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April 7, 2017

Assad day for Trump and his voters

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I’m going to start with a direct and complete copy paste from a poster on ZH. (emphasis mine)

Not really, or not only: it was a message to Xi Jin Ping.

Also signalling to the American public and world at large.

Recall the Russians (and possibly through them Syrians) were given due warning and had time to vacate the premises, save their planes. So it’s an escalation in tone and sabre rattling, not so much as in violence.

Recall the month started with a stern warning to China about North Korea (Sort it out or we will). Note the Chinese Premier wass at Mar-a-Lago for talks.

Want to take bets that Trump said to him: watch this, see what we can do if you are recalcitrant.

Everything from the chem gas attack on to the tomahawk launches is just a show of force to cow the yellow peril.

It says we can stage the pretext, script the media narrative, fire at will, and do so with total impunity.

It simultaneously nixes the Russian gains on the ground and ups the ante in China, Korea, Iran.

It also signals strength to the electorate to paliate his ridicule emasculated image. And finally It says, that the agenda is back to military complex normalcy.

really it’s just a case of pulling out his willy.

and a good dose of gunboat diplomacy.

casualties be damned.

truth especially.

So, as I said back at the Beginning of all Things Trump, words have now become meaningless and worthless, especially words used to claim the alleged actions of others, so it is important to reserve judgement for known factual actions, nothing else counts.

6th April 2017 (end of the the tax year in the UK) and the jury is in, and yes, one factual action is enough to know or convict.

Trump is evil or stupid, there is little difference at that level, more importantly, Trump is just a label, same as Hitlary or Obummer, the MIC got rebranded and relaunched like Union Carbide after the Bhopal disaster in some sort of 4 yearly PR/marketing stunt, but the bottom line is welcome to the new boss, same as the old boss.

Few if any of us are really surprised, few if any of us expected any different, few if any of us needed any more than the sudden transition from “You should be in jail” to the “The Clintons are good people“, and few if any of us buy that line of bullshit about having to speak or act in a certain way if you want to play politics.

Few if any of us felt any surprise at all when a certain female reporter who was on the ground in Aleppo etc said on air I’ve been there, I have first hand experience, there is no 4G, there is no 3G, there is no 2G, there is no wi-fi, there is no broadband, how the hell are all these “reporters” managing to hold skype conversations with western media?? If you are on skype you are NOT in the area you are claiming to be in and the area you are claiming to report on…”

Ditto the “white hats” and all the rest of it.

None of this says that there are not deep schisms in society and politics and power circles between red team aficionados and blue team aficionados, there are, and many snakes and influence peddlers moving in the grass against both sides to further their own agenda, but the greatest schism by far by orders of magnitude is the one between all of the above and the people themselves.

I said it here first (worldwide) the unique thing about Trump was he was a very successful and very sharp businessman used to making deals to further his own ends, so don’t be surprised if he leverages this role to become the world’s first trillionaire.

I never even hinted at the possibility he’d invoke martial law on day one in office and purge the three letter agencies and take the country back to its founding principles… that just doesn’t make any kind of business sense.

But, four months in we finally have one fact, Trump chose to fire weapons at a sovereign foreign nation in an act of war without legally declaring war first, which makes him a terrorist, and it really doesn’t matter one iota about some theoretical back story about a small necessary evil done for the “greater good”… tell that shit to Ghandi.

Commenter undefined in the last post about the butcher and fast eddie speaks for all people… Also, I had my suspicions that Trump was a shill. Its been confirmed now, the Goldman sachs/Kushner presidency.

Welcome to the new boss, same as the old boss.

So, what of us?

Well, being scientist / engineer types, we can now say one thing with certainty, and we can be certain because the Syrian air strikes are the proof (and no, warning the Russians to warn the Syrians so they have time to pull materiel and personnel away from ground zero doesn’t count for shit) that the new boss really is the same as the old boss, so the plan for the next 4 and 8 years is the same as the plan for the last 4 and 8 years, which in a way is comforting, it promises a form of stability, even if only a technofuedal one.

The big issue has always been the one about spinning plates and kicking cans down the road, the longer you do it the harder it gets and the more likely it is that trivial events snowball and wreck everything.

NOBODY has a plan to fix this, or even address it, it simply isn’t on the agenda.

So the form of stability we have been “promised” is just stability for a lot longer than we have any right to expect, but when the balloon goes up, it’s going to be a lot messier than it would have been and a lot more sudden and a lot more catastrophic.

Rome has not yet gone up in flames, so grab your fiddle and party hearty, because prepping won’t do shit for you now, enjoy it while you can.


  1. AYUP!
    Sending his shifty “Jude” in Law to some bumfuq Orkistan for “reasons” is another one of the red flags.

    Soo, the latest German-conspiracy news here are hinting at a complete mobilization of Reservists.
    The word is, to prepare for the ISIS Blitzkrieg on Easter.
    But IMHO it could be just as well for a bit of fun with the Russians.

    Ah and a lone wolf had a bit of a driving accident in Stockholm, how unfortunate and completely unprecedented.
    Who knows why.

    Comment by hans — April 7, 2017 @ 3:23 pm

  2. latest on ZH:

    It Took A War For Trump To Win CNN’s Approval: “Trump Became President Last Night”

    I admit it, I was naive enough to buy the Trump hype.

    Comment by justwanttocommentblog — April 7, 2017 @ 11:01 pm

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