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February 27, 2017

What about the wimminz?

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I have had a few messages about this of late, all asking essentially the same thing, what happened to all the content about wimminz and fucking, that was good, there is too much of this general political / economic / social stuff…

Well, one the one hand there is this..


I’d already said all I felt that I needed to say or had to say on the subject / events that prompted the initial creation of the blog… and as that article says, those events rapidly opened my eyes to the fact that there is no divide or disconnect between an individual wimminz and the state as a whole, that’s like trying to separate the lion that may or may not be stalking you, from the bush and everything else in it.

I recognise that some of the posts could be taken as “how to get laid easy” or just taken as free and unsanitary entertainment watching some other guy plumb the depths of sexual dysfunction, but I’d hope that it was always obvious that the intent was never to focus on the lion and deny the existence or influence of the bush / veldt.

Perhaps it’s my engineering background, but I come from a place where it was fairly routine to have structures or systems that were far too big to see before you in one shot, or too complex, or too extensive, there was no place where you could stand and see and know everything, and there was no real possibility of methodically going everywhere and testing everything, so instead you just kept a general eye out, you looked for tell tales, the cracked paint, the leaking fluids, the flickering connection, the temperature dependent hysteresis, or indeed the absence of something expected… in effect the lone lion in the bush, but not acting as you would expect… or having a vulture circling the lion…

Nobody ever thought that the flaking paint was the *reason* the structure failed, of if only it had been painted / repainted better / more often, it would not have failed, no, rather the flaking paint was an indicator of excess flexing or unexpected environmental issues or simply a lack of maintenance…  painting a bridge is as boring as fuck but it is also as easy as fuck, so if corners are cut there… plus, the painter is no longer visually inspecting the entire structure periodically…  what’s that, we don’t have any painters any more? it’s outsourced to a company that does maintenance?sombrochure

This weekend I had to move an old Lister gen set, one of the 2.5 kW start-o-matic cs 6/1 jobs, the spec sheet says 1,500 lbs which at 2.2 lbs to the Kg = 681 Kg

I knew there was a fork lift at the collection site and it’s sat on a pallet so no problem there, it was the delivery site that was the issue, so I rented a small panel van with a tail lift rated at 500 Kg, as in, it will lift 500 Kg, sure, no way it will lift 700 Kg but it only has to lower it.

So the two other guys at the loading site, one who owns the forklift and one who owns the shed it has sat in for the last 9 years, are both engineering types, and they are both sucking their teeth at my unloading proposal, how light the aluminium construction tail lift is… I’m all meh, a 5/16″ bolt will hold a ton (albeit not safely or with any safety factor multiplier) she’ll be fine, and of course it was, and of course at no time was I anything other than ready to jump away and let the bastard crash down and smash, but I was listening for tell tales, the pinging and cracking and creaking of metallic structures coming under heavy load, there weren’t any of note, so at no time was I seriously concerned.

Society and the economy however, that bitch was cracking and pinging and creaking back in the 1980’s (arguably before then, but my argument is that in the 1980’s remedial maintenance would have been possible without too much widespread pain) but instead of those signs being taken as what they were, for example the port town I was living in in 1980 had an *official* 30% unemployment rate, it was portrayed as necessary growing pains in the transition from the buggy whip economy to the new age of the jetsons economy.

In the last 35 years that region has grown *hugely* in population it has at least doubled if not trebled, and given that all the traditional industries have all but disappeared I’m at a loss to explain what all these people do for a living, it certainly is not farming or fishing or dockyard or associated tasks and skills.

The current squeeze is born and bred in that area, and she was born in the period I mentioned above, so she has no recollection of it, no recollection at all of things I describe with me saying things like this town and this town used to be separate, this here was all fields right up the valley as far as the eye could see, this here main road used to be a tiny country lane, that marina wasn’t there, that eco-hub wasn’t there, and that quay used to have fishing boats tied up to it, same as in *my* father’s day, and *his* father’s day…

The county of devon all by itself used to produce over 1/3rd of the country’s supply of both beef and milk, and it wasn’t any slouch at all the other crops either.

