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January 13, 2017

Cutting crew

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So in part two of the “No, I don’t want to fuck your daughter just because I have a rule that I can fuck anything that lives in my house” I’ll skip right past the self evident dichotomy that me (a male) fucking an underage girl is pervy, but fucking an underage boy is gross, sure they are both the same thing, but not from the sexuality of the speaker, one is more distant than the other, but I do think we often forget how much of us is just programmed response.

More importantly I also think we vastly under estimate the awareness that social scientist types have that much of us is just programmed response….

We’ve been pissing on the heterosexual male for 30 years, and the man as head of the family for 50, and I can see in my own lifetime how the programmed response of the average person in the street has shifted.

What they will spend money on is a good metric, especially when you apply it truly and fairly, I can pull my own childhood as an example, pocket money was a scarce resource, so what you spent it on spoke volumes.

Ice cream now and again, war comics now and again, “toys” that weren’t toys so much as things like bits of meccano or pocket knives or catapults or air pistols, pens and pencils and protractor / drawing sets were always popular too, but so were lengths of rope or twine and an axe and hammer and nails to build a fort in the woods or to build a swing to cross a river. (click on image for full size version where you can see the paedo hiding in the bushes…sic)img_1157

40/50 years later I walk those same paths past those same rivers, and there is not a single child or single group of children playing there.


The programmed response of the average child has been shifted so far in two short generations that it is now seen as a place to take your dog for a walk, you can take your kids too if you must, but keep them on a lead…. ain’t nobody out damming the river and building rope swings across it and forts and dens and hidey holes and falling in and getting near drowned.

It’s not something you can just wave your hands at and say ooh technology has changed, the brook/river you see here hasn’t, everything that was possible for a child in the 60’s is possible today, if anything the technology enables you to do it all better.

But all these forms of play are now verboten, if someone saw kids playing in the river they would call the police and their parents, what were they thinking of, the kids are at risk from the paedophile trolls living under the viaduct, or they could get injured, or dirty…

Instead kids today are spending all their money on mobile technology so they can stay immersed in social media and online gaming and chat, they are watching hardcore porn at 10 and taking sexy selfies (child porn to you and me citizen) at 11, and live streaming their own suicide at 12.

In the name of all the things that we used to do that were “harmful”, these new protected citizens routinely daily indulge in normalised behaviour that to us would have been seen as literally insanely criminally irresponsible to allow a child to partake in.

And this is of course the whole fucking point, and much as I often bang on about fucking underage children, the point is not necessarily to fuck them all, though it does make that more attainable should you be so inclined, but the fact is if you can sexualise the little shits, then everything else you get for free.

It’s the “everything else” that these social scientist types are after, really, how many under age girls can you fuck at once, and all you get out of it is sex, but you can market and mold and manipulate tens of thousands at a time, and monetize it for the next 40 years, and get them to help you do the same to the next 2 generations in “the new normal” and that is where it’s at jack.

The ISIS caliphate and all the rest are rank fucking amateurs at this shit on the best day they ever had, but these social scientist types are a thousand times more effective on the worst day they ever had.

In a long since vanished (thank fuck) dead tree missive of the 70’s I speculated in writing about the purpose of the government of the day employing tens of thousands of psychiatrists and social scientists, but none of them in a front line treatment role, all of them in back room policy roles, and 99% of them in areas that apparently have no connection whatsoever to mental health, such as electoral commission boundaries, local planning permissions, food regulation, and so on.

I say thank fuck because in the 70’s I wrote it in my own name and drew the obvious parallels to what was happening in education with the marxists poisoning everything and what was happening in employment with the fucking fag activists poisoning everything.

There was a lot of fringe shit back then and being brutally honest if 500 people read your shit you were doing spectacularly well, so as a threat to the society at large you were nowt.

Now we have 11 year old girls who use words like CUNT and FUCK and MOTHERFUCKER who talk about dildos and anal beads and they have > 650,000 subscribers on youtube.

You see, the danger has never so much been in what you do, because you can do all sorts of things on the quiet and out of the public eye, no, the danger was always in someone telling someone else what you did.

One the one hand this has not gotten asymmetric, fuck an underage girl in 1960 or in 2010 and they still go and tell one person, da policeman, and the ball rolls on from there, on the other hand it has, the aforementioned suicided 12 year old girl has been viewed literally many many millions of times, whereas in the 60’s there was maybe 50 people she could have badmouthed you to…. you could in theory have left town to escape it in the 60’s, in the new age nowhere on the planet is safe from the self appointed vigilates who will be busy tracking down and punishing the evil cunt who sexually abused the now dead by her own hand 12 year old girl.

