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April 8, 2017

It’s complicated.

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I’ve always refused to have a fuckbook account myself, but I was reminded today that many years ago I created one for work, and it was associated with a “throwaway” email address that I still happen to use… as in I checked it today as I was wondering if I still had an email address for someone in that account…

… only to see a notification from fuckbook that three people has apparently accepted my friends request, good because I haven’t signed into that account for at least five years, and bad because two of them are ex fucks…

So I fire up a clean session in a limited browser and sign in, and while I am there I decide to go through my old conquests lists, or at least those for whom I had a genuine first and last name.

Bear in mind some of these go back, seven, eight, nine, ten years.

Yup, they ALL have fucking fuckbook profiles, and while a couple are “minimal” so you actually can’t tell much, the rest are pretty much all “it’s complicated”.

Now, while I will be the first to admit that I am no spring chicken, and while I may make all sorts of claims about ageing well, the fact is I am mid / late fifties, not some eternally young and good looking and able to fuck anything stud.

However, these were all wimminz that at one time I saw fit to empty my balls into, and some of them regularly, and the intervening period has been exactly, to the fucking picosecond, as long for them as it has for me.

Talk about Aleppo after the bombs have fallen, fuck me, the homely dirty fuck me sexy ones look like they have aged 30 years, the big titted ones look like they have melted in the heat and are sagging all over, the housewife next door ones now look like the granny next door, and the fucking teeny ones now look like they should be in madame tussauds, slutty skank with a beer belly section.

I’m not talking I wouldn’t want to fuck them now, I’m not talking maybe my rose tinted glasses betray me, I’m talking I have pictures of these skanks from back in the day and I’m sitting here wondering how it is possible for *all* of these wimminz to have aged so dramatically and so badly in such a few intervening years.

Having only lived this life I have no idea if what I am seeing and feeling is a thing common to all men of a certain age, but I’m minded of the old CRT TV’s where when you turned the power off the picture shrank to a horizontal line that then shrank to a dot that faded out, and I’m finding the same thing with wimminz, the range that I find sexually attractive is rapidly diminishing, with the given exception of pretty much anything that’s sweet sixteen as the song goes, the definition of hot is narrowing rapidly.

Like I say, I have no way of knowing if this is a function of my own advancing years and biology, or if there is a change in the wimminz on such a scale, or maybe a bit of both.

Google image search and looking at photos taken in the seventies and eighties would strongly suggest to me that at best it is a bit of both, and at worst only party a function of my advancing years.

Go on, do a google image search for “girls in 1970”.. I’m scrolling way way way down the page before finding anything I would not hit today…. there isn’t a lardass to be seen anywhere.

Do the same for 1980 and some of the hair got totally fucked up but pretty much fuckable across the board and nary a land whale to be seen.

Do the same for 1990 and it’s all change, some of them look like someone just stuck a cactus up their ass, it’s all open mouthed pouting and posturing, waistlines have pretty much disappeared, and of course all the facial expressions have morphed into the “I wanna be a meth head” crazed shit we now accept as the normal resting facial expression of the skanky wimminz.

Do the same for 2000 and they all look like refugees from a Wham pop video, and it’s anyone’s guess what’s under the clothes, chicks with dicks anyone?

Do the same for 2010 and it’s wall to wall “not hot enough for a bang bros porno” sluts, most of whom look like someone with moderately good photoshop skillz has transplanted the head from a completely different body on to them.

2020 is anyone’s guess, depending on what our glorious leaders and movers and shakers and influence peddlers do, as a younger man I’d look at friends and relatives daughters and sometimes say, as we all nice, and in a nice complimentary and innocent way, she will grow up to break a few hearts, because the kid was pretty and sweet and innocent and you could see how time could turn that into pretty and sweet and sexy, nowadays I look at the modern version of the same thing striking poses and pouting selfies into their smartphones at nine years old and I wonder not so much how short the window will be where they are sexually desirable for their purity and innocence, but whether there is any hope at all of even a shred of it lasting until they become vamp/goth/troll sluts by 13 having already started on the cock carousel.

I will leave it for others to do a parallel post about motor cars or motorcycles or jet fighters or houses or pretty much anything else you like, and realise that it is all part of the same continuum and commonality of our headlong rush into reset.




  1. Come to Asia bro!

    Its night and day. Women are still women here, and the options are endless. I never got many back in the west, but here its possible to have a new hot young skinny one every night, or even every few hours if you can handle it. Many guys will never believe it until they go.

    Meet from tinder/dateinasia, grab a quick coffee/lunch, then go up to your condo and have fun. Indonesia and Philippines are easiest, Vietnam takes more work but theyre the prettiest.

    Comment by Undefined — April 8, 2017 @ 2:30 am

  2. I think some of the premature aging is from drink/drug abuse and hard living. women cannot comprehend life past age 27.

    slathering on the makeup also tends to dry the skin, and they do that as young as possible to make themselves look older. irony?

    Comment by patriarchal landmine — April 8, 2017 @ 4:50 am

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