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March 25, 2017

Since records began, in 2004….

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It is with great sadness that the MSM must report that the great philanthropist and war hero Martin McGuinness passed away in his sleep, all peaceful like.

Him, Gerry Adams, and all the rest, were no more that dirty fucking murdering cunts, lest we all forget back in the day the IRA was every bit as much a terrorist organisation as ISIS is today, yes because of secret back room deals former terrorists are never charged and everything is hush hush and suddenly they are respectable members of a democratic society and then they die and everyone mourns the cunts.

Well, long long long before “records began” you’ll find that the state has records of my own personal incarceration for crimes againt society/the state / persons, and leaving aside entirely any arguments that could be made about well that wasn’t really a crime mate, or it shouldn’t have been, and all the other stuff, the fact is I was tried and sentenced and sent to jail, more than once (it gets a *lot* easier after the first time) and served my time.

That’s something you’ll get amongst ex cons like me, OK, we did the crime, OK we got caught, OK we got tried, OK we got sentenced, but here is the thing, WE SERVED OUR FUCKING TIME, we paid our fucking dues, (and in my case it was back in the slop out era where you had a bucket, no toilet or sink or running water, in the cell) and that’s that jack, and we may not be PROUD of it, but we as sure as fuck are not even one iota ASHAMED of it, fuck you, I did the crime AND the time and PAID MY DEBT, and this is what the entire justice system is predicated on.

You can ask any old school ex con what would happen if all the judges were replaced by ex cons overnight, well overnight nobody would be sent to prison for not paying alimony, overnight robbery and burglary sentences would start at about 5 years served, and overnight sex crimes would be life, but not segregated, in the general population.

But that isn’t the big difference.

The big differences is the new ex con judges would want to see EVIDENCE to convict, and testimony ain’t evidence, and evidence that puts someone at the scene ain’t evidence they did the crime, and lack of evidence incriminating someone else still ain’t evidence fred did it.

Foreigners who come here to commit crimes, and english people who decide to become foreigners like this Masood character (changed his name to an arabic one and became radicalised) would be in with the child molesters in general population, with the same general understanding that ain’t nobody getting punished for kicking the shit out of them, no matter how bad.

But of course the whole prison system is set up so that the inmates are not allowed to be “one people”, sure it may look like that to an outsider looking in, but on the inside looking out it is very different, you know who you are by what wing you are on, what landing you are on, what work you had, and other differentiating things such as being a red band or trusty (I always was a trusty) which was basically guys who were out of their cells 12 hours a day doing minor jobs like sweeping up outside and gardening and so on, it’s basically just the same as the army, if everyone is a boot private with the exception of a few sergeants it will all go to hell in short order.

Because everyone knows when you have masses what happens is either everyone riots or nobody riots, so if you want to control rioting you make sure there are no masses, and one of the ways you make sure there are no masses is you treat some of them differently to others.

Down on the sink estate left to themselves the “trouble” families would get burned out within a week, preferably at night when they were asleep inside, problem solved, when the trouble families get po-po intervention, which also means po-po protection so nobody else can exact rough justice on them, then they start to prey on their neighbours, knowing full well they are effectively immune.

Despite everything you have ever been told, the threat of mob justice and violence isn’t a danger to all, it’s only a danger to those who would divide the mob by imposing their own external systems of control and segregation and justice.

Mob rioting as we see on our screens now and again when shops and so on are looted is an entirely different thing, that actually one of those segregated and protected communities coming together to do violence, true mob justice would have burned them all in their sleep years before.

If you want to turn a town into a ghetto you have to destabilise it, bring in guns and give them to select people, people selected because without guns everyone else would have burned them in their sleep.

When you see the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again it ain’t just coinkydink, it’s fucking policy.

The phillipine guy who is basically telling his police force to kill everyone who has any quantity of drugs at all, but do it openly so all can see, there is your exception to the rule, and my god do we all in the west apparently have it in for him as a result, how fucking dare he…

The problem is, EVERYONE has a model of the world, the elites, the MSM, the SJW’s, Hitlary voters, Obamacare fans, they all have a model of the world, and that is what they operate on.

This is a very simple and profound point that most people will miss, so stop, take a step back, and re-consider and re-assess.

Let’s take “business management” you can read books about it, go to schools about it, get qualifications at it, earn money doing it, and it really makes no difference whatsoever if you are going into a pizza franchise or open cast mining or aerospace, you will all learn the same shit, maslow’s heirarchy of needs and so on, you will all learn the same shit.

It’s all business management so sure, there are some minor wrinkles you need to learn when you go from law to finance to intelligence (Comey), or from property to IT to transport, but it’s all management.

This is a model of the world, the model pre-supposes that the above two paragraphs are valid, factual and true, and the one thing that must never ever ever be questioned is the belief that the model as a whole is true, else where would we be? Why, the only way you could ever get in to management in any trade would be to start at the bottom in that trade and work your way up, and you’d never be able to transfer to management of another trade, you’d have to go back to the bottom and start again..

But of course this is only ONE model, we have other models for finance, models for urban development, models for public transport, models for infrastructure, models for economics, models for politics, models for society, even models for trade and models for war.

All of these models are used all the time, and of course the attraction of a model is that it is a simplification of the real thing, and you can experiment with it.

The elites, the MSM, the hitlary voters, they all have a model of what the world and the US is, and now we are getting back to Vonnegut and what the man believes *is* his religion, because all these people believe their models are good models.

More than once in my life I have seen time served engineers eyes popping screaming SHUT IT DOWN! at some twat, meanwhile the twat is looking at gauges and meters and also warnings and alarms that have not tripped, and they look at the real engineers who are going by sound and vibration and smell and gut feeling, and say what the fuck are you on about, and then everything starts to shudder and scream and groan and everything stops with one of those “very very very expensive” sounds, the twat has his hands to the side, palms up, the real engineers have their hands on their heads.

