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April 15, 2017

it’s a sickness I tell you.

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One thing the internet didn’t change was physical proximity, sure, with the advent of the internet I could virtually meet and interact with people I would never have met otherwise, and at times some of those meetings turned into long lasting friendships or sexual relationships, but until and unless one or both of you moved, the physical real world distance between you did not change.

I’m going to use The Register as an example because I have known it since the days it was a weekly electronic newsletter, and boy has it ever changed over the years…. gone is the irreverent intelligent inquiring techy insider groove, nowadays it’s unreadable unbearable achingly politically correct LGBTQ+ rights pap that looks and feels and sounds like siblings of jalponik or huffington or wired.

London, or lahndahn depending on your accent, was once all cockney jive and blitz spirit and the gezzer in the camel hair coat has got the hump with me and you’re having a fucking laugh mate.

London now is unbearably achingly politically correct LGBTQ+ gender unified toilet bowl with a broken flush handle.

I and others talked years ago about the rise of the meme, but this goes way way way beyond that, and it opens intellectual doors into subjects such as the spread of religion and groupthink and common identities.

You don’t have to go far to find traditional salt of the earth / pain in the ass original dyed in the wool 100% genuine cockney types, they’ve moved out of cockneyland, didn’t feel like it was home or they were welcome, so now they inhabit the home counties and south coast like shell shocked displaced refugees.

Their place taken by yet more right on achingly politically correct types.

In case I am not being sufficiently clear, I’m talking about positive feedback loops and reinforcements and correlations between physical locations and general mindsets and attitudes…

Nobody at The Register would even begin to comprehend what I am talking about when I say the every single article now is dripping with hip anti male anti tradition anti fact anti intellect politically correct hipster vibe, and if it was presented to them well I’m clearly just a retarded misogynistic dinosaur and thank fuck I don’t live near them, or their children…

Because nobody at The Register can go outside their doors and meet anyone different to themselves, ditto the Guardian and the Times and the BBC and so on, and on larger scales ditto Londonistan or Sweden or DC…

When I grew up regional differences were proprietary and affectionate, Kiwis and Oztralians could rip the shit out of their slightly retarded neighbours and tell jokes about each other and hey her father shook my hand when I brought her back, most of the other blokes left her in the tree eh… but you come in as an outsider, even an ethnically and culturally similar outsider like a Pom, and start taking the piss out of one side in front of the other and it’s all hey mate, sit your ass down and shuttup and have a beer and chill, you’re not part of this.

Yanks and Canucks, English and French, Norwegians and Finns, the beat went on, because the ironic thing was that while you could stand outside any of these regions and cultures, and point at their obvious characteristics and so on (the oztralians are all sheep shagging ex convicts, as opposed to the kiwis who were all just sheep shaggers..) the minute you actually crossed the borders INTO those countries it was like the difference between being in a boat looking down at the sea and being underwater looking up at the sky, everything changed.

Suddenly the stereotype was nowhere to be seen, and what you were presented with on the ground was a vast rainbow array of individual thoughts and beliefs and attitudes and likes and dislikes, the irony of irony was that what we had back then was true multiculturalism and rainbox hued attitudes, all within the microcosmos of each country and people.

Culture shock was when you noticed jarring differences between one culture and another, BECAUSE SO MUCH ELSE WAS SO SIMILAR, there is a really rich tapestry of people and such variety and such vibracy and then SCREEECH you go from the bar to the toilets in the French bar and find there is one unisex toilet with men and women using it together and washing their hands together at the sinks.

Now, now it’s all gone, in the age of “multiculturalism” it’s like that rich rainbow tapestry has been destroyed, think swirling vibrant coloured liquids in a jar, and now someone has come along and drop by drop added some reagent and that beautiful swirls has separated out into disparate layers that no longer mix, like oil and water, even when you try to stir them up together you just get a dirty emulsion, that over time will separate again into separate mutually toxic layers.

THIS is the meme mental illness that has befallen us all.

Gone, *utterly* is the affectionate regard for the “whingeing pom” who emigrated in 20 years ago being told to wind his fucking neck in, the guys on the east side of the river and the guys on the west side of the river have been doing this rivalry since their great great grandparents landed and planted the first fruit trees, so grab a beer and siddown and keep your nose out of it.

Hey, at least he still lives *here* so he is a better breed of man than those whingeing bastards a thousand miles south in Sidney eh, give him another twenty years here and I may even buy the bastard a beer… laughs all around.

So we had the National Front and then we had the English Defence league, and so on and so on and so on, and we have the bulk of ordinary working whites who voted for Trump, and every time they all get betrayed, because, you know those people are all fucking deplorable, and the distillation and separation process proceeds, now we are belling white kids in a white country who feel like second class citizens and foreigners in their own country.

I have mentioned here before in this blog, if you want to have you mind fucking blown go out and do what it takes for a group of local 14 year old kids / boys to talk to you openly and tell you about wimminz.

If you want it really blown talk to the same kids about the non whites and muslims and so on in our midst.

I’ve talked to them and tried to explain that skin colour similarities aside, the lone sikh whose dad runs the grocery shop, he has more in common and more history in common with traditional english culture than all of the others put together.

Fuck him, he ain’t one of us.

But he ain’t one of them either.

Don’t give a fuck, he ain’t one of us, so he’s a fucking animal same as them.

We’ve got there, 200 miles away in Londonistan we have a politically correct hell hole, and down here we have the next generation expressing well held beliefs that if you’re not white you’re subhuman.