I can walk outside my front door and see ironworks in the road that were made and cast here, a mile down the road there used to be a small motorcycle factory, a name you will never have heard of in the grand scheme of things, but they ran for 30/40 years, I could go on and on, nowadays there is some *very* light manufacturing but otherwise nothing, fields are empty of both crops and herds as far as they eye can see and as far as you can drive, the population has gone from 70,000 to 115,000 between 1980 and now, the shopping centre car parks are full of relatively new cars, and I have no fucking idea what all these people do to earn all this money, because nobody is making anything to speak of and nobody is growing anything to speak of.

Every single one of these things is the mechanical creak / groan / crack tell tale, and they have all been either blithely ignored or simply passed off as necessary growing pains in the transition from buggy whips to the jetsons.

The wimminz is just more of the same, in the seventies there were the local sluts and the village bikes, same as it ever was, and I was there first hand as the drug taking ex con guy riding the hard tailed chopped murdercycle and sticking two fingers up at everything, so I was in a position to know first hand, and even the sluts back then had cock counts easily met or exceeded by today’s “nice girls”… fuck, the out and out cash for sex prostitutes back then saw less action than today’s sluts… memory is an elusive thing but I can’t recall any girls back then who had had an actual threesome, just one or two extreme sluts who fucked two guys in one night.

But then again I can’t remember any young girls back then who did not have a father and a mother back home to kick ass, I’m sure there were single parent households as such, and I can recall a couple that were, as in the husband or wife had died, but I don’t remember going to school with or playing (as a child) with anyone who did not have a mum and dad at home.

Honest biologists and biochemists and medics and geneticists and so on will all tell you that wimminz today and wimminz back then are in nature essentially the same creature, only nurture has changed, and boy how has it changed.

Comment on the change and you become a Luddite wanting to throw your clogs into the new machinery of joy and commerce and creation, in shades of the Trumpian thing where he is complaining about illegal immigration and the opposition is saying we are all immigrants so fuck you Donald… nobody is listening to what you are *actually* saying.

What I am *actually* saying is I am and have always been an avid proponent or progress and engineering and technology and change, more avid than most, more avid than 99.5% of the population I’d bet.

But this other stuff, this other change.. it has sweet fuck all to do with a transition to a jetsons future, unless you were to go ever so carefully through that jetsons future and ever so carefully only select the dystopian and disruptive and dissociative elements of that future, while explicitly barring all the good stuff.

Wimminz are just the canary in the coal mine, they are fuck all to do with the geotechnology of the mine itself or the board of directors who own and run that shit or the greater economy than buys and consumes the stuff the mine produces.

They are just the canary.

But the canary was a tell tale, and early warning sign, a trigger.

Now we are at a place where naturally all the canaries are dead, they have been replaced by robochiken (sic) and the cages have been done away with too, but perhaps the greatest mistake you could possibly make in your entire life is to assume that this has all happened because of some arcane and evil overarching master plan.

It is the opposite, it is the very embodiment of a chaotic system which no group of individuals is either in control of, or is capable of comprehending to any significant degree.

Imagine how it feels to be a business or world leader, with a team of people to feed you up to the minute reports on anything and everything you like, and yet still none of it makes sense, and the moment you try to impose order or even simply experiment to see what happens if I do this over here, the results are so chaotic you cannot even separate them from the noise.

It is a *mistake* to think that these people, these leaders, these movers and shakers, are afraid of us and our knowledge.

Please do not be thinking that I believe these people are anything but arrogant and evil and corrupt, I am *******NOT******* in any way trying to paint them in a good light or express sympathy or solidarity for them or with them.

They are all fucking corrupt greedy ignorant nasty assholes, because they all know as well as we do that frankly they haven’t got a fucking clue what their meddling does, most of them probably believe that the system is so chaotic it doesn’t matter what they do, it can’t change the outcome, but, my contempt stems from the fact that there will never ever ever be a shortage of candidates eager and willing to take very highly paid positions of power as captains of ships sailing through interminable minefields.

