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March 30, 2017

Driven by You

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I’ve been using usenet since before there was an internet, back in the day as a place to meet and talk, nowadays as a place to download binaries.

Of course there is an ongoing war between copyright holders and posters, so with a few exceptions it has basically been a long time since anyone posted “Ghost in the shell 2017” as a subject title, and equally it’s been a long time since anyone used “G4057 in t4e 54e11 2017” as a way of deny the copyright search bots.

Nowadays you get a string of what looks like randomly generated characters “[153b9e8486b92c11a548d0b5550f0d5f]- “81b3780b7deea62dec0a8813c10379d1″” and to know what it is you either have to be a member of one of the listings sites, usually a paid member at that, or you look for posts with a “Proof.jpg” attached which will be a camera photo of the DVD/Blu-ray disk itself, with the rippers name hand written on a note obscuring part of the DVD and title, if the bits you can see have some light sabres and some kick ass wimminz faces and you can see “–ogue one” in the writing you’re not going to download it thinking it’s a copy of Little House On The Prairie.

But, this “suck it and see” method of sampling means you can get caught, a few days ago the jpegs in question were of pubescent pre teens and the writing painted across the image directed you to a URL, can’t remember all of it, beam.to/kiddiepron or something, but it was a beam to redirect, and it advertised cheap membership, same as the listings sites, few bucks a month being “cheap”.

Awwww fuuuuuck” purge the newsgroup cache, close newsleecher, gutmann wipe the directory (because legally I just “made” a copy of that file) and start again and make a mental note of the posting style to avoid it in future.

I don’t make a physical note or add a filter, because they work both ways and can be construed as evidence of intent or guilt.

I don’t join the listings sites because to me they are the same as the beam to kiddie porn sites, you pay be credit card up front, then someone has your plastic details and holds absolute proof you DELIBERATELY paid to access that site, and I don’t trust any of them.

I should also point out that it isn’t just the rare kiddie porn image (the last time this happened was over a year ago) albeit a *relatively* mild form of kiddie porn (just solo nudity, no actual penetration or other people visible) I also sometimes stumble across the odd jihadi thing or the odd”former prime minister david cameron fucking a pigs head” thing, and I don’t want any of them on my computers.

If you want to characterise my behaviour and attitudes I guess you could say I don’t mind breaking the law on copyright, I just don’t want to break the law on more serious shit, it just so happens the same vehicle (a PC and internet connection) is used for both, in the same way that the same literal vehicle can be used to park badly or break the speed limit by 10 mph, and also to mow down pedestrians on a bridge in London.

However I am not fool enough to belive that with my awww shit and deletion and wipes and mental notes to avoid that style of post again I am now free and clear, everything we do is logged by ISP’s and black boxes on the backbone, and thanks to the new law in the states it is also for sale commercially in a 100% above board and legal manner.

Which brings us neatly into people types.

I know people who work in the “cash in transit” trade, and they routinely drive around with millions of pounds of cash in the vehicle, every day of the week, asked about stealing it they all say they’d rather work 20 years to earn a million or three, it will be easier work and cheaper personally than nicking it.

Lots of these people and people in other jobs like bus drivers and carpenters and plumbers and so on are a lot like me, we are not “driven”.

We sit there in a traffic jam for four hours getting frustrated and wish we could get home, but hey, at least I’m still on the clock and being paid to sit here stationary in the traffic jam, with the radio on, and so on… if we think of other places we could be and other things we could do, it’s sat at home with a coffee, sat in the pub with a beer, going for a walk with the dog, painting the kitchen walls.

We don’t sit there thinking about all of the other places we could be and things we could be doing to make MONEY.

We aren’t “driven” like that.

The “driven” guys were the ones who worked three jobs 14 hours a day 7 days a week, and had two shops and three houses when the rest of us were still trying to buy our first house (and then they died of heart attacks at 40) but then again the driven guys were always the ones who had great ideas about drug running or bank robberies, and they’re all in prison pretty much forever.

I’d suspect a large proportion of the guys who sign up for jihadi kiddie porn sites are also driven, it’s perhaps not so much that they actually want to do kiddie porn or jihadi promo vids, or even that they have sat down and thought it through, so much as they *have* to do *something* and they already got excluded from everything else, so the devil finds work for idle hands.

Me, I have a scientific mind, it may be autistic, but it does see and think and enquire, so I say things like the above that to me, I can’t see any reason why I should trust a usenet listing site any more than a kiddie porn site, in both cases you are using your credit card to provide proof absolute that you are seeking something illegal.

The fact that one is much more illegal and socially unacceptable than the other is, to me, a completely separate issue.

But like I say, I see, and I wonder, the aforementioned “Proof.jpg” files are usually over a meg in size, nobody cares, who would when you are considering downloading a 20 gig blu ray disk image?

The aforementioned awww fuck kiddie pron teaser pics were I think less than 100k (this is one of the mental filters I have added, don’t check any jpeg files less than around 300k) which is pointless resizing from a modern tech perspective, so maybe it ain’t resizing, which means it is old shit.. I remember being amazed at the amazing 640 x 480 pic resolution of my first “proper” digital camera.

