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March 28, 2017

The straight shit, for once.

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Not that I lie, or deceive, not intentionally anyway, but there are some things you cannot say, where the bodies are buried, who Flynn spoke to on the phone and what was said, because the moment you do your illusion of anonymity and safety just evaporated, you just fingered yourself.

I had a conversation with a wimminz about her 12 year old pwinthess daughter, spoiled entitled delusional little bitch, I commented that there are girls her age, *white* girls her age, who have to resort to sex and porn to live, they don’t get a choice.

Unlike many, this wimminz listened, so I was able to deliver the punchline, if push ever comes to shove, her daughter will not survive, because she is too spoiled and entitled and delusional to do the sex and porn like her life depends on it.

Fuck it, AfOR is on one of his paedo fests again… no.. not so much.

See, if you are 12, except for maybe going up chimneys, which aren’t around much any more, and except for being a powder monkey on a man’o’war, which aren’t around much any more, you don’t bring much to the table, self sufficiency and survival wise… nobody going to take you on for your great conversation, or secretarial abilities, or mechanical abilities, so it’s down to parents to keep you alive and fed and clothed and housed, without you having to do much in exchange.

But the parents have to be alive, and they have to have the spare economic capacity.

A seminal moment in my life was around 1993, my dad had been dead a bit, and for whatever reasons I decided to take one of my extended motorcycle vacations, so I saddled up the old shovelhead and headed for points Athens wards.

There are always things that stick in your mind about any journey, that particular journey was the trip west to east across the top of italy where it borders France and Switzerland and Austria and Slovenia, the road goes through Turin, Milan and Monza, Bergamo, Brescia, Verona, Vicenza and Padua.

It was basically 250 miles of motorways and all you could see as far as you could see on both sides of the road was industrial estates.

Nearly 25 years ago now, but I realised then that that one section of Italy had more manufacturing capacity that the entire UK, and they were getting well into the who automation and robotics and CNC thing even back then.

I haven’t forgotten about 12 year olds doing porn and tricks to stay alive, bear with me.

Last week I was with a few people, we were watching videos, these videos were of the “third tier” lower league chinese engineering factories, the ones using the cheapest and nastiest and most crude, facilities to make cheap knock offs.

There was a lot of hilarity, because the people I was with worked for a German company that makes cutting edge, well, I can’t even call them conveyor belt systems, because these systems can turn and sort and steer individual packages, even to the point of stripping entire palettes of different goods, chucking them in temporary stores, and then creating new palettes which contain a mixture of all of the above.

Think, in one end the truck from the sausage factory arrives and unloads palettes of sausages, another truck from the beer factory unloads palettes of beer, another truck from the baked beans factory unloads palettes of beer, and on and on and on, and at the other end of this system, an order comes in from one small shop, I want some sausages, I want some beer, I want some beans, I want some sugar, I want some rice, and this system puts it all together on a palette and wraps it, and a truck turns up to get loaded.

So the video they are all laughing at, is a chinese factory using the crudest automation going, and using cheap shit steel tube and cheap shit bearings and cheap shit steel rod and so on, and it is making rollers for cheap shit chinese roller conveyor systems.

And right there is the reason the 12 year old needs to do porn and tricks to stay alive.

Mummy and daddy thought the chinese shit was a joke, and the german stuff was whizz bang, and what the fuck anyway.

Well even the cheap chinese shit will boost productivity in any warehouse or workshop system, over a manual handling system, by around 500%, and that’s a conservative estimate, staff devoted to it will be one guy to lube the rollers and pull the odd one that dies, so what, replacements are only 5 bucks a pop.

It will never sell to the company that can afford, and that needs, the 12 million buck german system, it was never intended to.

People who are not engineers, and many who claim to be, but don’t have a logical brain, think that every robot and AI system is something that escaped from a sci fi movie.

I’ll remind you that one of the founders of IBM stated famously that there might eventually be a need for as many as six computers worldwide, massively expensive, massively complex and massively massive as they were.

50 years later you can buy an arduino or raspberry pi for the price of a blowjob in London.

The humble cheap ass crapola chinese roller conveyor system is a robot.

Old Pavel used the word properly, translated into his native language it literally meant “worker”, it didn’t mean “rocket scientist + lab + staff + budget”, and a cheap ass chinese roller conveyor can easy eliminate half a dozen human workers… even in a relatively small facility.

