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March 7, 2017

A man out of time

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So specifically the previous three posts, but in a more abstract way this entire blog, is about changes I have seen in my life.

While it is true to say that as a small boy I can remember a transistor radio that we bought, it was a Sony, and it was significant enough that it was based on transistors that it even said on the front how many transistors it contained, fourteen, I remember that to this day.

The CPU of the machine I am typing this one has 1.5 billion…

I could go on with various lists like these, and they are all true, and they all miss the point, these are just technological changes.

I’m not even on about the changes that can be directly attributed to technology, modern ANPR cameras live linked to live databases vs the old system of being handed a piece of paper and being given seven days to produce other pieces of paper at the police station, because the only long term storage was still more pieces of paper in card indexes…

I’m not even really on about changes such as the fact that my primary school had a total of around 70 pupils, 2 teachers, 2 classrooms, two cloakrooms and one toilet off each, now primary schools are being built with fucking LGBTQ+WTF transgender toilets, for fucking pre-pubescent kids, hell we didn’t even know about such things, Stinky Kev was stinky, Julian was a sissy afraid of getting dirty, Alison was a snooty little cow that was always running off to tell on someone, Claire was a nice girl who didn’t know anything in class but could name every single plant / tree / weed / crop you could think of, and so on..

No, it’s all the other stuff…

I’ve mentioned before about the mid/late seventies being offered a 3/400 quid loan to buy a used motorbike by Forward trust, at an interest rate of 32% APR, but I never said anything about asking Mr Rush, my bank manager, for the loan first, I had to go into his old fashioned dark wood panelled office and sit across a desk from him and explain what I wanted it for (A Kawasaki KH400) and he said he wouldn’t lend me the money, (at 10% APR) because the Kawasaki wouldn’t hold it’s value, and it wouldn’t help me to get a better job, he’d lend me the money to buy a VW beetle… you don’t borrow money to buy toys he said, that wasn’t wise.

One day in around 1980 I was 60 miles from home, stopped for gas on my bike, only to discover that the five pound note I had left had disappeared, hadn’t done up the zip properly, I had never been into that filling station before, I went in and explained my predicament, he ended up phoning my parents, dad was at work, mum was home, yes she would immediately post him a cheque for £3 for two and a bit gallons of petrol that I’d pumped into the tank… I thanked him and went on my way, and made of point of stopping there for gas when I was passing again.

Around about the same time / era I was off on a trip up to Birmingham to see a band, guy I know says you’ll be passing through Gloucester then, I say aye, he says stop into this address and give this guy this Lucas k2f magneto, he broke down a few weeks before and they guy there said no worries mate I’ve got a spare one and got him on his way again.

A few years later I get a message from work that there is some French guy looking for me, he is on a TR6 (triumph bike) that has lost some of the primary fasteners and is leaking oil and cooked the primary chain, he got my name from a guy in Duarnenez that knew me, said if you need anything in the UK call this guy, took him over to old Stan Thomas’s in Relubbus and got him sorted… pic is of stan in his shop circa 1980…

I could go on, and on, and on.

Don’t get me wrong, people like that are still about, many of my customers, and many of the places I spend money… but there isn’t a one of em a day under 40,  and there isn’t a one of them that like me find like minded souls the exception rather than the rule.

My mother is mid nineties, and still alive, and she was barely old enough to join up and serve in WW2, think on that, if she was 90 she wouldn’t have been old enough, she’d have still been a schoolgirl when the war ended, so she would sort of seen it, but not really, not served, not participated, not exposed to the more horrific parts of it.

On all sides back then there were people who never forgot, and never forgave, so because of geography I’d end up in france ten times as much and as often as I’d end up in germany, and that is the only reason my memories are stronger of old men in the early 1980’s sat outside cafe’s in france muttering about “le boche” tourists, than my memories of old men sat outside german cafe’s muttering about fucking tommies and frogs etc, but special scorn was always held for those of their own country who were traitors, or worse, collaborators… many many many scores were settled, often brutally, right after the war, everyone knew, and nobody did shit.. fuck the law, turnabout and settling scores was fair play.

As a small boy growing up I knew all about the war, it had only ended just over 20 years ago, almost everyone adult had been in it, and you didn’t have to go that far to find shit that was still rubble from bombings 20+ years ago that nobody had yet gotten around to cleaning up.

Nobody thought the Poles down the road were just a regular cross section of people from Poland, everyone knew they were Jews that got out, one on his last legs now sees my mother at sunday mass, he was a tailor.

