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March 16, 2017

Weather forecasting

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I’ve been asked if I am pro Trump, a believer.

The answer is no, if I had been a US citizen then a Trump vote would have been a protest vote, anyone who isn’t Hitlary, but would I have actually voted? Who knows.

Trump, unlike Hitlary, does have some redeeming qualities, whether that matters when you throw someone in at the deep end in DC is another story, personally I wonder if anything less than a vicious bastard who declared martial law on day 1 and started stringing up the incumbents on day 2 en masse would be sufficient to “drain the swamp”.

Being practical about it give the guy 2 terms / 8 years of daily battles and he could make some serious inroads, and it could also all be undone within a few weeks of his departure, whether that be in 8 years or 8 weeks at the hands of Pence and others.

The thing everyone gets wrong about all this soci politico econo bullshit is they think analysing it gets you any useful information, it doesn’t, you can study weather until your ass falls off and your forecast for next week is a valid as the guy who looks at a dog turd and says drier warmer weather on the way.

Society is like a great weather system, it’s chaotic, predictions worth their salt don’t come along often enough to be useful, predictions that are wrong are a daily occurrence.

Big lows on the Maine coast, fuck that, I’ll move to different climes, gets on a plane and 12 hours later settles down in Ireland, and 72 hours later those exact same big lows that plagued you in Maine are passing over your head again.

You can draw parallels between current western economic thinking and current western climate thinking, it doesn’t matter if the rules are all bullshit or not, all that matters is that those that write the rule book are also those who benefit from it.

In shades of me saying to people “Leaving aside entirely the issue of right and wrong, me fucking your teeny daughters and bonding with them and looking after them long term is only one half on an equation, the other half is why would I, what is in it for me? And trust me, sex with a teeny isn’t a plus in that equation…” and you can see them struggle with it and basically just NOT GET, AT ALL, the point you are trying to make…

Leaving aside entirely the issue of right and wrong, QE / ZIRP / property bubbles long term are only one half of the equation, the other half is why would I, what is in it for me? And trust me, mortgaged / leased homes / cars aren’t a plus in that equation…

Yes, your teeny daughter is probably as safe in bed with me as she is with her own father, and your Mercedes on HP  is probably as safe with me as it is with you, THAT IS NOT THE FUCKING POINT.

The point is I am an outlier who asks what is in it for me, and the answer is not much, and I can explain in as much detail as you can stomach why that is o, so the point is who the fuck are all these other assholes who do NOT think like me or reason like me or look around themselves like me.

CONGRATULATIONS, you just saved your teeny daughter from the horrors of having my huge throbbing penis rammed inside her, the one guy who would have bonded with her if she has been wife 1.0 material, meanwhile, the 3,500,000,000 other men with penises are still out there, what you gonna do, protect her one penis at a time?

Teach her *all* penises are evil?

Basically do everything except the ONE FUCKING THING that actually works, teach her to be a good and sensible person who uses the fucking brain god gave her, who judges people by their actions and not their words, who trusts her gut, who never forgets and never forgives, who learns to not only be self sufficient but also how to co-operate and share.

Sure, I talk about dirty old men (me) impaling teeny girls on my monster cock because it gets a reaction, it’s the one universal thing that most adults and parents will agree on, even more than almost anything else, it crosses cultures and races and religions, and I STILL can’t get cunts to see the logical fallacies of their beliefs, what the fuck is the point of never mentioning any of it at all, and only ever wittering on in dry stale terms about percentage interest being an exponential mathematical function?

I happen to kind of agree with some of the Freudian stuff, we are all sexual creatures, and probably all are more motivated by sexual desires than we know or wish to admit.

I look at a hunk of inert metal that is my motorcycle and call it sexy for fuck’s sake, I have heard accountants and bankers say the same thing about some financial instruments and documents, I can talk about yanks who had a hard on for the Constitution… yadda yadda yadda.

So, your daughter is five years old, so what, in a dozen years she will be sucking cock and taking it up the ass, this is no different to saying you new 2017 E class on private leasing is going to be someone’s 500 buck junker in a dozen years, or your pristine new shopping mall is going to be some wino’s rain shelter in a dozen years.

Talking about YOUR flesh and blood MIGHT make you listen, nah, fuck that, no chance, but it does give me bank on the only thing that matters, being able to say nope, TOLD YOU SO MOTHERFUCKER in years to come when you wring your hands and cry and start complaining that nobody could have predicted it and nobody warned you so it’s not your fault.

It’s personal weather forecasting, I can’t point at any date on the calendar and predict what is going to befall your 5 year old daughter in the future, but I can say in a dozen years she will be taking it up the ass.

