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March 16, 2017

The unknown entity.

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Twain said something along the lines of it’s not what you don’t know that will kill you, it’s what you do know for a fact but ain’t so that will kill ya.

I have long said this to people in business, the most important data is data you can never know, why everyone who walked past your shop walked past, instead of walking in.

In shades of this today’s earlier post about the long time wimminz friend asking for help for her daughter, how do I know how many were asked before me, and how many remain to be asked after me…

Whether the number of potential helpers is 3 or 300, I rather suspect that I am right at the end of the list.

That’s not the shit that will kill you, as Twain said, it’s knowing you’re number 1 on the list when you are really number 300 on the list, or vice versa.

I knew my psycho skank ho ex was a crazy, but, I was pretty sure that that crazy only went as far as claiming that the man in her life beat her, and then only as an extreme, same with her daughter, who obviously as an acorn didn’t fall too far from the tree, I was pretty sure that the crazy only went as far as denying the harsh realities of life and preferring some frog kissing whisked off to Monaco escapism crap.

I had the hardest time for months coming to terms with the fact that these psycho skank ho’s were willing to deliberately make false rape allegations and false he wants to fuck his own kids and false he has computers full of kiddie porn and false he is a long term violent junkie bastard allegations.

But I did not go so far as to make the Twain mistake, and believe that it COULDN’T be so, it MUST be some horrible mistake, all I have to do is pop over there and see the psycho skank ho face to face and sort it all out.

If I had done that it would have been taken as proof that all the false allegations were true, and I would have been locked up.

But do not let me kid you, the Twain mistake is EASY to make, and ONLY hard cold clinical acceptance of reality will prevent you from making it, it is HARD to avoid acting upon things that you “know” to be so, but ain’t.

It wasn’t a mistake, it was all quite premeditated and calculating and deliberate and planned, including all the traps I was expected to fall into, and the only mistake to be seen for miles around was my mistake, for years, of my assessment of their characters, or lack of.

Of course, some mistakes are easier to make than others, and some mistakes are easier to admit than others.

It’s the nature of my character that it only took me a couple of days to realise that I had made one of the biggest mistakes of my life in my judgement of the psycho skank ho ex, and only a couple more days to admit to anyone who would listen that I was possibly the biggest asshole to walk the planet.

That acceptance that I made a Twain mistake, early and fully, is what saved me, and what made me stronger and better and ultimately one fuckton of a lot more happier.

The psycho skank ho ex walked out of secret family court at the end of it all as bitter and twisted as she always ways, but nevertheless convinced that she had won, maybe not the jackpot, but at least she has won and I had lost… classic Twain mistake.

I walked out of there feeling like someone who had just got out free after 8 years in solitary, I really was free to get on with my life, free of her financial demands, free of her company, free of her sexual desires, free of her demands on my time and effort, free of being her personal unpaid taxi driver handyman dogsbody, free of it all, forever.

Twain mistake on her part was thinking my kids were something to hurt me with, when the fact is the kids were her insurance policy and pension plan and control mechanism all rolled into one, take it all away and you don’t hurt me much, you do unburden me immeasurably and forever.

*I* would never have so completely and finally and eternally excluded the psycho skank ho from my life and wallet and time and effort as they excluded themselves, and for that I am grateful to their psycho skanky nature, if not to them personally.

The momma I mentioned in the previous post, there was a classic Twain mistake, believing, no, *knowing* that giving her daughter absolute freedom was the right thing to do, and *knowing* that training her to be some decent man’s wife 1.0 was the wrong thing to do.

Another classic Twain mistake is believing that the Donald, or anyone else, has your back or gives a shit what happens to you, Aesop’s fable of the scorpion and the frog is a classic example, the frog *knew* it was insane to think the scorpion would sting it.

I’m in my mid fifties and no matter how long and hard I think, I can come up with two females who have ever put ANY skin in the game to cover my ass, and one of those was my mother so that’s kinda “job description” stuff, or should be.

I have a full complement of fingers and toes, and I do not need to take my shoes off to count up all the males who have ever put any skin in the game to cover my ass…. and though I say so myself I am a fairly easy going personable likeable kind of guy, worst thing most people have to say about me is I call a spade and spade and don’t suffer fools gladly.

Fact is I’m a lot better off in these cover your ass stakes than most people, like the momma above, she don’t need to fingers and toes to count, she can count on her clitoris, and still keep her pants on.

This follows on from the previous post and the weather thing.

Big big big mistake to know for sure that tomorrow the sun is gonna shine, or the rain is gonna fall, or anything else, like the Brexit will make the difference or the donald will drain the swamp.

That’s Twain mistakes, that shit *will* kill you, because you act as though it is true when it ain’t… the stuff that you didn’t know about but which is true, far far less likely to impact your life personally.

It doesn’t matter if there is civil war and blood on the streets and bodies hanging from lamp posts or not, those things will come to pass or not, your survival however is likely very very dependent on you “knowing” what was going to happen, and being wrong.

Just ask Hitlary.

Snowden, for all his faults, knew and was right, and he got the fuck out.


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