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April 3, 2017

The butcher and fast eddie redux.

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Rose Tattoo song from circa 1981, Bon Scott had died the year before, and for many of us AC/DC died with him, because it was the raw original stuff or you may as well be Murph and the Monstertones or whatever they were called in the Blues Brothers.

So I recently (for the first time) sat down and watched the latest Mad Max installment, Fury Road…. what the fucking fuck, max is still alive, so is the car, but neither or them look the same, yet in the intervening 20 years AT MOST literally everything about the world has changed…. you can ride for 160 days at 50 miles a day on motorcycles that never need refuelling (like every motor is a V8 with a rootes blower) which is 8,000 miles which is half way around the fucking world, and not get to the end of the desert, plus everyone is short of fuel, plus there is a town that makes fuel, and another town that makes bullets.. gone is the green and pleasant land of Max1, gone are the two way radios, gone are the railways, gone is the acting, such as it was (which being honest wasn’t much, most of the characters of Max1 just revisited previous roles from Stone) gone is all the stunt work, it’s all CGI, max himself and many other have however become almost bulletproof, surviving improbably spectacular and fatal accidents without even minor lacerations or bruises, it’s fucking Tom & Jerry, blood transfusions are done in the field and blood types no longer matter, gimps and skanks climb under moving trucks to repair busted engines with one 19 mm combo spanner, I could go on and on and on, but basically any 180 seconds you could sample under fair use clauses from Max1 would have easily exceeded the latest offering any way you liked to measure it.

I haven’t seen it but I gather the remake of Ghostbusters was the same.

Which is all very apt really, because the remake of NK having nukes so good that the EMP from a single miniaturised one could knock out the entire USA and shut down civilisation overnight…. is in much the same vein

It’s an old story re-told very badly, so badly that the original version, which lets face it wasn’t that great, now, in retrospect, seems great in comparison, Adolf Hitler was played much better by Saddam in the original and Ghaddafi in the sucquel than by Kim Jong in this latest remake.

But the message I got from Max 4 was quite clear, men destroyed the world, and nordic Valhalla worshipping white survivors are the worst, meanwhile the new milquetoast max 4 himself cuts a slightly comedic figure, even the current squeeze was all WTF!!! when he did not do the obvious thing and cut white boys hand off to release the chain, it’s not like that very solution wasn’t offered in Max1, but max4 doesn’t even sniff at the pussy, he clearly prefers the white boys cocks.

Meanwhile Odin himself builds bank vault doors into solid rock to keep the harem in, but they just glide through somehow, much like the unexplained underground aquifers or the energy to pump the water up, or the way his offspring is all deformed and retarded.

It really is on a par, intellectually, with the claims that the Norks have both nukes and the ability to deliver them to the USA, if FedEx flew one their from Israel they might get one, then maybe UPS could deliver it to the US, it’s about the only viable method.

It’s like my earlier discussion about lasers, nukes also have to obey physical law…

And we have an atomic explosion powered by fission, or a thermonuclear explosion triggered by fission and amplified by fusion, which itself is triggered by the fission, no fission, no thermonuke, just ordinary atomic nuke.

And ordinary atomic nuke is only “easy” if you have 250 gramme dodecahedrons of fissile material spaces out on a conveyor belt, and you start the belt and feed them into a nice hexagonal bucket until you reach critical mass, and you don’t get much choice in your output, sooner or later you will get a very very dirty explosion, but it will be measured in tons of TNT, not kilotons, no you really need a lot of very precise mechanical engineering to bounce as many neutrons as possible back into the mass, and a lot more very precise mechanical engineering to fit the definition of a bomb, eg something that detonated when you want it to, not when some unknown and unguessable internal state flops over from net loss of energy to net production of energy, and to go any further you need extremely powerful conventional explosives and extremely fast and accurate electronic timing mechanisms… the norks can’t even illuminate the land at night, it’s like looking at a patch of ocean from on high, yet we are expected to believe they can not just make nukes, but make advanced nukes.

Basic engineering 101, every new tier of technology needs a much larger foundation of the preceding tier of technology, so nuclear power / weapons sits at the top of a very tall techno industrial pyramid.

It doesn’t sit in a vacuum any more than Odin’s retreat in Max 4, it simply is not fucking scientifically possible.

Of course the strong empowered lead wimminz characters in Horizon Zero Dawn (haven’t played it, don’t have a PS$ or any Sony products, they lost me for life with the rootkits back in the day) and much more credible that the strong empowered lead wimminz characters in Mass Effect Andromeda (haven’t played it, won’t be installing origin on any of my PC’s) BECAUSE THE FUCKING GRAPHICS ARE BETTER.

Fuck the lack of a storyline or characters on anything else, see I was raised on books and radio, (we got a TV in 1968 for the moon landings but it was strictly rationed, I think it was 1982 when my parents got a colour TV) and in books every reader would come up with their own interpretation of characters and so on, radio you had voices, which didn’t help, nobody, especially DJ’s, looked anything like they sounded on the radio.

Idiocracy wasn’t a fucking prophecy, it was a documentary, with advert slots for Carl’s Jr and Starbucks, I like coffee, NOBODY who likes coffee would go to Starbucks (or costa) so it stands to reason they are going there for gentlemen’s lattes and man portable nuclear weapons, isher’s gun shops made real.



  1. Completely irrelevant comment, I just want to vent somewhere among like minds

    I had the key to my motorbike stolen while I was riding yesterday in W9. Kicked me first, then reached over and grabbed the key. Quick little fucker. Some mixed race piece of shit. Known to the police but untouchable. Responding officer was good as gold, as always it’s the wankers in the offices hindering them.

    No plate on their scooter, probably stolen (Yamaha Tmax)

    Viva la revolution…

    Comment by justwanttocommentblog — April 6, 2017 @ 5:10 pm

  2. I recently came across a guy arguing that the AI singularity will be here any day now, and its inevitable.

    I asked why they thought this, and they said its because the religion of our times is “process data faster than everyone else, and crush everyone else.” They pointed to google et al as examples.

    Google, whose success was fostered and supported by the intelligence community through Sergey Brin. If you look at the balance sheets of most tech giants, theyre all insolvent but somehow remain afloat. Lots of links to intelligence community and Israeli funding. Of course this is besides the point for them, because it doesnt support the pet theory.

    What gets me is that these people arguing for extraordinary technological change are often the most ignorant of technology. Of course its no coincidence.

    I told them that the ability to process more data at faster speeds is useless, if not counterproductive without the ability to make sense of the data, or understand the limitations of the models. Or how unlimited data will not help model systems that are too complex, such as weather. Of course this all fell on deaf ears.

    I could go on with how computers are always referenced as examples of how technological change is exponential, yet the fact that theyve reached thermal and physical limits forcing quantum computing is always glossed over.

    People dont want to learn anymore, they want to read a book and be an expert. Thank god my dad was an engineer who wasnt afraid to tell me I was wrong often without regard to my pride. Otherwise I might have been too smart to learn anything.

    Comment by Undefined — April 7, 2017 @ 1:40 am

    • Parallel computing, not quantum

      Comment by Undefined — April 7, 2017 @ 1:41 am

  3. Also, I had my suspicions that Trump was a shill. Its been confirmed now, the Goldman sachs/Kushner presidency.

    Comment by Undefined — April 7, 2017 @ 4:32 am

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