Everyone knew what propaganda was, on both sides, just prior to the war there was enough commerce and travel and so on that a lot of people had to choose, their english heritage or their german heritage, pick one, and none of them believed for a second that the ones that had chosen to leave were suddenly rabid eaters of babies and rapists of nuns… everyone knew the whole PURPOSE of the propaganda was to make killing the “enemy” possible, because 3 years ago they were Uncle Johann and Tante Mary, who would want to kill them?

Everyone knew about Dachau and Auschwitz, but we also knew about Colditz and Stalag 17 and all the others, it was war, and there was remarkable bravery and humanity, and remarkable savagery and obscenity, on all sides.

The Holocaust (TM) hadn’t been invented back then, Israel was in it’s infancy, the Suez crisis was on yet again because yet again we were all trying to fuck over the Egyptians, and getting back to the old men in cafe’s, funny thing, the one who met the enemy on the field of battle pretty much always had a lot of respect for the “enemy” … it was the ones who were not on the front lines who had all the hate.

Old Joe who got out before hostilities and who will almost certainly die in a month or two still fucking hates the krauts, my old mate’s dad who had to choose sides and ended up in the commandos going back always respected them, even though he ended up fighting in north africa and not Poland…

Now it’s 2017, germany is still being led by the nose by Mutti Merkel, real name, Kasner, a germanicised Ashkenazic jewish name for a community treasurer… and she is only a few years older than me, but unlike me her parents never served in the front lines, nor in the second lines, nor in the third lines, but no matter, all we are supposed to care about is she is yet another incredibly “intelligent” leader (like obummer and all the rest) and since she came from the east she is even more german than the western germans, so fuck you all.

Like all of the above, we all knew who Marx was, who Jung was, who Stalin / Lenin / Beria were, who Benito was, who Adolf was, who Winston was (an arsewipe alcoholic who was kicked out of school and couldn’t build a brick wall) who Quisling was who Lord Haw Haw was, and invariably pretty much everyone who wasn’t a total asshole categorised much of everything they said as pretty sounding but flawed and dangerous rhetoric, pretty much everyone who was a total asshole bought into some or all of it and became mini Marxists and Trotskyites and gravitated towards positions in academia and politics, and started spreading the bile.

When I was a boy the differences between state schools and private schools (I went to private schools) were not so much the academic differences, though these were sometimes obvious, sometimes not, the differences were the private schools focused on an educations, and not teaching all that “lefty crap” as it was seen then.

So private schools produced doctors and soldiers and engineers and the like, and state schools produced factory workers and more teachers and suchlike, even though back then (with some notable exceptions) there wasn’t necessarily a huge different between academic ability, they all did woodwork and metalwork and maths and physics and chemistry and biology, the differences were in things like history and geography, because the private schools also taught things like latin and the roman and greek empires and so on, and it gets hard to teach slanted versions of history when your language classes said something completely different about Sparta or Rome or Constantinople…

Private schools also produced people who had one very different attribute to state schools, the state school pupil disrespected authority, the private school pupil disregarded authority.

A subtle but important distinction, private school kids didn’t vandalise bus stops and property, state school kids didn’t refuse to back down when confronted singly… it was crowd mentality vs individuality.

So today I will watch some cunt wittering on about, for example “fat acceptance” and I am unmoved, I accept you being or choosing to be fat, or gay, or freaky, or anything else you choose to be, it makes no odds to me.

However YOU refusing to accept MY opinion of your <insert here> is anything but acceptance, so I reject both your entire premise, and you as an individual, and everything you claim to represent.

So, the point of this post.

It isn’t just the raghead muslim rapefugees that are the issue, those bastards are as easy to spot as a nigger in a geisha house, the issue is all the bastards that back 60 years ago you’d have needed relentless propaganda to go out and shoot because last week they were Uncle Johann or Tante Mary and JUST LIKE YOU AND YOURS, but now they are more alien than the fucking immigrants, at least they ARE fucking foreign in every sense of the word, THESE cunts are like the quislings and collaborators and traitors, except there are more of them around than there ever were 70 years ago.

It’s going to be a lot more messy is my guess…. because “the front lines” won’t really exist any more, which means nor will the “home front”..  it’s guerilla warfare writ large, *lots* of people with scores to settle… 120,000 divorces a year in the UK alone, so at least 100,000 guys a year stripped of everything, give a 20 year hale and hearty span, that’s a rolling population of 2 million pissed off guys… if only 1% have scores to settle that still a rolling 20,000 guys going postal…  this is on par with serious estimates of ISIS membership during the peak years of 2014, before joining ISIS effectively = comitting suicide and numbers dropped off.

I’m going to make some hitler toast, sure to get arrested, branded a drug dealer and paedo, and imprisoned, meanwhile rapefugees commit actual cimes against persons and property, and crickets..


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