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March 21, 2017

Congress, Comey, Trump, Obummer.

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Well, one thing for sure nobody can say with a straight face, no matter which side of the fence you sit on, and that is that this is just some small time political struggle that people are only placing small bets on.

It’s Watergate and Nixon, in the sense that it is a full on balls to the wall 24/7 shit or bust operation, it’s big, it doesn’t get any bigger without literal assassinations and blood on the streets.

It’s also big in terms of size and numbers of people involved, watching the “investi-gay-tion cmtte” on youtube (linked from ZH)  it’s very very very clear that this is an open secret and all concerned are reading their parts and also quite assured that everyone else concerned is going to stick to reading their parts too, self assured in their own “too big to fail” and enronesque self proclaimed smartest cunts in the room, but turn the sound off and there was also quite a lot of shifty body language and facial tells.

It’s no coincidence I was reminded of a bunch of lawyers in a court room simply going through the motions to record and ratify a deal that they had all made a couple of hours previously in the court cafe, because most of those present are fucking lawyers.

There are two sides in a courtroom, and they are not prosecution and defence, they are lawyers and laity.

This was the same, lawyers and citizens, wolves and sheep democratically deciding what is on the menu for lunch.

More than *anything* I have seen or heard or read to date (disclaimer, I’m not a US citizen glued to the idiot’s lantern) this simple youtube broadcast brought it home to me, we are not talking about simple decimation, or 1 in 10 being corrupt, in some way that they can be removed and the remaining 9 can pick up the ball.

We are talking about (at this level, eg top management level) maybe 1 in 10 *not* being corrupt, and I mean *totally* fucking corrupt, as in you cunts can’t touch us because you can’t touch us without taking down and destroying the entire government apparatus, so we are untouchable and immune.

They are not even fucking PRETENDING to believe the words they are uttering, their contempt for all is not hidden.

Back when gulf war one and two kicked off a local crude comedian by the name of Roy Chubby Brown (you fat cunt..lol) reacted to the news that Iraq was a threat to the UK (what with WMD’s and all) with the statement that Iraq couldn’t kick Hartlepool‘s ass, much less the entire UK’s ass.

But why change a winning playbook, now Kim Jong and North Korea pose a nuclear ICBM threat to the west,s’funny, cos I sure as fuck did not see any supersonic diamonds in the thrust from the static rocket test that we were all shown as proof that Kim Kardash ^H^H^H^ Jong now has nucular intercontinental ball istic missiles ya’ll, yeeeehaw…

Being neither an american german rocket scientist, nor a russian german rocket scientist, I don’t know enough to guess what fuel we were seeing there, but it didn’t strike me as being very energetic.

I can’t link to those actual static test pictures that were being touted as proof, because the few that are remaining are all low res, all the higher res ones have mysteriously gone missing.

It was all the higher res ones that showed a distinct LACK of secondary effects around the rocket blast, you know, otherwise solid things being burnt and blasted into vapour….

So, I have a challenge for you, in the 1970’s the UK went through a very tough time, there were mass strikes, social unrest, 3 day working weeks, rolling power blackouts nationwide, rubbish uncollected for weeks, bodies unburied for weeks, the army was called in to replace the fire brigade who were on strike, the beat went on and on and on.

I lived through it, it was pre digital age, but we all had televisions, most of us had colour televisions, lots of people had film cameras, and it was of course basically THE topic on daily news shows for literally several years solid, but I defy you to find anything on google video or youtube video search showing *any* of that archived footage, even the little Pathe footage you can find mysteriously has a muted audio track, even though it was shot in the 70’s on professional 16 mm film with quite good mics recorded as an analogue audio track right there on the film itself….

“Since records began in 1997…” because of course we can’t have uneducated modern cunts looking shit up and realising this is the exact same shit show that has been running since the sixties to destroy western culture and society.

Or you can do a search for videos of OTHER rocket tests and lauches, and see how they compare with Kim’s “orion” heavy lifter…. sic…puke…

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  1. Has the Rothschild death given you any thoughts?

    Always interested in your ideas and perspective on things.

    Comment by justwanttocommentblog — March 21, 2017 @ 8:50 pm

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