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March 26, 2017

A dating update for 2017

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As always, many of these posts seem like they have nothing in common with the preceding or subsequent post, but that’s only on the surface, look deeper and you see shades of Twain’s nature rhyming, and more and more connections between apparently disparate things, while reminding yourself that connections and correlations do not equal causality, but then again, the four horsemen of the apocalypse never rode alone either.

As always it is mistake to take what I say about dating and wimminz as gospel, the guy owns a Ford F150 and he is writing about it therefore what he says applies to all F150’s, when the reality is that it is much more the case that the guy owns the sandwich shop, he’s just commenting on what he sees in the car park and what customers choose to talk about while waiting for their order.

A couple / three / four years ago I commented on the new (to me) then phenomenon of wimminz in a cycle of leaving and returning to dating sites with all new re-invented profiles (but the same pics from 1978..) badda bing badda boom.

A couple years ago I commented that I thought I was seeing the same thing on the swinging sites.

Today it’s official, you can’t go online on the swinging sites and not trip over these constant returnee profiles, part of me wonders what these wimminz are doing while away, is there another level “down” of depravity and debauchery that I myself have not yet plumbed and am not really aware of?

Perhaps they are all fucking wannabe jihadist bombers and plotting to overthrow Nutella.

I get very itchy when people start turning to me for advice and observation and information, as though I was some sort of smart operative with fingers in many pies and all of them on the pulse… when the reality is I’m more like the Goose in the original Mad Max film after he crashes into the car and the driver asks him what’s going on, and he says “I dunno mate, I just got here myself.

That’s me, I just got here myself.

I’m not sure when but some time in the past merely being divorced wasn’t enough for the wimminz, it had to be made clear to all that it was his ass that was thrown out and that is because he was a nasty bastard, but that was divorce and in lower stakes not so much, nowadays on the swinging sites they are coming back, after previously being a single female then hooking up with a man to be friends with benefits or a swinging couple or whatever, it’s all basically the least strings possible form of human interaction, and now they are all back again as single females and that ex FWB is a right nasty bastard, I mean, he has to be, else why would she be back as a single female?

The younger ones have it sussed, they like playing with older men, and they’d love to play tonight, and the sites have rules against prostitution, so they just post status updates about how they are skint or how they are short of something or how they don’t even have money for smokes or a joint.

You’re getting couples who “invite” you around for an evening of social fun and lighthearted interaction in their own home, they are both great cooks, if you want booze you must bring your own (because suddenly that will trigger licensing laws), and it’s only 30 quid each, and it definitely is not prostitution because sex absolutely is not on the cards, no sir, no way, you sexy man you…

Four or five years ago I had a skank sat in my kitchen, buck naked, legs apart, telling me she will do anything I wanted, ANY-THING… making it very very clear what is on offer, she is of course history in the wayback machine, make me a sammich bitch and shut the fuck up apparently doesn’t fit the definition of anything.

I have mentioned before that I live in a university town, and I live down that end of the town, so I can sit here and look out my window and all day there are young people walking past.

You know what I have seen change in the past few years?

Group behaviour, groups used to range from 3 to 5 individuals, and it was quite often a mix, now I see groups of 10 or 12 or 15 or more walking past, if it is a group of guys there may be one or two wimminz in there, if it is a group of wimminz it will be all wimminz, the groups walk down the street like separate regiments, all going more or less the same way to do more or less the same thing, but separately.

The point I am trying to get across here is that it ain’t just Trump and Hitlary supporters, or Brexit and Bremainers, society is fracturing all up and down the levels, so then even “pure” lizard brain no strings shit like swinging has changed, and changed in ways that I honestly do not think will change back any time soon.

The once monolithic feminazi edifice is cracking all up and down, with leading feminists starting to claim that feminism has not been great for all wimminz, much less great for everyone, just today in the daily fail there is an article from a former icon of the feminazi movement admitting that the movement caused men’s wages to be cut in half, and it didn’t benefit the wimminz either.

Yeah, sure, cry me a fucking river, that’s not the point, the point is the edifice is cracking, the eternally insane and fucked up Liz Jones railing against celebrity virtue signalling, of course really it is all professional wolf criers railing against the boy who cried wolf, because now everyone is suspicious when anyone does cry wolf.

It’s a bit like the influence Bomber Command had in WW2, bomber command commands the bombers, not the fighters, not the navy, not the army, just the bombers, so everything is either a bombing mission of taking resources away from what should be a bombing mission.

The high ground (30,000 feet and up) is great if you want to target infrastructure.

Ground troops and no support (tanks / arty / mortars) are great if you want to preserve infrastructure.

