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March 14, 2017

You must be new here eh?

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So, mummy’s darling little princess, by the age of 13, has fucked at least 7 different guys that we know of, and I say that we know of because these are the ones she kept records of on her iPhone and iPad, and the only person who gets punished is the oldest guy, (#5 in the list of 7 to empty their balls into mini skank) because he was 27 at the time and had a pregnant girlfriend who found out about it when mini-slut called her up and asked her if she knew that her man had just fucked mini-slut… classy all around…

Even the judge has to admit mini-slut was “willing” which means in reality as we can see, she was eager, keen, and very very pro-active… so pro-active these seven were on a bucket list with ticks next to their names when the deed had been done.

1/ now none of these people, including this guy, were the sharpest knives in the drawer, willingly consigning evidence of all of their actions to the big data cloud, where it can be extracted and used in evidence against you, never once thinking to create any records for themselves that could be used to exculpate themselves, or at the very least to apportion blame where it was due.

2/ mini-slut, mini-slut’s sister, mini-sluts baby momma, all get a free pass of course, all are “victims” and are supposed to be the object of our pity, none of them are architects of their own downfall, that only applied to the oldest guy.

3/ the other six guys, who’s ages at the time we are told range from 14 to some unknown number less than 27 (so probably around the 21 mark) presumably get a pass, as do all the others who weren’t on the list, as do everyone else doing this…… because this 13 year old girl ain’t the fucking outlier in society.

I am an older guy, mid fifties, there are a lot of places I fear to tread, for example there are a lot of things that interest me from an intellectual point of view, but I know better than to google them and create records of those searches, records that can be pulled at some future date when 2 + 2 needs to make 22 to convict my ass of something I did not do.

For example when you hear of guys having sex with sexually mature 13 year olds, well, I can see the mechanics of it, when you hear of guys having sex with 8 years olds, well, I don’t actually know how that is possible, mechanically, I’d have assumed things were too unformed and too tight, but then again intellectually I’d assume that with a little care (yeah, I know) it should be physically possible, but like making sarin gas it’s not something I am prepared to research, not because I have any latent desired to do either, but because any such research will be held up as a sign of guilt, why would anyone but a terrist want to know how to make sarin?

We’re getting to the place where google searches on how police speed traps work and so on is being used to convict, and to increase sentencing, so it ain’t science fiction that I am talking about here

Similarly there is a lot of behaviour on the roads, or a lot of behaviour with tax evasion and other things that I see other people routinely do, and apparently getting away with scot free, but which I refrain from doing, if you like, I just don’t have the balls, I’d say “any longer” but I dunno if I ever did really.

Same goes for teeny sex, sure, it’s only anecdotal, but my take is teeny sex is far more prevalent and pervasive now that it was back when I was of that age back in the 1970’s, *far* more prevalent, so much more so that despite the now huge age gap (and attraction gap) between myself and a teeny, teeny sex is more readily available to me as an individual now than it was back then when I was a teeny myself.

Just for clarity’s sake, it is worth pointing out again that this is not paedophilia, it’s ephebophilia, this girl was not a pre-pubescent small child, this was  a sexually mature young woman on the rag and able to get pregnant, and since she did not, undoubtedly one of the millions of “minors” female who are getting free contraceptives without her parent’s knowledge or consent, for these are not needed.

Without wishing to be seen to defend this guy, or those like him, and without wishing to be seen to promote “paedophilia” as the press would brand all such sexual interactions, in the last 40 years it has gone from something that I never knew existed, to something that basically gets offered to me on a monthly basis, for values of “offered” that include comments from mothers that what their 13 year old daughter desperately needs is a man like me.

If that isn’t an open door to a potential future invitation, I don’t know what is.

Like searching on google for “how to fuck underage girls up the ass” exploring these potential future invitations in a purely intellectual enquiry is something I lack the balls to do, even though it interests me, I have no clue as to the motivation of these mothers, and I’d love to know, not just speculate, are they all just seeking blackmail or what… so all I am left with is the truth, and yet I can see that the truth is never easy to swallow for these wimminz, it’s not what they are expecting, and it doesn’t fit with their world view.

