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February 20, 2017

Anticipation v reality

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The one pretty universal truth is that anticipation of an event or action, and the reality of said event or action, are rarely the same thing.

Sure, there may be some commonality, there may even be some initial overall congruence of feelings or attitudes, but the further down the time-line you go, the greater the disparity.

There are no consequences for anticipation, as it is purely fantasy.

Reality however always has consequences.

Consequences themselves can be broadly split into two categories, those that come about as a result of physical laws, and those that come about as a result of someone else’s feelings about your actions / inactions.

Within a time frame of say 60 minutes very few crimes have consequences, even the serious ones like rape or murder or arson, so we can invoke the phrase act in haste, repent at leisure, but even here you can’t really claim that the consequences were entirely unpredictable.

The only way consequences get avoided is if no fucker ever knows what you did.

Raping / fucking small kids isn’t some “well a butterfly flaps it’s wings in Madagascar and 3 days later there is a thunderstorm in Paris” sort of consequence, it’s more of a “go to the zoo and jump into the bear cage and try to fuck the bears” sort of consequence.

But to a lesser extent there is a lot of this sort of thing going on, the consequences are obvious, but people still do the thing.. why???

Well, sometimes consequences do not follow actions, perpetrators know that there is little likelihood of them being personally identified *and* made to suffer the consequences, and at that point it does not matter *why* that is, it only matters that it is, because this is all it takes to modify behaviour.

So if we go back to paris and look at all the anti/muslim/rapefugee rioting, the common denominator here is that nobody is facing any consequences for their law breaking, so they just double down on the law breaking.

Give every extreme radical white power type a gun and 1,000 rounds and the same immunity from consequences and within a month all the anti/muslim/rapefugee types that aren’t dead will already have crossed the borders of the country to pastures newer and safer.

They’ll be accompanied by all those who consorted with them and became collateral damage, and all those who spoke up against the social injustice and whateverism of the militia.

Speaking as a white northern european it does not actually matter one iota whether or not I personally want to fuck 10 year olds, smash and burn streets, smash windows and help myself to expensive goods, all that matters is that people who are not white northern Europeans can come here and do these things, and at worst get punished maybe 5% as seriously as I would.

That is all I care about.

The brutal truth is that provided the state doesn’t fuck too much with my day to day ability to just live my own life, the average citizen doesn’t care of they (those in power) get their kicks by fucking small children or by stealing wholesale or by corruption or anything else, because I’m quite happy to occupy my time making my own way in life.

When the state *does* fuck too much with my ability, and embarks of actions that appear designed to destroy everything about my own culture in my own home town and country, then we start caring and noticing and say I’m not ignoring this shit now, you need to fuck off along with the rapefugees and activists and all the rest of them, or die, either way I’m easy.

Because the very best way to get people to classify other people and decide that some are more or less worthy, more or less civilised, more or less human, than others, is to make it clear to those very people that other people get treated better than you, get treated as though they are above the law, get treated as though they are above you.

Trump isn’t Hitler v2.0

Hitler v2.0 is coming though, it’s inevitable, and then the world will learn once again that the european white man did not just make the best engineers the world had ever seen, or the best societies the world had ever seen, or the best civilisations the world had ever seen, he also made the best utterly amoral implacable cruel vicious and evil savage the world had ever seen.

Hitler v2.0 does not need to be a public figure or leader though.

Lots of people like to talk about technologies being “20 years away” and of course some of them remain 20 years away as every year passes, but some things are doable NOW, maybe not well, maybe only at a rudimentary level, but it can be done, and done NOW, and time and experimentation only leads to improvements.

The stuff I talk about is already all around us, to some extent it not only always has been, but it has even become a part of us… but most do not see it.

We even know from various types of records that it has happened many times in the past, the only difference being all those occurrences were natural, now we are at the point where we can alpha test that shit in the real world for real, and it will be entirely man made and entirely deliberate.

It is microscopic, and it kills you if you are black, or brown, or light brown, or have brown eyes.

Sure, there will be *lots* of collateral damage, but so what.

Go to Spain today and few realise the *true* Spaniard is green or blue eyed and light haired, all the dusky ones, which is most of the population, came about because of the moorish invasions of yesteryear and interbreeding and naturalisation.

Islamic “culture” essentially hasn’t moved on one iota since the Moors invaded Spain 1,300 years ago, arguably the Moors in 700 AD were more civilised than islamic state is in 20xx AD, so what survived this “superior” culture?

This alphabet that I am using now to write this is in some ways descended from it, there are some architectural styles, but 99.99999% of everything that was Islam just got binned.

Give “them” a few centuries to adopt as the Spaniards did, and then they said fuck it, and had 400 years of inquisition (jews and muslims got the thick end of that) but then the inquisition became radical catholic / christian, which is nearly as bad as radical anything, and the same breed of scum rose to power, and the rest as they say is history.

But now it’s the 21st century and we have tools and toys beyond even the wildest dreams of the Oppenheimer’s and Einstein’s of only 70 years ago, so as a northern European man in my mid fifties, I could *easily* live long enough to see a gene engineered phase designed to, for example, make everyone with brown skin bleed out and die in 72 hours.

Mix genetic engineering and the prisoner’s dilemma and things get real interesting.

Once the technology becomes feasible, the choices left are use it first or be the target for those who use it first.

Of course, if you were clever (and by definition technological races are only games played by the clever) you’d play it safe just in case of mutation or drift, you don’t want the “kill all wogs” virus to incubate in the wogs and wipe them out and then mutate into something even more powerful that kill all non wogs, no sir.

So you target things like fertility and intelligence and make it a binary thing that only goes active in the presence of other things in the host organism, for example, you could use pork as a binder that locked up and froze the process, or Starbucks as a binder that triggered the process.

Which brings us all the way back to consequences and anticipation v reality.

Mother Nature is working on this shit all the time, and at this point humanity is like MS Windows, it’s a target rich all pervasive feeding ground, so who is to know if it was momma N or some lab somewhere that started it?

Speaking as a scientist, some sort of culling of the herd is inevitable, momma nature *will* do the job sooner or later.

Beating her to the punch *may* avert the “natural” versions, but as I’ve talked before about the mouse metropolis and other things, basically the last 300 years has seen human populations explode, so suddenly we become a huge target for evolution, so evolution as a Darwinian process is pretty inevitable at this point, for values of this point that may be 20 years off, or 100, or 300, or 2…. or less.. it could already be out there, in alpha testing…


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