Ground troops = crunchies and cannon fodder if the enemy fields medium calibre and crew served weapons and arty, so what are you now fighting for, it isn’t land and infrastructure because you are all destroying it.

And those who lived through WW2 said exactly that, time and time and time again, they all described it as an “orgy of destruction”, take a look around you, not one single thing would survive, the house and walls and windows, destroyed, the chair you are sat on, destroyed, the sink and cooker and lights, destroyed, the beds and carpets and clothes, destroyed, the vehicles and tools and books, destroyed, all destroyed like it had been through a modern industrial shredding machine.

Any european native in his later fifties or older *can*, if they choose to, remember growing up around rubble that was still left over from a war that ended 20-25 years earlier, in modern western countries that were powerhouses of industry and commerce in the intervening two and a bit decades.

No-one young has a fucking clue what I am talking about, no american has a fucking clue what I am talking about, no australian, no indian, no chinese, no middle eastern, no muslim,

Sure, “syrian immigrants” come from a bombed out hell hole that was relatively prosperous only 30 or 4 years ago, but the fighting is ongoing, it is just NOT THE SAME as living in an industrious and peaceful and civilised places where 20-25 years of solid work still has not eradicated the scars.

I do not mean like there were black spots on the map either, you could walk across england and sail across to france and walk across europe and you’d never really get out of sight of some evidence of it, unless it was dark or raining or foggy.

And in reality it wasn’t any of the aforementioned countries that did it either, we did it to ourselves, even literally one whole century ago when the internal combustion engine was a new thing and heavier than air flight was a novelty and all we had was the old 308 and some four pounders and some other bits and pieces, the odd ten inch gun in the navy, we managed to blow the shit out of our own stuff to such an extent that Aleppo looks like all that happened was a two day war in comparison.

Go to the Somme today, it looks like this.

Go 100 years ago, it looked like this…



eg it looked like the desert around Aleppo does TODAY.

But it is only simple logic, any civilisation that is advanced enough and industrious enough to build amazing things is also advanced enough and industrious enough to destroy shit to an extent that you would not believe.

But, the lessons of Bomber Command in WW2 were not learned, the Yanks in Vietnam dropped more tons of bombs than were dropped in WW2, and there is nothing quite like bombs and arty and mortars to wipe the face of the earth clean like everything has been fed through a planet sized wood chipper.

And what happens?

Well, the people move back to the same places they were before, pretty much, france becomes france again, germany becomes germany again, even if it is split in to, poland becomes poland, sure, borders have moved here and there (creating new ethnic problems) but the peoples themselves pretty much repopulated the places they came from and re-made them from scratch.

Nations then are not either the land itself, because you can wipe that clean and feed it through a woodchipper, nor are they borders on a map because you can re-draw those at will and all you will ever do is create more problems if you ignore historical ethnic boundaries, so what is left?

Nations *are* peoples.

A fact that was very very very much acknowledged 100 years ago when our collective leaders decided that a nation without land was a bad thing, so we will create the state of Israel, the home of the Jew, that will solve everything.

Lebanon, Syria and Palestine got robbed of land, those people got kicked out of their own nation, so contrary to what most are told, Israel was not created in the 60s by the british so the displaced survivors of the nazi holocaust had somewhere to call home, the FACTS are that the Turks, then known as the ottoman empire, sided with the Germans in WW1, when the germans “lost” so did the turks, and the ottoman got divided up, and since the Jews had been immigrating to Palestine since the 1880’s in a bid to create a Jewish home state, the british (the french had the north) bit of palestine got divided up Sykes Picot, and the argument was well why not, nobody had really moved into Palestine since the Jews moved in 2,000 years ago.

It wasn’t exactly a great bit of land, and it didn’t even have oil, so fuck em all.

With the broadest brush you can use you can characterise the entire middle east problem as one of arab peoples vs jewish peoples, leave out the land itself and lines on maps, the two do not get on, especially when one occupies lands that were historically either occupied or sparsely occupied by the other.

You want a finer brush and more detail you can start to talk about Persia, or you can start to talk about sunni peoples vs shia peoples.

The ayatollahs for all their alleged stupidity aren’t that dumb, if nations are peoples and for example radical salafist islam is a people struggling to have a nation, then 7 thousand years of human history teaches us that bombs and bullets do not eradicate peoples, nor does moving lines on a map and renaming empires, what eradicated peoples is fracturing their common identity.

Look at videos of Iran and Iraq in the mid seventies when I was there, prosperous western style culture and commerce, hardly a niquab and hijab to be seen anywhere, and they were obviously the country hicks come to the big city for the day to go shopping.

Marxist / Leninist / Stalinist had all also seen the lesson first hand, you can put the land through a wood chipper and redraw the lines on the map, but people’s defined nations, even within the union of soviet socialist republics, same thing goes for china and the cantons and dialects.