So why are you attacking my model becomes why are you attacking my religion becomes why are you attacking me?

It’s like yesterday’s discussion of R, there is genuinely no comprehension amongst these people why the model isn’t working as the model says it should, why didn’t hitlary win, the model can’t be wrong, so someone was maliciously feeding it bad data or otherwise messing with it.

You have ten times more chance, and I speak literally and figuratively here, of convincing your radicalized muslim that in fact the entire canon of the Koran and everything the prophet stands for is in reality about as valid as the Peppa Pig storyline, as you do of convincing these assholes that their models are wrong, because the less sophisticated and “educated” the individual, the less able they are to slightly modify their model over time.

And I don’t mean to single out Islam there, fundy believers of all religions are just as bad. Belief in rewards in a life after this one is all the same schtick, no matter whose name it is promised in.

Of course once you have a model and start looking at the world through that model, all you will then get is confirmation bias, because one of the things Jung introduced to models was the idea that there are players, and some players only exist to undermine any specific model.

So sooner or later you run into problems.

Problems with YOUR OWN FUCKING MODEL that is, problems such as the fact that I can remember living in the UK when we were not a part of the “Common Market” as the EU was then known, when we had our own currency of Pounds, Shillings and Pence, and so despite all the false rhetoric about it being needed for computers etc we had to go for Pounds and 100 Pence decimal model in line with all the then separate European currencies which has the same decimal model, 100 centimes in 1 franc, or which simply has minimal value like the peseta so 9 pesetas for a rum and coke, of which the coke was 7 pesetas.

That’s a problem faces with all models, so you just alter where the axes start (I very very very rarely see a graph now with XY=0 as the origin) or if it is a data set just change the date at which it starts.

Since records began in xxxx, and of course the more recent xxxx is the more they had to fudge and fuck with things to keep the model even remotely usable and credible, so you’ll have “records began” for house prices in 1988 and “records began” for inflation in 1995 and “records began” for unemployment in 1975 or whatever, all numbers picked out of someone’s ass because that way it makes the model look better.

God Forbid we have some shit that does not fit the models like global warming or whatever, everything that supports the model is “climate” while everything that disagrees with the model is “weather”.

Because that is the real problem, when you start looking at the world through models, you have to start looking at the entire world and everything in it as models, the models for society is for canada to declare that islamophobia is a crime, quebequois ragging on english, that’s just culture jack, now gimme two eggs, side by each.

Lech Walensa and Solidarity and other such popular mass “colour” movements FUCKING TERRIFY those elites (unless of course it is one they are funding and promoting in order to bring reality more in line with their models) because they represent all the models being thrown in the bin.

Merkel came from this, every model they had went down the crapper in 12 months, nothing terrifies her quite so much as the same thing happening again.

You fucking CAN’T fucking BREXIT because NOTHING in our models can account for that or deal with it.

There is a rather well known quote about the stock markets that says something along the lines of you can sell to early, and look like a fucking asshole, or you can sell too late, and looking like a fucking asshole, either way you look like an asshole… it’s just another apex fallacy because not everyone, by definition, can sell at the peak, for there to be winners, there have to be losers… if you take away the losers with QE, you also take away the winners.

Meanwhile back on the streets with the common man, well, nothing much changed, lots of us still live in the live now pay later / house as an ATM / my property appreciates more than my salary / gimme dat f150 raptor on personal lease, and lots of us live on the “Earn 100 pounds, spend 95 pounds, joy… earn 100 pounds, spend 105 pounds, misery” model of the world, one of the most basic and fundamental models there is.

Some of those voted *for* Trump.

Some of those voted *against* Hitlary.

When I said things like if they had run Kim Jong or Saddam against Trump they’d have had more chance of winning than running Hitlary against Trump, another way of saying it is that the more closely they adhered to their models of the world and the future, the more likely people were to reject it.

Thse models still profit them, until and unless those models more closely approach the model of being a drug dealer in the phillipines, ain’t nobody going to abandon them, they will just double down on the belief that the models are not wrong, what is wrong is the people actively working against the model.

You know, terrorists.

Not terrorists like McGuiness or Soros or McCain, terrorists like Farage and Snowden and Bundy.

To *them* Vault 7 / echelon / panopticon is an *essential* tool and downing an entire 747 to eradicate 1 enemy is cool, to *us* we don’t need none of that shit, prey on your neighbours, meet gasoline, change your name to Abdullah, meet gasoline, come *here* and try to import your foreign culture, meet gasoline, spy on your own citizens, meet gasoline, try to destabilise foreign sovereign nations for profit, get deported penniless to live there.


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  1. The Philippines guy became president of a country which is ruled by a handful of ultra rich, ultra corrupt families with known connections to the see eye aye and you ess jee interests.

    He wasnt “supposed to win” because he wasnt the favored candidate, so its toys outta da pram. The model cant be wrong so all the worse for reality.

    The drug trade in the Philippines is run by the Sinaloa cartel (which the US DEA has been proven to cooperate with over multiple years), and drug sales provide a massive funding source to buy off police, judges, politicians.

    Taking on drugs removes much of the financial backing of corruption, and ruthless policing provides a strong discentive for involvement in the drug trade or corruption. The jailing of De Lima is writing on the wall for the others. Duterte appointed one of the most corrupt Pinoys of all time to be envoy to the US, so its hard to tell how serious he is about fixing things.

    Funny how Duterte is being criticized for “extra judicial killings” after Obama presided over the extrajudicial drone killings of thousands of people, and instigated wars which killed tens of thousands. Crickets

    Comment by Undefined — March 26, 2017 @ 4:54 am

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