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April 8, 2017

For those in peril on the sea

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For most of my life, I would happily say that the only charity I would give any money to was the RNLI / lifeboats, and I’d give regularly, always small amounts, but very very regularly “put the change in the lifeboat” sort of stuff.

I stopped some years ago when they started allowing and encouraging wimminz to be lifeboat crews, I really don’t give a fuck if they are in the office or behind the scenes but the cunts have no place at the cutting edge of sea rescue, they don’t have the strength or stamina… bear in mind 99.9% of the male crew do manual labour so they are all about twice as fit and strong as you’d expect from the average guy of the same age.

Now this.


So some worthless empire building pen pushing cunt in an office decides to discipline an unpaid volunteer with 20 years service because said volunteer broke a couple of pathetic rules made by said pencil necked worthless cunts in offices and took an inflatable rib out single handed to help a guy with engine difficulties and give him a tow, in calm weather it has to be said.

So instead of making a drama out of nothing much and instead of getting a few of his volunteer unpaid mates to drop tools at their job he just goes out and does it himself, with just him and his 20 years of volunteer service to make that judgement call.

So some worthless cunt in an office decides to discipline an unpaid volunteer, and the entire station crew of 25 other unpaid volunteers react to this by saying FUCK YOU! to the RNLI and walk out en masse… he was their coxswain, the man in charge of the boat and their lives every time they went out as unpaid volunteers.

I could see it coming, back a bit in my then day job as the cisco kid one of the many venues I used to call at were the lifeboat stations, and it was always upgrading the comms.

A system that worked perfectly well for 100 years with technology like a single phone line to the station and a single siren in the station to call the volunteers (with the volunteers themselves working out their own rotas so there was always a full crew plus 3 in earshot of the siren) went all high tech a 10 or 100 mbit fibre connection, and the story was all about increasing efficiency and so on, and then you see all the VPN tunnels going in to remotely monitor CCTV cameras and doors opening and RFID tagging of everything from the boats on down, and you just don’t buy one iota of it, and you are just reassured that your years earlier decision to stop giving to the bastards when they put wimminz on the front line crews and in the stations was 100% correct.

For the past 15 to 20 years lifeboat crews were treated exactly like fathers in secret family courts, it was only the dignity and good nature and masculine provider / carer instincts that kept people coming back for more and more and more and doing the job because it needed to be done and simply doing the job itself was reward enough (it wasn’t for many, I knew lifeboatmen, they all paid a heavy emotional price for doing the job, for values of job that equal unpaid volunteers) but like the family courts these cunts keep pushing and keep pushing, now you have an entire fucking station crew walking out, something that has never happened since the service was founded in 1824.

A volunteer service life the lifeboats in an offshore island like St Helier isn’t *a* canary in a coal mine, it’s the last cananry alive anywhere, and it just fell off its perch.

If you think there is no connection between this and Trump bombing Assad, you aren’t paying attention, it’s all part of the same continuum and ethos that passes for culture now.

Trust me, when an entire station full of hardy and utterly selfless volunteers walks out in support of a colleague they feel has been unfairly dismissed, things are as serious as they can get.

Not only the salaried pencil necked office cunt, but EVERYONE in that salaried office and EVERYONE in the salaried command chain all the way to and including the top would have to fall on their swords go tomorrow to fix this, and we all know the chances of that happening are zero.

So long lifeboatmen (for it was always always always the crew that *made* the service) it’s been good knowing you, and the buggy whip, and all that… from one ex sailor, I salute you.


  1. I was out walking today enjoy the first of the heat and sunshine, and the old saying about “Long hot summers” with regards to riots popped into my head.

    My first thought as always was, if it’s going to happen, good, maybe this will be the event that brings some sanity back to modern life, but then I realised that all that will happen as ever will be a doubling down on current policies and societal pressures, leaving those of us who would agree with the thoughts and ideas here worse off.

    But then I thought about the old ‘Nature abhors a vacuum’ expression and the way people refer to the pendulum swinging back, but I just can’t see it happening. I think those who have the control (((Whoever you or me believe them to be))), ARE the pendulum.

    Makes me glad I don’t have kids is all I can say.

    Comment by justwanttocommentblog — April 8, 2017 @ 7:02 pm

  2. The last refuge of the selfless has been burned to the ground. In [[[their]]] efforts to destroy nations, they have destroyed nationalism along with it, and what remains is a populace who will not lift one finger for any cause. With the cucking of Trump, the sense of betrayal and apathy will only entrench itself further. The dialectic process will be hard to achieve if nobody shows up for the next war.

    Their nations destroyed, the people will become travelers or hermits, content to simply get by as long as theyre left alone. This scenario can go on for quite a while, but as people are increasingly harassed in their own homes, eventually there will be a reaction. The only time the disillusioned masses will raise a pitchfork will be when theyre pushed too far. This time the pitchforks will be aimed at those doing the pushing, and not some foreign country.