Nowadays I will casually snap 5312 x 2988 4 meg images with the Note4, and 1920 x 1080 30 fps 17 mbit/sec video with the same device.

It stands to reason if I was making kiddie porn, or jihadi death porn, I’d use the same sort of devices, and get the same resolutions and file sizes and bit rates as I do when photographing (checks phone gallery) such inanities as, in reverse order from latest, garage bill, serial and product info on a lead acid battery, state of connectors on lead acid battery, a couple of old coins, letter from bank with new plastic pin number, a clock face, a chart in an aquarium shop showing fish diseases, a street scene, as above showing some road markings, some views of a workshop I was considering…

And this is a 2014 phone I’m talking about.

So we have two possibilities regarding the beam to kiddie porn.

1/ it was a honeytrap running in 2017

2/ it was not a honeytrap running in 2017

and we have two possibilities regarding the actual images I inadvertently downloaded.

a/ they were taken in 1998 with a then current digital camera.

b/ they were taken in the last year or so, and for some unknown reason that CANNOT be bandwidth or filesize related, they were shrunk to 1998 spec

So now we can compose a grid, 4 boxes, 4 possibilities.

1a and 2a both suppose that the operators are using 1998 era images, so the question becomes why? If there is no newer supply that we can draw links to other historical things such as photos of WW2, you use what you can get, if you could get better, you’d have used it.

This gives three possibilities, and the first two are the same, any real government agency and any real paedophile could get current images, and the third is this is therefore an amateur who got their entire content off someone else’s HDD, or, in shades of paranoia, they are a government honeytrap trying to emulate an amateur etc

Which brings us to 2a and 2b in our grid.

Both of these would lead me down the paranoia route, either it is a government agency honeytrap trying to emulate an amateur, or it is a professional paedophile with new material attempting to make his material to look old, to mask the fact that he is the creator, as well as the distributor.

Clearly human nature being what it is, paedophilia itself is not extinct, and clearly anything made in 2017 is most likely to be made on a device at least as modern as my 2014 era Note 4, so it is going to be AT LEAST that technical quality.

Possibly, if I went looking for such stuff, I could find it, but again, if I was looking for such stuff I would not be looking in .teevee and .movie newsgroups, I probably wouldn’t even be looking on usenet, I’d probably be looking at Tor and P2P stuff.

I do not know, I can only “know” what is reported, which is that individuals join such groups by sharing their own material, you can only really do that on private P2P networks, and also reported is that people who are convicted of actual making of paedophila here in the UK tend to use their mobile phones, and again as we know 11 year olds have iPhone 5’s and on up, so none of this ancient VGA crap.

So who the fuck would post what is probably 1999 era kiddie pron link to a beam to pay website on a .movies newsgroup in 2017?

Well, let’s look at it..

http://www.beam.to/start.asp it’s free, so no startup costs.

The site you are redirected to can be anywhere, any TLD you like, and all it has to do is capture CC data, it doesn’t have to be a live verisign approved payment gateway like my one click amazon prime thing, it doesn’t even have to actually delivery, let’s face it, who is going to demand their 5 bucks is returned and report them to barclaycard because the quality or quantity of kiddie porn was deficient…

It becomes interesting, doesn’t it, is this the latest scam from nigeria for example (a place where you could make genuine kiddie porn in 2017 and get away with it) or some vector for other malware to infect your pc?

Well, like I said, I’ve been using usenet since before the internet, and back in the day a 20 gig daily feed to would take *everything* all the binaries and everything in every group, so I still know people (hell I knew who SPEWS was and even offered some of my colo equipment for their use at one time) so when I had my awwwwww fuck moment while the gutmann wipe was purging the newsleecher directory I fired off a quick email to one of these people warning them that the .movies groups were getting spammed with kiddie porn beam to links.

Guess what the reply was?

Yeah, thanks, we have been made aware already, the upload came from a UK IP address group we would associate with (amongst other things) a multi million pound annually charity that deals with child protection issues.

I was all WTF for a least a couple of hours, and then the fucking penny dropped.

Expect a “report” soon in the MSM from “experts” warning the public that the incidence, prevalence and desire to seek kiddie porn is at all time fucking highs, give us more fucking money and more fucking draconian laws.

Not too different from the police releasing acid seized during operation julie back on to the streets, because the operation was way too successful and you can’t have a drug squad if there are no busts to make, and with my own eyes I saw sheets of blotters (superman etc) with the police evidence stamps on the streets in the dealers hands after the bust.

Don’t get me started on how it was all the ethical drug dealers that got incarcerated, and all the nasty corrupt cunts who got a pass and a “friend in the force” to keep them on the streets and supplying and feeding “information” back to the po-po.

Guess what sorts of people inhabit these organisations for “good” lining their own pocketbooks all the way to the bank?

Driven people, that’s who.

But instead of using that drive to build and create something, (and maybe die of a heart attack at 40) they use it to exploit others and ensure that the seedy underbelly is the one that prospers, because it is the one that can be exploited.

Sheds old new light on pizzagate / podesta / hitlary et al.

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