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February 24, 2017

Ongoing themes here at Wimminz

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One is edumakayshum, y’all are more than entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts, and some facts are really simple, because they are nothing more than really simple maths.

For example you can’t work from 25 to 50 years old in one job and expect to get a pension from 50 to 75 years old that matches your take home, unless you have been paying over half of your gross wages into that pension the first 25 years.. you can’t get a quart out of a pint pot.

Doesn’t stop people (almost exclusively state employees) complaining hard and loud when this is mentioned, “we were promised” they scream, yeah, and you should have been sacked for stupidity the instant you accepted that “promise” as anything but total bullshit back in year 1 of your employment.

“But Bill got it when he retired 20 years ago!!!”

yup, that’s the very definition of how Ponzi schemes work, the handful of early winners are bait for the hordes of later losers.

Had the same thing here with the still ongoing current squeeze, she’s on a dressmaking gig, and like her daughter who will draw a stick figure and then an cartoon of a dress on said stick figure and call herself a designer, this one just did not get what I was repeatedly saying to her.

“There is only one way to do this and make it work, and you are not doing it that way.”

So I got some paper and rolled it into a tube and handed her some scissors and said go cut me some pieces to make a right angle elbow.

It’s a thing from my engineering days, you can lay out your cuts on a marking table, and cut every piece at the exact same angle so all the edges to be welded are identical lengths, or you can fuck it up totally, and to everyone who would not listen I’d say OK, go for it, let’s see what you get.

Same thing goes for dressmaking, design criteria aside, if the length of the edges on the sleeve does not exactly match the length of the edges on the body, it’s going to look like shit.

So we had a conversation about it afterwards, and I explain, what pisses people like me off is NOT the fact that you do not know this shit, though frankly you should, it is basic geometry after all, what pisses people like me off is the fact that you thought you DID NOT NEED to know this shit to get the job done right.

By definition you don’t know enough to quantify just how ignorant you are on a given subject, but only a fucking idiot assumes they know as much as anyone else…

It’s a crushing blow to the ego, and she has been quite depressed at the implications, and just how much of her life to date she has clearly wasted pursuing doomed goals, and it is a crushing blow to realise that of all the (expert) people willing to teach her this shit, NONE of them even mentioned such basics, ergo they don’t actually know what they are doing either, which in itself calls into question every single other area of supposed competence of these people.

By definition, if you are actually very good at something that you studied long and hard to master, you are very unlikely to over-estimate your own competence at anything else, but, if you carry the reputation of being an expert by dint of your job title, but actually know fuck all, you will over estimate your competence at everything else too.

Suddenly she is thinking of people she knew, people who would never in a million years have claimed to be good at maths, but people who just do instant mental arithmetic that is beyond her, and lo and behold, one was a bricklayer, one was a glazier, one was a sawmill owner/operator… people who used basic maths all day every day or went bust..

You can’t knock her 10 year old kids for not knowing all the times tables by heart, because she doesn’t either, never learned a trade, never needed to learn them, despite working all her life in a man’s job, no idea at all about fractions, or percentages, or moving the decimal place left and right to multiply and divide by powers of ten…

Quelle surprise her and her ex eagerly signed up for an interest only mortgage and went on holiday on the credit card… ideal consumers H^H^H^ indentured servants…

As has been commented in the previous Growth post, usury is an evil thing, unless the rates are fixed forever at less than 1%, and unless the capital really is repaid in full as agreed, and unless the terms are 10 years or less, and unless there is state wide debt eradication (paid or not) every 50 years, which would make it really hard to borrow, as it used to be.

These innumerate youths of today can borrow more on a SINGLE credit card than I could borrow in total from all three banks that I bank with, even as an overdraft facility.

I have nephews who have never learned a practical skill or trade skill in their lives, they can barely wire a plug with instructions, and yet they are employed as managers of this that and the other…

The bitch is *constantly* amazed at the incredible variety of things I can fix or make work, 2 days ago it was dressmaking, today is was making shears work, she said they needed sharpening, they didn’t, just cheap shit that needed the blades bending to make a moving point of contact, they way they should have been made, so she thinks I am amazing, I think I know the bare minimum to survive, and pennies are dropping left right and centre.

Maybe I am not such a rude arrogant and ignorant cunt for the way I treat people who can’t do BASIC maths or geometry or trig or repairs or cooking or whatever, maybe I’m actually right, and maybe all these people are not merely unbelievably ignorant, but unbelievably privileged and arrogant as well..

.. check your privilege white boy, always uttered by someone that can’t wire a house or plumb a house or build a house or maintain any of the above themselves…

Essentially free credit and the past 50 years of economists wanking on about “growth” is *not* merely limited to a Ponzi scheme debt bubble that will crash democracy and liberty for all, that side effect isn’t even the icing on the cake.

The Morloch and Eloi do not have to be different species that diverged over time so they are enemies that can no longer interbreed or co-exist, you can do the same thing far more rapidly and thoroughly in a mere generation or two, by breeding and raising an entire class of people who are in fact totally fucking clueless about almost everything (quite the achievement) while simultaneously believing that they are hot shit at everything.

*THIS* is the real divide between the Brexiters and the Trumpers and all the rest to follow, “they” can’t survive without “us”, and “we” aren’t going to carry “them” any fucking longer.

In shades of my brother’s youngest sprog returning from university for the holidays, and the boy enquired “where are we going / what are we doing about holidays this year” only to be told “who the fuck is we….”

You’re on your own now boy.

And it going to get much worse much faster than anyone in “their” camp realises, because the absolute lowest possible value that any of “them” place on their asses is way above the highest value “we” place on them…  a no hold’s barred night of kinky fuckery with both your daughters?  Yeah, that’ll buy them a warm bed to get fucked in and maybe a cold breakfast.. maybe…

What they gonna do tomorrow?

Not my problem.

Plan on asking me for charity or assistance on their behalf next year? Better plan on them spending all this year being my hoochie coochies and saving up that credit you’re going to be drawing on next year.

The fiscal credit that “they” have been living large off the past 40 years is *nothing* compared to the moral and intellectual credit.


  1. Afor
    Doesn’t stop people (almost exclusively state employees) complaining hard and loud when this is mentioned, “we were promised” they scream, yeah, and you should have been sacked for stupidity the instant you accepted that “promise” as anything but total bullshit back in year 1 of your employment.


    but on the other hand, we are equally as culpable for not sacking them for stupidity and thieving malfeasance back in the first year we employed them …

    an addendum to my previous post:
    an Economist needs to be hung from every Banksta’s ankles … they’re the liars who pave the way for the Bankstas to steal everything.

    Comment by bob k. mando — February 25, 2017 @ 1:54 am

  2. As a former state employee we have a one to one contribution roughly. Not a bad deal, but people forget you need to save after your take home and by the time you plan to retire, the house should be paid off, kids gone, and no real debt. Of course, the money masters continually depreciate the currency, so unless you have millions its really hard to stay ahead.

    Some cities have a 2 for 1 retirement. But in the end, we are all plugged into this investment scheme.

    Comment by Lab Guy — February 26, 2017 @ 8:01 pm

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