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March 4, 2017

Shiny side up.

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There’s a story doing the rounds now from Australia, it features a small girl I’d guess was about 3 when she died in 2013, her mother, her father, and her father’s (male) flatmate, the mother and the father both have that “born fuckin’ crazy” look in their eyes, the child died after having something shoved up it’s nether orifices, suffering internal injury, bleeding and then infection and death.

It’s anyone’s guess if said penetrations were a one off or a regular occurrence that just got a bit too wild and rough one time.

Contrary to everyone else my take is that just looking at mom and dad with that crazy look in their eyes I wouldn’t have stopped at sterilizing the pair of them, I’d execute them.. but then again I’d probably execute 75% of the population if someone made me God tomorrow, but only because I am a kind and empathic person, if I was a vicious bastard and I was made God for a day I’d do sweet fuck all……  except have all media planet wide publish a sequence of three words eight hours apart.




In exactly the way that I pray the psycho skank ho ex lives to be 100, every extra year of life for her is another 365 days in which she will hate the world she inhabits.

Everyone who has spent the past 40 years destroying the society and civilisation we had should get to live as long as possible in what it is being replaced with, of course, like my psycho skank ho ex, everything is everyone else’s fault, she’s the victim in this, reminds me a lot of the state of politics world wide at the moment.

Can’t be more than a week or two before the revelation that mild mannered man of steel Clark Kent is / was actually a KGB stooge controlled by Putin, and Lois Lane is his Mossad handler.

That’s the problem with all this up is down black is white evil is good fake news stuff, the crazies like the “australian baby P” parents and friends don’t know what is and isn’t acceptable any more, hell, maybe they were just going to order in some pizza, and next thing you know the guy has his 3 year old daughter impaled on something, maybe his tinfoil hat slipped, could happen to anyone.

It’s like good coffee, when you’re a lifelong coffee drinker (to excess) then grinding and drinking 10 grams of good beans and the same again an hour later and the same again an hour later may give you the shits, or it may not, but other wise it’s all good…. everyone else gets seriously fucked up on that shit.

These crazies do stuff that you would think would fuck your head up if you woke up one morning to find you had done it last night, meh, they may get the shits for a day or so then they’re good to go.

Bring me another small child, I done broke this one…

And who knows if I’m talking about the australian baby p’s parents or the mccanns or pizzagate or or or or the list is almost endless.

Of course all this rampant paedophilia in high and low places could just be alien lizard people crazy bullshit fantasy talk, or it could be straight up.

Speaking as a citizen of the west, it is the one subject that I can write about (provided that is writing as in publishing, not writing as in private communication) but which I can never ever ever even think about trying to research, not if I want to retain my freedom, either personal or electronic / net access freedoms…. which, when you think about it, is a really fantastic way to stop anyone researching it.

Because, let’s face it, like QE being the last weapon that the economists and bankers have which both has power and which can be wielded at will without the public rising up and stringing everyone from lamp posts, paedophilia is the last weapon of blackmail and influence that anyone has, it’s the last remaining effective antibiotic against the masses, everything else has been so over used that we are immune to it, politicians and judges fucking pig heads and getting whipped and pissed on and sucking whores toes is so fucking yesterday, nobody gives a fuck.

And *when* someone drops the cookie jar and it spills out just how many of the high and mighty have been pulled by the puppet strings of video evidence of the indulging, and I suspect the true numbers will measure in the thousands at the very least, hell we had so many of our own politicians, the ever fluffy Harriet Harman was only one of many who was a friend of PIE (Paedophila Information Exchange) members back at the beginning of her otherwise unexplained rise to power, what do you think all the fucking crazies will do?

Monkey see, monkey do.

And the fucking crazies outnumber the high and mighty 10,000 to 1 and I’m only talking the serious fucking crazies like this latest australian couple, or jihadis, or maidan, or greenpeace, or whatever.

So, if you are a Johnny Ive or an Elon Musk or a Mark Zuckerberg or a Hitlary Clinton or a George Soros or a Rupert Murdoch, what do you do?

Well, you only have two real choices in long term strategies, one is to build a fucking impregnable private 5 star bunker somewhere on the roads less trodden, and the other one is to hide behind your own personal militia, you know, get elected to run a country or ten.

Then some fucking hick comes along with his goddamned bouffont hair and steals your fucking election out from under you.

And what does he do?

He takes to fucking twitter and fucking soft soaps every bastard telling them how much he fucking loves them, be they FBI or CIA or DHS or EPA or what the fuck ever, just so long as they ain’t wapo or NYT or Huffington, those he trolls, and the only ones he is *really* cosying up to is the fucking military.

Guy isn’t planning on winning a second term, he’s planning on literally surviving the first, and not saving anyone else along the way.

Only problem with *that* shit is it all depends on all that ooorah (not targeting US forces, applies worldwide) military brothers in arms bullshit, ain’t no such thing as an ex marine, cept for all the ones I know who got tossed on the scrap heap as soon as wifey divorced them or their limbs got blown off or they were otherwise surplus to requirements, and then they find that even amongst their own kind on the scrapheap this week is fuck your buddy week, just like every other week.

ground baby bamboo shoots in your grits will kill you just as sure as a 45-70 to the head, so will dysentery, or a crazy, or no potable water, or a million other things, surprisingly few men died on the battlefield because they ran out of ammo, and even in modern warfare surprisingly many died for reasons other than a bullet.

There were some guys on a Yank forum I frequent recently talking about what weapon to buy, 5.56 or 7.62 etc, 999 of the usual replies and one guy who said none of the above, carry a good knife and take whatever long gun you want from a dead body, because if it comes to that there will be plenty of dead bodies and plenty of people conserving ammo, and they won’t waste a bullet on a guy 200 yards away with a knife, 100 maybe, 50 certainly, so don’t approach anyone alive with a long gun and a knife will do you fine.

Everyone fights the last war, including the Donald I reckon.

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