“What’s in it for me?” is my answer, apparently the mere opportunity to dip my cock in some 13 year old flesh is supposed to be enough to drive all reason permanently from my head, but the reality is, apart from the younger and firmer flesh, what does the 13 year old have to offer me?

As we can see from the above story you can forget anything mythical bullshit about life bonding with a virgin who will only ever know your cock, hell no, you’re somewhere in the double digits, and that actually even more revolting the younger the skank in question, I can forgive a mid 30’s wimminz who has kept count and who is honest and tells me I am number 14 or something, it’s not great by any means, in fact it has lots of problems, but hey, when all life gives you is lemons….. but being presented with the same thing from a early 20’s wimminz is worse, and being presented with the same thing from a 13 year old is fucking horrendous.

Then there is the other side of the coin, the personality, or lack thereof, (maybe you can tell I was never a father to girls) but few things in this world fill me with more oh-fuck-no-I-can’t-stand-this-shit than spending time in company with young teen girls, at least the 30’s something skank has had most of that rainbow barbie shit kicked the fuck out of her, the young teen girl however… shudders..

Then there is the rest of the domestic bliss, the little bitch will barely be able to operate her iPad, fucking forget knowing how to use a kettle or a cooker or a hoover or anything else, much less how to care for my ass and pander to my needs and desires.

And if that isn’t enough they can’t even go out and get a fucking paper round to bring money in, that’s illegal now, without a fucking individually applied for permit for any kid between 13 and 15, at 16 the cunts can work full time, so in addition to all of the above pleasures I get to PAY for the little skank’s company.

“What’s in it for me?” is therefore akin to yeah, that holds about as much attraction as cutting my own legs off with a rusty spoon, ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE????

So you put it all together and what do you get?

Are these post pubescent but only just teens fucking?

Yes, like rabbits.

So who is doing it?

Anyone and everyone who is literally starting and ending their sexual interactions at emptying their balls / filling their cunt and ticking off bucket lists, it really is, and CAN BE NO MORE THAN, as vapid and empty and transient as that.

I will argue, and it is my belief, that these born post 2,000 AD teens are both the product and the proof that the destruction of our once great western society and civilisation and the destruction of the concept of the nuclear family is now almost complete.

I can see one, perhaps two further fairly inevitable stages in the process, and then there is anarchy and wholesale bloodshed no matter what, and that is pre-pubescent pre-teens going down the same route, and for all I know it is already happening, I just don’t have the guts to google it and leave records of same.

I do know these pre-teen pre-pubescent children are being programmed for it, wholesale, in primary schools up and down the country, with mandatory “sex education” classes and drug classes and diversity classes and transexual toilets for 6 year old Tommy H^H^H^ Tammy and 24/7 access to smartphones with cameras and streaming access to pornhub.

It’s 2017 and it is just as well that my life does not depend upon me be able to point at any large business or institution in the UK and being able to say “There is not very much corruption going on there”

It’s just as well because I do not know of any where it is not rife.

It’s just as well because I do not know of any where once you start following the rabbit hole it just keeps getting ever deeper and ever more corrupt.

I know of someone who has claimed that for the past 20 years the courts and police and social services in this region have in effect been little more than a cover for a pervasive and powerful paedophile ring that is large enough that none within these systems can be both 100% unaware and 100% untouched by it.

He believes that we have a deliberately engineered paedophiles playground, the kicker is most of us cattle aren’t invited to that party, in shades of only the king can eat venison and swan.

I’d love to be able to dismiss him as being crazy and deluded and just another tinfoil hatter nut job, it is with great sadness in my heart that my true feelings are that he is only an idiot because he only sees one rabbit hole of corruption, when the fact is the societal landscape is a swiss cheese of them.

