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February 18, 2017


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I can’t get out of my head a private conversation I had with a middle eastern (not SA, not saying where, not saying his name or family name) gentleman and customer of mine of mega wealth circa 1988.

I can’t quote word for word but he said Miami was full of Jewish doctors who would sell you any organ you liked, heart, lungs, anything, the organ donors were neither dead nor willing to donate.

I’ve heard for decades stories about social services breaking up families and farming the kids out to politically connected paedo rings right here in the UK…. and not from whackjobs coming down from the latest high, but professional and steady people who couldn’t help stumble over it, and knew immediately to self censor and not blow any whistles.

Blackmail is the oldest game in the book.

No deed is vile when you are on the winning side, calling the shots and being protected, then it just becomes spicy.

The only time anyone important gets convicted and punished for a real crime (whether they did it or not) is *after* they have fallen from grace, power and influence.



  1. These people and their game goes back thousands of years. While attempting to understand political power, the real global puppetmasters and their history, I stumbled upon some interesting details.

    If youre interested, look into the history of the Sogdians. They were a small nation which controlled global finance and trade, using the Gokturk empire as their military vassal state. Note the similarity to the modern relationship between Israel and the US. Also like Israel, they engaged in human trafficing, often involving children.

    They set up a global vassal empire spanning from Italy into parts of China. Look at the phenotype of the Wu clan of Northern Zhou, who conquered China in the first millenium AD. Look at the figures in the paintings from the caves in Bezeklik, they should look familiar. They engaged in political subversion of their host nations, and toppled the Umayyad caliphate, installing the Abbasid caliphate. They attempted to install a shadow government in China during the 9th century AD in what was known as the An Lushan rebellion. It failed, and many Sogdians changed their surname and fled to other countries. Does any of this sound familiar?

    The Sogdians are just one branch of this group. Being international, they have infiltrated and disappeared into many societies throughout history. I believe you can trace this group from modern Zionists, to the Pharisees, to the Levites, to the Chaldaean, to the Magi, to the Egyptian priesthood, to the Hurrians, to the Asuras. The Asuras broke off from Devas in early Hinduism. Based on events described in the RgVeda, Im led to believe the events described in the Hindu religion are largely allegorical, but depict historical events which occurred at least 6000 years ago. Modern geological and astronomical evidence seems to confirm the events described. This is as far back as I could trace events, its likely this group goes back even further.

    It becomes difficult to study the topic due to the magnitude of its implications, and the amount of disinformation, misinformation, and control of information which is inserted in order to mislead the researcher. I take the approach that I cant know for certain anything I dont personally witness, and look at history as possibilities with varying degrees of probability instead of historical fact.

    However, after looking at the subject for a while, I would venture some conclusions. This group comprises a very large proportion of pathological psychopaths who operate as a theocracy. They lack the ability to empathize like normal humans due to impairments of certain regions in their brain either by birth or through induced trauma at a young age. It wouldnt be a stretch to consider them another species entirely, as their driving psychology and worldview is completely alien to the majority of humanity.

    They are theocratic in the sense that the priests of their lodges direct the rest of their flock, and control the flow of information to those in their group. Upward movement is done through progressive initiations deeper into their inner circle. It is difficult to say if it was always so, but masonic lodges have been firmly under “Sogdian” control since the 19th century at least.

    The uninitiated masses are considered profane, and are intentionally misled and exploited like animals. The Talmud presents an explicit description of their perspective. Judaism is largely an exoteric community of an ancient esoteric worldview. Look into the history of Akhenaten, his motivations for revealing the secret doctrine of the Egyptian priesthood, and what happened after his death.

    Comment by Undefined — February 19, 2017 @ 10:07 am

  2. +++ Miami was full of Jewish doctors who would sell you
    +++ any organ you liked, heart, lungs, anything, the
    +++ organ donors were neither dead nor willing to donate.

    Typical middle eastern prejudice against Miami/latinos and jews…
    The ‘involuntary-donor’ organ trade is worldwide, and its current centers seem to be Egypt, southern Italy and China, because they are all places where there is a large flow of migrants, eagerly bribable police, and ruthless local mafias. No doubt the USA mafias have been able for a long time to “disappear” and cut up for parts any young homeless dark skinned or white (for the more prejudiced customers) runaway.

    – news.upickreviews.com/8-countries-where-human-organs-are-harvested

    +++ social services breaking up families and farming
    +++ the kids out to politically connected paedo rings

    Just in the UK IIRC hundreds of migrant children “disappear” every year.
    Many fortunately reappear later, many just “vanish”.

    The police probably reckon that they have much better things to do than deal with the dismemberment of nobodies for parts or the vanishing of young people nobody cares for, there are no middle class votes in that for their political masters.

    +++ Blackmail is the oldest game in the book.
    +++ No deed is vile when you are on the winning side

    That may be an essential part of the ‘public school’, Cambridge or Oxford experience: upper class toffs on the make know very well that they and their mates are ready to do anything to make money or power, and know the saying “no honor among thieves”. Therefore being complicit in some shameful deed, typically sexual, often criminal, creates a bond of reciprocal blackmail and complicity among a group of mates, therefore ‘dining societies’ like the bullingdon club, various ‘hellfire’ societies, and people like Cameron and his mates buggering pig heads and whatever else. It is a bit like the rule of some mafias that to be a full member you have to have to have murdered someone like everybody else.

    Comment by itsworldwide — February 19, 2017 @ 8:42 pm

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