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April 11, 2017

PC problems as symptomatic of wider issues.

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I was going to do something about the film Simone (2002) and how people believe what they see without critical analysis (unprotected doctors handling “sarin victims” in Syria recently) so if you have the technology even if you never went near any ten year old kids you could be shown a film of you fucking ten year old kids, now do this, or it gets released…

But… PC’s….


This group of people run PC’s daily, they are leery of websites and executables, leery of accepting or opening or running other people’s files, even if the other people in question claim to be Microsoft or Lloyds Bank or Sony (even if they *are*..lol) leery of letting anyone else access or use their computers, and as/ when / if things go wrong they have backup and recovery solutions in place so the worst that happens is they lose a day’s worth of productivity or data.


This group of people pride themselves on knowing more than most other people, and they often spend a lot of their time “fixing” other people’s computers, and a lot of time trying to make their own computers do what they want them to do, with varying levels of success, and so on.


This group of people see the computer as a tool, nothing more, and since it is a solid state device and doesn’t have any moving parts, like a brick, it should be as reliable as a brick, they don’t know much about what goes on inside, nor do they need to, the job of the OS is to ensure they can do what they want without learning everything.


This group of people see the computer as an essential, but also a fashion accessory, it is very important that the peer group approve of the purchase, if many of your friends own a PS$, you won’t be considering an Xbox.


The infernal device, this group of people see the computer as some sort of infernal device that they have no choice but to use, but a device that seems designed to thwart or make as difficult as possible everything they try to do.


This group of people is the IT Professional, they actually earn money from the day job maintaining and fixing PC’s, of course it is like painting the Forth Bridge, a never ending job.

So, six categories, and you can make the valid argument that the categories themselves are rubbish, nevertheless you can put almost everyone into at least one of the six categories.

So what?

Category 1 is people like me, it’s no coincidence we also drive 700 quid cars and can’t remember the last time we broke down, it’s no coincidence we routinely fix things in the home rather than throwing them away, and it’s no coincidence that when we see “doctors” with bare skin handling people who have just been dosed with sarin that we know for a scientific fact that the video is fake.

Category 2 is proof that in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king, category 1 people know that category 2 people can fuck up a computer worse than anyone else, and when they do it won’t be their fault, it will be russian hackers installing a rootkit, or crappy microsoft programmers or stupid lusers.

Category 3 is the bulk of people, often customers of category 2, it’s just a tool they use, whether it is at work or to skype the grandkids, they have no more interest in it than they do in the TV, it should just work and when it doesn’t it is because it is crap.

Category 4 virtue signal, I have an iPhone x because it is the best device on the market bar none, and the best people use them, and if there is anything that it can’t do then that just gets ratified away as a symptom of the superiority of the device.

Category 5 is the small but significant group of people who manage to break everything, but do so in ways that shouldn’t break anything, after all, all they did was click yes on a dialogue box or delete a folder that they simply did not need or use (C:/windows) to free up disk space, or fail to understand why word is the wrong tool to edit a jpeg.

Category 6 is the small but significant group of people who deal with all the others, and in shades of it being hard to get a man to see something that his salary depends upon him not seeing, *effective* education and training is nowhere on the agenda, rather they are a people who have learned the company song and mantra, and after all, they do this for a living… natch.

You can see where I’m going with this, category 1 is the only one that should be allowed to vote, category 2 is local and national government and bankers and so on, category 3 is your average voter / citizen… the beat goes on.

The thing is, it’s not about PC’s, back in the days of the horse and cart these same people would be in the same categories having the same issues.

It’s one of the reasons I got out of the PC business (I used to own and run a small but successful PC business, before that I was a small but successful ISP) , category 2 were the worst customers, the laptop died and the thesis has to be printed and submitted in 24 hours and I don’t expect to pay more than 20 quid for this, category 3 never understood what had gone wrong, and didn’t want to know, and didn’t want to pay, category 4 I refused to even entertain as customers, they’d never be happy, so go back to Apple / Sony / whatever…  category 5 always thought the bill was too high, after all, they didn’t do anything to break anything, so what if they handed you a brick, category 6 could be good customers, once you identified their own personal belief structures and conformed to them… category 1 was what you lived for, they were often just too busy, and while you’re in there upgrade everything or build me a new whatever, here’s the money, great job, thanks.

But these categories hold true across boundaries no matter what trade or business you are in, you see, it occurs to me that my earlier attempt to categorise the wimminz by appearance, eg;

dyed red hair – run away
asymmetric hair style – run away
big hoopy earrings – run away
tatts – run away

…doesn’t go far enough in 2017, I need something to categorise all peoples, all individuals, preferably at a distance, and a method that doesn’t give the game away that what I am doing is categorising them.

Category 5 – is this the right category for those who voted for Trump and believed everything and now feel betrayed? Or is there a bit of 3 and a bit of 6 in there too?

Trump hisself is cat 2 or cat 6, the jury is out, his jew boy son in law and useless daughter are both cat 2, no doubt about that… perhaps the act of going in to politics itself is a signal of moving from cat 6 to cat 2…

All my real life personal friends are cat 1, no doubt at all about that.

The psycho skank ho ex’s, cat 2

The current squeeze’s ex, cat 3, their kids, cat 4 (most kids nowadays are cat 4)

Rapefugees and all religious fundies, cat 5, destined to break so much stuff along they way the only certainty is they will never even approach their stated goals, nor address that disparity.

It’s a thought experiment / work in progress.

r/K isn’t fine grained enough for my tastes.


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  1. Just as people tend to run their lives, Ive found that the way people react to events to be a good litmus test of their character.

    Take the recent United Airlines controversy. Ill ignore for a moment how the story’s timing is suspect as a diversion from recent political moves, and just focus on what happened.

    A seated, paying customer whose seat was confirmed was beaten unconsciously and illegally forcibly removed from an airline in the US.

    My reaction was essentially
    1) Can they do that? Is it legal?
    2) What are the laws exactly?
    3) What recourse do we have against this?
    4) ..

    And so on. Usually followed by a lot of research to get the facts straight on exaxtly what happened (with varying degrees of probability), legal protections, consumer rights, etc. The character of the guy being dragged off was pretty far down the list. Even if someone is a complete scumbag waste of life, it DOES NOT justify giving someone carte blanche to violate the law and wrongfully accuse them. There are many people who cant seem to grasp this concept.

    “Yea what United did was wrong, but the guy deserved it!” While ignoring key facts that paint a completely different picture than what is claimed.

    They also are the same people who get angry when you substitute the people/events and repeat their argument back to them. “The Nazis were justified in any illegal treatment of the jews because the jews were behaving badly.”

    Then there are the people who already know whose at fault before they know any details. Their story changes from “The guy agreed to the contract ahead of time and it must be honored”, then upon hearing that it was the airline who broke contract, change their story of what’s the most important issue.

    And then theres the people who want to avoid all conflict and browbeat anyone who makes such a big fuss over such minor issues. They just want to bury their heads in the sand while surrounding themself with people of questionable judgment.

    In general I dont invest much in news or current events anymore. However, I DO care about what TPTB can get away with as a guage of what to expect going forward. The way people react to events like this shows what TPTB can get away with.

    But most importantly, seeing how people react to these kind of issues grants a window into their worldview.

    The only people I trust are those who want to know all the details before assigning guilt, or who refuse to be treated unjustly. Ive lost a lot of potential friends over “little things” and have been accused of making a big deal out of nothing. But every time I needed a close friend when I was in a bind, they didnt dissappoint.

    Observe those around you and act accordingly.. your life and freedom could depend on it someday.

    Comment by Undefined — April 13, 2017 @ 3:21 am

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