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April 14, 2017

Might makes right.

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I could grab three or four 5 year olds and do anything I like to or with them, in the words of the Borg, resistance would be futile.

Or I could grab three or four five year olds and lie to and deceive and manipulate them at every turn, as a means to an end of doing the exact same things to and with them as in the first scenario.

The abuses perpetrated against the children are identical, the only difference is one abuser does it openly, fuck you, and the other does it deviously, fuck you.

Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump have a lot in common, as do the above two scenarios, and no prizes for guessing which is which, but the point here is which one is powerful and honest, and which one is powerful and deceitful, and which is worse.

Stating openly that I intend to kill every child under ten born on a saturday or sunday and then doing it is honest, and it is an important point, honesty is truth, and there is no connection whatsoever between honesty and good…

Neither of the scenarios above are good, but one of them is at least honest, so we have a choice between honest evil and deceitful evil.

Which is worse?

A young girl was recently sterilised, this was necessary because of cancer, so she had a hysterectomy, in shades of dark greek humour this doesn’t mean she had her hysteria removed, it means, depending on the type of hysterectomy, she had her uterus removed, all the way up to having everything removed, in her case it was everything.

Life saving.

Cancer removing.

You’ll never have kids, but then again without it, you’ll die so you’ll never have kids.

Sounds all honest and good doesn’t it.

And so it was, until some potential rapist born with a penis knows nothing about wimminz anatomy male relative of the girl started asking questions, educating himself, he soon came up with two significant questions.

The first question he asked was were the ovaries like the testes, and the source of hormones, and if so did the fact that they have been removed mean the girl now needs to be given hormones so her mind and body and so on can continue to develop normally.

At this point the doctors and clinicians and patient managers are all still on board with this guy, you’ll forgive me for saying that this is because his questions coincide with ongoing treatment of the patient, which means ongoing revenue.

And then he asked his second question.

What happened to her eggs?

Because unlike males who produce millions of sperm for much of their lives, females are born with all the eggs they will ever have.

He didn’t trust the “medical waste is disposed of” and could not get an actual statement of fact guaranteeing that the definition of disposal did not involve more money changing hands, and instead meant fed into a furnace… so he got escorted off the premises in handcuffs by the po-po.

Now social services are wondering aloud whether his interest in the girl’s fertility is a pretext for sexual intercourse with zero possibility of getting caught via pregnancy etc, and moves are being made to exclude him, on pain of jail time, from being within 100 metres of the girl.

You see the parallels to the two scenarios that started this post…

Honest evil vs deceitful evil, which is worse?

And which is *truly* powerful within their own domain?

London is further away from me than all the high tech industrial capacity of south korea is from the norks, and Scotland is further away from me than all the high tech industrial capacity of Japan, or come to that Hebei / Shandong / Jianxu provinces of China, ditto the high tech manufacturing thing.

Walk about this room I am sitting in and say that, and that, and that, and that, and that, and that, and that, and that, and so on for several more lines, all shit manufactured in one of these three places.

What a great place to start a conventional war, much less a nuclear one, what possible consequences could it have back home here in the west?

Trump is like those doctors, hey, bigly praise me for saving your beautiful blonde baby girls life, and when you question what happened to her eggs, then you’re just another fucking Kim Jung to be called a potential child rapist and nuked.

I said at the beginning, who knows, wait and see and judge the man by his actions, well, I waited, I have seen enough, for me nothing can excuse or atone for or adequately explain his actions to date.

Meet the new MIC boss, same as the old MIC boss.

I’m officially offering sanctuary to up to a dozen hot nork females between the ages of 16 and 20, get it while your homeland ain’t radioactive hot.



  1. That story about the girl is all kinds of fucked up. Personal experience or was it in the paper? Were the girl’s family on his side?

    ‘Refugees welcome’ indeed

    Comment by justwanttocommentblog — April 14, 2017 @ 8:02 pm

    • Related to me in email with a mountain of redacted (by me) detail, colouring in the squares in a local-ish story that has been doing the rounds.

      In the UK it is illegal for an individual woman to sell your eggs, and compo is capped at 750 quid, so there is a shortage of eggs to go around, both for fertility and for research, so it would appear that “valuable” organs are harvested, and it is not illegal for the harvesting organisation to recieve a donation that is *not* capped at 750 quid from the end recipient… and when an individual egg is worth between 750 quid and 10,000 bucks, how much is two ova with a life time supply of approximately 100,000 pre egg follicles worth if you can keep it alive in vitro? and use it either for stem cell therapy or fertility treatments?

      Comment by wimminz — April 14, 2017 @ 8:17 pm

  2. Where I live, corruption is rampant and common enough that its even expected in certain situations. Because its expected, its easier to plan around.

    Where I come from, there are freedoms and rights so corruption cant possibly happen because it would be outrageous. Of course there is corruption, but because people dont want to believe it, the ones calling out the corruption are called lunatics.

    In one environment, you can be forced to pay a one time “fine” if a policeman decides to stop you and shake you down without you doing anything illegal.

    In another, you can have your assets, children, and freedom siezed forever so a cartel of cops, judges, and politicians can justify their pay checks. Because how could all these people possibly be corrupt?

    Which is more civililized?

    Comment by Undefined — April 15, 2017 @ 2:16 am

    • I too have lived in many places around the world, and have often said that though the UK claims to be the least corrupt and most civilised country, in reality the open corruption and lack of pretence of false civilisation in other places made them far more civilised and far less corrupt than the UK could ever be.

      I’ve lived in places with cops openly on the take who’d smile and take a raincheck if you were short, smile and share a beer or a cofee with you if you liked, and smile and help you if you needed it, and none of it needed radioing back to HQ for permission.

      Comment by wimminz — April 15, 2017 @ 3:36 am

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