Mankind as a whole is a deeply flawed creature, 99% of the population actively needs some sort of religious belief, for much of recent human history that could be christian and muslim and heretic and jew and so on, but my belief is no christian or jew or muslim of 1600 AD would recognise anyone today who claimed the same label, the new religion is fuck your neighbour, and christianity and islam and other things are just privacy screens drawn over the new religion to confuse and obscure.

You can posit sects and cabals and clans who use paedophila (it’s simple enough Fred, you fuck this 8 year old up the ass until it bleeds, and you’re in for life and it’s easy street, you refuse at this stage and we say you did anyway and take your family out too and destroy them, and your kids and grandkids will be the next ones on the bed crying for mercy) to garner and control power, but it is just another diversion to say “THIS IS THE DEVIL’S WORK” and invoke God as your protector and your shield, this corruption IS the new religion, no dead religion like christianity or islam or any of the mere shadows practiced today is any threat to it, in fact it is all just useful camouflage.

Vault 7 (for those who were not already turned on to such things) tell anyone with a brain one thing.

CIA/FBI/MI6/Fuckbook/Google/Apple/ MS/ etc already have copies of everything the 13 year old girl who started this post off typed into her iPhone and iPad, they had copies 60 seconds after she typed it in, her and everyone else on the planet.

A very simple search query would not just identify every single child in any country or region who was at risk, but also exactly who they were communicating with and what was said, done, planned and so on.

I have always said, judge by ACTIONS and NOT by WORDS.

It isn’t done, it is never done, not in the open anyway.

So it is done, in secret.

This 13 year old girl, like all 13 year old boys and girls with technology, is uploading not only everything she is thinking and doing, including naked selfies, she is also downloading everything programmed into her, and you are HONESTLY going to try and tell me that nowhere is there anyone going through this information looking either for suitable young flesh to use, or others who have used it, who can be themselves used as a result?

The technology exists, trivially, to do man in the middle editing, in such a way that what I type and what ***I*** see on this screen, does not match what ***YOU*** see on your screen when you look at this blog.

The technology exists, trivially, to add / remove / edit content on my devices without either my knowledge or permission or co-operation.

The technology exists, trivially, so hide things that DO exist and to fake things that do NOT exist, how do you know who or what wrote this blog.

When the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES find himself in a place where there is on the one hand what is actually happening, and there is on the other hand what the media reports, but of course we only have access to what the media reports, so existentially does something happen if the media does not report it?

This isn’t about some SJW’s or libtards or snowflakes, this isn’t something that is trivial to fix, if only someone had the will or the power, this isn’t easy or painless or clean, this isn’t going to be “mission accomplished” or “VE Day” or the passing of the Spartans.

I have more than a passing suspicion that, to isolate just one rabbit hole of corruption purely for example’s sake, the paedos are busy butt hurting 8 year old’s because they know the sands are running out, they don’t know what is coming or who will or will not survive, but in the meantime may as well get down and party hearty to excess, the band plays on while the Titanic sinks.. the only tragedy there is that anyone apart from a few below decks stokers and hands survived, for they are the only ones who slightly deserved to, though they shared a portion of the guilt too, for stoking the boilers in the first place.

Hear me well, I have been THE white face for 75 miles in any direction, and yet in all my life I have never felt quite so much the stranger in the strange land than I do now in 2017 in my “own” country and society.

This is *NOT* a natural and inevitable side effect of the ageing process and progress elesewhere in the world outside my head.

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  1. This is *NOT* a natural and inevitable side effect of the ageing process and progress elesewhere in the world outside my head.

    true enough.

    what it is, is a society engineered by, for and to please sociopaths. it is a society which designs it’s children to desire to be cumdumpsters. for if THEY desire to have cum dumped in them … doesn’t it therefore become necessary for someone to provide the cum for the dumping?

    and if a normal won’t do it, why then, i guess we’ll just have to import a sociopath to dump the cum that you won’t.

    it has nothing to do with any man who would wish for his children to have healthy, happy and satisfying lives of their own.

    Comment by bob k. mando — March 15, 2017 @ 5:33 am

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