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February 6, 2017

Preacher Man

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“Preaching to the converted”, because the heathens DO NOT WANT to be converted…

Sadly or otherwise, that is a life lesson that bears an awful burden of truth, very very very few people are even open to an alternative opinion or viewpoint, even for the sake of debate.

At a stroke it defines 99.9% of the media as an obsolete circle jerk and I include such things as this tiny and irellevant blog in that category of “media”, even though at least one “second circle” Trump inner cadre person reads it (it’s their job to read the media and that includes a selection of fringe media) this still does not have any effect on the definition of any piece of media, whether it be circle jerk or worthwhile.

It’s not who reads it, it is whether or not it provokes any thought or discourse at any later time in any circle.

It is not whether or not it changes or reinforces previously held opinions, it is only whether or not it provokes any thought or discourse.

Increases in knowledge only come about as a result of, and after, provocation of thought and discourse.

For example you see a video of adding acetone to gasoline on youtube to increase MPG, you think about it, and try it, and because you are a skilled motor engineer with resources you are also able to analyse the results after stripping the motor 10,000 miles later, and maybe posting your own response video.. (which will get drowned out by either all the videos saying it is complete bollocks, or all the videos saying MPG went from 35 to 55 instantly….)

Either way you have had at best a miniscule forward influence on encouraging people to think and talk, because the vast majority already have their minds made up, so they prefer to talk and not think.

Yet, people’s minds and attitudes do change en masse over time, so to a certain extent it doesn’t matter if people voted for the Donals because they voted for the Donald, or if they voted Trump because he wasn’t Hitlary and a vote for Trump was a vote against Hitlary.

Such things determine the outcome of an election, but they do not determine the outcome of the “vox populi” post election, those who are opposed to Trump values remain opposed, except now those values are not a theoretical threat to their lifestyle, they are a real and present threat to their lifestyle.

A *lot* of people misunderstand the Donals, and a large part of that is because all they know is a TV show where he says “You’re fired” which was itself a franchise of the UK show featuring our own Alan Sugar of Amstrad infamy.

Business and deals aren’t like that, sitting around the boardroom table and signing the contract after a period of negotiation is not the end of the deal process, it is the beginning, and it is where all the hard work really starts.

Suddenly people are seeing that, perhaps 0.1% of what President Trump is doing in office (he’s only been in a couple of weeks) is made public, but that alone is such a volume of stuff it is blowing people’s minds, because the simple fact is they aren’t used to it, never having had a “mover and shaker” in office in living memory.

Again, this is not something that Trump will be unaware of, as a veteral of business deals this is literally old hat to him, and you can draw parallels between shareholder revolts and protesting voters, so that is old hat too.

Doing deals in places where the doing of those deals involves, of necessity, dealing with organised crime makes the rest of the realpolitik old hat too, though he may be more used to a scenario where “once a guy is bought, he stays bought” than the more mercenary world of politicking, or maybe not, I do not move in those circles, so I do not know.

So basically, quelle surprise, the Donald’s greatest problems are probably going to be social problems, and I say this despite the scale of the economic problems the US and US$ faces, but even here, it could well be a case of cometh the moment, cometh the man, and the election of someone like Trump was fairly inevitable, if not this current past election then certainly by the next in 4 years time.

In which case even the social problems will solve themselves, in 5 years time nobody will be a snowflake or social justice warrior or feminist, nor were they ever any of the above, nor did they ever know any of the above…

Certainly all of the preceding nicely explains the MSM and their inability to either move away from the existing narrative, nor grasp that the old narrative is a patient fading fast on an IV drip with malignant tumours raging through every organ.

Using Twitter for press releases starts to look like a meticulously laid out and executed plan, moreover, a plan which is uncannily in tune with the actual situation on the ground.

Which brings us back to the so called wisdom of St Francis, knowing the difference between what you can change and cannot, and having the courage to follow that knowledge.

It may be that it is not just the terminal ward MSM that has under-estimated the Donald, it may be the case that even those who voted for him because he was the Donald under-estimated him, in which case we really are in for a wild ride, and while the Brexit may have been the touchpaper that set the Donald off, the Donald may be the fire that spreads to all the other houses, Italexit, Frexit, Grexit, and a global collapse of the old order.

None but the incompetent and corrupt have anything to fear from this.

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  1. Indeed.
    And I´m getting giddy from all the winning, while the dino-media is having conniption-fits,
    Especially here in Germany.

    I suspected he had a plan going in and also some type of personal motive, but the extent did surprise me.
    As for the motive, I had my suspicions that got corroborated by a third party just today.
    No doubt about it, this is personal&DEADLY serious for The Donald.

    Comment by hans — February 7, 2017 @ 3:01 am

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