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January 9, 2017

The man in the low(brow) castle…

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So, I sez to da bitch;

No, it’s not that I want to fuck your daughters…..” and I pause to let that sentence sink in, “… it’s just that my rules are that if it lives in this house I get to fuck it whenever I please.

But…” she says, “.. that’s the same thing!

No.” I reply, “No, it’s not the same thing at all, because it is YOU who wants your daughters to live in this house with me, I don’t care if they do or don’t. But if they do, house rules apply…

In 2017 it’s become trendy to brand this as an r/K conflict or impasse, it’s nothing of the sort, it’s just old school gaslighting and playing the vagina entitlement card.

Note the bold blue text doesn’t specify female, it doesn’t even specify human, it’s just a blanket rule.

Yet along comes someone who wants something and who wants that thing to be an exception, so the blanket rule gets re-written to sound like I’m only interested in burying my cock in underage poon, which is unreasonable and disgusting, so by extension the entire blanket rule gets shitcanned as unreasonable and disgusting.

I’m not allowed a blanket rule, because princess has some womb turds that she wants to be exempted from the blanket rule.

Now long dead and buried and forgotten is the simple fact that it was the princess in the first place who had the idea of bringing her womb turds to live in my castle, it wasn’t my idea or offer or invitation, it was entirely her own idea.

Only in the annals of back street blogs like this does the man get to point out that not only all that, but if he was going to have some young bitches come stay under the blanket rule, he wouldn’t have chosen this princess’s womb turds, they are spoilt fat ugly and entitled, so even when the great healer that is time has passed in sufficient quantity that nobody could level any accusations of paedophilia, the skanks in question are still unfuckably fat and ugly and entitled.

Which was the original purpose of the blanket rule, anything unfuckable for any reason, and it matters not if that reason is juvenile age or juvenile intellect and entitlement attitude, is excluded from consideration, much less eligibility.

The bold blue text blanket rule is in effect nothing more than a condensed down to the minimum rule, sure, you could cover all the bases in other ways, and end up with a 144 page document full of sections and subsections and clauses, but to what purpose?

It’s telling that there have been three occasions in my life so far where wimminz have eventually come to accept the blanket rule for what it is, but still wanted the skanky little sprogs to come stay, and then proceeded to try to clarify the circumstances under which their progeny get rogered by yours truly at will.

It always comes down to the same reason, “actually they are better off having sex with you and learning things right that what I had and what they will likely have etc..” and so on… is the mother’s refrain.

ohhh-kaaaayyyyy… but it still doesn’t address the basic blanket rule does it….. because the last word of the is “please” (as in please me, not please and thank you) and if it don’t please me then it still won’t be passing the basic blanket rule will it…

How could it possibly not please me, it’s mini me cunt time, just like them, but younger and fresher and firmer and purer etc etc etc.

Bitch, just accept one thing, you do not get male sexuality.

Your sources are dubious at best, your best source is me, but you ain’t listening to me, when you claim to try to listen and understand you do so for 30 seconds before throwing your hands up and claiming you’ll never understand men, or me, cos I’m weird, not like other men.

Funny, cos I haven’t met many men at all who did not understand me perfectly when it came to my sexual desires, pretty much 99.9% of them knew exactly where I was coming from, their pretty little 7 year old daughter was as safe as houses, her 17 year old slutty sister I’d fuck the ass off in a heartbeat, if invited…

Never did yet meet a man who thought I might be tempted to rape his devoutly loyal wife / girlfriend the moment his back was turned, met thousands who didn’t trust their wife / girlfriend to not spread thei legs and fuck me the moment his back is turned, but who were also too scared to dare to say such a thing to the wife / GF in question, but they felt they could say it to me.. can I trust you with the missus bro?

Hell no. Not unless she is unfuckable, in which case it is hell yes.

You dissing my woman and saying she is fat and ugly and unfuckable bro?

Hell yes. Not unless she ain’t, in which case it is hell no.

You see, blanket rules don’t start and end at fucking anything with a pulse that lives under my roof…

Another blanket rule is the FRONT DOOR, it’s mine, I answer it if I choose to, use it if I choose to, and only what I choose to allow passes between the OUTSIDE and the INSIDE, and the front door is the checkpoint.

By “what” I don’t just mean people, or indeed items, I also mean information, ideas, beliefs, attitudes, lifestyles and so on.

At this point you could be forgiven for thinking that princess sees this second blanket rule as icing on the cake for the first, not only do I get to fuck the little sluts, but what happens in vegas stays in vegas and no tales get told out of school, because sure enough, you’re right.

The reality is another thing entirely, as my visitors discovered when they came over for christmas and asked to use the wi-fi, free wi-fi guest network is bandwidth limited at 256/256 k, and there are also a whole shit of firewall rules in place, plus you’re on your own little separate vlan away from the private wifi and wired lans.

I choose to block twitter and fuckbook and all that shit at the firewall, I choose to do so because it’s my shit that I pay for and I don’t want it in my house.

I don’t give a fuck if princess’s womb turds’ cervixes will fall out on the ground unless they are able to tether to fuckbook 24/7, I don’t use it so why should I enable or permit or assist anyone else to use it on my dime?

You ain’t getting netflix either, or BBC iplayer, or anything else, I don’t give a fuck how used to are to absorbing 6 hours of peppa pig and teletubbies per day, I won’t have that shit in my house.

There is (checks) on the NAS box on the lan a PDF library that runs to 30 gig and 5,500 + documents, everything book and magazine wise you can shake a stick at, there are 57,000+ mp3’s, there is a fuckton of stuff, of course it is all too boring to even consider looking at the index, when there is the latest box set of buffy to watch on netflix…

I am awaiting with much anticipation the day I walk into someone else’s house and they have the amazon echo running, yeah man, I’ll have a coffee, white and sweet please, and the minute they are in the kitchen I’ll be all…

“HEY ALEXA!  Buy a TSX Trojan Horse Black!”

Oh yeah, because that’s the shit that you deserve to have happen to you when you effectively invite big brother into your home.

Because I just *know* that when I do that, if alexa automagically orders your damn horse cock dildo from your amazon shopping account with your saved ebanking details and so on, it will somehow be *my* fucking fault, not yours.

Just like it’s my fault I don’t want to let your waifs in my house unless I get to fuck them regularly, because lets face it, nothing is ever ever ever your fault… so it must always be someone else’s fault, and if they dare to give you valid explanations why it ain’t so, and how they have basic blanket rules to protect their own homes and sanity, you just know they are full of shit, after all, you have alexa, if you have it, why should anyone else be paranoid about it??? unless they were afraid alexa will overhear them fucking your womb turds with monster horse cock dildos.

Alexahu Akbar.

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  1. saw this video before reading this post and was instantly reminded.

    tl;dr guy has son legally kidnapped by false accusing ex cunt, goes out in a blaze of glory on a house full of female relatives.

    apocryphal? sure. ugly? sure.
    a sign of things to come? perhaps.

    Comment by patriarchal landmine — January 10, 2017 @ 5:10 am

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