Thanks to piss poor education they know nothing but a little skewed propaganda about Hitler, propaganda that was supposed to make Hitler revolting, these kids lap it up, whites first, fuck yeah, this Hitler dude knew what the fuck he was doing.

Tell them about eugenics and social darwinism and the rockerfeller foundation funding all this shit in the 1930’s and the smartphones come out and they start googling it.

Fuck yeah.

So, the premise of this piece, those who live geographically close to each other share a common set of mental delusions, which may or may not be more or less valid than those held by people living in another region, the important point is the separation and stratification and distilling of differences.

From there, the end result is inevitable… it will be guerilla war, one whole class of people without any central command or organization or nervous system saying fuck it and flipping from one state to another, and I can tell you now they will be all “well, the fucking muslims started it, and the so called fucking peaceful muslims didn’t fucking stop it” and everyone who objects is going to be non white or a quisling collaborator and fuck you all you’re all subhuman anyway.

And it won’t be Bosnia where Raytheon corp and others can play games and demo weapons and contain everything, when any northern eurpoean country goes, they all go.

I don’t give a fuck, I’m white.

When it comes to sheer brutality and violence when unleashed the white man is the T14 tank with his mates the T90 you see me rollin’ bruv….. everyone else on the planet, fucking trabants and datsun sunny’s and teslas.

The last thing anyone should ever do is wake up that monster that sleeps within the breast of the white man.

Its definition of “win” is not the same as yours, and it will win at *any* cost, because the greater the cost the greater the fervour and enjoyment and positive feedback.

The old real multicultural rainbow societies we had kept it comatose, the new stratified and segmented meme park we have now are just setting the stage for it to wake up.


PS. I don’t give a fuck if the donald is all white power gung ho might is right bomb everything fuck yeah… IF HE COULD WALK THE WALK and IF the US MIC machine could walk the walk.

It can’t and he can’t, it’s not a walk done with crew served weapons, it’s a walk done door to door, hedge to hedge, wall to wall, and maim then torture then kill everything that isn’t “me/us”… nukes may kill everything, but they won’t satiate the beast.

75 years ago the Japanese feared that all they had done was wake the sleeping beast (not the US, the round eye) , they didn’t, it never got that far.

Contrary to what many will say, I do not think the real danger here is an exchange of nuclear weapons on a small scale, I think the real danger is traditional land warfare, that’s what will wake the beast.


  1. Within the last year, the number of people Ive noticed using triple parentheses has been skyrocketing, and the number of people virtue signalling the tribe has been shrinking.

    Not to mention the multitudes of people silent on the matter who just want to keep a clean internet record. The tides are changing, but most are waiting for a sea change event.

    A small global minority requires an incredibly fragile technological control system to control the global population. But for psychopaths, control is the only game in town.

    If there is a ground war and enough men start dying, how long will it take before some guys get the idea to march through tel aviv?

    Comment by Undefined — April 16, 2017 @ 1:57 am

  2. Apropos of nothing – wimminz, you sound like you’ve lived a varied life and are someone whose answer I’d give credence to on this.

    Simple question – is there more scum around now, or is it just more noticeable the older one gets?

    Of course all this ties into many, many themes discussed here re: society, law.

    A yes or a no will do. I just wonder if it’s my lying eyes, or my lying brain. 😉

    Comment by justwanttocommentblog — April 16, 2017 @ 9:39 pm

    • My reply would have to be a resounding YES!, and at all levels…

      Comment by wimminz — April 17, 2017 @ 3:02 am

  3. Not that anyone should feel obligated to, but nothing so far has worked and I figured Id throw this out there in case any of you are feeling generous.

    SSD running win8.1 blue screened, couldnt start up and says BCD files are corrupt or missing. Loaded up a recovery disk, ran checkdisk and it says the SDD is fine.

    Ran startup recovery and it failed. In command prompt, tried

    Rebuildbcd failed with a message “The requested system device cannot be found.”

    I then type the command
    bdcboot c:\windows /s c:

    Which says files have been created, but when I try restarting, I get the same blue screen. Also, all the steps above return the same results.

    Tried getting a laptop repair guy to look at it, but they said it needs to be reformatted. Didnt even mention pulling off old files with a linux boot usb first, so I dont trust these guys.

    Any help is appreciated. Much thanks..

    Comment by Undefined — April 17, 2017 @ 6:37 am

    • Nevermind, got it handled now. Had to rebuild the MBR. If it ever happens to any of you guys:


      Im a moron for not having multiple backups handy anyway. Been traveling for a while and wasnt able to justify hauling around an NAS. But for a laptop, an external backup or 2, and a few recovery USBs/CDs should be minimum. Lesson learned.

      Comment by Undefined — April 17, 2017 @ 7:45 am

      • 1/ BUY USB3 external HHD in caddy at least as large as C: drive in laptop, in an ideal world and SSD and if you’re lucky it will be a machanical swap fit with the original in cases of emergency.

        2/ BUY a copy of Macrium Reflect, highly recommend it, ***take an image of the entire root disk in laptop***, if you new external HDD is large enough also take weekly incremental backups…https://www.macrium.com/

        3/ https://wimminz.wordpress.com/?s=uefi if you have anything less than an expensive laptop you almost certainly have cut down UEFI and a hidden partition (see point 2***) which contains all the device drivers, if this gets lost or corrupted, it’s an un recoverable brick.

        HTH etc

        Comment by wimminz — April 17, 2017 @ 12:35 pm

        • Much appreciated. Picked up the HDD today, more to follow

          Comment by Undefined — April 17, 2017 @ 2:38 pm

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