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March 10, 2017

I’m not a stupid person

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The still current squeeze has a FB page, to her credit she doesn’t go on it from one month to the next, and doesn’t post anything from one year to the next, when asked she says it’s to stay in touch with distant relatives and old friends, but since she doesn’t actually do any contact I think it’s just an emotional blanket, not that I am complaining about the lack of FB use… far from it.

But, FuckBook is like some cross between a snuff movie, kiddie porn, street fighting drunks, but with some really great motorcycles thrown in, so you find yourself watching for far longer than you should.

I must have spent 15 or 20 minutes on it, starting from her account and the reason is quite simple, one of her “we went to school together” friends had a post I glanced at, it was one of those look-at-me-this-is-great-this-is-what-we-were-doing-today posts, but it was about this business she is doing, so I looked at another one of hers, here we are at a conference in a hotel, and another one, I’m so glad I did this if I knew I’d have done it years ago, and another one, and so on.

I actually have NO FUCKING IDEA what this great business venture is, logically I can only assume it is some sort of Avon pyramid sales scheme crap for female be a uty products crap, but that is my logical brain at work, judging from the posts and photos themselves it could equally well be some sort of alcoholics anonymous or anally probed by aliens anonymous scene.

She has another “went to school together” friend who appears to do nothing but post sad and cryptic messages alongside pictures of the same three or four dogs, I don’t know if the dogs are dead, or missing and being anally probed by aliens, or are now trans-species members of the first poster’s wonderful new business group.

She has another “went to school together” friend who no longer lives in the UK, she emigrated years ago, yet every other post is about how dare the UK not take in rapefugees or how dare the UK consider allowing Trump to visit.

It all reminds me fleetingly of being back in the seventies at a party when everyone else was off their face on acid, and you tried to have a conversation with them…….

20 or so minutes of this and I had had more than enough, time to get the fuck off of fuckbook and all the insanity.

You can see why burger flipping robots are being introduced in the USA, and no it’s not because all the workers wanted 15 bucks an hour and priced themselves out of a job, it’s because robots don’t have fuckbook profiles that make your head hurt, so they don’t make themselves unemployable.

In my own business I regularly end up not making a sale, and I know for a fact that a lot of that is 100% down to my policies and attitudes.

Cash with order for jobs that involve me supplying materials, cash on shipping / collection for everything else, with the definition of cash being either the folding green or a deposit showing as cleared in my account.

Says it in bold red text letters on the website, and yes I get people expressing disbelief and outrage that I should be like that, I mean, we are a huge company and NOBODY else expects cash with order.

Shrugs, I’m not responsible for those companies. .. *my* company does not compete with banks to give interest free loans to businesses with cash flow problems.

You can either get outraged and blacklist me for life, or you can laugh and place an order, your call, but there is no fucking point at all being in business if you have to take shit from anyone, I’d rather go bust.

Shades of conversations I have had with wimminz who want to help, they want to talk to me about the business opportunities that I am missing, never considering for one moment that the possibility exists that I can already see every single aspect of every argument that they can make that I am doing it wrong, it’s very fucking simple, this is ***MY*** fucking business and this is how ***I*** fucking choose to run it.

Nobody else gets a say. Nobody else’s opinion matters a fuck.

My home is the same, the current squeeze can co-habit, but that doesn’t mean she gets a say in anything, as mentioned previously in this blog the economy has progressed far enough she is happy with that, she doesn’t want a say in anything, not even how her own salary is spent…. not that she isn’t theoretically capable of living independently on her own wages, any man could, but she ain’t a man, even if she ain’t quite as low as your gutter wimminz or niggerz, she knows she can’t manage money for shit, so she hates everything to do with it.

So she talks to me, and it’s not because she is trying to change the way I do things, it is so she can understand, and I indulge her, and after a while another penny drops, she isn’t going to understand, she doesn’t have the right kind of brain to learn it and process it and emulate it, all she will ever do is make guesses and hope the answers are right, there won’t be any deduction.

Name some niggers who invented something.

Name some wimminz or niggers who invented something.

She sits there in silence, can’t think of any, but then she says, she isn’t educated… know any men who invented things, oh yes, einstien, alexander graham bell (got that from a song) columbus and brunel, she is a bit vague about who invented or discovered what, but the point being she could name names… who cares if it was einstein or brunel who invented the telephone, they were both men…

Trying to have a conversation with a wimminz or niggers about the differences between say Gates and Zuck, Billy for all his foibles did at least create from scratch code to make hardware do something it had not done before, while Zuck at best wrote an app… just pass me the gun, I’ll shoot myself in the foot now, it will be less painful.

Which brings us all the way back to the fuckbook friends that started this off.

I’m old enough and travelled enough to have met a lot of people, some of them wealthy / powerful / famous (and sure, anyone can brag that they know for example Bill Gates, but does Bill Gates know and remember YOUR fucking name) and I did learn one interesting thing.