This is the nature of chaotic systems like politics or economies or weather forecasting….

A SPECIFIC forecast is what everyone seeks, and provides, because then you can know in advance what is going to happen and take preventative measures, and of course it is all total bullshit.

A specific forecast is the day and date your 5 year old will first have a cock in her hand, who fucking knows.

A general observation of chaotic systems is ALWAYS right, because it includes entropy and inevitability.

Your daughter IS going to get a lot of cock in her life, MY cock is one of the last ones you ever need to be worrying about.

Your house built on a flood plain IS going to get flooded, when? Who knows.

In times gone past such things were accepted, build a house in Tornado alley and try and insure it against tornados, build an identical house in BC and try and insure it against tornados… spot the difference.

The insurance company wasn’t a weather forecaster or a merchant of doom or some old pervert wanting to fuck your teeny daughter up the ass.

I had this exact conversation a few months ago with the mother of a girl who now has her own kids, I have known the mother since the girl in question was literally in nappies, and I did indeed make some comments a few years thereafter to the mother that she should be training that little girl to be my teeny bitch and bond for life.. I don’t say this to demonstrate that I have always been a pervert, but to demonstrate that I have always thought this way and seen the world this way.. and of course at that time I got a punch on  the shoulder and an awww you dirty old man and a grin.

So we fast forward a whole bunch of years to a couple of months ago, and this now grandmother is talking to me about the issues her little girl has, and the issues *her* kids are having now, and wondering, seeing as we have known each other so long and since I have known this kid since it was in nappies, can I help?

So I just look at her and remind her of those days and those conversations, and she says yes, she remembers, and yes, she agrees that with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight the best possible thing she could have done would have been to train teeny to be my bitch.

BUT she says, that would have been WRONG she says, because it is the girl’s life and she MUST HAVE THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE HER OWN LIFE.

I just nod, and say yes, I agree with you, and since she exercised that freedom she can lie in the bed she made herself and I in my own freedom choose not to lift and finger to help.

It’s not because I am a genius or a prophet, it’s because I have lived long enough to see the inevitable come to pass, I have seen the house built on the flood plain turned into an island, I have seen the new E class turned into a 500 buck clunker workhorse, I have seen the precious baby turn into a mentally unstable train wreck.

I have no idea if I will live long enough to see the great social / economic reset or not, put it this way, I accept the possibility enough that I have avoided debt and encumbrances the past 20 years, at significant personal cost I might add, but I don’t know when it is coming.

I don’t know what the weather will be tomorrow, I don’t know what will happen in the lands of politics or economics or society next week, I don’t know what will happen to AAPL stocks.

But what I *****DO***** know, is stuff that is real, and I DO know everyone else (like the momma above) simply discounts it, because all they are interested in are specific forecasts, not inevitable periodic events in chaotic systems.

It’s not my cock that you need to be protecting your teeny daughters from, it is being forever unworthy of my cock that you should be protecting them from, irrespective of whether or not that actual opportunity ever arises in real life.

I saw that girl go from a mewling baby through puberty to a young teen to an older teen that quite frankly looked quite hot and sexy to a late twenties spotty fat land whale with drug dependency and mental issues and two kids of her own fathered by two different pond scum, and I doubt that a whole bottle of Viagra now would enable me to get an erection within her presence, and her presence is something that is deeply uncomfortable and depressing.

And it really all was so predictable yet avoidable, but inevitable, in the name of freedom and not ever making any decisions of lasting consequence.

Mommy can only now admit that, freedom aside, the best thing that could have happened to her daughter was for her to train her from teeny to ride on my cock and bond for life, BUT, she can only admit that because she also knows I do not have a time masheen (sic) in my pocket, if I did, then, boy, she really would hate me.

As it is, as she said, she has never really understood me.

The feeling is mutual.

I have an old photo of her and my dad and her dad taken by her mum, back when we were both teenys ourselves, god she was hot, but her eye never fell on me.

Far from being a missed opportunity and a “what if”, I wonder what doors I did open and pathways I did venture down that would have been forever unknown to me had it been different, and that is way way way too high a price, and that is the real reason for me passing on helping the girl, the cost is unknown, but whatever it is, it’s too fuckin’ high.

No es mi problema.

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  1. but that’s just the thing:
    women do NOT believe they should ever be held responsible for anything.

    think of it as a variation on the Goulston graffito.

    that’s why we didn’t believe they should vote, back in the day.

    that’s why scolds got Skimmington rides.

    can you imagine if Hillary had gotten a few Skimmingtons?

    Comment by bob k. mando — March 24, 2017 @ 4:24 am

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