military vassals states. Large standing armies using advanced weapons require large economies to support. Relative periods of wealth can be supported to develop the infrastructure needed for these ends. The US acts as the military vassal state of the international despots. There are parallels in history with the Ashina/Sogdian clan using the Gokturk empire as their military vassal. The military vassals are deployed against nations wishing to establish governments and economies outside of the international cabal.

      2) Technological control. Allowing the funding and advancement of technology for means of greater control. Note that the internet, financial system, transportation infrastructure could be built in a more efficient way which grants greater quality of life compared to how its currently implemented. Yet its always built and rolled out in a way that grants greater centralized control and surveillance.

      3) Economic churn. Bubbles are created and popped to cause social crises, extract resources, and enrich the money changers. By creating fiat currency, expanding and contracting credit, and causing currency crises, the central bankers can cripple entire nations. Foreknowledge of events allows them to profit off losses, buy up assets for a song, and sell them off at the top of centrally created bubbles. During the bubble inflation, many people experience the false sense of a ‘boom time’. Currency crises and depressions allow them to buy up land and assets off desperate and struggling natives.

      4) Destruction of social fabric. By forcing people to place economic success before the community, nation, and family, you can subvert all of them. Once times of economic depression hit, there are no bonds for most people to fall back on. This is a fundamental strategy in destroying nations (divide and conquer).

      Occassional periods of prosperity may be employed by TPTB when they accomplish the above goals.

      Comment by Undefined — April 19, 2017 @ 6:35 am

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