The genuinely very clever men (and yes, they were always men) could irritate you, annoy you, make you detest them, and so on, but aside from this you could pick any subject you liked, even a subject that you knew a lot about and they knew next to nothing about (This happens a lot when you are an engineer installing something like a 0.1 MW backup generator for the guest house only in one of their holiday homes…) and the fact is you could have an intelligent and interesting conversation with them, they could all grasp general principles quite rapidly and extrapolate from them quite rapidly too..

.. so a generator exhaust you have to minimise back pressure to maximise flow, but silencing works best when you have corners and baffles so on, and the old rule of thumb is one 90 degree elbow is worth 3 feet of pipe…

So If I do away with all this bulky ugly factory silencer shit emitting heat and noise that I was going to do, and run the exhaust straight down and into a six inch pipe going 200 feet that way under the tennis courts and so on,…

HE can *see* it in his head and says it will also take the smell 200 feet further away, so can we do the same 50 feet in the other direction to take away the induction roar.

And he says “make it so” and you do and fuck the bill and the money, when it’s done you both share a beer and admire the much quieter and smell free generator now humming away beneath your feet as two men who have conspired and collaborated to make a change to something and for that change to be successful and they nod at each other in recognition.

I have to move to new premises for the business this year, so world and dog is trying to sell me *very* expensive filtration systems, I say OK, and look at their numbers, and say hey.. my current system removes 88% of NH3 (ammonia), 93% of SO4 (sulfate), 95% of NO2 (nitrogen dioxide), 72% of NO3 (nitrates), 98.9% of HPO4 (phosphates), and 94.8% of particulates and a bunch of other shit too but I never had the money to pay for the tests… what is it, they exclaim, well it cost me 500 bucks I say, what the fuck they exclaim, that simply is not possible, yeah, it is, three 1,000 litre plastic bunds in sequence and the first 2 have a couple of spray nozzles that fill the interior with fine water droplets… there is fuck all to go wrong and I can tell by looking at the sumps when the water needs changing, and it doesn’t cost me 800 notes for a new set of filter bodies every 3 months.

See, being an engineer type myself when you make claims like hepa3 filtration and that I want to see studies and test sheets, not sales claims, and you do not have them.

It’s like the water filters that I believe I mentioned before, amazon uk is full of potable water filters, only one company, Coldstream, has a website with a pdf right there on the product page with a full independent lab test and analysis right there.

If your 8,000 buck kit does something my 500 buck DIY kit can’t do then you’re in the running, especially if it is a regulatory thing, if you can’t back those sales claims up with independent lab tests, then your kit is no better than mine, they are both mystery meat, but maybe 16 of mine in a row will blow away yours, because the cost is the same.

Of course the reality is the commercial one do do fairly effective filtering, and the big bonus (the law on using phones while driving got tighter here on 1st March) is it’s like the Parrot clipped to my sun visor, if anyone asks I can simply point to it and the problem goes away, I can point to a commercial filter and the questioner can look at the control screen and see the displays and everything is working and in the green and the box gets ticked.

It’s for this reason and this reason alone that I will buy a big purex as soon as funds allow after the move, effective immunity from further enquiry and prosecution… bad smells? points at big commercial filter, not me mate, maybe you should try some of the other units doing car body repairs and suchlike and see if they have proper *new* industrial filters in place… walks away whistling.

Because the chances are that the types that come and visit and inspect and sign off on shit will be the aforementioned fuckbook idiot types, not the practical male who changes his environment to suit types, and the aforementioned fuckbook idiot types will be unduly impressed by;

  • not just industry standard, but industry leading
  • look at the shiny new stainless enclosure, like a kitchen or a hospital innit
  • look at the fancy digital / computer control and monitoring system that checks everything 100 times a second and shuts everything down before letting anything nasty happen
  • look at these claimed 99.997% of particles down to 0.3 micron numbers, that’s fucking amazing, especially if you are a fuckbook idiot that doesn’t know the average benzine molecule (not exactly a small molecule either) is around 0.0006 micron so it will sail through a HEPA filter without even seeing the filter medium…

Just ignore that old 1,000 litre plastic bund containing 500 litres of activated carbon granules that cost me 400 quid, that’s just nasty waste material awaiting certified waste disposal when it fills up, serves no purpose at all other than that, certainly not the only thing standing between me and volatile / toxic organic / chemical compounds, no sir, nothing to see here, please move along.

Because the absolute worst thing I can do is challenge your absolute faith in the big shiny commercial blinkenlight machinery over there, then you’ll start asking other questions, and because you are a fuckbook fuckwit you won’t understand any of the answers, and you start demanding 500 other officials get airdropped in within 60 minutes  just to make sure everything is safe and legal and cozy and fuzzy.


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