This is what “they” mean when they call “us” deplorables, we are the majority, and we are not fixing shit, and we are the only ones who have any hope of fixing shit, because they all know they are incapable, social justice warriors KNOW they have to call someone in to do the wiring and the plumbing and the growing and making.

THIS, then, has been the purpose, if there is any beyond mere venting, of this blog.

It has been to give examples of how any why no matter how crazy and out of control you thought things were, you probably lowballed it by a couple of orders of magnitude.

chaotic systems do not inevitably end in mass death and destruction, it’s just one possible outcome.

Chaotic systems are above all else by definition UNSTABLE systems.

In shades of the 700 Kg load on the 500 Kg tail lift and two out of three engineers sucking their teeth, you can’t really chastise someone for expressing concern at seeing an unstable system, or being wrong (as I have been constantly every year since 1995) about just how long the house price bubble could continue to inflate.. it’s easy to ridicule chicken little for being afraid the sky will come crashing down, meteor crater, Tunguska and the dinosaur killer excepted of course, that’s “different”

PS none of the above should be taken as me claiming that there are no powerful forces, whether they be fronted by individuals like Soros or hidden in the shadows like certain ethnic groups, at work in all this chaos in an attempt to significantly improve their lot.

I’m just saying you are a fool if you think any of them, or anyone else, is actually controlling this chaotic system we find ourselves in in 2017, it is a chaotic system, by definition it is not being controlled.

The tragedy of the commons is more apt.

Fixed mindsets as to your own role or status in this chaos, or fixed playbooks as to your own actions and behaviours in this chaos, are what will probably end you early.

Animals flee an earthquake / tsunami” may be true, but it is a peculiar human quirk of the mind to go from a statement of general strategy which makes no observations whatsoever about moment to moment actions or the consequences of same, to a belief that no cat / dog / bird / cow / goat / whatever ever got killed by an earthquake / tsunami.

You only ever see the ones that are running.

You never observe that individual strategy to the end of the play for those individual creatures.

That does NOT mean that it is a bad thing to be aware of the general behaviour of all the animals, and to be one of the first ones to note that *lots* of them are acting all wierd and lots of them are all going thataways or at least they aren’t *here* now I notice…

The trick in 2017 is knowing what the analogue to the animals fleeing the earthquake is, and spotting it, and understanding that by no means do all those that run survive.

Sometimes the only optimal survival strategy is to not be where the shit hits the fan, in the interconnected globalist world of 2017, that’s as hard as predicting a spot safe from orbital strike by meteors.


  1. ‘Alpheta’ here, apparently I need a dedicated WordPress account now.

    I do enjoy the way (And I’m sure there’s a proper word for this) that you draw comparisons between real physical structures/processes and the bigger picture.

    Isn’t what we have at the moment a lack of chaos though? Created by injecting money wherever and whenever it looks like a chaotic event will occur. (House price crash, bank failure, big corporation going bust, etc)

    Comment by justwanttocommentblog — February 27, 2017 @ 5:39 pm

    • I personally choose to define chaos not as a state of local affairs, eg current situation with currencies and asset bubbles, but as a system that is not subject to controls and direction, eg gold standards for fiat money, separation of private and commercial and venture banking, gov’t living within their tax revenues, and of course a fixed (cash) money supply.

      Oceans are a great example of a chaotic system, doesn’t mean it’s always 100 foot waves crashing… go the other way and pull the antenna from an analog TV and the chaos is the white noise snowy picture, not the order of the test card etc.

      So chaos can be dead calm or raging fury, it’s the lack of direction and control that makes it chaos.

      Comment by wimminz — February 27, 2017 @ 6:16 pm

      • Yeah, I see the distinction now. You should write a book mate, I’d buy it and I bet you I wouldn’t be the only one. It would certainly be a ‘one of a kind’ and all the better for it.

        Comment by justwanttocommentblog — February 27, 2017 @ 9:12 pm

  2. there is too much of this general political / economic / social stuff…

    You’ll get nary a complaint from me. While I always admired your dry-humor sexcapade stories, the engineering stuff is probably my favorite. There are fewer guys like you in the world with each passing year.

    Comment by Boxer — February 28, 2017 @ 7:20 pm

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