No court trial has ever been held.

For all I know no actual police complaint was ever made.

Doesn’t stop the millions who accept at face value and condemn, and the tens of thousands who will attempt to track down and identify and punish whoever was “guilty” of this.

Of course it’s all really nasty if the subject of the slur is Trump fucking russian sluts in Odessa in a bed made from WMD’s in a sexed up dossier, or if Mutti Merkel gets death threats, or if Putin puts Russian borders near yet another NATO troop buildup…

But it all stems from sexualising children from as low an age as possible so they go from being weaned to being sexualised with no childhood at all in between, because once you achieve that, then you can achieve anything else your heart desires, because reality itself becomes fluid at that point.

99.999% of people who read or watched the phrase “Solyent Green is People!” didn’t get it, the problem wasn’t that is was 99% pure people, the problem wasn’t that it was incorrectly labelled, the problem was noboday gave a fuck even when you told them, except to shoot the messenger.

Nobody gives a fuck if 0.01% of the population is a latent paedo, or if 99.99% of the population is a latent paedo, the paedo tendencies or lack of them are not the issue, the issue is teaching 100% of people that they cannot even trust their own minds and souls and tendencies.

If 30% of the (presumably male) population is a potential paedo then frankly fucking underage kids should be legalised, because that is a bigger proportion of the population than is homosexual or muslim or conservative or anything else you can shake a stick at.

If 0.01% of the (presumably male) population is a potential paedo then frankly you should be treating the paedo risk somewhere along near the risk of an asteroid impact, and focusing on actual likely dangers to your kids, like motor vehicles and fuckbook exposure.

But no, we get the worst of both worlds, every (presumably male) one is a potential paedo, so nobody can trust anyone else and nobody can trust themselves, and reality especially.

Follow the fucking money. The text in blue above is the way to maximally monetise everything, and to keep that ball rolling like russian agression and hacking, you have to make sure there is as much childhood sexualisation as possible, because other wise it ain’t self sustaining.

I had this discussion with someone a few weeks ago, they know me well and saw my reaction in a certain set of circumstances and said (despite what the secret family court judge said) there was no way I was any kind of risk to kids, in fact there were few people on the planet they would rather their kids were left with if something happened to them.

My response was that that was gratifying to hear, but it’s a bit like what you would do if someone pointed a loaded gun at you, you don’t actually know what you would do until / unless it actually happened.

The social programming is so strong that they were absolutely adamant that there was no way I could sexually abuse a child.

I was all, yeah, whoosh, missed my point entirely, maybe you should be praying I did want to, and so form some sort of bond, because for all I know if you did pop your clogs and if you actually could leave your kids to me to raise who is to say I’d step up to the plate?

I might well be all oh no fuck this I’m not taking on that shit for the next ten years, give the little shits up for adoption.

I don’t know until / unless it happened.

That was the point.

The social programming simply cannot handle such uncertainty, there are only absolutes in the new fluid reality, and sure, those absolutes may flip from one state to another as time passes (and back again) but at no point is there a simple acceptance of uncertainty and not knowing.

You cannot have the simply acceptance of an uncertain situation “no reason to assume they are a paedophile”, you must have an absolute certainty, so they become “a possible paedophile that must be prevented from having any opportunities to bugger small children” because it is absolutely 100% certain that it is a possibility.

I can create and circulate a document that claims that Trump takes it up the ass from Belorussian shemales, and why not, it *might* be true, or have some shades of truth, or be close enough to something else to have some shades of truth, it’s not about him ACTUALLY getting his bunghole filled with shemale cum, it’s about it being possible that he might under certain circumstances like it, or allow it, or participate in it, or watch it on the internet…

Lord knows he could buy/rent it any time he wanted, and lord knows there are enough people out there who would offer it to swing a multimillion dollar deal with the guy…

One thing all the social scientist programmed populace agree upon, you simply cannot sit there are say “You know what, I have no fucking idea what The Donald’s sexual tastes are, and you know what else, I’m more than happy to go the rest of my life not knowing, or needing to know, or thinking I need to know, or trying to factor it into any decisions or opinions or thoughts about the guy…. I DON’T GIVE A FUCK!”

Do that shit out loud and you’ll WISH you were caught fucking underage kids.

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