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March 24, 2017

Billionaire Bonus Ball

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A commenter asked for my take on the Rothschild death, it’s a good question, so I have been thinking about it for a bit.

I’m not the CIA/FBI/NSA/GCHQ so I don’t have access to records of what was said and done, social circles, and so on and so forth, in effect, I don’t *know* anything about the now deceased individual in question.

I do find it amusing / risible that the press constantly refers to such people (Soros too) as “philanthropists” because generally speaking a philanthropist is not someone who would make the world a better place if they were penniless or dead.

But I’ve met a few billionaires, and it’s true, they are constantly surrounded by people who are less wealthy, and seeking a way to become more wealthy.

I guess you could draw an analogy to a famous hollywood star, there are thousands of people hanging around trying to find out how to become famous like them.

Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, they would all probably have ended up pretty well off and comfortable, they all had a good start in life and they were all fairly driven and good at what they did, but, they were all also born at the right time and in the right place, just down the road from the Fairchildren, to get into the new field of personal computing and not be merely successful, but to become billionaires.

The chap I knew fairy well who was a multi multi billionaire, well he started off quite well because his dad owned a bank, and he had the right connections, and at the time he was investing heavily in the then not yet released canon print engine.

We can draw parallels with hollywierd fame, on the one hand you have your Brando and Newman and Dean, on the other hand you have your sons and daughters of other famous hollywierd types like Curtis, Eastwood, Huston, etc etc.

Trump hisself is of course the latter type, started off with dad’s money and then went on to make more.

It doesn’t matter which sort you are, you’ll have no end of hangers on, groupies and sycophants.

The question is, WHY?

And the question is, what does it do to you?

We “learn” that the recently deceased Rothschild (hereafter referred to as R) had the ear of all prezzzidents of the US from the sixties onwards, as though there is some correlation between personal wealth and IQ, or personal wealth and human nature, or personal wealth and philanthropic big picture viewpoints, or personal wealth and anything….

If my life depended on it I couldn’t name anything kate winslet or shia lebouf have been in, yet they feel entitled to an opinion that is worth more than mine, worth more than anyone else’s, just as the late R’s did, he’s a fucking billionaire so his opinion is worth more than mine, more important than mine, more perceptive than mine.

I have met literally a couple of very very wealthy people who did not fall into that trap, and they were both intensely private and quiet people, no retinue of servants and drivers and PA’s and bodyguards for them, and I have met many who went the whole personal retinue route, so when bin abdul aziz turns up in Nippon with 459 tons of luggage and books 1,200 hotel rooms for a fucking 4 day trade visit, you know which camp *he* falls in to.

The two very quiet ones were at least above average intelligence, you could talk to them about many things and many fields, even your own specialist field, and they could converse intelligently.

The others, honestly, dumb as a box of fucking rocks is the lasting impression, and arrogant motherfuckers to boot, I well recall one incident when the rich cunt in question is sitting on the sun deck of his yacht (which itself held an art collection the envy of the louvre) reading a paper and asks the flunky stood next to him to ask the craptain stood next to the flunky to ask the engineer (me) stood next to him when the problem would be rectified so the ship could sail, we have to be in Monaco by nightfall tomorrow after all.. there was a bit more to it than that of course, they delay was caused by everyone else’s incompetence and uselessness, and the bloody useless engineer was the worst of the lot.. “You can tell him..” in a loud and happy voice that could be heard on the vessels moored on either side, “.. that the *only* incompetent person there was someone who uses the heads in the master suite, and ignores all the notices about not putting sanitary towels, tampons, what looks like bikini bottoms and all down the fucking toilet, that’s what’s blocked up your holding tanks and mono pumps, and that’s why they are full, and that’s why you can’t sail until they are emptied

But the fact is the flunkies and craptain and crew were eminently suited to work for an ignorant asshole like that, given that they themselves were wannabe ignorant assholes who chose to be exactly where they were, as though the wealth and fame was some sort of disease or infection that would rub off on to them.

And when people used to ask me why I tolerated working for them, well, the stewardesses were some of the most drop dead gorgeous (that’s why they were hired) wimminz anywhere on the planet, and I liked fucking them, plus, the money wasn’t bad, don’t get me wrong, they were all as corrupt as fuck and tried to make as much of that money as possible stick to their own hands, but they lived in fear of someone who basically *had* to have access to the master cabins and inhabitants as well as engine / genny / steerage etc actually opening his gob and saying to the exalted one in question something about the money or bill.

I had a standard procedure, maybe 3 craptains *ever* refused it, I’d pad every bill by 15% and when the job was done the bill was paid in full, and I’d hand 10% to the craptain, how and if he trickled that down was his business.

It seems like I have drifted a long way from the commenters question about the death of R, but I haven’t really, because this is how it works.

You’ll get people who will slit each other’s throats for positions of “power” and “prestige” aboard the yacht or on the estate, all in the belief that they will somehow be closer to the one, be noticed by the one, be elevated by the one, and of course when the infrequent visit by the one is scheduled they turn up with the entourage, and *their* self appointed job is to keep the “help” away from the one, and of course the same thing happens with the “inner circle”, so sometime you would see the word come down, the one is arriving some time in the next two weeks, and will stay anything from a few days to a couple of weeks, and then they run around like headless chickens or turkeys ready for christmas making everything ready, a couple of days later the entourage may or may not turn up, and they will critique everything and get waited on hand and foot (and fuck all the stewies) in what is of course just QA testing, and IF the entourage turn up then MAYBE the outer circle will, and IF they do then finally you possibly / probably will see the inner circle and the one, or it may just be a couple of associates of the one, or flunkies of associates of the one, being given a freebie.