I ain’t never been to the good ole yew ess of aaa, but I’m damn sure a Texan knows when his ass is in Alabama, and vice versa.

So to do anything of any long lasting effect, you can ignore the land itself, and you can ignore the lines on maps, even where indigenous populations were simply wiped out, Argentinians are not Spanish, Oztralians are not English (or Kiwi) there have been no exceptions to this, ever, anywhere in human history.

So all you have left to work with is peoples.

How do you destroy peoples?

Well, you have to destroy common features like family units and culture and so on, enter stage left immigration, feminazism, safe spaces for snowflakes, and the plantation owners knew then, get the buck nigger out, tie the cunt to a tree, and humiliate and degrade him in front of his own people to the point where THEY no longer see him as human and one of their own.

Thing is, they (the plantation owners) weren’t wrong, from the perspective of someone bringing in foreign peoples but wishing to exclude any influence they may have on the local culture.

Human rights and all the other shit assumes that all individuals from all cultures and races (and sexes) are equal, well, they aren’t.

They are all different, and the secret to peaceful and co-operative co-existence is to let them separate and have their own nations.

Arguably the west is hell bent on destroying all other peoples and cultures and sublimating their own, arguably that was most effective when it was confined to “we have harley davidsons and coca cola and levi’s and the beatles” and let them envy and covet and seek, and arguably that was at the least effective when we went in and bombed the shit out of them and stole the resources and armed both camps.

Which brings us back full circle to wimminz and dating and feminazim and all the rest, and it’s called internecine rivalry and conflict.

It’s not a two sided battle any more, shades of Life of Brain, splitters, the poison and bile is spreading everywhere, you can’t get away from it, even in something as lizard and basic as fucking.

Now, pay attention bond, please bear in mind I am in the UK, and in the UK the word “Asian” means everything from the turkey / middle east to india to korea, and it’s a toss up whether or not you include china in there or not

Three years ago on the swingers sites, which I like to think of as the lowest common denominator and bottom of the well, you started to see personal preferences stated such as “No Asians”

Initially of course it was seen as sexist and racist and comments were made, which were also shouted down with replies of my body, my choice.

Nowadays it is as common as fuck, no asians, and the black cock thing has split in to two camps, no BBC or love the BBC, but wait, it gets worse.

“No beards” is getting a *lot* of traction, as is initial filtering chats about must like a beer and a bacon butty, because we are filtering by religion as well as race now.

And now we get down to the meat and potatoes, some of the returning wimminz, I drop them a line and say hi and we chat, and some of them confide in me, they felt the need to walk away and take a sabbatical and re-invent themselves as someone new, because the some old had fucked someone who might be seen to be muslim, or asian, or black, or turkish.

There is also a definite rise in those presenting themselves as not white or english, but some celtic or anglo-saxon subset of that, doubling down on the whole ethnic heritage and racial purity thing.

The news papers and MSM may be studiously avoiding reporting on things, but the people are seeing, Lee Rigby was a WHITE soldier, Keith Palmer was a WHITE policeman, and when a short time later two guys pile into a crowd in Islington and someone posts a pic on twitter, what are the comments, left hand drive car is there, as is muslim style beard, followed by the comment no you can’t be sure, but shoot first just in case… even though the guy looks at least half white.

The *problem* people (and by people I mainly mean wimminz) are facing now on the dating and swinging scene if the concept of an “interim” boyfriend or husband until you find “the one” (die of old age surrounded by cats) just doesn’t fly, the concept of being judged not just on the quantity or quality of cocks on your carousel has also come and gone, and now it is down to being judged on the colour or “people” the cocks were attached to.

Even down at the lizard level of just needing to empty your balls or have some emptied into you for a meaningless half hour of physical stimulation.

It’s not a good time to get into swinging.

If you wanna get laid now go find your local white power skinhead neo nazi subset of the uk/france/germany first movement, and join up.

Or run the risk of someone remembering that you were quite happy to fuck that bitch that took all that foreign cock.

Story going the rounds here locally of a guy who last minute called off a wedding (lucky boy) to a white girl, when he discovered her sister is living with an asian guy, and all her family still talk to her.

Of course there are lots of people talking about how cruel and heartless to leave a lovely girl “at the altar” (it wasn’t, it was weeks away) and how he is rayciss, and lots of people just raising their eyebrows once and making that pout with their mouth and nodding their head sideways once and saying sweet fuck all, because they don’t actually blame the guy.

I’m seeing and hearing a lot of people say things along the lines of their eyes having been opened, or having pennies drop, or seeing things in a new light, stuff that they just accepted for the past 20 years as part of life.

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