    A Japanese political analyst once called the Protocols of the Elders of Zion the most mysterious document of the 20th century. He said so because even though its been “proven” to be a forgery, all of its prophecies have come to pass. The [[[pushers]]] have achieved much, but its become clear to me that their overconfidence, and inability to experience or even entertain the worldview of the rest of the world will be their undoing.

    The world they wish to build and control will not be possible, as it fundentally goes against the nature of the people which will live in it. All attemps to raise great white sharks in captivity have failed. The mouse utopia has failed. The one world utopia will fail.

    You can slowly boil a frog, but you can also slowly freeze water. Water becomes increasigly dense at colder temperatures, until it freezes, where it undergoes a physical change that breaks previous trends. An abstract analogy, but an illustration that past performance does not guarantee future results.

    On the other hand, they can decide to decimate the remaining ones who refuse to accept their new “utopia”. This is also not viable, because a parasite needs a host. But the pushers wont give up, because they will never entertain the possibility of their fallibility.

    They will seek to build the third temple, to pitch Gog against Magog, and to install a king of the David line as ruler of the world. Any success will be fleeting, many will die, and many will suffer before they realize the error of their ways.

    Comment by Undefined — April 9, 2017 @ 4:07 am

  3. Reminds me why I left the military. I had a line number for Staff Sargent, I always got good performance reviews, and I was pretty much the most competent technician in my particular unit. I even liked my job for the most part. But the pencil-necked and pencil-dicked cunts in charge, and the stifling PC environment just turned me off. After I got out I found out one of the newer guys, a decent fellow who became the new “me” in the shop after I left was hit with an FRA by a skank ho barracks slut. Pwincess needed to save face with her cucked boyfriend after he found out he cheated on her so she made the accusation. What followed in many ways was the military equivalent of the secret family courts you write about. In the end the original accusations were dismissed but they added on and convicted him of sexual battery because he fondled Pwincess skank ho barracks slut the wrong way the morning after. The white knight mangina faggot CO wanted to “make an example” of the poor guy. So now he’s a registered sex offender.

    Core Values of the Air Force:

    Integrity First

    Service Before Self

    Excellence in All We Do

    It’s all bullshit and has been so for a long time now.

    Comment by Michael — April 9, 2017 @ 5:40 pm

  4. What is your take on driverless cars? Lately theres been a lot of cheerleading for the new technology. I think the forecasters are way too optimistic with timelines and capabilities, but thats not my biggest gripe.

    Nobody is talking about the 900lb gorilla in the room. In order to operate, these cars will of course be connected to the net and networked with each other. Assuming youre a journalist about to blow the lid on a major story, whats stopping someone from hacking the car’s control system and driving you into a guardrail at 90mph?

    From a ZH comment:
    “Yeah, it’ll seem great until you’re denied a destination (or any motorized movement) electronically, because The State has a problem with your; political viewpoints, voting record, exorbitant taxes are still unpaid, refusal to inform on others, reputation after someone has untruthfully informed on you, etc.

    There’s an unspoken agenda behind automated vehicles (which will be mandated, except for the Elite), and the War on Cash, and it is TOTAL CONTROL.”

    Some people get it.

    Not to mention some of the laughably reckless things that are being predicted. In the article above, they predict dozens of cars being able to travel 2 ft apart on highways at 90mph to save gas and ease traffic.

    What if one of these cars has a tire blow out and dozens of people die? Of course theyll roll out “tire status sensors” and so on which will allow only the green idiot light cars in the train. But then what happens when a hub goes out? And so on.

    Sure enough, if theyre able to get everything to work, the optional will become mandatory. The old option will be “unsafe, reckless, and a danger to others” because it grants greater personal freedom.

    Are all the “vehicular terrorists” of late just harbringers for mass acceptance of state controlled 2 ton steel missiles?

    Comment by Undefined — April 10, 2017 @ 9:13 am

    • I remember one of the characters of Heinlien’s novel Stranger in a Strange Land was abducted and detained by government goons after making the mistake of riding a self-driving air taxi. I’ve already seen some suspicious deaths in single car auto accidents. There was one guy, some CEO or something that was set to testify about illegal business dealings, who for no damn reason just rammed into a concrete overpass at high speed. Killed instantly. Then there was that guy who claimed his accellerator became stuck on the highway and called CHP for help. I don’t remember what he had to do to stop the damn thing, and Toyota or whoever the manufacturer was claimed absolutely nothing was wrong with the vehicle.

      But most worrying is all these crap H1B Street Shitting programmers we keep importing. I’ve had programmers tell me all sorts of horror stories about their handiwork. God help you if you experience any bugs or glitches while riding one of these driverless cars.

      Comment by Michael — April 10, 2017 @ 11:01 am

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