Half a dozen human workers whose 12 year old kids now get to suck cock to eat.

Think that’s grim?

Only insofar as the initial comment to the wimminz at the beginning was grim, it’s the punchline that is grim.

The punchline is we are not manufacturing ANY of these robots here in the west, even the really high end stuff like the fancy conveyor mentioned is pretty much going to be either German or Japanese, that’s Premier League.

Division 2, 3, 4 and all the way down is Chinese.

right down in the saturday amateur pub team level there is maybe one or two small amateur crap concerns that are maybe on a par with the 3rd division chinese shit, maybe, and with about 0.00001% of the capacity of the chinese shit.

those folks may be able to prevent their 12 years olds from having to suck cock to eat.

At this stage it is irreversible, we no longer have either the manufacturing base or the skills to avoid it.

The often mentioned and alluded to (like I said, I never intentionally lied or deceived, I just alluded to shit) all critical stall speed of an aircraft has direct parallels to engineering and manufacturing and economies as a whole.

When it gets below a certain speed a crash is inevitable, you can’t fix it, you have to build a new one, from scratch, there is a hole in my bucket dear lisa…

So riddle me this.

What happens when the shit 3rd rate rising sun crapola conveyor belt company can’t be bothered to make product to sell to say the UK, it’s just not worth it, other places, nearer places, more local places, can absorb all their output?

It’s like science fiction, none of it is good science… to have interstellar travel a race has to have such an eye wateringly monstrous ability to harness and control and expend energy, that no simple economy confined to a single planet or a single solar system could ever hope to compete.

DHL / FedEx simply can’t be done in an age of sail, or an age of steam and coal, and only barely in an age of oil, because you need digital electronics and computing and hey, you guessed it, robots too.

Amazon (warehousing) should blow your fucking mind, the few humans there are robots, and they are being phased out.

Since we here in the west basically do not make our own robots, these remaining meat robots will be the last home grown ones, the few remaining metal robots we make will lose *their* fucking jobs to foreign robots.

And it is only those western metal robots who do not have to worry about their 12 year old kids sucking cock to eat, because they do not have kids.

If you doubt me, tomorrow go out and try and buy that simplest of all engineering tools, a combination spanner, that is made here in the west.

Well maybe there will be a war to depopulate us of all those starving 12 year olds?

Seen western bullet production? Most of the factories look like something from the victorian era, people everywhere moving shit around, sorting shit, testing shit, loading shit, unloading shit, and lubing machinery that looks like General Motors made it.

Seen modern automated high speed production lines?

Shit like this does everything in one machine, even sorting the rejects, at a rate of 10 per second.

Recognise the language?

Think you can compete?



  1. The culling is coming. I have no doubts about it anymore.

    Even the question isn´t who will be left(the useful), but how many.
    Lefties and old “babyboomers” will die by the millions as will the Ork scum.
    After they had their fun and get genocided for being the helpful system change agent, that got the decrepit and degenerate democratic system abolished.
    Lang lebe der Kaiser!

    This is what I´m currently reading on certain German “conspiracy” sites.
    First I thought they were two fries short of a happy meal.
    I´m not laughing any more.

    Oh and BTW, Nazis? What fucking Nazis?
    Even the Skinheads seem to have woken up to the 2nd part of that name and are running for the hills, or rather cowering in their holes.
    Cause they sure as hell aren´t out on the streets anymore.

    Currently occupied.

    Comment by hans — March 28, 2017 @ 11:13 am

    • sad to hear.

      see you and raise you.. >;*)

      Comment by wimminz — March 28, 2017 @ 12:03 pm

  2. I wonder how ‘they’ define useful, and what the criteria are.

    Comment by justwanttocommentblog — March 28, 2017 @ 8:11 pm

    • That´s the easiest to figure out. Obviously young women of childbearing age and young to middle-aged able-bodied men.
      Also master-apprenticeship schooling is still strong in Germany, so even the old farts with vital skills will be in demand.
      Give that old coot a young wife(which will be a dime a dozen) and he´ll be all too busy.
      Guess who´ll be left in the cities for the Orks.
      Maybe they can teach them the wonders of feminism they so heartily embraced.

      What gives ME sleepless nights is who the fuck “THEY” are.

      Comment by hans — March 29, 2017 @ 4:42 am

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