NOBODY is as enslaved as the person who fights tooth and nail to climb the ladder of servitude for the one, and so they turn this around in their head and become the most obnoxious arrogant pricks the world has ever seen.

Back on that sun deck everyone in earshot was looking at the decks looking for a sub millimetre hole in the teak and caulking to slide in to, utterly silent and immobile and scarcely breathing, trying to become invisible by sheer act of will… the paper crinkles and folds down, a quarter of a head and one eye appears, a voice asks me how long will it take, I gesture at the flunkies and say if they get out of my way and stop making demands that make my job harder, I can get it done some time that evening, you can certainly sail by midnight, I smile and say there are no tides here so you can sail as soon as it’s done, but I need to crack on and the aft deck and passarelle will be unpleasant because I need a vacuum bowser there asap so you may want to consider being off the ship till around 10 pm.

The eye nods, the voice says thank you, the paper goes back up and the one addresses the flunky, we shall leave for Marco’s within the hour, see that we are expected and see that we have our usual balcony.

Everyone else starts to breathe, I’m already walking away back to the machine spaces.

I do know of people who did not treat the one with contempt, JS had a very successful business doing the exact same thing as me, but he had 30 employees and so on, but he’d come from Caribbean hotel management and obsequiousness, and one day someone got offended, and next could come a whole load of speculation, but the facts are that his secretary and cum bucket decided to type “FORMAT C:” on the office computer (early days of the PC, no backups) and JS basically ceased trading overnight, he had no idea who he owed money to, who owed him money, nothing, all gone… a week later the secretary is esconced in the craptains cabin on the boat owned by the guy JS had wrung his hands and crawled to.

In shades of Obummer wiretapping Trump, I sincerely doubt that the one directly ordered such, and even if he had, he would not have stooped to communicate with the lowly craptain, so it might have come via the flunky in the inner circle, or it might have come directly from the flunky, seeking to curry favour, or the next level down.

Who knows.

What I do know is that with the exception of the aforementioned two very private and very wealthy individuals, every single other one oozed contempt for the entourage, after all, take away a few billion, and they would be exactly the same as the one, personality wise.

Now at this point I want to say something else, it may sound trite or amusing, but it really is very very very significant, as regards to the question asked by the commenter about R.

Not all billionaires are the same, some have more billions that others, some have yachts with more decks and greater LOA than others, some have estates of greater acreage than others, and so on.

I never ever ever ever ever ever seen even the remotest most distant most trivial form of what I would call piracy, nobody is running torpedoes or limpet mines against other billionaires yachts, nobody is running anodic / cathodic corrosion measures against the yachts moored either side, nobody is sabotaging bunkering or messing with crews.


It’s a closed shop / private club, and while there *might* be some very very very private schadenfreud when something goes wrong with a neighbour, all you will ever see or hear is solidarity.

The guy with 3 billion looks up to the guy with 30 billion just the same way the guy with 3 million looks up to the guy with 3 billion, he is like me, but better, and therefore worthy of respect, for he is what I aspire to be and hope to be one day, and of course the entire entourage is along for that ride.

The fascination with the Kray brothers here in the UK back in the day wasn’t because of their wealth, Tommy Sopwith could have bought and sold them 100 times over out of small change, the fascination was that unlike all of the above, they did their own dirty work, shades of old school mafiosi.

The man on the sun deck who wants to sail for monaco summons the shore engineer to see what is wrong, hey Luigi, who fucked up my boat and my schedule, well boss, the bimbo’s fucked up the shitters and the craptain is getting in my way because he thinks you not seeing or smelling shit is more important than delaying your departure.. Don Coproleone turns to the craptain and says Mario, you have disappointed me, I expect better from my people, you go help this Luigi clean my crappers, you get armpit deep in my shit so Luigi’s hands stay clean, you do what he says, now Pietro, go down and put some plastic sheeting down on my stateroom floors, I am going to teach Ciccolina how to read a da english signs on the shitter wall.

R died naturally of old age (even if some of his younger scions were whacked) and Soros may well do the same, but my suspicion is we have already seen someone blink first, and we have already seen the first whackings (poor George, he accidentally fell from the 5th floor window and shot himself in the back of the head three times on the way down…) and just like the r/K stuff in other areas, it applies in billionaire land too.

I worked on Adnan’s boat (before it was sold to trump) and in addition to the usual art collections and so on, it has some fairly sophisticated missile systems and some heavy machine guns strategically mounted here and there, and a great comms suite, more of a Q ship than a yacht.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking all billionaires are like R or Soros or the Saudi’s, content to meddle and kills tens of thousands at a distance, surrounded by sycophants like GWB or Obummer or Hitlary, eager to please their masters.

Some of them are either much more private, or much more hands on, or both (the man I mention at times here features nowhere in any lists of the world’s 500 richest or most influential, he should be in the top 20) and they aren’t as dumb as a box of rocks.

I still woudn’t give you even money either way that Trump survives 4/8 years in office, or that Trump becomes the first public trillionaire, I do know he’s just the man in front of the curtain, too high profile to go anywhere near anything messy. Behind the curtain is the same as China, light on lawyers and professors and war hero’s, heavy on engineers and scientists and technicians.

Trump isn’t Adolf, he served his time in the uniform and in the trenches and in the prison, he did not mind getting his hands dirty.

Ditto Putin, he is not a paper tiger either.

War hero’s (sic) like McCain think they have been to hell already, they haven’t, they have only ever glimpsed the “lite” version because behind the scenes there were not people like Trump, if the deal goes bad walk away, and tell the other side, those prisoners you got, bury them as a pre-condition to any further dialogue.

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.. >;*)

Except those on the inside who have been planning for or against it for years.



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    Comment by justwanttocommentblog — March 24, 2017 @ 9:04 pm

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